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AuxScout All hands Staff Forum – July 2021

by smart

okay and i would like to there we go okay i need to move this over here and now i’m good to go okay uh good evening everyone my name is bruce johnson and i serve as the chief of the auxiliaries youth programs division this evening is our third quarterly ox scout all hands staff forum for this year i hope that all aux scout staff were informed about the forum and i appreciate the many questions that were submitted in advance i’d also like to welcome any sea scout leaders who have joined us this evening this is an opportunity to hear about hear what the auxiliary is doing to support sea scouts i know that we have at least one nst commodore with us stanley would you introduce yourself hi i’m uh living in bethesda maryland about 15 minutes from downtown washington dc uh originally i’m from hong kong been a scout since 1954. i’ve been in five different councils and also worked my background is international banking investment fund management thank you very much do we have any other uh nst commodores with us this evening okay um [Music] so we’re going to start uh this evening with ox scout news next we’ll address your questions in as many of the discussion topics as time allows uh tonight’s forum will be about 60 minutes and we have a very full agenda uh if you would wouldn’t please uh mute your mics uh unless you have an urgent question that you’d like to ask or we’ll we’ll be getting to the discussion a little later if you have a question or comment please type it in the chat box depending on how it goes we may be able to address chat questions as well so uh and if we don’t cover your question um in the time allowed we will respond in writing after the forum so thanks very much for coming and let’s start with the news we’re going to cover um six topics this evening uh ox scout workshops uh the photo archives stem nakan bsa national service territories and um aux data 2 updates and i am very pleased to introduce to you uh pj o’neal who’s our branch assistant for uh e-learning and he’s going to tell you a little bit about what he’s up to and what our plans are for the future well good evening everybody thank you bruce i am pj o’neill i’m in baltimore maryland uh division 22 flotilla 01 out of curtis bay this is a new role the e-learning uh branch assistant we’ve gone through a couple ideas on the the name but that’s not really important throwing around things like webinars and workshops and um workshops was kind of a misnomer we got a lot of interesting suggestions when we used workshops we’re going with e-learning so uh the part that probably is not of great interest to the vast majority on the off scout call is the back side of the ba spot where i’m trying to really take a look at how training is organized develop that organization and try to implement more of a data-driven model so that’s kind of a long-term goal what is a probably the greatest interest to you is so what is the training going to be so that’s kind of the two things that i’m working on at once so we have we have a training schedule to propose with topics which are separate from the tech talks from stem oh bruce thank you i didn’t realize you’d have that for me so i don’t even need my notes uh so i will i will thank so far and i’m sure many of you in the future but so far um for their assistance bruce robin pope and arnie geller here’s what we’re what we’re looking at we’ll get training resumed again with paddle craft safety september we’re looking at a presentation and question and answers about the coast guard academy and the way that’ll run there is a program some of you may actually be aaps i am one myself an academy partner and an academy admissions partner and they’re a great resource you know not all aaps are uh in the auxiliary they are retired coast guard they are civilian there are all sorts of aaps but we really have a great cadre of admissions partners in the auxiliary and with the relationship between the scouts and the auxiliary now you know this is a perfect opportunity to really employ the apd’s that we have so where should we start i was thinking you know a higher level presentation from from an aap probably from the academy so i’m in regular communications as if you are an aep you are as well with alex eames at the academy um and working with the aep chief for the ex in the on the auxiliary side uh david sot to get a higher level presentation that would really be applicable to scouts and leaders nationwide because it’s not just information about the academy it’s information about cadet life as well as for those ninth and tenth graders that are sea scouts that may be unaware that the coast guard has an academy there’s a special pro program called aim and so this training this webinar in september would be good not only for you know for scouts but for the for adult leaders so they have the information so that they can not only share with their sea scouts but also understand that there are after this webinar there are many aaps academy admission partners available in the auxiliary to work with their ships to come to their events and to work one-on-one with prospective candidates to the coast guard academy for october we’re looking at a ship flotilla partnerships training um and the idea came about because of actually a staff report that i saw where um a flotilla and a ship came together to do combined vessel safety checks and there was some pre-training with the sea scouts that that happened first you know what what would they be doing what are they looking for and why is it important and the result was that the vessel safety check day actually went much more smoothly and i think that that that kind of message alleviates some of the concerns or even fears that some flotillas may have about you know how to interact what operations can you know can you you do jointly um so hopefully we can move beyond that and and talk about you know um the the types of activities whether operations or less formal activities that are good fits for flotillas and ships together talk about best practices and again this is of course it’s aimed for any flotilla and ship but it’s really aimed at those flotillas and ships that have a partnership whether um whether a flotilla has chartered a ship or they’re just ships in proximity how how can they best maximize this opportunity for the scouts but also looking at it in terms of the the flotilla’s performance how can the scouts help them and i think that’s something that this training will highlight that is not always always seen when when starting that that working relationship uh november is a really interesting to me uh really interesting topic and i have to thank arne geller who gave me a you know a lot of information looking forward to working with him in the future on this um how to host safety at sea uh since 2018 i’ve been the auxiliary coordinator for the safety at sea event at curtis bay here in maryland and i think our record number may have been 2019 we had 185 not including auxiliarist and active duty personnel but 185 sea scouts and adult leaders and boy i think the boy scouts were also invited to that event and the scouts go through different training evolutions at different stations that are supervised and instructed by auxiliaris and active duty coast guard and you know that sounds you know if if you’re not familiar with safety at sea that sounds kind of complex but the reality is that many places can host the safety at sea you don’t have to have access to a coast guard facility but this you know this workshop will kind of go into what is safety at sea and why why would you want to host one you know what are the benefits for the scouts what are the benefits for the auxiliary and the active duty and really it’s all about building that you know that working relationship getting to to know people’s faces and see what they do from all three sides and then you know how do you form a planning committee what does you know what does the planning committee need to do when should they start meeting you know if you want to host a safety at sea how much time do you need right so we’ll have a few experts i’ll put that in quotes with uh i think a really good training for that to get a group ready to start planning their own safety at sea event and um you know like any hands-on training that’s you know that that’s what is going to leave leave you know the lifelong impact for many of these scouts when they get to do these evolutions and learn by doing so hopefully if there’s anyone out there that has heard of safety at sea or it sounds interesting you’ll join us for the november training december will take off from the webinar trainings and then in january we think it’s an app time to do an ox scout staff officer training this is when either ox scout staff officers are just stepping into their new role or current ox scout staff officers are returning as many of us in the auxiliary we do several tours of duty in in in our various roles um but it would be good to have formalized training and it’s important to note that this training is for all levels of staff officers from fso on up and we think that that is important because it’s not always clear who does what and whose responsibility is what you know um so it’s kind of that vertical vision right the vertical alignment from flotilla up to you know really dso right what what responsibilities go where and hopefully the you know the aims of the ox scout staff officer training the staff officer will leave that training understanding you know besides getting a pdf job description understanding really in their role what is their place in aux scale and what is you know what what is above them and what is what is below them what is their responsibility to staff officers at the levels below and hopefully that will improve communication and make things more concise and eliminate a lot of the questions or misunderstandings that can happen in any staff officer role so out until january 2022 the this is the training planned i’m always open to uh to training ideas i’m more open to people that are able to present at trainings being new to the role and new to the national staff i don’t have a very wide net of contacts and knowledge of who does does what around the country so i would love to hear from you if you have ideas and if you have expertise so i’ll wrap it up with that thank you bruce and you can always reach out to me if you have questions and suggestions thanks very much pj i’m really excited about having you on on staff and i look forward to working with you so that we can provide good quality training for not just talk scout scouts uh staff but other auxiliarists and sea scouts there was a question that came in about whether the sea scouts would be made aware of the workshop on the coast guard academy and i mentioned that we will for sure be posting that information on the sea scouts bsa facebook group so we don’t want to keep that secret uh they are a major audience for that that presentation okay i was going to introduce ron blaisdell to to all of you this evening and i got an email just before the meeting this evening to say that he is not feeling well and was going to bed i can uh give you sort of the 15 second version of what he was going to say he has been plugging away at setting up a system for storing organizing and having access to sea scout auxiliary ox scout photographs the photographs that you’ve been submitting to us or posting on facebook he is well into that pro process the last report i had from him was that he was nearly done with the back end of the system and he was working on the front end which is what you would be seeing the point of doing this is to make good quality publishable photographs available to public affairs folks both in the auxiliary and in the boy scouts of america to promote what we’re doing and ron is very active not just in the auxiliary but also with the boy scouts of america and uh so he has been uh uniquely qualified to do what he’s been working on he he is a computer tech systems techie and uh is doing a great job for us i think i saw bill smith wander in from his plumbing did you did you have a minute that you wanted to spend with us or i may have missed misread that bruce i don’t believe i saw bill smith okay but i did want to tell you that t.w cook is on the call oh very cool and yes i am here okay you are there you are yeah the witness protection program in montana [Music] um it’s been quite a day we have a forest fire going on up the draw which is one reason why i started out in the cabin uh but our internet is pretty sketchy right now so it is um we’ve had a great air show today um i used to do that for a living so it’s kind of fun to watch but i also had a water valve break and my son-in-law got it fixed at 6 15. um so yes i am here uh pj i’m really tickled that you’re here i just really enjoyed working with you on the safety at sea uh article that you wrote and i i think you’re gonna be one heck of an addition and i’m gonna pick your brain every chance i get a reference to ron ron is ron’s a whole lot smarter than i am um and so he’s doing all the smart stuff i i do the um occasional waving of the arms and yelling uh i don’t know i don’t know where the agenda is i had a really hard time finding your email as well bruce so that’s why i was late i actually was there in time i couldn’t find the email to join the zoom um do you want me to to do my schtick now if you would take a minute or two we have a very full agenda and we’re the time is getting away from us already so it’s real simple guys um i can’t i’m on the back end of everything you do and that’s just reality in other words i can’t tell a story if i don’t know what the story is so you gotta you gotta communicate to not only me but all of us and if it comes one thing i will say and this is possibly a problem with what i i went through today when there is a whole line of emails if there is a particular thing that needs to be done especially while i’m out here send me an individual email so it pops up that’s enough said about that if you got any questions get a hold of me the other thing is uniforms i do not have near the understanding nor the knowledge of sea scout uniforms um then almost all of you or all of you do consequently it’s sort of the same situation we were in with the auxiliary a few years and actually when i was editor of the navigator and navigator express it was a continual problem make sure through your people that the uniforms as much as possible are correct when i get them because my my attitude is i’m going to get stuff online and if i get stuff online that’s not correct i’m not helping us at all so help me out i’m asking for that help um i’ll be out here until mid-august then back i’ve got a gig actually in dc um a musical gig in dc and then i’ll be back out here in september for uh several weeks trying to get this darn cabin done other than that i’m turning it back over to you bruce okay thank you very much bill and the the bottom line is that we’re doing a lot of good stuff we need to make sure that we tell that story bill will help you with that but uh don’t assume that he’s going to do it for you you’ve got to give him the the raw material to to help whip into shape so get that stuff to bill and he will help to get the word out about what you’re doing and what we’re doing collectively um is is uh uh jd uh de castro on the uh the call this evening i didn’t know i don’t believe so all right uh let me talk a little bit about what’s going on with stem uh for those of you who have been uh paying attention to this stuff we are currently uh soliciting registrations for a national stem r d competition uh this is the uh url for that and um we are encouraging sea scout ships to participate in this competition additionally if you happen to be very technically inclined for example if you’re an engineer jd is also looking for auxiliarists who can serve as mentors for this the premise of it is that sea scout ships will be able to suggest topics for the coast guard’s research and development center for their program of study and development in the coming year this has never been made available to any anyone outside of the coast guard before this year and we would really like to see some some good opport good participation from the scouts on that as you know we have coast guard tech talks uh every month on is it’s the fourth tuesday of the month i believe and that schedule is on oxbywiki and we also publicize it on the facebook pages both the aux scout and the sea scout facebook pages i’m pleased to report that through our efforts um three sea scouts are participating in the aim academy introduction mission summer experience this summer uh this is a first for us and we’ll get the word out a little earlier uh this coming year it’s a great opportunity for uh sea scouts who are thinking about possibly going to a service academy to have a week of time at the coast guard academy and get a sense of what academy like life would be like the best candidates for this are students who have i i think it is rising seniors is that right pj yeah sea shaking has said yes it’s uh it’s uh sea scouts who are thinking about applying for one of the service academies it doesn’t have to be the coast guard academy if somebody is interested in possibly applying to the naval academy this would still be a great opportunity for them to get a sense of what cadet life is like uh in a very realistic way and then the uh finally i just wanted to mention that there are several sea scouts on the eagle summer cruise this year so okay let me move on i reported to you last time that the coast guard auxiliaries national convention which is scheduled for mid-august in orlando there were going to be no workshops and no exhibits that all changed about two weeks ago and we have two aux scout workshops scheduled for friday afternoon at the convention center or not at the convention center i’m sorry at the rosen center hotel and we will also have a joint sea scout and ox scout exhibit that will be jointly staffed by both auxiliarists and sea scouts and sea scout leaders for those of you who are still waiting to receive your awards from last year i have not been able to get an answer on when those will be distributed i’m hoping that they’ll be presented at this year’s nikon but i just haven’t been able to get an answer on that and i apologize for that so next up is national service territories and um uh holly mentioned that um t.w cook was on on the call tw did you want to spend a couple minutes explaining about this reorganization or shall i do my bit you’re welcome to go for it okay okay i’m happy to answer any questions that come up though all right i’m going to spend about uh 30 seconds explaining the reorganization and then i’m going to introduce to you who the the nst commodores are um as you probably know the boy scouts of america reorganized its mid-level hierarchy on june 1st the four previous regions and 26 previous areas were replaced by 16 national service territories which you’ll and you’ll hear people refer to nsts i’ve reached out to all of the new nst commodores to identify who their coast guard auxiliary counterparts are the auxiliary and the sea scout contact spreadsheet provides their names email addresses and phone numbers as well as an indication of which auxiliary districts they’ll be working with i’d like to take a few moments to introduce you to the new nst commodores and show what areas they cover i’d like to urge that um dsoases and adsos in particular reach out to the nst commodores in your district and start to breed uh bred build bridges of communication nsd1 is the pacific northwest alaska and the far east it encompasses all of district 17 and parts of uh d11 north 13 and 14. their commodore is neil smith who is an act is active in sea scout ship deja vu in cascade pacific council he also serves as the council vice commodore and is a past district commander of the u.s power squadrons nst 2 is the inland west which includes parts of 8th central 8th western rivers 11th northern 11 southern and 13. their commodore is sheldon allred of mesa arizona he has a broad scouting background most recently serving as the western region area 6 commodore nst 3 includes most of california and all of hawaii and covers all of d14 and the california portions of 11th northern and 11th southern their commodore is chris leverich a recently retired coast guard lieutenant commander who is married to a coast guard captain chris has an extensive sea scouting background previously having served in leadership positions at all levels up to commodore of western region area 3. nst 4 includes the dakotas minnesota and western wisconsin and includes parts of eighth western rivers and ninth central their new nst commodore is george battis george has served as a mate and skipper and most recently served as the central region area one commodore nst5 covers minnesota kansas nebraska southern illinois and western iowa as well as and is the only answer completely within a single auxiliary district eighth western rivers their new commodore is paul mcdonald paul currently serves a sea scout ship soaring eagle in kansas city and has most recently served as the central region area 5 commodore nst 6 covers much of illinois and wisconsin and the upper peninsula of michigan and is served by auxiliary districts 8th western rivers 9th central and 9th western their new commodore is a name and face that many auxiliaries should be familiar with in eighth western curt ware twin brother of chris ware kurt is a coast guard auxiliarist with broad scouting experience he most recently served as the central region commodore nst-7 includes southern texas and all of louisiana and is served by auxiliary districts 8th coastal and 8th western rivers their new commodore is tom treffny tom is the skipper of ship 911 in georgetown texas one of the strongest ships in the country tom has been highly active and highly effective on the national sea scout committee’s growth and retention team nst 8 includes all of oklahoma arkansas and the northern half of texas this territory is also served by eighth coastal and eighth western rivers nst eight is led by brian erler of longhorn council in dallas brian has an impressive scouting resume including a very successful tour as ship skipper several c badge staffs and c badge course director in 2020 nst 9 includes michigan’s lower peninsula and most of indiana and ohio and ohio the auxiliaries 8th eastern 9th eastern 9th central and 9th western districts serve this area the new nst commodore is robert bellevue who also serves as skipper of ship 501 in akron ohio he served as a sea badge course director and most recently served as central region area 4 commodore nst 10 includes all of the state of new york and a sliver of northern pennsylvania this territory is served by the auxiliary’s first northern i’m sorry first southern fifth northern and ninth eastern districts their new nst commodore is coast guard auxiliarist saul giampo saul has an impressive scouting resume including council president and northeast region area 2 commodore along with a wide range of other impressive accomplishments nst 11 includes new england and transatlantic council auxiliary districts first northern and first southern cover this area their territory commodore is jose leperonche who leads transatlantic council from his home in spain jose is the skipper of sea scout ship winborn a unique hybrid ship that operates throughout europe jose got his start in sea scouting in his native venezuela and has relaunched sea scouting in north florida and transatlantic councils nst 12 includes all of delaware dc maryland west virginia and parts of pennsylvania and virginia auxiliary districts fifth northern fifth southern eighth eastern and ninth eastern serve this territory their new nst commodore is stanley kwok of bethesda maryland and stanley is with us this evening stan has extensive experience in sea scouting venturing and international scouting he currently serves as skipper of ship 255 in bethesda nst 13 includes the eastern half of pennsylvania and all of new jersey auxiliary districts first southern fifth northern and ninth eastern service this aor their nst commodore is justin weaver who’s been continuously active as a scout and adult leader since he joined cub scouts he’s been an active active in sea scouting for about 10 years and has served as skipper of sea scout ship yorktown in york pennsylvania since 2019 nst 14 includes kentucky tennessee northern alabama and northern mississippi and central georgia auxiliary districts 5th northern d7 8th coastal and the 8th eastern serve this area their territory commodore is meredith mcgurk of old hickory council in tennessee she has served as maid of ship 851 for many years and is active in middle tennessee council aquatics committee and the national quarter deck events committee she spends her summer on the water at boxwell scout reservation nst 15 includes southern virginia all of the carolinas and a bit of eastern georgia auxiliary districts fifth southern and d7 serve this territory auxiliarist scott davis of glen allen virginia is the new nst commodore he most recently served as the southern region area seven commodore and is currently serving as the soas for division three in fifth southern and finally last but not least is nst 16 which includes all of florida as well as southern mississippi alabama and georgia auxiliary districts d7 8th coastal and 8th western rivers service this area their new commodore is chuck haythorne of gulfstream council chuck founded ship 777 and has served as council commodore and more recently southern region area for commodore possibly unique to this group chuck is a bsa certified angling instructor so those are the national service territories in their commodores uh tw did you want to add anything to that uh no i think you did a great introduction we’ve got a good slate of people many of whom have some auxiliary experience they’re all excited about working on the ox cup program thank you very much my last piece of news is an aux data 2 early warning since i don’t when don’t know when this change will be implemented the aux data 2 team is working on an enhancement that will enable entry of other bsa training that some auxiliaries have required to take to be in compliance with the aux scout sop it will be possible for soiss to input sea scout adult leader basic training bsa safety afloat and bsa safe swim defense completions one more change is that i expect that aux data will be updated to allow auxiliary members who are sea scout youth or adults to have their sea scout membership reflected in their ox data record i’ve attempted to get an update in the last week to find out anything about when this is going to happen and i’m sorry to say i was unable to get any updates about that but it should be happening pretty soon so on to your questions i’ve organized them into broad topics chartering ships auxiliarists participating in safety in sea scout events and training aux data legal and operations and orders so these are literal quotes of questions that have come in um does a cease count charter application need to be signed by the unit leader uh flotilla commander or division commander for the coast guard auxiliary unit currently it is the chartered representative who signs uh that is not correct if you see the box this is extract from the new unit application it’s the signature of the executive officer which is bsa speak for the person in charge of the uh unit which would be the flotilla commander or if it’s a division sponsored ship it would be the division commander so that’s who is supposed to be signing that charter application another charter related question does an auxiliary chartered sea scout ship also need a separate coast guard charter by the coast guard they have a charter through bsa which means that they’re official through bsa this is a really great question and i want to show you the next slide because this is going to help to illustrate this i apologize that this is chopping off the edges of this but this is what a coast guard auxiliary sea scout chip charter looks like when a division or flotilla charters a sea scout ship they need to get two charters one from the boy scouts of america and one from your district’s uh director of auxiliary the information about the process for that is very clearly spelled out on oxby wiki if you have any questions about what to do or how to do it bart knapp is the absolute pro on this if you follow his instructions you will get this taken care of very quickly the bottom line is that yes you do need to have both a coast guard auxiliary charter as well as a bsa charter when your your flotilla or division charters the sea scout ships now another question that came in about chartering as dsos how can we know whether the ship’s coast guard charter has been approved by die rocks i inquire through their chain of leadership and are not getting any answers uh and the the uh corollary question is there a way to look uh look this up or go around any barriers to my knowledge there’s no way to look this up your director of auxiliary office should be able to answer that question if you are unable to get the question answered through your chain of leadership you should go directly to your director of auxiliary and ask that question be sure to copy your chain of leadership when you’re doing that so they’re not caught blindsided by it but the director of auxiliary should know the answer to that it would be nice to think that as the request goes up the chain of leadership and management that the flotilla commander and or division commander would be kept informed but you and i both know that people don’t always copy people when they’re supposed to so that’s a way of finding out and i i do share your frustrations sometimes uh the communication is just not very effective but do go to die rocks if you can’t get an answer from the chain of leadership in between okay another question can an auxiliarist participate with sea scouts officially representing the coast guard auxiliary without all the other flotilla or division officers having to complete the youth protection training we’re finding that some flotillas resist engaging with sea scouts because not everyone wants to take ypt training i’d like to encourage ypt trained members to interact with sea scouts to get the bet get a better understanding of needs and response available resources this is a really good question i’m glad that the person who asked this did it um unless you are chartering a sea scout ship uh let’s just say that um you are an auxiliarist who has uh wants to help out a local sea scout ship all you need you need to take the youth protection training but not everybody in your flotilla has to do that only those who are working with the sea scouts have to do that now if your flotilla or division charter is a sea scout ship there are certain people who are required to take youth protection training but it is not the case that everybody in the flotilla or division has to take ypt training remember ypt training is required for anybody who works directly with the youth i’m hoping that that’s pretty clear okay uniform wear and activities that are proper for promotion and support as scouts and auxiliarists interact um excuse me um you should wear the uniform that is appropriate for the type of activity that you’re engaged in if you are representing the coast guard or the coast guard auxiliary you should be in your coast guard auxiliary uniform and you should wear the proper uniform for the occasion so if it’s operations you would wear the operations uniform the odu if you are doing public affairs in most cases you would be wearing trops what uniform you wear is spelled out very clearly in the auxiliary manual and there’s no change in that if you are not representing the auxiliary if you are functioning as a sea scout leader then you should wear the sea scout uniform and not the auxiliary uniform that should be pretty straightforward but it’s a really good question now this question keeps on coming up about how to record aux scout hours um you’re going to use the same form that you would use for um reporting any other time excuse me you want to make sure that if you are doing if you are a registered sea scout adult or youth you need to use the aux sco2 operations code and i’m going to show you where that fits into the aux data 2 record if you are not a sea scout leader or youth and you are doing something for the aux scout program then you use aux seo one only for aux scout activity now um one question that comes up pretty frequently is if you’re attending sea scout meetings officially representing the auxiliary ma as near as i can tell the most appropriate code for that is code 10j which is listed as comrel which is community relations most everything else that we do would fall into other types of activity that we normally do things like doing vessel safety checks or providing public education or training you would use the appropriate lines or appropriate codes now i wanted to show you this um this was when this question came in i said okay i haven’t entered my hours yet for june and so while i was doing that i took some screen captures to show what i’m talking about on the activity entry page on aux data 2 on the right-hand side of the page i think it’s the second box you can enter operations codes and if you just scroll down that um it’s actually a pull up uh menu for that box you’ll see aux seo one or aux seo two you select it and when you selected it you will see uh this in the operations code box and you’ll see what after you’ve done that that the whole box is highlighted and then this is just showing you a mission code of community relations just select it and it appears in that and of course there’s a comment field and if your sois is like mine he’ll want some kind of explanation for what it’s about so just explain what you were doing you know representing the coast guard auxiliary at a sea scout meeting is a perfectly reasonable explanation for what you might do so i’m hoping that that’s fairly uh straightforward for people i do apologize that ox data 2 has a pretty substantial learning curve and i am not the right guy to be teaching you how to do that uh i lucked out in my division my vice division commander was very proactive about helping any auxiliarists who were interested in getting up to speed with ox data 2. i can enter my own hours and much beyond that i’m an idiot but that was really the most important thing for me was to be able to enter those hours and that saves my fsois the headache of doing it for me he just reviews it to make sure that i didn’t screw things up royally and if i do and i do occasionally screw things up he very gently nudges me in the right direction and we get it squared away so you’re now all experts on aux data 2 and i’m sure you feel like you’re better persons for that this was an interesting question that came in the district legal officer and the national legal staff are required to take youth protection training someone wanted to know why well the reason why is that our interaction with the sea scouts is governed by the moa memorandum of agreement and the standard operating procedure for ox scout and uh if there are questions that come up that are legal in nature the dso lp and the national legal staff need to have taken youth protection training so they understand what the implications are of your questions so that’s why it is i could give you the smart ass answer which is coast guard headquarters said so and uh ultimately but i i think that is a perfectly reasonable question uh and a reasonable expectation we’re being asked to take that training so that we know how the coast guard expects us to interact with the youth and how the boy scouts of america expect us to interact with the youth and the legal people need to be aware of that as well let’s see are flotillas and divisions authorized during public events to solicit funds or property such as boats for their auxiliary chartered sea scout ship i would frankly recommend not doing that i think that that probably is a violation of coast guard ethics standards if you want to do that out of uniform or perhaps in a sea scout uniform that would be the way to go i i would never ever ask for anything from anyone when i am in a coast guard uniform and i just frankly think that’s the way to go on that so if you if you have somebody who you think needs to be solicited and you are not a sea scout leader my recommendation is that you pass that contact along to one of the sea scout leaders and have them take care of it for you i know that that’s passing the buck but i also know from my 34 years of being a federal employee that soliciting a donation is a really quick way to get into trouble with government ethics standards so don’t do that and thank you very much for asking that question that’s a really good question do items being donated to a coast guard auxiliary chartered sea scout ship need dso lp dco approval to accept funds property what i would recommend is that you read the auxiliary manual on that i think it’s very clear what the process is for accepting donations i’m not going to render a legal opinion on that because i think the auxiliary manual is very explicit about what the rules are for that okay operations can we take sea scouts out on safety patrols as guests uh i use this photograph very deliberately to show you that the answer is most emphatically yes you can if you want to take sea scout youth or adults out as guests on a patrol or on a training mission uh you request orders and in that order request you may need to make it very clear that you’re planning on uh including sea scout youth or adults as a part of that mission it is up to the order issuing authority for that patrol to decide whether they will or won’t permit that to happen that is a decision that is made at the local level my suggestion is don’t try to hide anything be really upfront with the order issuing authority i found them to be super reasonable about this but if you try to hide something and they find out about it the feces will hit the whirling fan blade and it’s probably better not to do that another question was whether it’s permissible to take a sea scout adult leader who isn’t in the auxiliary out on a patrol as a guest again it’s the same story you have to make that clear in your order request when you put it into ox data 2 and explain the circumstances and it’s up to the order issuing authority as to whether they will or won’t permit it public affairs can we work with sea scouts on public affairs events i uh i did i included this photograph very deliberately uh the gentleman tall gentleman in the uh uh uh polo shirt uh was at the time the district commander of d5 and the short answer is absolutely in fact the sop strongly encourages that we do joint public affairs missions with the sea scouts so look at look for opportunities to make that happen here’s another interesting question that’s not exactly public affairs but it it sort of relates to that if an event or training is outside my immediate area but within my area of responsibility what do i need to do to get orders for authorized travel to sea scout events well you’re not going to get paid orders to go but you can get unpaid orders from your die rocks and you just need to make that request through your chain of leadership make it clear what it’s all about and at least you will be you will be functioning in an official capacity so that’s what’s involved it’s uh it shouldn’t be a difficult thing to do and you probably want to explain why you want to participate in the activity okay so um i had a number of oh geez we are at 59 minutes let let me uh mention the topics here and see uh if people would like to focus on one of them the first one is how is everybody progressing with contacting their new national service territory leaders that was question number one or topic number one topic number two it’s interesting it’s sort of uh the same complaint uh from different perspectives uh the first one is a complaint from a sea scout ship in the augusta georgia area that has been trying to reach out to their local flotilla and they won’t respond they won’t take telephone calls they won’t answer emails and then um the uh the parallel but flip side of this was a local sea scout ship asked for a couple different kinds of help from the local auxiliary they have jumped through some hoops to make special um special uh opportunities available but the uh sea scouts don’t seem to really be interested in working with the auxiliary so what can we do to make this a two-way street and then there was a third one that really isn’t um this one’s an easy one let me let me just take this one is there any way that a flotilla chartered sea scout ships boat can be birthed or moored at the local coast guard station that would be up to the flotilla or division that is the chartered organization to take it up with the coast guard station some coast guard stations have extra space for that sort of thing most don’t and don’t take that as a focal point for what you’re trying to do with working with the coast guard because let’s face it the local coast guard station is there to do coast guard stuff not to be storage for sea scout boats so frankly i wouldn’t encourage this sort of thing but if you have a particularly friendly relationship with your local coast guard small boat station and they have the room then maybe you can you can broach the subject with them if you do that be sure to make your coast guard auxiliary chain of leadership aware that you’re doing this the last thing you want is for your district commodore to find out oh by the way did you know that flotilla such and such was doing something the best surprise is no surprise um okay so did anybody wanna uh jump in on any either of these two questions contacting local nst leaders or um reaching out to our counterparts on the other side of the fence yes bruce can you hear me yes this is brian lebreck and division two uh i am uh actively uh addressing the question about the sea scout ship in augusta area and i should have some answers for that very quickly thank you very much um that appeared on facebook by the way uh are you a facebook user i am okay it appeared on the ox scout facebook group you might want to just uh mention a you know respond to that post and let them know that um that you’re following up will do okay thank you has anybody seen um either side of this dilemma lack of communication uh hey bruce is mike mcbride mike uh i’ve seen it um i’ve got scouts uh in an area that have been trying for a couple years uh they have reached out to a flotilla i have reached out i’ve sent emails i have made phone calls um the at that time area commodore reached out to them and there was zero response um i will probably begin again but it’s one of those things that um if if if there’s no if there’s no buy-in on one side or the other the program just will not succeed in that area in that geographical area mike where do you live i live in dothan uh i’m talking about carabelle i live in alabama okay so that’s that’s uh is that either coastal alabama or or uh yes it’s in the panhandle it’s sort of kind of near apalachicola okay um would you do me a favor and send me an email afterwards and i’ll reach out to the district staff officer and make sure that he is aware that you’re having this difficulty i will i will do my best to get you an email right now i am on the second star a 40-foot sailboat with uh sea scouts down in uh in the florida keys very cool i see i’m suffering for the auxiliary poor baby i think i see uh bart wanted to make a comment yeah no he’s in this is in my district i’m aware of it um i’m still kind of scratching my head on what we can do to to overcome the resistance or the apathy or whatever you want to call it is there another flotilla in that general area that could be potentially contacted i don’t know what what what occurred to me though was possibly uh mike’s ship is sponsored by division one uh if his ship could be taken over by a flotilla then that would free up division to uh move into that area and to and and do that okay i mean that’s that’s just a thought well the newest the nearest flotilla to dothan uh in a 1-9 and that’s that’s the flotilla i’m also a member of right and we’re hopeful to get a sea scout ship started in panama city yeah so if you do that then ship 571 would would not have a flotilla nearby okay well i mean that was just one thing that’s that was just one thought and i do do recall you mentioning that you were hoping to see your flotilla get a sponsor sea scout ship so it’s too bad we can’t have a district sponsored chip [Laughter] okay hey hey bruce this is chris ware yes sir um in 8th western rivers we we have the one ship in colorado that is now on probation through or being granted a waiver the flutilla a s has reached out the division a s has breached out the district i reached out they were responsive for one day and then he didn’t show up for a meeting and stuff like that we haven’t heard anything from him we’re probably gonna turn this over to the territory of commodore and see if they would even want to remain a uh a chartered sea scout ship since he’s not talking to the futile division or for the district on anything okay um so excuse me uh is this uh the the ship at um uh what is it called uh where the air force academy is yes colorado springs bikes yeah yeah yeah there you go um i’m i’m all over that um i’m getting conflicting stories this is sheldon allred the territory commodore let’s let let me go ahead and contact you offline so we don’t okay okay thank you great thank you outstanding okay uh i i got one general thing for you bruce uh yes having a problem with the on the opposite end i have um sea scouts that are knocking over my door uh and we’re i’ve done all that i got my c badge with holly hello holly um did all kinds of different things and and we’re ready but i cannot get my auxiliarists to to pull the trigger on on a charter and that’s from the flotilla level and the division level and it’s you know we’re trying i’m really disappointed but i’m really thinking of switching gears and i think what we need to do maybe is just start bringing them in uh for you know boating safety classes and different things like that and kind of get them to stop being scared of the kids coming in um which i just don’t know i just looking for suggestions at this point i’m a little disappointed well john i can think of one possible strategy on this and there may be others um i i take it what the um oh are are these sea scouts already in a functioning ship no no no one’s in a functioning ship yet there’s some in the area that i can bring in but but they most of these uh bsa uh people have been reaching to have people in the wings ready to join the sea scout ship right and i truly wanted it to be an auxiliary chartered one right well and i i get that that would be a good thing but uh another possible approach would be to find another potential chartered organization another organization to be the chartered organization and then just develop an ongoing informal partnership with that ship for example the ship here in annapolis is sponsored by a local yacht club but it has a very strong partnership with one of the local uh coast guard auxiliary flotillas the flotilla was not prepared to be a chartered organization but they are very comfortable with you know providing providing training and adult leaders and so on and it so it’s working for them don’t have the adult leaders uh john this is bart knapp uh one thing you might think of if if you if that group there if you can find it as bruce said if you can find another organization to charter the sea scout ship you can participate in that in that chart in the chartering of that ship you could participate you know in a committee perhaps a committee uh uh role or something like that to keep to to kind of tie your flotilla to the ship but uh not you know but uh more on an informal basis and then start uh introducing sea scouts to the auxiliary and the auxiliary to the sea scouts okay i didn’t know if you guys really wanted us to start chartering something outside of of the you know flotillas and divisions that’s thought of counterproductive no no we we want to support sea scouting and um i know for sure that there are some flotillas that are just really not equipped to provide the support that that would be needed for a charter partner but if they can help to make a local sea scout ship stronger and provide training resources and that sort of thing then that’s all good and we shouldn’t should not feel uh embarrassed in any way about that because that’s part of the uh the mission is to support sea scouts fair enough i have a few questions okay john this is probably that’s exactly what uh happened with us i was uh uh the original committee chair when uh now current nsta brian hurler erler chartered sea scout ship 626 in the dallas fort worth area and so we we built on that relationship i was in the auxiliary i was fully engaged in as the committee chair with the seat scout ship and so we had even before the mla was in place we were doing activities all the time nice yeah that’s gonna find a way to get over the hump with these guys right and and i i do get it that uh there are some good reasons you know let’s say it’s a very small flotilla and they don’t feel that they have the resources that they can uh be a chartered organization but most flotillas are able to do public education and vessel safety checks and even if that’s all they’re providing to the local ship that’s still helping them to deliver the deliver the goods to the kids okay yeah bruce this is craig brown um you guys have been hitting it a spot on i have been heavily involved with um liaison type of activities between the auxiliary and other organizations that are recreational boating safety oriented and the sea scouts certainly fall into that category and establishing that real that building of small baby steps uh and not just jumping immediately into trying to have the whole thing is really the only way that we’re going to be successful unless you already have that established relationship you’ve got to build from zero otherwise people are going to be afraid i i kind of refer to it uh as you know chartering is like getting pregnant and once you’re pregnant you are a parent and you will continue to have that responsibility and that can scare the holy daylights out of some people and some people are not ready for that type of responsibility yet uh so um it is important to start small otherwise we’re going to scare away whether it’s the scouts or the um exhilarats we’re just going to scare them away and and they won’t come to play if if we start small we show them how much fun and beneficial it is to everybody thank you craig any other comments about this uh yeah i’d like to jump in as a as a commodore i think i think we need to work a little better at the communication of uh for protellas as what that means um is it like a donation if you make a donation to red cross you write a check and you’re done you really don’t have any proactive uh participation in how they do things but if you buy a mcdonald’s franchise you own it and everybody in the organization that bought that uh has a vested interest in that mcdonald’s succeeding and i think that’s more of how when when you when a flotilla agrees to be a charter partner they have bought they own that ship and they need to understand that it’s a that’s an investment and every member of that hotel needs to be actively engaged as they can making sure that that ship succeeds so if they’re not ready for that just like was said before if you’re not ready to buy the you know the buy the franchise then uh you know write a check and do a donation you know be a supporter do training and do what you can but maybe there’s a misunderstanding with flotillas as to what they’re signing up to uh when that fulfilled commander writes his name on the signs the charter agreement so we desperately we desperately need each other uh i am very big on trying to get scouters to join the auxiliary the auxiliary needs to grow just like ships needs to grow and and we all know you guys especially that there are philosophies that have just basically died uh by old of old age of not recruiting new blood to keep it going and and we have sea scout ships that do that as well so so let’s lock arm in arm and find the best fit and don’t let flotillas charter a ship if they don’t understand what that means and they don’t have the staff or they don’t really want to do that so we want to grow you and we want you to grow us so this is this is a great opportunity so thanks to everybody who who’s on the call and participates and helps okay any other final comments on this topic yeah yeah go ahead if you if you so if you just treat it somewhat organically and that is you know if it’s a public affairs event which is lots of times what your comment content is going to be maybe it’s it’s a situation where you just say hey listen would you guys you guys want to come along and not necessary you know you gotta follow all the rules but inclusion demystifies from both angles what’s going on and i think sometimes it’s because we are in two different organizations interacting that all the mythologies and all the mystification takes place without any real interaction just starting start interacting with youth or the other way around and just let it organically if it’s not going to happen specifically let it happen organically and so at some point somebody might say wait a minute this is kind of fun or this is kind of interesting and just you know the worst thing i that’s just personal i think is you can try try and force an issue you’ll just drive folks away so you know talk with young people talk with with um young people’s leaders get them involved on whatever level they are comfortable with flip it around and the same is true from the sea scout side and you never know what might happen something might not happen at all but at least you’re making that effort well and and building those bridges and becoming comfortable with one another does have benefits to both organizations um our flotilla for example has uh had two sea scouts and one sea scout adult leader joined the flotilla in the last year and it’s because they’ve had very positive interactions with the flotilla we’ve provided both the state boating safety course as well as the auxiliary communications specialty course that a number of them participated in so you know it’s an investment on our part but we’re seeing some benefit in terms of membership and of course the the scouts are becoming better qualified to uh operate the boats and we’re hoping that we’re helping them to become stronger units as well we’ve we’ve run over by 20 minutes and i just wanted to mention that the links from this evening’s uh talk are uh at this address and this powerpoint presentation is at this address here um i’ll be posting a recording of this uh meeting on the ox scout youtube channel probably tomorrow um but i wanted to uh while while you’re copying that down tw did you have anything that you wanted to share with the group thanks bruce um just briefly i’m glad to have all of you on this on the team this is um kind of the time we’ve all been waiting for we’ve spent the last year sort of on hold uh things seem to be starting back up at varying paces but there’s a tremendous amount of excitement out there and i think we’ve got a great opportunity to do a lot of good stuff over the next few months so thanks for all of you for for your efforts in making that happen back to you bruce okay thank you tw so i’d like to thank all of you for your for your efforts um these have really been very trying times and we’re just beginning to come out of covid some areas are further along in the process than others and i’ve heard some frustration from some of you about how slowly it’s been going we can only do what we’re allowed to do but i really applaud you for your persistence and your uh imagination for looking for ways to make things happen you are making a difference uh your enthusiasm is helping us to build a stronger coast guard auxiliary and i believe that we’re also helping to build a stronger sea scout program with more safe boaters we’re doing this for the sea scouts of course but we’re also doing it for ourselves i’m really proud of the work you’re doing and please don’t hesitate to let me know how i can help you or how my staff can help you so that’s really about it for me for this evening the next workshop uh for uh all hands is on october 17th and it’s not 20 30 by the way oh it’s 20 30 in the evening not the the year 2030. i i think uh bill uh pointed that out to me before i just need to uh be a little clearer about what that means so uh i’ll be letting you uh i’ll be reminding you when we get a little closer to that date let me know what you liked and didn’t like about this workshop or this meeting and because this is here for you i want to do my best to keep you informed of changes that are coming down the road and if there’s anything that we can do to help you be successful please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask so with that i think i’m going to call it a night for the sieve

AuxScout All hands Staff Forum - July 2021

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