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Art in Worship – Our Lady of Belen Statue

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when ballet was founded in 1854 the jesuit priests that arrived in cuba were gifted a building the building was a hospital dedicated to our lady of belen because the school began there it’s when the jesuits decided that the school would continue to have that name so so in its very foundation belen has been under the protection of our lady the statue that adorned the chapel of the school was spanish we don’t know its exact origins then in 1961 when the school was closed down that image was hidden away so that the communist regime would not find it we discovered that it was located at the basement of the reyna church in havana cuba so when we decided to build our chapel dedicated to our lady of belen we wanted to have an image that was very similar to the original piece granda the company who designed this image flew to cuba and actually did an image of it and decided to copy it as perfectly as possible our lady of belen sitting on the manger holding the child jesus in her hands this image is going to be placed in the our lady of belen chapel it’s going to be placed on top of this beautiful pedestal which is right at the entrance of the chapel when you walk in immediately to either your left or your right she’s going to be located on a pedestal that’s found between the two opening arches of the chapel those two arches represent the hypostatic union the nature of jesus is both being fully human and fully divine but we realize that where jesus takes on this nature very unique mysterious nature is in the person of the blessed mother and so she brings the two arches together she’ll be facing forward towards the altar where the crucifix will be located behind it almost as of explaining that the beginning journey of jesus as a child as she holds him in her hands and then as we move towards the chapel towards the crucifix the cultivating moment of the expression of love for jesus for all of us you

Art in Worship - Our Lady of Belen Statue

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