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Argentina ● Road to Victory – Copa America 2021

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driving forward or driving to the left anyway and that’s a hopeful ball in Martinez was almost there and it’s very nicely turned away   Giovani Lo Celso looking to spread it and he’s released Gonzalezthrough the middle well held by Bravo Gonzalez will be disappointed his finish was perhaps a bit too close Lo Celso brought down from behind so Messi to take over the wall and it’s in Argentina lead one nil brilliant from Lionel Messi that’s what you nexpect of him dynamically already in this second half and it’s fought for Vargas who shot it straight to Emiliano Martinez and we’re gonna go VAR check to see whether to see if this is a penalty penalty Vidal ooh it’s saved and in Martinez got a strong arm to it but Vidal (actually Vargas) turns in the rebound after it ncomes back up off the crossbar Messi looks inside and plays a nice ball in and Nico Gonzalez is incensed with nit and that will be that Messi on the far side Messi cuts into his right n left takes the shot on save and there’s another chance at the back post Lautaro Martinez Messi jigs one way finds the cross back post is headed across goal off the post and it’s in Argentina lead it’s Guido Rodriguez with the goal and with only 12 minutes on the clock gets the ball back Cavani makes his way down the right cuts back and he’s looking for na penalty well that looked a really good shout runs against the box still Messi Messi still into penalty area it’s a foul on the edge right on the edge of the box Argentina have a free kick Uruguay wall blocking the vision of Fernando Muslera here’s Messi, Messi fits low ngoes into the wall and Uruguay can clear Otamendi under it heads it and that’s full-time Argentina have beaten Uruguay by a goal to nil Aguero Just can’t quite bring it under control it’s a really poor header it’s gonna drop to Aguero Aguero with the turn and he’s put it over the crossbar it’s Molina with the overlap comes inside Di Maria fade for the shot it’s a good pass in to Papu Gomez and Papu Gomez clips it over the goalkeeper and Argentina lead brilliantly taken Messi and it’s just wide of the post opted for npower the ball comes back out to Paredes Papu Gomez delivers the cross and it’s gonna go in it’s an own goal Argentina double their lead just before the break (offside) Papu Gomez a low cross and Aguero’s shot saved and Carlos Lampe nwith a superb double stop Correa lays it off for Messi Messi flicks it round the corner Gomez and nit’s a wonderful goal what a way to start the game it’s Gomez breaking into the penalty area goes on the outside it’s going to be a penalty from the penalty spot scores Argentina lead two-nil tips the ball over the top for Messi Messi’s gonna get to this one over the top of Lampe and Argentina have a third Lionel Messi once again laid on a plate by Sergio Aguero Justiniano with a bit of space Justiniano goes to the by line it’s a low cross a chance here and Bolivia ?? pull one back Erwin Saavedra with a terrific finish in to Acuna Acuna with a low cross flashes across Lampe gets a touch it’s loose in the box and has worked his way to Lautaro Martinez who will not score an easier goal for Argentina Lautaro Martinez first time pass back to Messi nbreaks in the box a good save by Lampe it might fall again too and it’s another good save by Lampe denies Lautaro Martinez Messi takes the shot low and it’s forced to save by Lampe the follow-up as well Lampe again with a double stop goes all the way back to his ngoalkeeper Messi standing there Lionel Messi one-on-one with the goalkeeper off the post off the inside at the post and what a let off for Carlos Gruezo and Ecuador Lionel Messi who can cross a chance here a real chance and it flashes across the face the goalkeepers come a long way there’s nothing given Messi De Paul (3x) goal Argentina nlead five minutes before the break Rodrigo De Paul gives Argentina a one-nil lead here against Ecuador here’s Messi Messi squares Lautaro Martinez Lautaro goal Argentina two-nil and surely that’s it another Messi assist and another Lautaro Martinez goal Angel Di Maria Di Maria and Hincapié pulls him back (referee) points to the penalty spot but I think it’s outside the initial Messi and it’s number three it’s Messi’s second free kick of the Copa America and it’s Argentina three Ecuador nil Lionel Messi great ball from Lo Celso Messi’s in the box, Messi turns it back Lautaro Martinez and Argentina lead they’ve got the early goal once more and Lautaro Martinez gets his third goal of the tournament to give Argentina a wonderful nstart here in Brasilia they’re straight back on the attack with Luis Diaz the low cross it’s behind Borré it’s going to reach Cuadrado Cuadrado shoots, a wonderful stop from Emi Martinez a good cross into the middle Otamendi heads it away Barrios shoots some distance takes a deflection it’s come off the post thankfully seeing it come off the post the corner comes in Mina’s up off the crossbar Colombia hit the woodwork header on goal and Ospina’s saved and it’s bounced onto the roof of the net Argentina very close to a second Diaz behind good first touch takes away from Pezzella it’s a wonderful goal Colombia’s danger man throughout the evening finds the net Luis Diaz and we’re all square here Di Maria lays it off for Lautaro Martinez Lautaro Martinez, it’s saved off the line and Di Maria can’t put in the rebound what a chance for Argentina Di Maria trying to wriggle away does so for the initial challenge threads the ball through to Messi Messi in the penalty area gets the shot naway it’s off the post Argentina close De Paul Sanchez blocks it’s Argentina’s turn to hit the woodwork four shoot-outs lost three times, Messi no he can’t he can’t it’s over the Emi Martinez still talking away Mina against Ospina Paredes Goal Borja to keep Colombia in this one saved Emi Martinez has done it again and it’s all over Argentina are in the final of the Copa America Emi Martinez the hero of the hour to find a way through but it’s a long direct ball and Di Maria is in behind Di Maria Di Maria over the goalkeeper Di Maria gives Argentina the lead 21 minutes gone and Angel Di Maria puts Argentina ahead in the Copa America final Di Maria onto his left foot looking for an option Di Maria shoots takes a deflection and almost drops for Lautaro Martinez Marquinhos is helped on there Richarlison breaks towards the box Otamendi is across from Richarlison ntries to square Richarlison equalises there’s a flag there’s a flag Brazilian Richarlison could be denying their nequalizer it’s probably a wise decision here’s Richardson in space Richarlison with the shot good good save Emi Martinez Brazil knocking on the door and Richarlison again denied this time by Emi Martinez set piece whipped in at the near post flicked away to the back post Gabriel Barbosa Emi Martinez is equal to it again one of the heroes of this Copa America De Paul looks to turn it through Messi Messi Messi oh he just couldn’t get the ball out nfrom under his feet Ederson claims but the run is over now Argentina are the champions of nSouth America Argentina crowd around Lionel Messi the world’s greatest player finally has nan international trophy there could be no more arguments Lionel Messi and Argentina return to the summit of South American football for the first time since 1993 since the days of Batistuta and Simeone Argentina have new heroes Messi, De Paul look at the scenes it’s not just about Lionel Messi it’s for every one of those in La Albiceleste (nickname Argentina) it’s for every one of those in the stadium for every one of those back in Argentina who couldn’t come to Brazil this time Thank you for watching Bye

Argentina ● Road to Victory - Copa America 2021

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