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2let2sell2buy . property in the murcia region Spain for sale Euros 115,995 Ref: CAD1124

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let me introduce you to this common style property and she’s looking for a new owner she’s a very well-maintained corner plot for tunis style with two bedrooms a bathroom and it’s sitting on a plot size of 350 square meters it has off-road parking and i’m going to take you inside to have a browse now just before we go inside there is a little terrace here where you can sit and have a glass of wine and inside you’ve got a beautiful living room area very long and it features a beautiful log burner fire these log burners are great in the winter they keep your evenings nice and cozy and they throw out a lot of heat in front we have the dining area but to the side here i’m going to go out and show you the conservatory now this used to be a part of the terrace but they’ve built it in and it produces an extra room for an overflow of friends staying you could put a sofa bed in here it’s all beamed ceilings radiators on the wall really nice this a sunglazed terrace so we’ll go on through now and i will show you the bedrooms of this beautiful carmen property this is one of two bedrooms it’s quite a large bedroom with double wardrobe storage you’ve got your ceiling fans and lights and you’ve also got your wall heaters electric radiators there now we’ll just pan around for you it’s nice and bright and airy and the agents are to let to sell to buy dot com and there’s a phone number if you want to get in touch and this is what i would call the master bedroom it’s got beautiful lighting air cone and it’s extremely bright and airy this room very nice it’s got plenty of plug sockets and you’ve got your double wardrobe storage as well and if you wish to do so you could put a television in here you’ve got telephone points and tv points so we’re going through to the bathroom and it has got a lovely vanity unit and a bath and shower it’s a good sized bathroom and you’ve got your electric towel rail there heated towel rail so we’re back through to the living room and this is gorgeous living room and this is the dining area here and it will sit six to eight people around this table so it’s quite a spacious dining area again it has your wall radiations on there electric radiators and your ceiling fan lights very easy to maintain flooring so this is your kitchen it’s a very functional kitchen it’s got your microwave your oven and hob your washing machine and your fridge freezer everything you want you’ve got plenty of base cupboards and top cupboards as well you’ve got some spotlights there now we’re just going out to the back area and this is your back terrace you have got a little prep area where you could put barbecue there you’ve got two double sockets there and this is where you could have some el fresco dining it’s really nice back terrace to have your morning breakfast on we’re just going out and around and as you can see there’s a beautiful seat here where you could just sit in the shade and on that tiles sees it all made of spanish tiles spanish ties are quite expensive over here this is the underbuild unfortunately i didn’t have the key to get it in there but it would be the full footprint of the house itself so this is your driveway and you’ve got room for one car and if you wanted you could expand this driveway to make a room for two out here is the fronteras you could always put some rotten furniture here it’s a very pleasant front area all raised beds flower beds very nice and i’m going to take you around the side of the building to your outside space you’ve got a lovely sign here saying welcome and those days lead up to the rooftop solarium which we will show you soon now this is quite a generous corner plot as you can see there is room for a pool if you wish to do so or you just sit here have a glass of wine under this shaded area you could put a hot tub here but i would suggest having a pool a splash pool pull in here you’ve got plenty of room for that you’ve also got storage as you can see in front there’s two storage doors one is under the stairs so you can put extra base that you wouldn’t always use so like i said you have plenty shelves great prep area there if you want to do a barbecue with friends nice big back terrace so here’s the storage i won’t look in both but this just gives you an idea you’ve got a fridge in here and you’ve got your iron and board and all your bits and bobs plenty of storage in this property to put things away so it doesn’t clutter the house so we’re going back in because i’m going to go to the side and going up to the rooftop solarium to let you have a look now here you can see there is plenty of room if you wanted to grass this over and put a hot tub up here or a spa it will the roof will take the weight allegedly it takes the weight of 10 ton and you’ve got a beautiful seating area there with the spanish tiles and all trimmed around the edges which is a nice touch so i’ll take you back downstairs now so if you need any information on this property get in touch with donor haley to email them it’s info at to let to sell to buy.com or check out their website to let to sell to buy.com so i’ll see you in the next one and thank you for checking in hope you enjoyed the video

2let2sell2buy . property in the murcia region  Spain  for sale Euros 115,995 Ref: CAD1124

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