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Amilcar Vidal Vs Immanuwel Aleem

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you with the one and only boxing guru aka wilder hater for this episode we’re under the microscope you know we’re going to be on the road again we had in san antonio for those trial twins but in this episode we’re going to focus in on the um first fight of the big fight this weekend jemele charlo versus brian castano and the first fight that’s going to be live on showtime we’re going to focus him on my boy uh emmanuel elaine this is a pivotal and critical fight for him he’s fighting um emil carr the dial excuse me if i pronounce his name right a male car to dial this is a critical fight because the mill car is um i think 12-0 with 11 knockouts he’s an up-and-coming prospect he’s uh kind of reminded of david benavidez because he’s so tall and long but he don’t have the agility as david benefit as but he’s an up-and-coming fighter he’s he’s pretty good from what i saw basic but long and tall this is a critical fight for my dude elaine he’s at a crossroad fight in his career now they got up and coming prospects fight me naleem is 18 and two with two long draws so this is pivotal hopefully him and his new trainer ronnie shields can get this done i talked to elaine when i was in houston for the uh jamal charlo against uh his big fight i forgot who he fought now i can’t think of the right this second but this is critical for my boy elaine plusselin is coming in at five nine against six foot fighter this is very critical for lien because um vadav stays behind his jab so lingo has to use his uh quickness and agility to offset the big guy elaine definitely don’t have to use his legs in this fight because his legs gonna be very critical of getting the end range where he can smother the tall man’s jab and punches and the league does good work on the inside because when he was with paul williams on trainer george he did good work but he’s gonna have to use movement to get him out of danger because the time for now squares up with it elaine gonna have to use agility to dissect and break down the toilet fighter so i’m hoping to leave been smiling with jamal travel he should have the bigger one because he don’t have to be able to get behind fidel’s jab and his long arm so elaine definitely gonna have to think his way through this fight because it’s very pivotal in the style match up against this tall um [ __ ] roger so it’s going to be very critical the boxing google one tv definitely is rooting for a lean i’m hoping he can pull this off it can happen but you have to be on your game plan you have to be thinking and moving at all times against um the dow because the dow definitely comes forward he doesn’t like smothering his shot so elaine gonna have to smother him and push him back make uh vadow fight off the back foot so elaine can do this but he has to have the right game play emmy ronnie shields definitely has to be focused in this fight this going to be a pivotal fight for him this is a career defining fight he’s um the opening about a showtime feature um fight between um charlo so it’s definitely interesting to see how this would play out i definitely will be in attendance rooting for a lean definitely hopefully i get to see him before um his major about this weekend i should see him at the weight because i’m definitely going to tell him you got to work on that movement like the last time i talked to him after uh jamal charlotte won this thing in the press conference so hopefully a link could pull us out of room for him but it’s definitely going to be an interesting fight this is one of the sleepers of the night it’s definitely going to be knockouts on this car so this card is underrated but it’s gonna have knockouts you got rolly the cold feature so it’s definitely gonna be an interesting night of fight so showtime and steven espinoza is definitely stepping up with good entertaining fights you know even though some of the fighters people might not know but this is a good entertaining card so you should definitely tune in these are the words of the one and only boxing google one tv giving a shout out to a lean in this big fight against billy carr subscribe to me if you want more of the boxing gurus show [Music] come get it come get it come get it [Music] come get it come get it [Music] come get it [Music] come get it [Music] you

Amilcar Vidal Vs Immanuwel  Aleem

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