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4 tips for an advanced SPANISH! – How to Learn Spanish

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Hello! Hey, friends! David and Ana here from How to Spanish Podcast and How to Learn Spanish Today we tell you 4 ways in which you can improve your Spanish if you want to level up from intermediate to advanced. That’s right, friends. You may wonder what we’re doing out here… We’re in the middle of the street and as you can see it is really windy blowing in our face, look at our hair! and that’s because we’re at a mall. It’s been such a long time since we were at a mall because of the pandemic, but well, we decided to do this today You may wonder why we’re here Well, because one of the things that happen when you want to level up your Spanish is that sometimes when you’re in an environment that you can’t control such as a mall… Where there is a lot of wind, noise and people Spanish can become really hard (to understand) So I hope you enjoy this challenge and that you learn a lot! First tip Learn to listen! It sounds really simple But the truth is that many times native speakers talk to you and you listen to one word you don’t know and you freeze completely! and you stop listening. You are lost, you miss the conversation completely. So tip #1 the most important one is that you need to wait and listen to the whole idea that someone is saying. You will probably hear more words that you actually know than words you don’t understand. So you can probably keep up with the conversation. After that idea if you truly didn’t understand You can ask the person to repeat or you could even say: I understand your idea, but you said this one word I don’t understand… what’s the meaning? Next tip is to ask questions. Remember that you’re doing something really cool! You’re learning another language! So don’t be afraid to be honest with people and simply tell them: Hey I am learning Spanish so I’ll try to speak Spanish to you all the time. or for example if you didn’t catch everything a person said but you understood a couple of words then you can tell the person: Ok, I understood this, this and this… what else? This could help prevent the other person from repeating what they said in English. They will find a more simple way of talking to you in Spanish. This is way better. And if you don’t understand what someone said, just ask! People will generally be willing to help. Don’t sit on your question. Tip number 3: Search for things actively How many times have you heard people speaking and maybe you understand almost everything they said but you know that they used a word that you don’t really know? In my case, for example, in English the word “definitely” I never know how to spell it I just don’t know, I can’t do it. So I need to actively search and think: ok, I can say that word but I can’t write it. So I’ll go look it up so that next time I can use it in a text message. The same goes for you. Don’t assume that because you can understand the majority of what people are saying you can’t learn anything new or that you don’t need to learn more. Look up every new word you hear. Look up every phrase you don’t fully grasp. Make sure you learn how to use those and practice it so that it becomes part of your vocabulary. And the last tip, number 4. The cherry on the pie. If you really want to be bilingual then you need to make Spanish part of your life. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to travel or that you need to live in a Spanish speaking country. If you can do that, then great! But even if that is not in your possibilities, I recommend that you find ways to include Spanish in your life. It could be something as simple as writing your grocery list in Spanish writing a diary writing your to-do lists… You name it There are a thousand ways you can start thinking in and using Spanish more. Just make it a part of your life and I assure you that you will improve more and more because you will have to learn new vocabulary and things. These tips sound easy, but they are actually hard to implement. You need to really make an effort. It will not happen magically. But you can do this! We know you want to take your Spanish to the next level in which Spanish is truly a part of your life and you become bilingual. We have lots of activities for you to practice Spanish In our Pateon page And you can also join our livestreams every Tuesday to practice your writing a bit more. There is also a new podcast episode every Monday in all podcast platforms and in the YouTube channel How to Spanish Podcast See you next time! Bye!

4 tips for an advanced SPANISH! - How to Learn Spanish

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