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hello guys and welcome back to our channel basterd mirrors for your daily coverage of all the latest news updates and transfers roundup regarding our favorite club fc barcelona in this video we have a grave update on the situation of lionel messi the club needs to hurry up and seal his contract because time is running out while a barsabee player threatens to leave the club if he is not promoted to the first team on the other hand one of our defenders picks up a serious injury while a teenager makes his debut for barcelona alongside many more such updates so make sure you watch this video till the very end and without skipping over any part we have a small request for our audience over 80 percent of our channel’s viewers are consistently watching our videos but without subscribing to the channel as for our subscribers only 28 percent of them have turned on all the notifications for the channel and enable the youtube app notifications so those who haven’t yet done so please hit that subscribe button press the bell icon select all and then enable the youtube app notifications to keep enjoying our videos now before we begin a small shout out to one football if you are a football fan and want to stay updated about the plethora of latest news coming up in the vast world of football then one football is the best app for you be to the latest news updates transfer rumors or update about club or international football one football has got it all covered it is completely free to use and its biggest perk is that it gives you real time match updates whenever a game is being played out and whenever there is a major incident in the game you will be notified by the app you can select your favorite club and it will suggest you personalized articles in my case it’s definitely barcelona beat game statistics current form of your team or individual performances of your players you get it all la liga champions league english premier league syria world cup bundesliga league one mls or afc champions league everything you want it’s here so go ahead check it out link to download the app is given in the description of this video for the first news update of the day lionel messi’s contract situation with barcelona has not gotten any better as laliga’s website has now removed massive’s page as a la liga player and also removed him from the barcelona squad the salary issue needs to be addressed soon enough or we might as well say at the house to leo according to the report of top tier journalist tony juan marti the idea of barcelona is to make the appropriate amount of sales and reduce the wage bill soon so that the club can make some signings during the final days of the transfer window however this operation has faced a roadblock a spanish publication sports reports that the heavyweights of the locker room do not want to lower their wages and for now have not reached any agreement with barcelona in his latest report reliable journalist jose alvarez said that the basa administration are annoyed at jordi alba and sergey roberto after they refuse to cut their salaries moving on to the next news update top tier journalist mate moreto reports that the priority of griezmann is to stay in spain at the moment the frenchman does not consider a move to the premier league syria or any other european leagues in a similar report spanish publication mundo deportivo states that antoine griezmann only thinks about barcelona and the truth is that the club have not even requested him for a salary reduction the player remains focused but will study options if barca communicate to him that he should do so the report also mentions that without any news from manchester city griezmann remains calm thinking about barcelona only while the club is yet to ask him to take a pay cut going to the following news update spine managed a nail nail draw with egypt in their first game of the tokyo olympics mengeza played 23 minutes and was replaced by vallejo because of an injury garcia and pedry played the whole game speaking in the post-match press conference spain manager luis de la fuente said that the injuries of ashkar mingeza and dhani ceballos do not look good further examinations need to be made reporting on the injurious situation kadena sir claims that it does not look like mingeza has suffered from muscular rupture after the first examinations as for the reports of journalist joseph kapeda via mingeza will be out for one week if the follow-up test will have the same outcomes as the first examinations performed on the player next up we have an interesting observation by mundo deportivo in the latest report the news outlet stated that coleman started the preseason with the 433 system and sergey roberto in the midfield while dest and balde were the fullbacks with the austrian dimir as the right winger the report further states that barcelona wanted to play against 11 players in the second half with nastic the coach of nastic raul anie confirmed in rac1 that coleman and pk both tried to convince the referee so that the taragona players would recover the expelled man who was sent off in the first half but the regulations simply did not allow it it’s also mentioned in the report that samuel umtiti and marilyn pianich were both involved in the game yesterday despite the uncertainty regarding their future the two were very responsible for the team’s game and the debut of the preseason both rikki pooj and sergey roberto led the team in the first half yesterday the latter showed his versatility once again having a more offensive role this time speaking in the post-match press interview 16 year old barcelona player pablo paishgavi said that today he debuted and that makes him very happy they have to continue for him it’s a great joy but he still needs to continue working hard every day for when he gets called up to the first team dynamics eventually when barcelona b captain alex koyado was questioned about his future he said that he’s going to work hard to gain minutes in the first team he does not want to return to basa b and that is clear nothing can be ruled out but right now his priority is to be a part of the main barsa team reporting on the status of yet another b team player reliable journalist gerard romero states that nico gonzalez is now training with the team once again after missing yesterday’s game due to gastric problems going to the next news update mundo deportivo reports that brazilian footballer philippe coutinho could start training with the team next week so that he could be ready to join the team in the following friendly matches either against rb salzburg on august 4th or against juventus at the juan gampa trophy on the 8th of august up next spanish news outlet diario as reports that the idea is for memphis deepai frankie dijong arthur griezmann to be available for ronald coleman on saturday and the game against girona that brings us to the end of today’s news roundup now moving on to the transfer section at number one we have a report by thought coaster journalist ramon salmudi it states that manchester city are considering the departures of raheem sterling bernardo silva riyad mahrez and aymeric laporte to accommodate their new signings while barsa considered the idea of using griezmann in a swap operation interesting but complicated they see it as unfeasible to end up doing surprisingly the report states that the club thinks that bernardo silva and most of all raheem sterling are interesting and valuable players barcelona liked the idea of bringing an imedic laporte but would only consider his arrival if both left center backs clement longley and samuel umtiti leave the club riyad mahrez is virtually ruled out they won’t put any money into any operation the report further states that only one of these signings could be done if the footballers agree to reduce their wages in a similar report french news outlet lying keeper states that arthur griezmann has been offered to manchester city and tottenham hotspurs but the player only wants atletico madrid should he leave the club at all he is not willing to lower his economic conditions just because barcelona are in a complicated position financially going to the next transfer update reliable journalist bona german reports that ramanaj who scored a hat trick yesterday against nasdaq is on the market he was signed in january 2020 for 700 000 euros and the truth is that he was never considered for the first team portuguese club family cow as well as kaddis are interested in the player that’s all the news we could collect for you today if you enjoyed this video then please subscribe to our channel press the bell icon select all and enable all the youtube app notifications we have always been overly impressed by your response to our videos so in this episode we have decided to set a target of 550 likes please killers help us reach our target on this episode as well now that’s all we have for today’s episode i’ll see you guys tomorrow in the next video until then stay safe vishkal marsa fishkal catalunya you


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