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? “A good way to end the week” | Tommy Wright on Clyde 1-2 Kilmarnock

by smart

boss what did you make of those in 80 minutes uh the most important thing was getting three points i thought it was first half we were outstanding and should have been at least another couple of goals our goalkeeper mitchell would made a few good shaves and we missed you know a couple of really good chances played at a good tempo had a fast start i mean goal after 22 seconds whatever as always is you know you know helps you relax but i think second half we probably didn’t play as well as we can whether you know the heat that was extremely warm today the pitch was it was a great pitch but because it’s not watered it was a little bit slow and we played a little bit slow second half and we’re a wee bit too long we stopped wanting the ball and stopped passing through midfield stopped getting the ball wide and create an overload so uh but in certain that we still have we should have three or four goals in the second half as well and then they get a penalty it’s you know we’ve watched it back blair wins the ball uh but probably from where the referee is positioning he thinks that he’s got got the momford and you know from not having done the net dominath and clyde are suddenly back in the game but we’ve seen the game out well um not really under any real pressure and uh it’s a good 90 minutes and a good three points considering a week with her as a club yeah you’re spoken about the need in pre-season to kind of share the goals about the team and that was obviously evident but by blair getting a goal and then freezing money in the goal last week as well was starting to see some good habits i look at all the players we’ve got and um you know work you can get goals i think you know goes brad lyons you know when he played at colerain was hitting one and four or one in five so you can get gold’s pole worth the commental get goals from midfield you know and armstrong i think it’s seven or eight for wreath last year murray somewhere for the firmament so um you know it’s always a good thing if you can get a lot of gold score a lot of goals from all areas of the pitch and that take pressure off of strikers as well but um yeah hopefully you know when when we everybody fit and get um you know the team out in the park with goals from all areas of the bench you’re able to change things up in certain areas sam walker getting his first minutes to come on up playing chris stokes getting his first start as well pleased with how they performed today yeah sam had a lot to do i think he made one one decency of it two one um kicked the ball well distributed well you can see he’s a real presence and a good talker um you know his concentration was good because he hadn’t obviously a lot a lot to do and ideally you know with our friendly games but we’re struggling obviously with the games that we have to fit them in so that was his first game for a while um and i thought he’d done well stokesy it’s obviously missed quite a bit of pre-season we got 15 minutes last week the plan today was always to get menard no matter how the game was going because again that’s that’s his first first start and young jack came in and done well for the last 30 minutes or so so uh rory you know stirred it and i’ve got you know when everybody’s fit i’m gonna have you know good options and you know to change things around and you know hopefully get the best team in the pitch now time to go back to rugby park two games in a week and in two thousand fans and each of them how much are you looking forward to those oh is it two thousand oh president oh right i thought that was maybe later on for the link in what’s brilliant um listen it’s great to see them when you can walk out here today the support of governors i mean the support the reporters have been unbelievable um one since i’ve came to the club and two since we’ve been um you know relegated and their response you know how they’ve rallied around their club rallied around their team rallied around you know me and and and the board and and help you know create an atmosphere with a club can feel really positive about yourself and we’re trying to do our best obviously and that’s and ultimately you know how we perform well determine how positive we can be but um you know the support that they’ve been given this has been and i’m i’m pleased i say i thought it was maybe their game so i’m pleased at 2 000. on tuesday and i’ll probably make the noise in maybe 10 or 15 000. so i look forward to that you


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