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Apostle Tommy E. Quick – Overcoming the Spirt of Deception

by smart

[Music] glory how he gave his life on calvary to save a wretch like me i’ve heard about his cronie of his precious i repented of my sins and won the victory victory in jesus might save your forever [Music] [Music] story [Music] [Music] victory [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] is praise god you may have your seats the truth is is that in this life the only way for us to be victorious is through jesus christ and even those of us that find ourselves born again on this morning satan continuously attempts to get us to disqualify ourselves through sin and really just through unrepentance of sin for as we’ve been taught we know that god has already taken care of sin jesus has already died god has already raised them up but what satan wants to do is to get us to hide our sin cover our sin and just try to disregard our sin but god beckons us to come he says come and confess i’m faith faithful and just to forgive and to cleanse and so we can have the victory this morning if we have any unrepented sin you know throughout the day we do it throughout the week we do it but if anything has come upon our mind if we would just repent now god would forgive us and we’d be righteous before his eyes what would you come those of you that have need would you come and get it right with the lord it’s just you and the lord [Music] yes [Music] [Music] oh yes the blood that gives me strength [Music] [Music] today [Music] here we are lord coming lord confessing before you not professing our perfection before you but lord our imperfection forgive us wash us cleanse us create within us a clean heart and renew a right spirit in us we pray god only you can help us and by faith we receive help it’s in jesus your son’s name we pray and we thank you lord for doing it for us thank you lord thank you jesus in jesus name amen go to your seats rejoicing that god has heard our prayer and we are righteous in his sight [Music] lord we love you god we worship you lord there’s nobody like you god there’s nobody like you hallelujah [Music] your name is [Music] oh [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] strong is it makes [Music] [Music] like your me there’s nobody like your lord everybody nobody like your life we cry [Music] [Applause] [Music] and the works of your mighty hands [Music] [Music] you’re my garage like this god like this [Music] who would love a god like this is [Music] foreign [Music] right here oh [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] is [Music] [Music] [Music] like this oh god you’re my healer my savior my race oh [Music] is [Music] [Music] let’s not stop praising him you’re forever faithful oh god you’re all knowing hallelujah you’re merciful you’re grateful we are grateful to serve you lord we love you lord we’d love to glorify [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] foreign foreign foreign oh [Applause] foreign [Music] forever and ever [Music] forever [Music] lord we’re so grateful but thine is the kingdom the power and the glory forever oh god you’re an unchanging god you are a faithful god and we thank you lord jesus for the opportunity to praise your name on jesus [Music] and yeah [Applause] [Music] foreign [Applause] [Music] [Applause] is [Music] [Music] i’m [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] hallelujah give him a burning praise he is worthy lord you [Music] [Applause] [Music] well we’re back in the presence of the lord and many of us haven’t seen each other since thursday evening and i know that the believers amen have the testimony of david that they’ve been praising god and his praise has continuously being in their mouth but there’s only certain time of the weeks where we get to come together and all praise the lord together i did looking up somebody and say neighbor do you know what time it is it’s time to praise the lord the lord is do some praise but since i saw you last he woke me up this morning and he started me on my way blows me in my right mind and i’ve got a reason to praise him i’ve got a reason to give him glory [Music] [Applause] [Music] so [Applause] we have many things we can praise them for we can praise them that we’re in the number one more time how many of you glad to be surrounded by the saints of god and by the praises of god how many of you are glad that the lord bless you to see another day he woke you up this morning clothed in your right mind and how many of you are glad that you could say that you are yet saved sanctified filled with the holy ghost washed in the blood fire baptized come on and praise god for his grace and his sustaining power [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] sometimes my my mind just thinks back on what the lord has done if the devil had his way i would be dead sleeping in my grave if the devil had his way i’d be in the house in the crack house in the jailhouse but thank god i’m in god’s house with a mind to serve the lord [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] so [Music] [Applause] so [Music] [Applause] so we praise him with the clapping of the hands we praise them in the dance we praise them on the house shining symbols we praise them with the timber and the heart with the organ and the keyboard with the tambourine with our voice [Music] [Music] so [Music] listen we get ready to move on in the service but look at somebody and say neighbor i know we’re getting ready to move on but it’s another whole seven days before we’ll come together again for a sunday morning service now you i know you have your own testimony but you don’t know how i know if the devil had his way i wouldn’t be here today but thank god that god had his way and i’m saved this morning and i got to praise him for what he’s done in my life so give me about 30 more seconds i got a praise that’s due to him [Music] so god stepped in right on time i owe him this praise i owe him this hallelujah [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] glory to god come on and bless the name of the lord come on and bless the name of the lord come on and bless the name of jesus bless the name of the lord we do give honor to the god of the bible [Music] we honor our lord and savior jesus christ our comforter our pericle and a person of the precious holy spirit come on and help me honor the watchmen on the wall for our souls this mighty man of god and the person of apostle tommy quit we do think and praise god for him the greatest man of god this side of heaven we honor him to the ministers of the gospel who are present to worship pastor joshua quick amen to the church evangelist elder sumner benton to the men’s department president elder call collins to elder woods amen elder peters and to all of the elders amen the ministers deacons missionaries evangelists our beautiful saintly church mothers and to you god’s wonderful people if you have not greeted your neighbor already just look at someone and say i’m glad to see you in the house of god one more time and we thank god for the fragrance of this house first lady valerie quick we do honor her and we thank him praise god for her amen amen and for amen uh her mother our pastor’s mother-in-law my grandmother um missionary mother emma horton we do praise god for you amen on this morning how many of you are just thankful for jesus how many of you are just thankful for the god that we serve now we about to continue on in worship but we’re going to take on the form of worship in one of his purest senses and that is by the way of giving amen by the way of giving before we was introduced to what some would refer to as the new testament style of worship amen that david instituted that included the clapping of the hands the shouting unto god with the voice of triumph the dancing and things of that nature there was worship that took place in genesis and whenever we saw it it was accompanied by giving it was accompanied by bringing the lord some type of offering the first instances of worship we see a man is with cain and abel both who brought and sacrifice and offering unto the lord one was acceptable and one was not and the first time we hear the word worship in the scripture deals with abraham when he was getting ready to make a tremendous sacrifice unto the lord he said he was going forth to worship the lord we can worship with our voice with the fruit of our lips and with our hands lifted and that indeed is worship but worship is never complete without some type of sacrifice some type of giving david said it this way he said i would never give god anything that doth not cost me nothing he said while i’m going on with the praise i’m going to pay my vows unto the lord and once i do i can decree a thing and the lord will answer it giving praise the lord is worship giving is as much as part of worship as lifting our hands and not only that we’re never more like jesus than when we give and we give to what is most important to us so we’ve set this time this time apart where we have the opportunity to give how many of you are grateful for the opportunity of worship by the way of giving praise the lord amen our pastor starts off with his amen [Music] [Music] holidays [Music] [Music] hallelujah [Music] [Music] hallelujah [Music] so [Music] oh [Music] hollywood [Music] [Music] so so [Music] oh [Music] [Music] so [Music] [Music] apostle tommy e quick we thank and praise the lord for our pastor on this morning we extend a heartfelt welcome to all of our guests family and friends from the promised land church family if you are a guest i ask that you stand so that we may acknowledge who you are amen we thank and praise the lord for our guests on this morning amen [Music] please no recording or live streaming as we seek to produce the best quality footage for the public we ask that only individuals that have been given authorization record a live stream during service thank you for your cooperation tune in every sunday morning on wnya 40 for the promise place broadcast for more information please check your church bulletin and local tv listenings 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and just over the last year and a half we can account time after time when he by the leading of the lord gave us instruction and it came in handy because there was things being released on earth before covert 19 hit he called and said tell the saints to grab some anointed oil and anoint the house for what is coming that the lord may pass over us and the lord has sustained us right before george floyd was killed and the madness broke out in the street the sunday right before pastor preacher said there’s chaos and there’s madness and we saw it take place and every time the lord uses him we understand that the lord is directing him he’s directing his words and those that believe the words prosper we get an opportunity to hear the word of god right now and i encourage you to open up your ears open up your hearts to receive what thus saith the lord if you take it if you receive it if you apply it i guarantee you your life will be the better after having heard the word of god after the praise him has rendered their selection we’re going to ask everybody to rest upon your feet if you’re not already standing and help us to receive our leader our pastor and a person of apostle timing quick let’s say amen as they come in that order [Music] hallelujah we bless the lord on this morning as we lift up this prayer god we want you to show us you hallelujah god you’re worthy hallelujah jesus thank you lord fill this place [Music] place anything not like [Music] is [Music] [Music] train of god fill this temple [Music] reign of god showering [Music] train of god fill this temple hallelujah [Music] [Music] this place [Music] is [Music] [Music] [Music] god of glory [Music] me [Music] oh [Music] [Music] you [Music] we’re ready for you we’re hungry [Music] we’re ready for you we’re hungry [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] oh [Music] hallelujah slap those hands together for the lord if you will come on and bless his name once again we have been honored of god to be in the house of the lord to worship him in the beauty of holiness amen and i’m grateful to be here today and so glad for the presence of the lord that is with us i’m gonna need some help with these monitors please praise the lord amen amen look at your neighbors and neighbor it’s good to know the lord now i’m gonna need your help because these these fans are feeding me with with noise and i need to hear you all so i’m gonna ask y’all to lift your voices a little bit and say it again come on say neighbor it’s good to know the truth amen jesus said i am the way the truth and the life and it’s good to know the truth in a day in an hour like we’re living in right now while you’re standing if you would bow your heads for a moment father in the precious name of our lord and savior jesus christ we thank you for your goodness for your tender mercies for your loving kindness lord you’re so good so gracious so merciful and your love lord is steadfast and we come today lord to honor you we come to worship you we come to bless your holy name but we come oh god that we might be educated in the fear of the lord your ways and your thoughts are as far above natural man’s ways and thoughts as the heavens are above the earth we ask lord that you will send now your reign the reign of your word let it fall oh god upon us today and let it minister life may it open our eyes to truth and understanding that we might order our ways in a way that is pleasing unto the lord god anoint me now send your word lord with understanding in wisdom and in power that the hearer might be best edified built up and blessed in the ways of the lord we commit now our ways unto you and ask that you have your way in jesus name amen and amen one more time would you slap your hands together for the lord i want you to get psalm 33 psalm 33 we’re going into the word of the lord and why are you looking for it i want to just say this for whoever it may uh it may be a blessing to sometimes you feel that the lord is not working with you the lord is not dealing with you maybe the lord is not mindful of you and it leaves you wondering where is life leading you and is there anything in life for you i want you to know that the answer to that question is amen your desire for god to be working in your life amen god is a god that desires that we should seek him that we should worship him the bible says he’s seeking for people that will worship him he’s seeking for people that amen have faith in him and they believe in the possibilities of their life in the lord and if you want god to work in your life you got to give god a reason to if you do nothing if you just sit around and fold your arms and be ho-hum amen indifferent or just want to be overtaken without making any effort on your part then nothing not much is going to happen to your good an example was zacharus the garrosh was a man hated of the people he was a tax collector but when he heard that jesus was coming his way he set himself apart from the crowd by climbing up a tree in order to see the lord and as a result amen god amen went home with him his life was changed forever but before it happened the bible said when jesus came to the tree stopped in his seat in his tracks and looked up and told them says zakai’s come down i must abide at your house today but it was that man’s urgency that led him to climb a tree because he was short of stature to see jesus they got him in the eye of the lord and great things happen now if you come to church and just sit here and look at other people praise the lord look at other people clap their hands look at other people seek the lord and you do nothing pretty soon you’ll stop coming you say there’s no point i don’t know what’s going on there didn’t mean nothing to me but if you go to the river you can still die of thirst if you don’t drink so while you’re here make good of it don’t give god a reason not to touch you because you’re indifferent because you don’t care you’re just waiting on an excuse or a moment to get out of the presence of the lord if that happens to you don’t blame nobody but yourself amen psalm 33 psalm 33 and uh beginning with verse 10. the lord brings the council of the nations to nothing he makes the plans of the peoples of no effect the council of the lord stands forever his plans the plans of his heart to all generations blessed is the nation whose god is the lord the people he has chosen as his own inheritance i want to read that one more time because there’s a contrast here between god and man the lord brings the council of the nations to nothing when the wise of a nation the leaders of a nation get together the powerful men and women of the nation come together and make their plans contrary to god’s will god lets it come to nothing he makes the plans of the peoples that’s peoples with s meaning all nations of peoples a man of no effect whatsoever those plans come to nothing but the counsel of the lord what god plans what god intends stands forever the plans of his heart to all generations of whatever god has in his heart what his purpose is going to stand it’s going to come to pass both in time and throughout the generations and so the way that the nations and the people come to effect is by becoming verse 12 blessed is the nation whose god is the lord the people he has chosen as his own inheritance and what it means basically what’s implying is the people who make their plans in concert with god’s plans who use the word of the lord and the revealed will of god as the basis of morality the basis of government the basis amen of of the establishment principles within the nation that nation shall be blessed of the lord you may be seated i want to talk today about deliverance or overcoming the spirit of deception everybody say overcoming the spirit of deception now to be deceived is simply to be misguided as to what is true you can’t be in the truth and be deceived amen if you’re in the truth then you are aware you are you know what reality is you know what what uh what the true status of any situation at any given time truly is that’s what it means to be in the truth to be deceived is to be in a position where you feel uh that a thing is so that a thing is established that a thing is verifiable that a thing is will endure that a thing uh praise god is accurate you know all these things it is uh basically to feel that way and it be uh erroneous in other words a deceived person is banking on something that will not hold it up a deceived person the one that is putting weight a man on on on something that can’t bear it making decisions in their life on on perceivable facts but that are not truly factual these things always lead to disappointment they lead to failure they lead to regret they lead to remorse they lead to pain they lead lead to loss and uh eternally they can cause one to be lost so the bible teaches us in zechariah 8 19 as it said this morning the announcement secretary read from zechariah the justification for the consecration it says love the truth everybody say that with me love the truth now i when i say love the truth i i don’t want us to think in a divided world that we have a divided world today in the divided world we have the secular and the sacred in the divided world now we have the uh religious or the in our case christianity and then we have what is called by the unbelievers the real world and the unbelievers always want to separate christianity from the real world uh christianity to the unbeliever does not work in the real world and of course you got preachers who likewise amen teach and they’ll be teaching the word of god and then they’ll say well now i’m just going to get real as if the word of god itself is not real i don’t want to talk in the terms of the unbelieving world because the earth is the lord’s and the inhabitants thereof everything is related to god and even when you talk about ungodliness you can only know ungodliness when you know godliness godliness is itself the standard it is the truth it is the will of god it is what god has established but when we say something is ungodly it is assumed first of all that you’re comparing it with what is reality so when people are out there doing ungodly things they themselves are a witness that godliness is the standard many though are deceived into thinking that somehow another you can escape the demands of godliness by ignoring or pretending the existence of god but the bible says love the truth fall in love with what is true whether it is biblical truth or whether it is factual truth we ought to love truth we ought to love accurate history we ought to want to know what really happened whenever you go to court and ask for a witness they ought to they ought to give an accurate account you’re the judge all want to know what really happened as believers we are to love what really happened regardless of whether it is appealing to us or not don’t change history because the change history is to deceive the student and all deception is of the devil all lies from the devil the problem with the world today is that not long at some point after the creation of the world the devil entered in and he brought in deception god is true god cannot lie the bible says god it is impossible for god to lie god put limits on himself and one of the limits that he put on himself was that it would be impossible for him to lie because god does not deal in deception but the devil deals only in deception he has no truth and the bible says that when he speaketh the lie he speaketh of his own for he is the father of lies so everything that deceives every deceiver works with the devil and for the devil and every deception is the creation of the devil and we live in a nation that is under a spirit of deception there is a spirit of deception that is operating in america amen at the highest levels we’ve read it in ephesians spiritual wickedness in high places and there’s a spirit of deception that is working from the from the heights of government down to the lowest places of our society people are deceived in many many ways and this deception now has become so great until the bible describes it as gross darkness gross darkness and there’s an effort to establish lies as truth to be taught and to be distributed among the young the efforts by the most wicked of people to change history to rename things to to a credit to science what is not scientific and to distribute these lies to babes to little children to to naive teenagers to young inexperienced college students that they will base their life on lies on deception on half truths the bible teaches in ezekiel chapter 3 that the man of god is to be the guardian against such it is the responsibility of every anointed and called men of god amen to make it his business to declare the truth and the one people not the church alone but the world that there is a deceiver there is a liar there’s a smooth talking guy and his desire is to destroy you to destroy your soul listen what it says here he said the spirit of the lord the spirit lifted me up verse 12. and i heard behind me a great thunderous voice blessed is the glory blessed is the glory of the lord from his place and i also heard well let me back up he said he said ezekiel in verse nine he said behold verse eight i i made your face strong see that against their face and your forehead strong against therefore his like adama stone harder than flint i have made your forehead do not be afraid of them nor be dismayed at their looks though they are a rebellious house moreover he said to me son of man receive into your heart all my words that i speak to you and hear with your ears and go get to the captives to the children of your people and speak to them and tell them thus saith the lord god whether they hear or whether they refuse then the spirit of the lord lift me up and i heard behind me a great thunderous voice blessed is the glory of the lord from his place and i also heard the noise of the wings of the living creatures that touch one another and the noise of the wheels beside them and a great thunderous noise so the spirit of the lord lifted me up and uh took me away and i went in bitterness in the heat of the spirit but the hand of the lord was upon me and then in verse 17 god says son of man i have made you a watchman for the house of israel therefore hear a word from my mouth and give them warning from me when i say to the wicked you shall surely die and you give them no warning nor speak or warn the wicked from his wicked way to save his life that some wicked man that same wicked man shall die in his iniquity but his blood i will require at your hand why because you didn’t want him yet if you warn the wicked and he does not turn from his wickedness nor from his wicked way he shall die in his iniquity but you have delivered your soul god said that the preacher the watchman has been given the responsibility of uncovering deception of showing the untrue the half truths and the methods of deception as being against god and against god’s people and a god against god’s plan do you see that all right now praise god we find that in psalm in the psalmist psalm 33 and verse 12 as we read earlier the bible declares that uh that the nation whose god is the lord is blessed see and the people that god has chosen amen are god’s own inheritance so a nation that is overcome by deception is not a blessed nation and the people who are deceived by the deception of that nation are not god’s inheritance now that may sound uh discriminatory uh may sound harsh to say that there are some people that name the name of christ and yet they are not his inheritance because they are not warned and they are deceived but jesus himself said many shall come to me in that day crying lord lord have not we cast out devils in thy name and have not we uh raised the dead have not we’ve done many wonderful works in thy name and jesus said in that day i will uh profess unto them depart from me i never knew you your work was of iniquity because they were deceived and many times when people are deceived they find themselves going contrary to what is clearly defined in the word of god and what is clearly forbidden in the word of god they find that they they embrace they embrace i illustrated this morning how quickly we can be deceived and we talked about this morning too we talked about how people uh how well defined the methods of deception are deception is a deliberate thing it’s not people are people deliberately deceive they use methodology a matter of fact one one person was defending a position the other day and they talked about how they use emotionally these other people they say use emotionally charged uh arguments to keep people from really seeing the facts oh so you do know how it’s done you realize that if you make somebody emotional over somebody getting shot that they will fail to see the facts if you if you make folk emotional over what’s his name george floyd a man a drug addict and a robber amen and a woman beater if you make people emotional over the fact that somebody amen uh maybe use too much force to subdue him they won’t consider the fact that he was a robber and a murderer and a drug pusher matter of fact they’ll make a hero out of him and build a stature to him all because they were able to cloak the situation in emotional talk they made it a black issue rather than a a legal issue rather than a criminal issue or an issue of justice they made it a black issue and black issues make black people emotional or let’s take another one before i move on let’s take this this voter id amen the slippery slope argument is if you require black people to have an id to vote thousands of black people would be disenfranchised and can’t vote because what’s the slippery slope is if you call if you require a little thing like a voter id it would result in all the black folk losing their right to vote and be disenfranchised that’s a slippery slope argument do you mean that little thing can result in me losing my right to vote no i’m gonna reach in my back pocket and pull out my license and whenever i polled the brother this morning everybody of age had a license and they didn’t have nobody they didn’t need nobody come pick them up and tell them how to sign the ex to get it black folk are well able to get an id if you got children that you raise around 15 you’ll find out they start putting pressure on you they want to get their permit they want to get their driving license they want to drive whether they know how to or not and so now they’re able because they got what they need but that’s a slip or slow argument it is a deceptive argument and people are walking and they’re demonstrating and they’re one lady saying if anybody’s standing away amen of the voters rights by trying to require an id let them be dead now that’s an emotional issue because it was tied to civil rights our nation we have a nation of leaders that are deceiving black people black women are deceived into thinking that murdering your baby is health care they call abortion what women’s rights and what else health care and planned parenthood is fighting to make sure that you don’t lose your health care oh really your health care has made them rich enough to be able to buy all of of the democrat congress and all of the democrat senators and most of the governors to vote on their behalf and i’m going to tell you what you don’t need that you don’t need to think that abortion is health care because abortion is murder and the baby is denied health oh y’all don’t hear me but through deception you’ve got medical they’re fighting for their health care fighting for women’s rights women’s right to do what murder their baby that’s the only right you get or they say well the right to have a career well you can still have a career every mother in here for the most part has a career but they got a baby they didn’t have to kill their baby they have a career see deception young people if you don’t choose to be wise you are automatically in the classroom of the devil and he will make a fool out of you because you didn’t choose to learn to know god you didn’t choose to educate yourself in truth and as i said every time you leave the church you step into the devil’s classroom when you turn your radio on when you turn on your music when you turn on mtv when you turn your tv on when you stop to talk to your friend when you go to the college campus when you go stop stop on the street wherever you are there’s somebody that is rehearsing the devil’s deception and the devil’s lies but in the house of the lord god requires us to deliver real truth i’ll tell you like it is and let me tell you the very four very basic things that you got to know if you’re going to survive you got to know number one uh that it’s a lie it’s a lie that evolution evolution is a lie ever nobody has observed evolution nobody that’s a lie that’s a lie that’s a lie that’s alive that’s a lie that’s a lie in the beginning god created the heavens and the earth and on the sixth day god got down in the dust and he said let us make man in our image in our own likeness god used itself for a pattern and made man and the bible says in the image of himself made he male and female so god made all of us men and women in his own image and then god said uh he gave them dominion he told them to be fruitful and multiply he told them now you you you call the animals and you name them you finish creation you finish it and now they’re teaching this guy darwin can’t even get him to defend himself he’s dead according to the scripture i believe he’s dead ain’t it you know why because the bible says all it was once appointed unto men to die and after death what and he’s amen he’s dead and yet we’re teaching what he’s saying but i’m teaching what the other one said who was dead but now he’s alive and he’s alive forevermore and all power in heaven and in earth is given unto him we’re teaching darwin we’re teaching a man who was self-confessed mentally ill mentally disturbed as the means where human beings come along now if you buy that then uh what expectation is there in man if man is nothing but a animal evolved from lower lower forms of animals then what could be expected than for him to do anything we can’t say he ever was better because all they ever been was less but the bible teaches that we were better but became less that we disobeyed god and experienced a fall in our nature but that teaches that we over time we got wiser our ears our brain our eyes and we’re the best we’ve ever been and if you buy that then you don’t need jesus you don’t need a savior because you’re all right like you are and here’s the thing i feel like arguing with some people today amen here’s the thing to get me it’s amazing how people look at themselves and think they all that you know it’s amazing how skin complexion makes folk all that it amazes me how hair hair real hair or false hair makes folk all that how long your legs is that that really amazes me it it really amazes me that that people can find anything to to to think highly of themselves don’t have two pennies to rub together in a capitalistic world but yeah yet they proud amen women ain’t been found yet yet they think they’re all of that thank you jesus amen don’t eat this this is amazing it amazes me how people resist salvation because they got a piece of tin with four ties on it and a motor in it and they don’t feel the need for the lord that’ll make it amazes me that the boy woke up one day and his voice was right froggy he thought i’m a man i’m a man or maybe the young lady woke up and she was blossoming and she thought whew and i’m fine ain’t i’m fine i want you to know there have been millions of fine ones trillions of fine ones god don’t never stop making fine ones what’s fine in one eye ain’t nothing in another but i want you to know that you’ll find this got a time it’s got a shelf life oh y’all don’t want to hear me today amen you ain’t gonna be all that fine three or four years from now and if you’re all that fine you know somebody ought to take it home and keep you amen i love i love what brother said smith i ain’t gonna make ain’t gonna put him on loudspeaker today but brother smith was a mess he told his wife said i hope the lord always bless you with my presence i told my wife about it i said that’s a bad boy you hear me hey man but he but he she got his presence but it’s amazing because the bible says what have you that you were not given see if you’re intelligent well did you hit the lottery how did you get it where did you buy it who bequeathed it unto you see what what wha what what is debate was it just that you in was it were you are you just intelligent because you’re a superior being no you you didn’t get to choose your parts you didn’t get to choose the way you look you didn’t that’s why you need to accept who you are and stop trying to be somebody else god made you just like he wants you to be no need are you trying to form yourself to be like somebody else you spent all your days you can never be them as well as you can be you thank you jesus be yourself but what do you have in the way of intelligence what do you have in temperament what do you have uh emotionally what do you have physically what do you have that wasn’t given to you and if it was given to you where why are you so proud why are you judging yourself with other people why are you looking down on somebody else you have what was given you they have what was given them what makes what you got better is only better in your eyes thank you lord oh my god in the spirit of the lord in the spirit of the lord i said to that young lady right over there i said baby don’t you worry you know she’s she she came along she helped her she’d been there but she was a little bitty girl come true about seven years old five years old something she was a healthy little girl right there right plumping around pretty she could be sweet as she could be and then we had all these little little shakers and little hipster girls come in and i saw it was kind of you know uh you know you know so i told her one day in the spirit i said baby don’t you worry about it i said you live for the lord god will send somebody in here that’ll love the ground you walk on and you’ll be married and these folk will still be waiting y’all remember when i said it didn’t god do it now what has she now though that god didn’t give her nothing god gave her him bless is the nation whose god is the lord god chooses and god bless us now in our nation today i’ve you’ve heard me talk about this often there are strategies that are being used against the general populace and those strategies are to keep us in the dark as a pertain to truth facts the way things are reported or not reported the way things are told are not told amen things that will cause us to make better choices things that will make us make better decisions as it pertains to our family better political decisions better economic decisions make us vote better make us engage better even determine amen our relationships who we choose to get in the relationship with who we open our hearts to who we spend our time with see they they want to affect your our lives on a on a uh uh a detailed and minute level they want to effect who you sleep with they want to tell you who to sleep with they want to tell you who you can go who you can hang out with and who you should celebrate and who you should embrace they want to tell you that it’s that you are something wrong with you if you do not uh embrace and do not celebrate same-sex marriage you’re a bigot you are you are you you’re narrow mind that you are homophobic if you don’t clap your hands and say that it’s a great thing to be homosexual it’s a great thing to be a lesbian it’s a great thing to be any of those 30. that’s a lie is not a great thing the bible says it is abominable [Applause] it’s an abomination that we shouldn’t even talk about the things that they do in the dark so have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness but our land today our leaders want to put us in a position to be punished if we don’t go along with what they want us to go along with and the church and yeah in this great divide they got to silence us because they don’t want people to hear the opposing idea they don’t want us to preach the word so they changed again the what used to be religious freedom freedom of religion has become freedom of worship that means you can go in the church house and say what you want to say and we won’t bother you but you come out here on the public square and you start talking about what the bible says and all this we’re going to shut you down because we’re not going to have opposing ideas and so people who want to live out their faith and don’t want to cook cakes amen for same-sex marriage they get run to court they are broke y’all know him and they’re defending themselves anybody if you don’t want to give out amen uh praise god birth control because you’re a religious organization they will sue you and the government will bring a case against you because they’re going to force us to embrace their ideas now if you’re going to be a christian with your eyes open you’re going to have to think you just can’t do what we did this morning just come in and just oh i love the music all the music and you’ll jump as soon as you get out there they will convert you to a heathen you got to come in here and wake up get your eyes open and figure out why you’re going to church but your children are going to hell because the world has got the strings of your children’s heart and pumping lies and deceit into them through the schoolhouse through the news agencies and we’re living in an hour when the greatest uh the greatest challenge of the church is not to declare that jesus is lord but to declare the truth that set men free i’ve been told i don’t know how many times you just need to preach the gospel that’s the separates idea that’s the idea that the world don’t belong to god but the church does and you need to just preach the gospel and don’t try to have nothing to say about what’s going on in the world but the world belongs to god and god said go into all the world education government politics library system you all there amen judicial system when it goes into all the world it just don’t mean go amen cross the world that’s the most basic interpretation go to china you know go to india go to africa no it’s a go into all the world and the world is a system that is contrary to god and we ought to take the word of the lord to it that’s why i love cfa because cfad as bishop wooden said he said it left no stone unturned it deals with the issues that are destroying our people what’s destroying us what’s destroying why 75 of our children around age 17 are living with one parent 7.7 actually out of 10 of black babies are living with one parent by the age of 17. why why why why uh why is it that our young ladies are the most unmarried of all the young ladies in the country why and if the church does not stop then we may as well just go ahead on and set up our tables and start selling sacrifices and wait on jesus come and turn them over because we’re doing nobody any good if all we’re gonna do is be a religious uh what’s that place in town in new york or the the the theater what broadway show all we’re gonna do is a broadway show we’re gonna have good music and a good dance beat y’all don’t hear me amen and and from some of the most famous preachers in our age say it very little they sang what they say i i i don’t mean no harm ain’t been no respect no disrespect because i’m that saying on the show get you excited because god said it would and god can’t lie it’s true he said they came and set before you as one who sang a lovely song and whenever you take some of the greatest preachers of our age take what they say and just take the music away take the beat you’ll be surprised what they say they say the lord is my shepherd but they said it with all of the deceitfulness of rhythm and blues and it excites the people god is taking that ministry off the scene i don’t know if y’all gonna like me or not it will always have its value for those that are saved and sanctified and filled with the holy ghost but if there’s ever been a time when people need to be delivered from the deception of this world it is right now and it takes more than carrying a crowd with a tomb it takes a solid truth it takes giving me an answer for the cause of the hope that’s within them it means giving people a reason to really be sanctified to really be filled with the holy ghost the song and dance won’t last but so long some vote going to heaven for the dance i can’t get up there don’t dance before i get there save a dance for me we made church all about dancing all about hooping and hollering and singing and look you don’t have to manufacture that when you get saved you’ll have joy but oh i want you to know that in this day and hour we need organizations like the frc we need the heritage foundation we need focus on the family we need cfad we need those organizations who want to get down and challenge the darkness that is overcoming the world that are seeing our boys and girls you got to live holy and here’s how you do it and here’s why you got to do it we have got to come out of the world you got to be safe there’s no hope in the world hear me y’all there’s no hope in the world there’s no hope out there there is no hope out there you talk about deceit let me let me just draw another example boy that patrice colors you talk about a deceit boy you talk about working uh that girl worked a game on america that girl got they got them 90 million dollars in a little over a year talking about how evil black white folk are talking about racism and how evil capitalism-ism and and and told the people too here’s the thing about told the people i think we want to interrupt the nuclear family we want to promote homosexuality amen we we’re against uh christians and yet they became multi-millionaires over 90 million dollars given to them they don’t even have a 501c3 they they’re not even non-profit and and big tech companies pouring millions of dollars on them and when they got the money and they got buying in office you know what they did they went and found the whitest communities they could find and cnn won’t tell them abc nbc nbc they won’t tell owner because they’re part of the deception they went and bought homes one girl bought a home in a community that is 99. i believe 98 white that means uh she probably that means she probably the only black person out there and she made a home with them people that she told us to go riot and tear down their businesses and they stole from you to get what they got and all this and black folk marching and they painting black lives matter down in the street in front of the jail in front of the police station in spartanburg and now she’s going to retreat it and now lately she then took her money and now she’s trying to reach another group she made a song and the song is forgive me for publicizing but the song is god do you have enough love and she won’t know if he got enough love to love the transvestite do you have enough love the love the homosexual and so she is she’s indicting god and challenging god that god does not have a love and trying to reach amen our young people y’all don’t hear me that god is not love god because they’ve taken the word love and redefined it from what it really means scripturally and now she’s putting out songs and and you know what we’re gonna attack it because our young people need to know that god is not only love god is a just god he’s a righteous god he’s a holy god and because he’s holy and righteous and just his love requires what’s best for every individual and that means that he is against the transvestite but she wants to paint it another way now i know my time is about gone but this is a wake-up call this is why the bible says love the truth love the truth you got so-called men of god and women of god that don’t know a thimble about what i’m talking about right now that’s true all they know about is god’s gonna bless you if you just keep coming to church and pay your tithe the lord gonna bless you the lord gonna bless you honey the lord gonna bless you don’t give up the lord gonna bless you you’re doing crazy stuff but don’t give up the lord gonna bless you what is sin oh don’t worry about sin jesus took our sin and boring on the cross and and and he’s forgiven us don’t worry about no no the wages of sin is still death it’s still there so we can’t we can’t belittle the truth the bible says love the truth love the truth now there are two things i’m gonna throw out here and be done that we have to be concerned about today two major moves major moves that are proposed by the left that will solidify the gains that they have made well first of all we need to get the truth about the elections you know they don’t want us to get the truth about the election but that after all the fighting uh the auditing they finally got the auditory desert results out of out of arizona and it appears that over a hundred thousand people uh sent in absentee ballots that were never mailed out now this was reported by the independent auditors to the senate in arizona that they have over 100 000 people that they counted that sent in ballots that they never showed a record of them being sent out as well as they got many thousand that were not on the roads on november 4th but they were on the rolls on november 7th the 8th and they were taken off in january so they voted but they were never on the road and all of a sudden the records have been taken away that ain’t all so we really need the truth because uh many people you know have been suffering a lot of things because they challenge the election they call it misinformation they called it uh disinformation they call it praise god all kind of they said it was a uh praise god uh uh anti-patriotic to questioning all of that but now 20 other states have decided that they’re going to do them too and the democrats are fighting in every state to keep them from doing it they’ve already found that they’ve got enough in georgia to overturn the results you talk about deceiving and then yesterday the the state the state what they call press secretary admitted that facebook had allowed biden to tell them what to take down when he was running and even now biting them and telling them who they don’t want to be heard and they threaten little me who am i in the scheme of things i mean i ain’t got but 30 followers and i put something out there and they told me you violated our rules you do it one more time we’re going to take you down permanently me little old me by it’ll attack me you know why because it works against the deception now if you don’t think i’m telling you the truth there’s evidence right there they attack a little guy like me so most folk that’s on facebook scared to say certain things because they’ve already proven if they were silenced and uh the president they’ll silence you and folk don’t want to lose their stuff so they ain’t like it they’ll look and say oh i agree with that but i ain’t liking it though i ain’t liking that cause that may they might get me i ain’t sharing it either and then you got some folk to share but they won’t like it because they’re scared because we’re living in a nation that has a spirit of deception over it are you all there now there are two things that god rebukes god rebukes the equality act god rebukes the equality act now they got a a great ability to name a bill just the opposite of what it is that’s deception so if you name it the equality act that’s another means of deceit right that’s used with rhetorical words so it’s a word that means one thing and they apply it to it and then whenever folk hear it oh that’s got to be good because that’s for equality but it’s not for equality as a matter of fact and i’m not going to go into detail but i want to throw this out there i’m going in great detail and show you how god biblically resists and fights against everything in the so-called equality act because the quality act does not it does not it is not for equality it is really for inequality it is discrimination against millions of people and taking away their freedom and not only that but takes away their right to seek a defense whenever they find that they’ve been discriminated against the equality act is all of it’s a sexual law it is purely a sexual law it is for perverts it is for homosexuals it is for lesbians it is for transvestites it is for bci beastialist it’s for pedophile it’s for anything like that and if they pass that law you will have to work with them you have to hire them even in the church they would declare the church listen as a public facility a public accommodation so in the church i would have i could not say certain things because i would be breaking the law and they would remove it from the civil rights definition so that i would have no defense at all and i could not preach the truth under the quality because a pervert of any kind should be to come in the church and i have the respect there here and i cannot use biblical language that they find offensive or the government will get me now how is that equal for me how is it equal for you you want to hear the word don’t you you want the government to tell you what you can and cannot hear he’s against it and then last of all this uh race what they call it critical come on say that critical it’s it’s critical don’t let it die they don’t need to put it on life support this critical critical race theory uh i thank the lord for the teacher the black teacher in california that resigned and moved to texas because she wanted to teach in a classroom that was not a social movement she said that it was no longer about educating the students it is about establishing a man a radical social structure in america now critical race theory basically uh the goddess against about god said he had no respect of persons it teaches that white people are inherently evil for the mere fact that their skin is white okay uh and black people and yellow people and red people we have all been oppressed by their whiteness so whether a white person ever does anything to you or not they’re your enemy just because they’re white and they’re evil because they’re white now if that is not the highest type of racial discrimination in the world now my first church first church i built i got 100 from my organization that’s right i built the church i had at the time i finished church i had four adult members and some children is that right paul paul it was one of the children and my organization gave me one hundred dollars after i bought the land and they saw i was going to build a church they go they proudly gave me 100 when i got the church up spent all my money walls were root was on money was gone no windows no doors no floors no air conditioning no electricity no plumbing no nothing blocks and a roof and broke i went and talked to a white man and i told him i said my church is i’ve i’ve spent all my money i can’t get none i can’t get no loan i didn’t i didn’t know about all that kind of stuff i just want to preach and he said to me what do you need i told him and he reached over in his draw and pulled out a stack of hundred dollar bills and counted me out seven thousand dollars i wanted to know at that time that was like a million dollars and when that 7 000 was gone i had a flow i had some bathrooms i had some lights and i had some old benches that had been in my basement for two years i pulled them out and stood them up you couldn’t get happy because they fall over if one of them fall they wouldn’t stop till the land so every one of them was laying on the floor hallelujah but we had church and we couldn’t have done it unless somebody of another color had stepped up to help me and i wouldn’t be here today if it had not been for that one man with white skin y’all don’t hear what i’m talking about and now them now they want to tell us that we need to teach our children and even teach white kids that they’re evil because their skin is white whatever happened to martin luther king’s dream that we be judged not by the color of our skin but by the content of our heart this is of the devil we need to be awoke and not with that awoke crowd because they won’t talk about we’ll walk we see what’s happening and all that they ain’t walk they sleep they just stole the word they’re good at taking where we want to be really awake but not awoken and besides i got some white folks somewhere in my past and i don’t know whether it was a elective or what and don’t you laugh yeah i look at you i see you i see you i see you yeah y’all we’re all up in here your natural african hue huh the fact of the matter is that god is calling on a people to come out from the come house pastor god is looking for some people that are willing to go deeper in him amen for the times require it god is looking for some people that will take on some issues that will actually penetrate the world that will will reason with people that would talk with people that would show people a better way god is looking for people that have prepared themselves to engage the culture not emotional not emotional height not not i’m so tired i’m so tired of religious uh uh entertainment it’s too late in the game i’m too uh are you listen i’m tired of it i’m tired of just having church for church i’m tired of raising money for nothing to do nothing while we defend our fort while we defend our our our ground but take no ground the only way we’re going to be delivered from deception is we’re going to have to love the truth we’re gonna have to show enough amen fall in love with the word of god the bible says study to show thyself approved unto god workmen that rightly divide the word of god that need not be made ashamed be of a shame what out there not when you get up to preach but when you go out there when whenever the issues are raised you know who you are and you know what is right you know what is true and you’re not easily deceived you come to church and it’s not a measure of how well you’re doing is how well you can impact those that are deceived with the truth it’s your ability to raise your children and and teach them amen something besides good adequate in good manners but teach them about this world that they’re getting ready to go into let them know how evil it is and we can only do that if we embrace another arm to our ministry another another uh plant of the lord another vision of god which is to educate and to strengthen families by teaching a biblical worldview by actually duplicating what is in our heart in the hearts of others that people believe it so strongly that they’re willing to die for it will it that they know the truth and they will die before they change and that is a work that we’re called to do not just here in the promised land but to stand against evil wherever we see it the bible says blessed is the nation whose god is the lord are y’all with me here and oh man remember this the bible said in his word that he would establish them individually he said this he would establish them individually so each person is to have a relationship and a deal with god that brings them to this place of maturity he would have ignored it not as a church but individually which means each one of us have got to make it our business to get closer to the lord than we have ever been before elder said something in 1999 men as i was walking in today co-pastor that really touched it grabbed my heart he said there’s certain things that we need god to do for us that he’s not going to do until we exhibit a desperation a longing a loving and a desire for him that says lord i can handle some things but there are some things i can never handle without you i’ve got to have you in my life and while he’s saying that he used as an illustration he said when we acknowledge that even with raising our children god can go to the school teacher and speak to the school teacher to speak something in your child’s life that will help you to raise the child something that you never could have said and never known but because you were desperate for the lord in every area of your life we free god to work in unknown ways to do things that we could never realize he did in ways we never realized he could do it because he’s determined to bring us to the place that we desire in the lord saints of god where’s the hunger where’s the desire i’m not trying to make anybody feel guilty but look at cfa look at what look look at how what the lord has given us us a jewel of great price do you realize that i got a call the other day from an officer at uh at the douglas institute out of d.c who prophesied he called and prophesied on me concerning cfad and its reach i got a call all the way from california lady didn’t call herself prophesying but she and her husband called to tell me that they was they foresee the need of it all over the country and wanted to know if i was prepared for the demand that was going to be made and said you need to hurry and you need to hurry because demand is going to be great for this speaking with bishop the other day bishop said there’s no limit to where cfad is going to go he said it is perfect there is no stone left unturned he said in the beautiful thing about it quick with you it’s not a strategy it’s not a policy it’s just who you are i’m telling you god is touching hearts god is moving god is moving just yesterday one of the superintendents called me and told me my check will be there on saturday that the the evident hand of god is on cfan and i want to be in the midst of it yes god is moving now what is it going to do it is going to be result of the collective effort of our hearts our educating ourselves i’ll take advantage of every opportunity amen to learn what’s going on and know how to answer it is having faith that god is at work and god for somehow has chosen this little church because for some reason unknown to me he is expressing confidence in us if you’re willing to be an instrument then i want you to stand on your feet right now the question we started with is the same question we end with what do we have that we did not receive of the lord it

Apostle Tommy E. Quick - Overcoming the Spirt of Deception

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