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Bien Parler De Son Ex – Mufti Menk

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Speaking Good About Your Ex – Mufti Menk When you end up divorcing someone, there are doors that open up for ibadah and worship that were never opened before, Such as speaking good about your ex. Allahu Akbar… Allahu Akbar… Allahu Akbar… That’s a big one. You have to go out of your way to engage in an ibadah, known as saying goodnabout someone behind their backs. Someone asks you, “What happened?” The correct answer is, “Look, masha Allah good person. I hope I was a good person as well. We didn’t get along.” You know, it’s a respectful answer. It might not be exactly as I said but respectful. And if someone is keen on getting married to your ex and they want to know the details, if there were serious issuesnthat need to be mentioned privately to a person. because we’re not allowed to lie when someone is about to enter into marriage with someone else. You need to know are they asking you genuinely because they would like to know. Because half of them, they just ask you but they’ve already made their minds up, you know. If that’s the case say, “Look, you know what, didn’t get along with me, perhaps get along with you.” Wallahi, it happened at the time of sahaba radiallahuanhum many times when some of them would say to the others, “Why don’t you marry such and such a woman? She was married to me, didn’t get along with me, but I’m sure she was a very good person, she will get along with you.” Allahu Akbar! And then we claim to be good Muslims. Wow mashaAllah. We think it’s all about, it’s just salah, after salah I don’t care how I speak to someone else. I’ve seen people who are outwardly extremely pious. Extremely. And I think to myself sometimes that you know what? All that reward is going to someone else because you’re busy backbiting. You know, I received a message a few moments ago from a friend of mine in Nigeria. And I’m going to say this because perhaps they can benefit, we can all benefit. And the idea of the message, it was perhaps good. In the sense that they wanted to say, “Look as Muslims in our weddings we should try and have a bit of modesty and you know we should behave in a more respectful way, etc.” Up to that point I agree. I would say that right nownthat as Muslims we should be. Right? We all would agree. You know the day you’re sowing the seed of your entire future, why do you want to make it the displeasure of Allah? That’s the most powerful way of looking at it. I’m about to sow the seed for the rest of my life that taqdeer and pre destiny, everything is coming into effect today. “I’m going to be having children, insha Allah.” “The future is going to be coming, inshaAllah.” Allah knows about it and on this day is the same day that everything I’ve done is withinnthe displeasure of Allah. That embarrassment of the thought should be enough for mento be able to hold back and say, “Hang on. I can do anything but not today. Even if I’m a weak Muslim.” You get my point? “I might be weak. I’ll do anything. Not today.” By right we’re not supposednto be doing anything, any way, any day. It’s always supposed to benwithin the pleasure of Allah, but I’m talking of if you have a weakness, try and cut it on that day. The problem with weddings is even those who don’t generally have weaknesses, they tend to think, This is the… you know when you’re on diet, what do you call the one day? Cheat day, right? They tend to think, “Okay, this is the cheat day, you can do as you want.” That’s wrong. So, we sow the wrong seed. So, I received a message, it was okay. but the they had a photograph of people, one example and another example. An example of someone who wasn’t a Muslim and there was a picture of perhaps a wedding scene. And another example of people who were Muslim and there was a picture of wedding scene, and they were trying to show you, “Look, how bad the Muslims have become.” And look at how andnyet these unknown people in society. For me that is such a big backbiting issue that all your reward has gone to those people. They probably will come out ofnwhatever they were doing, more clean than anyone of us, who’ve been forwarding those messages about them. Trying to give an example yet the fact that we mentioned names and had pictures is what rendered it a crime in the eyes of Allah. It became backbiting. Belittling someone. For what? Probably the people who are forwarding messages might have in their private livesngreater sins than that. So, if you want to correct someone, ngo back to (ما بال أقوام), go back to the hadith of the Prophet (ﷺ) where he generalized it. He said, Look my brothers, my sisters… there are people perhaps… We need to do this. We need to make sure that we have a link with Allah. We need to make sure thatnwe don’t do the wrong thing, etc. So, when a person is divorced one of the greatest acts of worship is to watch the mouth, to hold yourself back fromnsaying that which is evil. Don’t be evil. Secondly, if you have children, one of the biggest acts of worship from you that will get you insha Allah into Jannah, is if you can put a lid on your ego and allow access to the father nor mother of the child. It’s not a joke. Not many people… Even religiousnwho read 10 salah a day, when it comes to a matter of this nature they say, “No, I know what I’m doing.” What happened? What happened to all your salah? When I say ten by the way, we’re talking of the farad as well as the sunnah and the nafeel, and everything else. But this is a thing Allah is testing your with. There was a divorce that happened, how dare you decide that, “That’s it. The children are mine and not yours.” Allah gave them to you as a test. Come on, you have to change. You have to put a lid on your ego. The world is struggling and suffering, you cannot allow that to happen to you. You might be diagnosed with the biggest diseasentomorrow morning or tonight. And then what are you going to do? May Allah grant cure to all of us who are struggling in one way or another with our health. Say aamiin.

Bien Parler De Son Ex - Mufti Menk

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