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Amazon FBA Bought Me My Dream House – My New House Tour

by smart

welcome to my new mexico beach house let me show you around now i will be honest my favorite part about this house and why i bought it was actually the front yard so it’s right next to the beach you every morning we can just walk out there and go jump in the water i absolutely love that part of it so let’s start with the upstairs first come on up so we’re going to completely redo and renovate all a lot of this house i should say so right now the walls are yellow we’re going to be painting all the walls white and we’re going to go for more of like a modern boho chic look this is definitely more of a traditional like mexican style you can even see like the the lighting fixture right there so we’re in the process of renovating so it’s going to be a little bit messy and to make this video extra interesting i’m going to share with you guys my three top tips like the three three of the most important things i’ve learned over the last like eight years of being a full-time entrepreneur and yeah come on over so this is the living room here and we’re right now all the different uh couch cushions were blue we’re changing it to like a lighter blue because when this is all painted white i think it’s going to look really nice with the white and the light blue so let’s and then over here is also the the view so we’ve got an ocean view which is nice you have the palm trees right here absolutely love this we’re looking at adding another like second story so you can go up and get even a better view because i mean it’s a nice ocean view but i think a little bit higher up could be even better so with that being said let me start with one of my my first like big lessons that i’ve learned over the last you know eight years plus of being a full-time entrepreneur and that’s having a why so i think a big mistake that a lot of people make is they don’t have a strong reason why they’re doing what they’re doing maybe they have goals of like i want to make 150 000 a year but why do you want to make 150 000 a year so when i quit my corporate job eight years ago my goal is to make 300 a day passive income why i wanted freedom i want to build the freedom i want to be able to have the freedom to travel around the world to live my dream life and part of the reason i bought this house is because if we’re going to live here ariana who’s behind the camera if we’re going to live here we can live here six months out of the year we could travel the other six months out of the year and when we’re not here we can airbnb it but maybe and i love this town so this is a little beach town in mexico there’s yoga there’s surfing in fact there’s a yoga studio right across the street it’s i’ve been here a number of different times and it’s my favorite yoga studios just right across the street the best beach in town is right in front of the house here so that’s absolutely amazing there’s great restaurants all around and this is like this is my dream town so we’re going to try living here the goal is november through may of this coming year because that’s like the best time of the season and if we end up loving it great but if after a month or two we’re like nah this isn’t actually for us like we don’t want to live here that’s okay too because this could be a rental property and i think that’s actually a really big investment is investing in international real estate rental property so this probably is going to be one of the spots that i work out of right here wake up in the morning i’ll either i meditate usually out on the patio here or this morning actually went down to the front yard which i’ll show you guys in a little bit and just meditated looked at the beach and then afterwards ariana and i worked out there’s a great spot right next door that we work out at and the cool thing about that is after you’re done working out you get to jump in the ocean so ariana and i jumped in the ocean it was like i don’t know how warm do you think it was like 85 degrees it was it was super warm so this is the kitchen we’re looking at completely redoing this and putting a granite or a quartzite or like some kind of a natural stone across here but i do like this uh the fact that you could have people sitting here in fact one of the things that i’m going to be doing my parents are here they’re helping me renovate and one of the things i’m going to be doing is buying them a we’re gonna have a private chef come over and cook for us and he’s gonna be cooking here it looks really amazing it’s a really cool airbnb experience and i think it’s cool because like we can sit here well the chef’s cooking or if we’re ever entertaining guests same kind of thing it’s like you could be cooking in the kitchen while the guests are hanging out here so this is the kitchen yeah i mean just pantry space right here and the cool thing is since we bought this it was already an airbnb property it comes fully stocked with utensils and dishes and a bunch of other stuff so this is the first bedroom i’ll show you and right now my parents are staying here but once ariana and i moved here this would probably be the bedroom that we would use so as you can see it’s definitely um very you know typical like mexico themed you have the yellow and the blue you have the mural we’re still deciding i think what we’re going to put back here is like a headboard but we’re definitely going to get rid of the mural at some point even though it’s beautiful i just don’t know if it really goes with the vibe so it came pre-furnished which is really nice and it’s you know relatively affordable so here’s the bathroom let’s get you in here so i don’t love this style shower but i mean there’s something nice about it but it’s not my favorite style like i like the more traditional like high quality glass but again we’re going to be renovating a lot of this and updating it modernizing it and let’s go downstairs show you guys what it’s like downstairs lots of fans actually one thing i didn’t point out that i should that’s really important there is a rule in this part of mexico that if you are above a certain height you have to have a palapa which is really cool we actually need to get the pulapa replace which is kind of annoying kind of expensive but i don’t know there’s something kind of relaxing about it um one thing we also are going to be adding here is a hammock we don’t have a hammock yet i love i love you know reading laying in a hammock and just reading so let’s go downstairs i’ll show you guys the bedroom that we’re staying in and i’ll show you a bedroom that i’m going to be filming out of and i think actually this might be a good time to share my my second tip my second like big lesson i’ve learned over these last few years and i’ll do that right after we talk about this room so this is just like a little laundry room uh a lot of towels and stuff that’s another cool thing it came with towels there’s an owner’s closet actually don’t have the key on me right here but so this is something where we could put stuff when we’re not staying here and there’s guests staying here we could put a bunch of stuff in there and that way they don’t get to it but usually the guests would have access to the other stuff so this is the room that ariana and i have been staying in so the whole house is a three-bedroom house and ariana’s a little bit cleaner than me i had to clean up a little bit before this and there’s also going to be this like deck area out here which at first i thought was kind of useless because there’s so much space in this house i think it’s 3 800 square feet i also haven’t mentioned which we’ll walk by later there’s a pool so this is a condo complex there’s six units uh so i’ll walk by the condo complex later so this is the bed again i think this will end up being when ariana and i are staying here like a guest bedroom and that’s one big thing i want to invite a lot of people from back in l.a a lot of vloggers and other youtubers and people like that to come and visit this town and come enjoy it so let’s uh i’ll just show you the bathroom really quick again we’re going to be painting everything white and really changing up the decor um so we got the shower here this one has a tub which is nice and i don’t know what we’re gonna do about like the i don’t know if we’re gonna put granite in here or what we’re gonna do that’s a that’s a down the road thing so i should mention i guess i think maybe over here would be a good time to mention the second secret so this room my plan is to turn it into an office and right now i’m going to be completely honest with you it’s a war zone in there so my mom uh right now is redoing all the couch cushions as i was talking about before so she’s been using this as a a work room and as you can see it’s kind of a mess that’s okay like she’s i really appreciate that my mom’s doing this so the idea that i’m going to be doing is to have student products like products of people that have gone through my amazon fba program and my own products and some other things like that all along the back here and so i’d be sitting right here the camera would be right here lights coming this way and then all around this background almost make it like a little like uh homage not homage like show off all the different student products right here and so i think here we’ll we’ll we’ll go out here in just a minute um but there’s also like a little kitchenette in here and i think this would be a good time to talk about the second like probably most important lesson i’ve learned it’s relevant to buying this whole property one thing that not enough people talk about is as you start making more money as you start getting higher up on the ladder of success in your life i think it’s actually really important to upgrade your life and this is something that a lot of people would disagree with me on but what i would say is let’s say you have two identical people one that’s living in a box in the middle of kansas or i don’t know some some place where there’s nothing fun to do and another one that’s living on the beach in a tropical island that they love which one in the long term is gonna have more success now in my opinion i would say the person that’s living their dream life no okay for the person living in the box in kansas if that’s their dream then sure but what i’ve found in my life is as i start to get more success i reinvest that money into my own happiness into myself and there’s lots of different ways to invest in yourself obviously training buying you know online courses is a big thing right now or joining masterminds or buying books i mean buying books is by far the best way to reinvest into yourself at least dollar per dollar but another one is to upgrade your apartment upgrade where you’re living and i did a video a link up here about how i got my dream apartment for free and shortcut answer to that is basically by moving into my dream apartment i ended up doubling my income every single year and so that’s a really huge thing that i think as you have more success reinvesting into your own happiness will pay dividends because what happens is as you are happier you have more dopamine you have more energy and as you have more energy and you enjoy life more and there’s a certain point that if you’re not enjoying your life you’re just not going to work as hard and that’s kind of my analogy i was talking about earlier is if you take the person that’s living in a box in kansas they’re just not going to work as hard so let’s let’s let’s keep going so that’s a big thing i mean we can show you the bathroom in here oh it’s locked from that side kind of similar similar style again going to be doing a lot of renovations in here but for me the most important part about this entire house i’ll show you is out front uh we’ll show you that in a little bit is the beach it’s just amazing to be living right on the beach so here is a nice little area um i’ve been coming out here actually you can see here i’ve been coming out here and just doing some reading which i used to like i haven’t been doing a lot of reading in the last couple of years because i’ve been busy trying to grow my business but this is a great book i think all men should read it king warrior magician lover it’s talks about like jungian archetypes so if if you’re interested in young this is a much easier book if you ever try to read a carl young book it’s very very hard so show you around another thing that we could do these rooms actually lock and so if i wanted to at some point i could live on the top floor ariana and i could live on the top floor and we could rent out these rooms and there is a little kitchenette so you got the sink all this kind of stuff and this all came they’re going to be fixing this up that’s part of the deal of buying the house right now it’s a little bit rusted but what i’d like to do is put a hammock out here and that would be i think for me i prefer to read in a hammock it’s just more comfortable than reading on the couch so let’s do this let’s go out to the pool and then i’ll take you to the front so this is the pool this is all common area there’s also actually let’s come up here real quick there’s also this spot up here which is there’s like the kitchen so if we’re having guests over and we want to just you know cook we can do that here there’s two barbecues down here i’ll show you as well and i think this i love that there’s so much seating here the pool is actually really warm it’s technically not heated but it’s so hot outside that i think since the ocean is warm that the pool water’s warm too so this is one of the grills charcoal grill there’s another one over here and there’s lots of seating now another thing i love about this unit is it’s very tropical it’s very like jungle so as you’re walking to the beach over here you get to pass by like all these beautiful flowers and everything and now one of my complaints i will say is the the homeowners association fee the hoa fee is a little bit high here but it pays for like a full-time gardener and it pays for full-time security there’s security all the time so that’s kind of a nice thing too so we as we’re walking here get the nice jungle vibes and we’ll go out front and you’ll get to see the beach in just a second this is another one of the units here it’s a two-story unit this one was more expensive it was like 50 more than my unit but honestly i like my unit better so that’s that’s a whole nother conversation so as you can start to maybe hear you got the ocean right here and over in this area right here is where ariana and i work out in the morning actually i guess technically it’s up there so here’s another nice thing that as you’re you jump in the water you can come up here and you can shower so this whole front yard area is really nice and what i do is i’ll come out here in the morning and meditate and to me it’s such a peaceful way to start the day so you start the day you meditate this is actually the chair that i was sitting in this morning you meditate here then ariana met me at uh 8 30. we slept in a little bit today met me right here at 8 30 and we went and we worked out in that little area right there then we went on the beach and one of our favorite things to do for exercise is tag so i run around and ariana chases me and tags me she gets embarrassed by it sometimes but it’s fun there’s a lot of good restaurants and get a massage place you see the there’s actually two massage places there’s a massage place there there’s another massage place it’s usually over there but it’s not there right now we went to dinner last night at this place they got good tacos and good drinks though i think ariana and i ended up getting like a non-alcoholic drink but this is paradise to me we can see down there there’s another town called san pancho and then over here there’s a bunch of like condos and in town there’s just tons of great restaurants there’s an mma gym where i like to go and do jiu jitsu and my favorite part is there’s an amazing community here with interesting events happening all the time yoga drum circles salsa whatever you want to do is within walking distance in this town the last big lesson i have for you one of the big lessons i’ve learned over these last eight years is whatever it means for you to upgrade your life upgrade your life reinvest your money that you’re making into your happiness whether it’s maybe renting a nicer apartment or here’s the truth you could move down to mexico in a place like this and pay almost nothing in rent and it’s actually probably going to be cheaper than living in the u.s so figure out what it means to live your dream life and start doing it now and i did a video right here where i talk about how i made my first million dollars i talk about year by year exactly how much money i made how i did it so if you haven’t yet made a lot of money and that’s something you’re looking to do is make money online check out that video and i’ll see in the next video thanks

Amazon FBA Bought Me My Dream House - My New House Tour

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