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Amy’s Baking Company Is The Craziest Thing I’ve Seen Ever

by smart

marinated mushrooms crispy bacon bits white truffle oil who comes up with those ideas i did because there’s certain things that don’t go together and that’s for them [Laughter] there’s some there’s some things that don’t go together and you just you you just hit them all and she’s like excuse me bro hello everyone i’m ken that’s buff pro and the video we’re watching today is amy’s baking company from kitchen nightmares ever since we first did kitchen nightmares this has been the freaking most requested thing since i don’t know what it’s just every every day do amy’s baking company please do amy’s bacon and i just previewed it a little bit and yeah i can see why people are recommended because they’re crazy [Music] they all do it big i’m ready for amy but before we get to amy’s banking company if you’re not subscribed yet please the subscribe button if you will like this video and you like all of our videos i promise if you want to check out dane check out buff pro on youtube and twitch let’s get in there so this is introducing amy’s baking company i don’t think i don’t think he’s there yet yeah this is a day before chef ramsay arrives miranda may be the only server on staff i can’t do the computer so he’s the only one that has control over that but she is not allowed to input orders or whine or handle money okay so they have one girl that’s servant and she’s she’s probably not old enough to pour the alcohol so he’s taking care of that but she also can’t handle the money because he don’t trust anybody uh so if there’s an issue she’s like just blames him i guess and it looks like you know i mean he’s an older guy you know he’s probably a boomer man who knows how long it takes him to bring up somebody you gotta think it’s trying to get the money man sammy thinks that he’s doing everything all by himself foresee but sammy doesn’t realize he’s actually messing everything up i need another one dang sammy over there pushing the wrong buttons they’re big enough for him bringing huge huge texts and everything color-coded just spamming do you mean he can’t they’re very dramatic already she’s getting a little overwhelmed right now he can’t she can’t help he can’t there’s technology i don’t even know i don’t know what this is what is this she keeps coming over there giving him orders to put in and he’s like whoa whoa i’m still doing the last one i just can’t it’s like oh okay then what what do you mean you can’t there’s no i can’t do it who can look all the orders i have what do you want nothing go back there’s like no one even in here like there’s like one guess he’s like look at all these orders oh i can’t handle this there’s two of them they each ordered something can you believe that like oh my god i’ve never waited but the one table that has received their food is unsatisfied what is the problem with it what do you mean you’ll like it excuse me i can’t believe they pulled him away from the computer over there like he’s over there training how it works okay if you came to eat to enjoy then you should know what you like to eat sir apparently you don’t know what you like to eat guess not okay this ain’t good he’s like what’s wrong with it you don’t know what’s wrong with it you don’t even know what you want dude how dare you yeah why’d you order something you didn’t want okay amy what can you make me purr salad instead of that caesar seriously don’t worry i told him to [ __ ] off he’s like i didn’t hear him say that he’s lying he’s back there yelling pretty loud like these people can’t even hear me he’s back there yelling dude we can hear you it’s not cooked enough to be okay amy what two pieces is not cooked enough put it again in the in the oven sure i’ll burn it they’re so spiteful about it when someone doesn’t like something i’ll burn it for him then fine instead these people decide that they’re going to come [ __ ] with my life we needed like an hour and a half whenever you know we never got you guys are full of [ __ ] these people are so angry man they’re just so mad damn who’s she cussing out back there the customers are her employees the one they got left i guess i don’t know we’re waiting on one pizza it’s coming no it’s coming no no keep saying that you’ve been saying that for an hour look at him he’s like an hour hour an hour it’s right now it’s coming right now you’ve been staying for an hour dude bruh where’s my pizza really send him home what do you want to wait to wait you don’t want to say what did you happen you [ __ ] up from here do you understand yeah she’s back there talking trash we should about to go up there and like hold him back now your mother make this dude wait an hour for one pizza now they’re just like just dogging him holy crap yeah she was in the back saying uh get him out of here tell him to go home oh my god these guys must be like gordon ramsay fans they’re trying to be like gordon ramsay but they but they’re they’re taking on the customers which he would maybe never do or maybe you would i don’t know if they deserve it right you get them that’s true pay for what i didn’t have anything what do you want me to pay for i wow pay neither i’m like hell no i’m out of here i’ll pay for the pizza you didn’t give me no dude what is in me i’m in the office don’t call the foolish you’re crazy put the pizza in the oven he can [ __ ] it are they gonna call the police oh my god they’re about to are they about to are they about to kidnap this dude look at him look at him oh oh oh they better hope he hit a gypsy right now i [ __ ] you can help me out jump into this dude look this dude just walked up he’s like i’m with the production crew and dude chill out man what are you doing hey someone slapped this old man’s teeth at his head jesus christ this is you guys i make excellent food wow she gotta tell everybody it’s great okay and this dude’s just like what man i’ve been waiting here for 30 minutes that’s why i got my food they gonna charge me i just watched y’all fight this dude for 20 minutes well think that you can come in here and say these things are you kidding me this is that he’s mad at everyone else i’ve never seen anything like this before oh my god this is amazing i want to go eat there yeah i can’t wait when you’re coming back to america we’re going yeah i doubt this place i gotta look is this place even still open there’s no way yeah we gotta look i got one star nice is it her it’s not even the same person she’s a bacon wizard this ain’t her this can’t be wait amy was married to sammy nice oh i like this comment karen of the restaurant industry oh my god yeah dude i don’t know if gordon can fight sammy i don’t know if gordon needs to get in here and get loud the next clip is called the calm before the storm calm i thought the storm’s already here man that last clip jesus he’s gonna get walking to get thrown out immediately very little knowledge of the previous night’s dinner service maybe his bacon come from chef ramsay they got like some the fog machine spraying on you when you come in i was probably heard cooking that pizza still burning it still made it sammy yes wow look at that come on my wife in here uh can i meet this lady yes no please yeah wow look at these look at these desserts wow beautiful oh man everything’s so happy they’re like yeah ray you’re here you can help us you can run the register what are they expecting him to tell him though i don’t know they call her they don’t know give him a hug give him a big hug yes i did uh incredible likewise good to see you i mean they’re extraordinary thank you that’s very nice oh wow you think he’s setting her up he’s like they’re extraordinary how long they’ve been in there [Laughter] extraordinarily bad get him out of there he’s so nice you know tell me more about yourself so i can dog on you in a minute he is my soul mate and we’re in this business together and we stand strong together we have to because there’s a lot of online bullies and haters and bloggers chef ramsay we are the victims here we are you’ve got a they online people like ken and dane they are awful he wanted a pizza oh my god the worst cheese can’t i can’t believe he didn’t even pay for the pizza that we took an hour to not give him and they come and they try to attack us and say horrible things that are not true because they’re they’re using [Laughter] i would love to just say something right now okay um let’s catch up with the haters you know that stuff after you have a quick look at the kitchen of course uh no it’s like okay i don’t care anyway show me your kitchen i happen to love those people because they love my videos yeah exactly why else do people watch kitchen nightmares they come there to hate on the bad stuff right this is the last show that they would have even wanted to be on yo maybe that’s what we can get tlc to put us on what we just go out and be food critics but i would like i would probably love everything you know what i beat you too i mean to be really loud like oh my god who did this who did this who did thanksgiving shake their hands start start crying and everything oh it’s so good be like was that was that anime with a food wars just like goodness me is this a joke i mean look dates labels everything sectioned off wow what a pleasure i mean if they do it all the time then that’s wonderful but i definitely got the feeling they stayed up all night getting everything exactly that’s probably it wasn’t cooking for nobody that was in there labeling stuff you got you got it you know gordon ramsay’s showing up to your restaurant you got to make everything spectacular but i mean he he also does like before he had tv shows did this for a living and uh he’s gonna he’s gonna find out he’s gonna find it man as soon as they open them doors he’s gonna okay all right you and you scared me are you the sous chef she is yes let’s go through the dining room okay yeah he’s like all right the people don’t tell me what’s really going on around here heck yeah they’re here they’re here it’s very clean and nice but it’s amy and sammy that are the problem do not judge a book by its cover sir yep i told you they’re the ones that will tell you all about it like yeah man yeah the place looks great but oh boy how do we be married almost 10 years we got married five months after we met wow well i prayed for him and god sent him to me and i wasn’t going to waste any time i don’t i don’t blame her uh oh sammy that looks like he didn’t have a whole lot of time left she was like man i gotta hurry all right let’s go gods match made in heaven talking that junk i’m gonna be that great here soon too yeah i mean i’ve already got the grades coming in you know you were a playboy in vegas he was serious he was even hugh hefner didn’t have as beautiful of women as we did all the playmates would come to our table it was a playa he’s a player yeah like i had to marry him five months after i met him because he had all these other girls around i got super jelly you know it’s obviously not my personality to get mad and jealous over other people and just i saw how much money he had with all them women he had i bet amy is lying about the displaced desserts they all look store-bought and look too good to make her to admit herself i mean i believe that she made him i just don’t believe that they were made recently like it’s been sitting there a while but maybe not right his initial expeditions were so high he was so excited oh is that he really was is that what’s gonna happen next let’s see what the next clip is uh amy can speak feline oh okay she’s speaking cat all right all right i mean i’m not surprised is it weird are you a control freak i am is worse what a combination yeah looking good he’s going straight to that yeah he’s like yeah she’s worse he’s like oh boy oh boy this is going to be great i can’t wait to see you guys opening night he don’t know the extent yet clone us is that possible it is some places i’ve heard oh my god they can clone did you know they could clone you dane in some places she heard really yeah she saw it on her facebook it’s crazy do you have children well we have three little boys but they’re trapped inside cat bodies yeah yeah they’re cats our babies are cats they’re my home she was hitting with a meow and he’s just like huh oh it took me a second to realize what she was saying yeah she captured the soul of three young boys and put him in cat bodies bacon wizard our babies are cats they’re my whole life besides my husband and my business i speak feline dude i don’t even tell you what she just said listen scott bleep them out okay nobody to hear all right it was oh man the next clip is ramsay causes a scene in the restaurant uh-oh he causes a scene wait they let someone else cause the scene the pizzas i have people tell me it’s the best pizza that they’ve ever had in their life my pizza today was undercooked so it’s raw and i said we take that back he said i can’t talk to her in service why is that uh oh like it’s the best pizza i ever had and he’s like yeah i had it today and um yeah it was undercooked so uh yeah what’s up and they’re just giving a look already like excuse us yeah dude look at sammy sammy’s like mean mugging him out of the oven just like okay do every other pizza and to me it was crispy on the bottom when i cut it it was crunchy so to me it wasn’t right so that’s your version because you didn’t see it come back however so they’re they’re dodging the question here it’s like sammy why can’t you um why can’t you uh you know tell your wife that you captured the soul of three young voices marinated mushrooms crispy bacon bits white truffle oil who comes up with those ideas i did because there’s certain things that don’t go together and that’s for them [Laughter] there’s some there’s some things don’t go together and you just you just hit them all and she’s like excuse me bro white truffle oil and garlic aioli oh my god casting i have never had a problem with that hamburger ever he’s just like uh-huh all right have you read have you read the blogs have you read the reviews of this restaurant yeah pretty obvious that these guys they just can’t take criticism like they can’t at all yeah like even if it’s positive any kind of criticism like i don’t like it they’re it’s it’s they take it as an attack it’s literal the customer’s fault for eating it wrong and then it’s people like she’s probably like being competitive too like there’s reviews that like ah you know i didn’t like this place very much maybe the review is even not that mean but then she probably gets on there and replies to it right and it’s like and then the whole situation spirals that’s that’s that’s how i see it playing out like why she has internet bullies is because it’s it’s it’s like a self-made situation is what i’m trying to get in there yes because she got in there called to do the pansy told him he was a chump and said do something yeah cops and all this other stuff yeah you little weenie i just put these on and block them out baby [Laughter] dry dry pate dry it’s good like that we have people tell us all the time there’s no point me saying anything to you because you just don’t where’s good like that whatever whatever oh whatever okay yeah there’s no point me telling you anything because she’s deflected on like well people tell us all the time how great it is that’s why they walk out of the restaurant and everything even her assistants over there like i can’t believe she’s talking junk to gordon ramsay right now please just shut up why don’t i just delete everything from my menu and then close my doors what do you want me to sell these are store-bought crap frozen rabbits and they’re delicious and i these are not crap and they’re yummy i kind of like them i usually love it yes real customers not haters oh come on amy raviolis that are in the freezer oh my god sacrilegious wow wow he’s like you didn’t get the feedback because your husband’s like uh-huh it stops me i will never tell her that this is bad he’s just letting her live her dream back there that’s all he’s doing she gets to be back there and cook all she wants and everyone loves it and she can live in that fantasy world but on the other side like you know they’re on kitchen nightmares for a reason yeah yeah exactly dude this seems awful man i can gordon even save this there’s no way he’s not it’s not the rest like these people or i don’t know these people it’s her so far if she’s not open to the criticism and like even to listen then now there’s no hope like right at all so 86 ravioli okay i have too much respect for your customers to [ __ ] them now will you tell your wife or should i oh the cringe man it’s oh god dude so he goes up and tells the tells the dude that that and the next clip is ramsay clashes with aggressive owner let me ask that table there sir the tip that you left the young lady server the owner takes the tips no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no guys finger [Laughter] answer my question he’s a gangster i’m the gay i’m a gangster not you em is the gangster now you better watch out on sammy’s gonna pull up on his own his rascals yeah [Music] listen to me when i’m speaking to you do not walk away from me you don’t work here anymore okay don’t start crying what do you mean you don’t work here anymore to listen to me when i’m talking to you screw you like why would i listen to you now right well they just fire this girl for what happened they trying to like oh yeah this is what happens you messed up gordon ramsay fired and he’s up there like all right well the last clip of uh the regular show here is ramsay walks away for the first time ever get out dude just just save yourself at this point holy crap i was gonna say dude like there’s like they’re not listening to anything he said yet not a single thing why are you behaving like because i’m insulted you verbally insulted me yesterday and i held my tongue out of class i didn’t tell you the truth i didn’t say nasty things to you okay she’s about to try to go after her she’s going after his personality man you were nasty to me you said dirty words disrupting you did disrupt us last night how could i focus when you’re what about my lunch when you’re standing here what about the time before that and what about you know when you cook when you just made something for me what about every time you turn that oven on they’re scared of you they’re embarrassed but unfortunately you convince yourself in your little amy’s world that everything you cook touch scent perfect yeah let her know i don’t know baby i don’t know if you can handle this her face looks going to bust off in a minute if you keep on telling talking to her like this dude watch out good reviews real customers that have supported us for success you’re attacking my business and my life this is all i do is live this life every day you’re not telling me anything in the background i’m just like [Laughter] better get those cement shoes ready you know [Laughter] you cannot talk to your wife and the issues that she can’t take criticism before she’s not done that’s fine i have no problem saying that that’s fine that’s fine what about this entire conversation that we wow all that she agreed with was that she doesn’t take criticism or listen [Laughter] to do the right thing and the right thing for me is to get out of it good luck ain’t gonna lie i don’t know why i was starting to get vibes like he was gonna burn it down he’s like i gotta do the right thing that’s right sit down sammy i got to do this apparently they come back or like they make a comeback i saw a clip somewhere that they can make a comeback you mean they’re still a nightmare i don’t doubt it i don’t doubt it oh man well that’s it all right guys thank you very much for watching if you got any more juicy clips uh let us know about it uh down in the description you’ll find a google page to where you can like link us stuff and this one’s been linked like 500 times and like the thousands that we have in there so maybe i wish god i wish i could just auto remove them now but i can’t anyway thank you guys very much for watching this video if it’s your birthday birthday stay toasty my friends and i love you not as much as amy loves herself

Amy\'s Baking Company Is The Craziest Thing I\'ve Seen Ever

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