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Americans Held in an Ecuador Prison Part 2 – #justiceecuador

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this is part two of our discussion with the stevenson brothers directly from an ecuadorian prison again today’s guests are reverend conrad tiller and councilman imam alfred muhammad follow along you’re watching dc born rob erasing [Music] yes borders that’s the same thing and i uh i’m i’m glad that it came to my attention and my my children called me the black forest jump and the reason being they said you look you know everybody and that is a good thing that i will use all of my resources all the people i know to bring about justice for you all you you deserve justice uh rebel conrad worked very diligently on behalf of the central park uh uh brothers and we’re gonna bring that same energy now the person just recently walked out of jail i won’t name that person but i happen to have worked on it worked with people on his back we’re going to work hard and i mean i don’t know where i would be if i’m in that situation god has really blessed and i give great credit to bc born rob for bringing this to the attention i mean there are other bloggers that really should bring it to our audience but i think what i’m saying and this is the the long and short of it we have to be organized i know sometimes when you’re left out of the matrix and by the way i’m honored to know that you all are from the great country of guyana the republican guy and i happened to spend several hours with walter rodney and uh welcome rodney i know i know guyan i’ve said it quite well wrote he wrote some good books yes very intelligent stuff i mean during my days as a academic great man great man so we all of that spirit comes from those people we’re going to work to bring that to bear i mean father’s afraid to have children like you all i mean really i mean you know we you know this they said the greatest mystery of being a parent is what comes out of a woman’s room we don’t know which way they’re gonna turn up but your parents have somebody to be proud of you all i am proud as a father and i’m proud as a an african american who’s been in the struggle um to see you all the way you are you just you’re a really great example we’re going to turn this nightmare into a vision and i’m saying the lesson here to people who are watching this program is this you’re all over wherever you are to remember that when the chinese go to uh to america they remain chinese they remain an intact group and i want you all to enjoy the culture the adventure uh but the implication for those who are watching is wherever you are i may be visiting some of your countries in there where you are and telling you all to be organized as a group and i’m glad that you have have family that have a resources yeah i plan to hope that your father and i can reach out we can talk and probably a reverend conrad and i can meet with him and we’ll we’ll begin to plan some tragedy uh some of the folks that you uh what has the expat community what is their response been i know you said that for a long time you were not able to reach out to people uh are are they familiar with what’s going on are there wealthy influential americans in that country uh that might be contacted to be brought in to the process as well through dc rob just this past week we were able to get in contact with the african african-american expat group that is located here in cuenca we actually did not even know that that existed prior to that and they they have offered as much help as we’re willing to receive so they presented us to a few lawyers right now we’ve already shipped off our evidence packets to the lawyers they presented and we’re just waiting for them to see what can be done they’re also working on getting on getting a petition and bringing light to our situation throughout the country one question uh i i heard in the first earlier video you had a had a girlfriend are you you are you still in contact with her and if so what has been her um view since we have been incarcerated and is she from the u.s or she from ecuador she’s she’s from ecuador she was actually arrested with us at the time because she was on my farm and she was pregnant so she was released after a month she was pregnant with my daughter at the time i have a three-year-old daughter that’s about to be four years old and she she moved from the city of palore where the incident and the situation played out i told her it was better to get away from that area i just didn’t like the the outlay of how everything worked out so she moved out of that area but i’m in contact with with her every day i talk to my daughter every day okay yes the the expat community there uh i did a zoom i vet most of the uh i guess uh communications before it gets into the brother and i had someone uh email me a few times and just i wasn’t 100 so i didn’t want to send it to them and they asked me to speak to him first also and then when i finally did a zoom and the picture started popping up pop was a brother it was a brother it was a sister it was another sister i had no idea that that community was out there and as the imam said we need this around the entire world because the whole reason for my channel the whole reason i started this is to encourage people to travel internationally right it changes your perspective when you get out of your neighborhood and your city and your state and seven days ago i was in el salvador on a piece of property you’ll see the video soon where i said i see why the brothers move i see why they moved look at this i found my land i know that feeling you have and i’ve told you numerous times stay in faith just as these gentlemen have told you as well stay in faith this is a temporary thing i mean this will pass well i certainly thank you uh i’m gonna be have to get off now but i wanted to just say uh you know easy rob uh justice stands apart off and you know particularly when we live in a world where people are indifferent uh to the suffering and other of others and the fact that you found out about this case and the fact that you have brought it to the attention of others uh again is a very very uh noble uh and uh important uh fact and you know the fact that god has used you to bring just a few at first uh to the knowledge of this case uh as it snowballs and as it uh becomes an issue that more and more people find out about uh we must also always uh be grateful to you uh for just care and and and not only caring but but deciding that you would do something uh the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step and thank god that you just didn’t hear about this and just say hmm that’s interesting right that’s tragic so god bless you uh brothers god bless you um again i’m grateful to councilman uh imam alfred muhammad for bringing me in and i i pledge uh to do everything i can to help bring this to the fore and put this in in square squarely uh before people who can actually make a change thank you so much reverend conrad really appreciate you brother really appreciate you thank you thank you so much taking your time out to speak to us any uh any concerns or questions that you may have uh d.c raw please come in contact with our with our father and also have our contact to get in contact with us for for anything um we’re also gonna put you guys named um uh reverend conrad and uh imam muhammad we’re gonna put you your name down for for the the embassy for the release act so you guys can have all access all hands on to anything you guys need anything you gotta do it’s available i won’t say what i did but i i just knew that with your natural platform and your concern yes you and i and i speak of you you know they they say preachers and pastors some they people but i would say just like sheep you smell like sheep i can smell you through zoom you’re concerned about people dr king and mr mohammed were they were people concerned about people but i thank you for coming thank you and thank you thank you and we’ll be we’ll be in touch soon all right thank you thank you very much thank you conrad i know that he has to go right now um i want to play before we leave uh before i end my video i want to play what we had discussed prior uh you uh ronel and roger what you spoke about the situation how you explained it to both the imam and the reverend i’m gonna play this at the end but i wanted to say iman thank you so much we have discussed this at length he has been my mentor over the past month or so or three weeks a month or so ago when i first uh met him i i called him or he called me the other day he keeps in communication with me guys which is something that i need right now i have so many things going on uh but we also discussed i had a question for him i said what does it take to start a pack a political uh action committee we need resources to come together to have influence because it’s like something he told me you know okay sometimes it’s who you know but then also what do you have to offer because if you want to get somebody to pick up the phone uh who better than the person that you donated six seven thousand dollars to or ten thousand dollars to they’re more apt to pick up the phone um so we need to exhaust all avenues to do what we can and and not just let this be uh status quo we we have to keep moving and with the assistance of the imam uh and reverend and many others as as you’ve seen there is concern so we just need to spread the word you even more uh imam is there anything that you wanted to offer before we jumped off and and the brothers as well uh no i i do apologize somewhat do you see rob for bugging you every day and no holy sir i i’ve kind of i said somewhat because you know once i pick up i have so many other issues and concerns but this has been what really at the top at the top of my concern list i mean i just haven’t had it and it has wider implications and as i would say that african americans may be dissatisfied here or as one of our brothers call it getting out of the matrix i watch a lot of these channels and some of them just focus on pleasure and tickers i’m glad to see a serious brother in ubc born rob uh talking about important issues just yes it’s important to explore yes it’s important to get a passport but it’s also important to keep a human concern uh and we have to be aware that many people in the world see us as the most fortunate i mean and there is a great room for jealousy so we have to be aware of that as well we have to be we have to walk with confidence but we have to walk we have to walk with caution as we travel around the world we’re going gonna get stronger and stronger and stronger so nobody’s gonna just pick us off the street not heard about it but in fact they’ll be reluctant to hear about it they would be i mean they’d be reluctant to take action against us so brother stay strong as you are you’re all in good spirits i’m proud of you god bless you god bless you see uh dc born rob i know you answered all the names good morning good evening wherever you might be see born rob is on the gate and god put him on the key and brother just thank you all so much uh don’t be surprised if i come down to ecuador to visit you all i i it very well might be um we we’re going to work on something we’re going to work for you we will work with you i have adopted you you’re on my uh you’re not on my income tax but you’re on my heart attack so i’m gonna i’m gonna work with you all thank you stay in touch with you we’re gonna do everything in our power and i’ll tell you something i i i won’t tell you well i will tell you the last sunday this morning i’ll be 74 years old and i don’t watch basketball i don’t watch it yeah i don’t watch football i don’t have any sports team but i love struggle and i love to win and i intend to win with this case this is it thank you god bless you all again god bless you this is going wrong thank you so much no god is on your side absolutely brothers did you want to say something before we jump out before i show this last video thank thank you so much councilman imam for giving us your time rob you did it again thank you so much you’re really helping our case you’re really getting people aware of our situation i don’t know how many times i can say thank you but thank you god bless you hey yes god bless you rob god bless you iman god bless you conrad uh uh reverend conrad that came in earlier today and god bless all the people that’s been sharing the videos that have been calling the senators and the state representatives thank all you guys that have been sending emails a concern worried about our well-being thank you all continue the prayers god willing this will not be too much longer we’ll be out of here soon but continue to continue to keep us in uh keep keep us in you guys prayers please thank you absolutely again thank you mom thank you rosie ronnell thank you for jumping on again and thank you conrad who had to jump out earlier i’m going to play a video of what you spoke about early just explaining the situation that you’ve had to go through but we will end it right here thank you again guys for your time and everybody stay safe when you’re out there still travel but travel safely thank you all uh good morning gentlemen thank you for taking the time out to speak to us this morning um our current situation is that uh we falsely accused of murder for one person which was our friend and also worked on our farm i also worked in our nightclub his name is hero samurai and his cousin his name is klinger i can’t remember his last name sorry but uh we’re being detained for 34 years eight months and so far we’ve done four years out of that sentence um the the issue that we’re having here is it’s a complete violation of our human rights we haven’t had due process uh in our case we uh evidence that was presented wasn’t tested but it was used to paint a bad picture of us for example dna before the trial started in the news and in the media and the gossip of the town that these two men were were raped and murdered and assaulted and then when they went to trial they just said that they discovered semen but they never tested it they said they found dna but never tested it um they they tried to say that we were manufacturing cocaine and selling firearms and possessed firearms of of police and military power when they came to the farm they only found about two ounces of marijuana a revolver that didn’t work in an antique rifle that didn’t work so our situation is it’s americans who do not have their rights protected in other countries and secondly black men do not have their rights protected in other countries so we we are very low on the totem pole because within the four years no one knows about our situation is only currently due to what is taking place in this country right now and within the prison and the coronavirus that cell phones are being acceptable that we are able to now put our voice out there and and try to get some other help other than having legal help here because we’ve had over six lawyers all these lawyers do is tell you to relax take your time be patient the country is not like your country they take our money and we still in here so at this point in time we’re at a point where we can have an appeal but it’s called a revision in this country a revision means that you can open up the case from scratch this is now we are at a point where we are asking the country of ecuador to start our case from scratch and allow the evidence that you guys used to try to convict us to be tested the dna uh they had cell phone records that was never tested so these are the things we’re asking them to open up the trial test these things and also take into character witness of the victim’s father stalin miranda take into account that our prosecutor was an inadequate counsel because at one point in time in 2007 he was prosecuting the same gentleman stalin samaranda and he was prosecuting him at one point in 2007 he did not let us know that prior to obtaining him as a as a lawyer it’s not until we obtain him as a lawyer he comes out and tell us that because we find out from within the prison they say hey man that guy is your lawyer’s an ex-prosecutor and most likely he might be washing hands with stanley san miranda but we didn’t believe it because he said he’s not corrupt his father was the next judge and all of these things so our lawyer listened to our audio tapes to our trial and she heard everything that took place and she says that you know we have a lot of things in our favor as far as inadequate counsel the dna uh things weren’t being rebuttal uh uh testimony was just hearsay so many things that was in our favor the only issue is the corruption here is so bad that even if evidence is presented to 110 percent we can still get the same result so what we’re trying to do or what we would like to happen is to have the pressure that justice can be done because they know that people are watching people are concerned they didn’t see that the first time they only seen our mother and our father in the courtroom it’s very difficult as you can see for a lot of black people to get a passport and leave the country so if if this was in america we wouldn’t be in prison but the way the legal process works here there’s too many there’s too many loopholes it’s like playing with a tennis racket it’s so many holes in their system here they actually they follow the the same constitution as the american constitution they actually rewrit their law book in 2014 and to that their law book is this thick it has all they called it this big that that is their law and they rewrote it in 2014 and they the the issue here is they they don’t use juries everything is a three-judge panel in the province where we had our case there were only eight judges eight and possibly only five were qualified for criminal court criminal cases and three did like civil and were new to the to the to the grounds so the the main issue that we had was contamination the same three judges that seen our our drug case first the first off that was the issue the prosecutor that uh brought the charges against us he charged us separately he did recharge it separately for the guns separately for the drugs separately for the murders so by him doing that we’re having different court dates for different things and winning each one and at that time when we won the drug uh the gun case it was only one judge we won that they changed the prosecutor we go to the drug case the drug case now has the three judges we win the drug case on the first go change the prosecutor right on the murder case it’s the same three judges that seen our drug case right these same three judges in this country here the the prosecutor can also appeal a decision not only can you appeal a decision the prosecutor appeals the decision the prosecutor appeals the drug decision the same three judges that seen our drug case is sitting on the panel for the appeal those same three judges said okay give them eight years because we’re and this appeals you know we’re not even able to be present it’s just the lawyers they give us eight years the same three judges that told us we’re innocent at first said that we’re consumers of marijuana now turn around and say that we got eight years right these same three judges comes and does our murder trial they give us 24 years our lawyer appeals to 24 years when he does that he puts in contamination of judges we need to change judges so we can have a better appeal process why did he do that he upsets the people they deny his requests we have the appeal it’s the same three judges they say 34 years eight months they go up by 10 years and eight months without any justification or anything so we take the drug case now what happens is we’re relocated it’s considered the south like like tennessee mississippi so right now we are appealing the case for the drug case and it goes to a washington or new york it goes up north the drug case they overturned the decision and said why would you guys get eight years it’s proven that you guys are consumers you guys they had a warrant to come and look for drug traffickers manufacturers that wasn’t there boom take off the eight years the murder case now comes up in in new york in the main city and quito that’s the capital of ecuador it comes up there they tell our lawyer they tell our family they cannot be president in the courtroom because coronavirus is in effect when we go onto the zoom to watch our court case only the victim’s family is in the courtroom with the head judge with their lawyer and these appeal processes the family lawyer is not supposed to speak he was allowed to speak within 30 minutes there the judge came back and said hey man the decision was fine leave it at 34 years eight months and that was it we have a youtube channel like it please comment and share if you like the video please subscribe and kick the bell

Americans Held in an Ecuador Prison Part 2 - #justiceecuador

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