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BRA vs URU | Brazil vs Uruguay | Intel World Open – Americas Regional Finals (13 July 2021)

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up how they’re gonna land on the field brazil is the top card here as we take a look at astro stipes and yawn uruguay crs you heard his name madison navarro we’ll be going head to head here right away john is the first one with possession they take it midfield and astro that’s the one ira leak likes he’ll be pushing things forward no surprise for me to see brazil with the first real possession of the game and a shot on goal it’s good john starts us off hot 20 seconds in yawn that is a thing of art buddy look at that such a great little touch here with the underside of the car just near enough slows it down to a crew everyone below is expecting this shot straight down to net right away so by slowing it down like that it just makes it super awkward and he can just dunk away you know the shot off the backboard that’s classic you see a lot of that rocket league but the point to aim it on the ground and get the bounce that is the pretty stuff here navarro trying to prevent that from happening one more time and uruguay will successfully do so now on the blue side of the field for the first time all game crs will lose it john one more time goes for it navarro gets in the way and a good stop from uruguay yeah and crs doesn’t really have anywhere to put that ball that’s a good read from math in the middle just to what is that fake go hit the showers math because that is dirty man i thought this was gonna be stopped by brazil math comes through and actually outsmarts one astros they’re just kidding he doesn’t go for the ball he being uruguay he takes out the defender and the ball trickles on in tied at once this is the beauty of rock league and just esports in general is just expect the unexpected right now to come out with that play uruguay have turned it up astronomic though wants to really put the statement back there no no no we are brazil and we are taking this yacht’s going to be coming away but look at stromik what a block from crs where strong is just continuously following on through it’s these quick one-two punches coming out from brazil and that’s yon that’s really important one you talk about the communication but two just you said expect the unexpected there’s no world where yon that’s not supposed to happen he’s not supposed to come back around the ball’s not supposed to go right ricochet on the top of the ceiling but he’s ready for it here’s the call takes care of business another defensive stop here by uruguay as they fight their way out of their side of the field 2-1 lead here for brazil after some fantastic play and you can see uruguay’s getting just a little bit cautious wanting to hang back here after just not wanting to overcome it they can see brazil just waiting for that moment to strike so stay back hang back wait for brazil to over commit they’re coming in cocky [Applause] midfield astro setting himself up maybe a mid lane trailer that’ll be one tap too many and snipes brings it on home for brazil’s third of the game oh it is so sweet this one what’s up from astronomic snipes on that back post climbs the ladder and then just from the top drops the ice bucket beautiful beautiful stuff from brazil only two minutes on into this game just a little soft touch there you know just the redirect crs trying to do it by himself and jan just gets there right in time you know you mentioned only two minutes into this one and for uruguay that’s a good thing they’ve got an entire half a game kind of an oxymoron there but they have half the game to really combat come back and find themselves two more and it’s absolutely realistic not in the weird kind of can they or can’t they wait two minutes is more than enough time to put two more on the board and while we wrestle our way through the midfield yan will ultimately win the wrestle and a slow defensive stop by uruguay but still no possession as math picks it up one more time and again you can see brazil here going for the a lot of these solo attempts just trying to wait for that opening to form mapping the corner that’s a nice little play going to get the ground pinch but he needed navarro really far downfield to finish off crs has done great to hang back in defense but again one two punches oh it just works that one kind of comes out of nowhere john goes for the solo shot and simon is there and doesn’t work and then nothing’s really happening ciara’s a little slobbingly and just like that that one might be the dagger with love on the clock uruguay only needs three to get back and at the end of the day i’m not sure that’s completely out of the realm of possibility but with the way brazil has been scoring i’m not sure four will be all they have yeah and i’m looking at this going now like take me out on this game one use the last minute and a half learn about brazil figure out how to win this series you know it’s this might be a battle but you’re trying to win a war you know take this out just figure out where are they weak in defense because realistically brazil’s had the king’s portion of attack and they just continuously been put in the pressure figure out how to maybe stop that pressure how to push yourself up in the midfield and you can see some beautiful connections coming out like that from uruguay but it’s just so close a little bit closer maybe math kids the secondary follow-up here and you know that that’s really what i need to see because brazil is always is a big word brazil seems to always beat you on the first shot but if you have that follow-up pop up and again with brazil needing one two punch plays right that means that uruguay is always there for the first they just need a second man to get into the box to get that second save or you try and dislodge it don’t allow two players to get that close i told you it wasn’t gonna stand for bacon i told you just like that brazil take exactly what uruguay had gotten bring it on back now three goals still separate our teams with 50 seconds to go we’ll count down here one more time kickoff goes the way of yon left-hand side trailed by math over one off the backboard navarro gets there first but astro is here to answer the members of brazil falling back but of their own terms and that’s the key there is that over and over again brazil are on their own terms yawn up the left field line like a demon and he’s coming like a battle of the hell six to two brazil what a turnaround snipe seeing yans all the way down field i don’t know how you can predict how you can calculate a second touch like this but heck i’m not yan cause clearly he does i mean that’s that’s the the play in the moment you know you’ve you’ve got those those sort of set plays where you’re talking about passing and then you have your sort of freestyle looking solo dribbles down the court and then you have your oh oh look what i’m doing oh oh look what i’m doing and then all of a sudden six to two and uh just like that it’s seven two there folks a little bit lucky for brazil let’s say ding number seven and like you said uruguay checked out probably since 60 seconds not even in a disrespectful way folks we have an entire group stage here this isn’t even the only match they need to care about so save your mental fortitude so to speak yeah basically this result is a little bit smudged that’s it rightly so four two five two would have been the end result the extra two are just icing on the cake for brazil you’re quite denied not able to get enough angle on that one but force but uruguay got a little uh a couple of changes to make namely like i said just don’t allow brazil to get so close you need to work out from the field it’ll allow time for you to fall back because clearly uruguay are playing with one two defense very traditional rocket league there and it works but the problem is they need to challenge the first man a lot sooner here’s my problem you got six total shots on goal from uruguay and you have a total of 15 from the brazilian side uh you know i i actually think the uruguayan defense was strong i i really don’t have much to complain about it’s the stuff that happens before the defense 15 16 shots you can block a whole bunch of them but if you have 15 shots on goal i mean that’s what’s to happen straight up easy statistics there and it’s quite funny right coming from eu six shots that’s a good game you’ve had a good number of shots put on because it’s such a heavy defensive game we go to south america and it is just all attack attack where it’s just that sort of flare even over in north america you’ll see so many different shots put on but it’s just the sort of style being played on out here brazil wants to continuously pressure and that’s where uruguay have just got to try and find that little gap in the rotation and turn it on around like i said i want to see him just push up to just try and force brazil to space out a little bit because right now they’re too comfortable well brazil’s certainly comfortable uruguay thinking a little bit about it one game down we jump into game two kick off will again go the way of brazil but check that crs looking to turn things around he was the superstar for all the marbles in some of the earlier stages of the competition and uruguay certainly set up on the offensive at the moment john looking for astro and navarro gets in the way but snipes gets in the way of getting in the way and brazil all the way up we need a new term for that but what we can definitely tell here is just the recent snipes continuously today brazil just know where the balls it’s like they’ve got some sort of like aim hacks going on where they’ve got little lines going on now no they’re just that good yeah snipes is really really reading the ball and the opponents perhaps more importantly very very well astro sets up one more time the defense gets there first here comes snipes bad touch but astro setting up a mid lane push from yon navarro trying to get past and kind of just drops the ball down there is a trailer here his name is snipes and the ball stuck here in the right hand side crs traveling downfield in transition who’s in the mid lane nobody so astro gets the block but there’s not an uruguayan player to answer and bring it home oh good little touch that gave away but earlier on when brazil were in the attack they knew they didn’t really have any thoughts in that game so all they were doing is just slowing things down just allow it allow time for teammates to get back they then thought they had enough oh and crs does what an interception again brazil way too comfortable here well i’m just going to put it across and you can see schneider thinks he’s got it this ramek just too late to that and crs as always what a player and see here’s the thing i think this is why brazil felt a little comfortable because uruguay has done that a time and time again but hasn’t had the mid lane trailer in the right spot finally they do the same dish to mid and there’s someone there to nose it in astros setting up yawn no it’s snipes and it’s good enough and anything you can do i can do better says brazil and the dish to the midfield and snipes just so darn clean you know these guys do it day in and day out and they’re just so comfortable with this passing play between one another whether he’s using the backboard there’s just straight up and in field pass strongwick’s staying back there on the kickoff though we don’t see that too often most players want to go get that 100 but good respect towards uruguay so here’s astro heading towards his own goal a pass backfield to yan who’s gonna acrobatically take it all the way home drop down by snipes but astro not in position this time around double touch off the top doesn’t have the angle so a little bit of popcorn offense coming out from brazil as they start to threaten to turn up the heat uruguay got a couple of fans in chat but they need fans in the stadium to keep the heat at bay right now man brazil is really really feeling themselves snipes taking easy kick on home and the confidence from snipes here to just see two opponents and no one is getting close enough to that again just reading the situation so well most players would just back off little bit too dangerous you don’t want to be caught off guard because that could be a big close down feel b just sees no they’re too far away let me just run in on this and it’s got to be cut yawns over here all right okay this one i mean scoring while snoring this just looks easy they could do it in their sleep here’s a kickoff goal but i mean he had to earn that one nonetheless 4-1 now to brazil that scoreline just keeps on extending uruguay i don’t know just not able to figure it out in game two game one looked more to me like okay uruguay was keeping it closed and then just sort of let it unravel almost not intentionally but just like yes we’ve lost let it go this one is more about brazilian dominance as they snatch the ball away from uruguay another good offensive look just stolen well straight up we were saying about hey okay uruguay used the last minute and a half figure out brazil brazil have figured out uruguay at the same time and now it’s a little bit no one’s really gained anything it’s just the status quo right now is in favor of the to brazil and for europe they’ve got to somehow change up they need to just mix a couple of things and we’re into the last two minutes three goals on down i hate to be that guy but you’ve got to do something different even if it puts you out of your comfort zone you’ve got to change things up otherwise nothing is going to change in brazil a buck 40 here need a goal from orange right wing disrupted by astro right away turns it into transition off the wall and it’s math that steals it this time right side navarro in the trail pushes it down good angle for crs but he’s slow no not enough boost available so john will just sort of shove brazil not really looking for a goal just looking to keep it on this side of the field they know the opportunity will rise at some point snipes again just long into the corner not really stealing much boosted way just when i keep moving wait for the opportunity to jump on in you can see snipes there no i’m picking up 100 just linking around the small pads in the middle was that 62. that’s well enough to make any kind of plays for crs out of his zone big big shot coming on through it might not be powerful with stromic he was cheeky enough to go for the double gotta love to see it that’s the point that brazil are at right now pretty much securing game number two and you know before making you said uruguay needs to do something different that’s where usually i look for your your kind of star player to step up and do something whether or not you can win the game by yourself as one thing but you can be the catalyst and i think it’s time for crs to just do something pretty looking and you know give his team the back slaps that they need well maybe just do the realizes we saw in japan just like go guys you focus on defense i’m gonna wait as soon as you get that clearance coming through i’m on that just then near enough give a bit of breathing room for the guys back in defense to then grab boost afterwards and all crs is going to do it’s just hold the ball up downfield he’s not going to go initially on the attack just to hold it on up allow them to get boost and then push up afterwards that’s difficult when you’ve got brazil just swarming easier said than done as game number two is done here four to one a closer score [Music] i’m gonna put something out there i want you to know if you agree or disagree so this was a much closer score line than the 7-2 spread we saw in game number one i think game one was closer yes i was going to say the exact same thing right up until those last two minutes brazil which is bam bam bam bam bam and then we’re just gonna cruise yup that’s it we’ll keep the pressure high we’re not gonna let you get go but we don’t need to really over exert ourselves they know it’s a long day it’s a long two days and maybe not display everything because they know argentina and usa are in the wings waiting and watching everybody out there kind of looking at this one and uh again you know brazil is one of the stronger teams you’ve got to look out for uruguay there are no slouches but brazil are making them look like it sorry folks and this is what it is midfield battle as we begin game number three crs gets physical puts one down and the shot is golden math starts things off and this could be the turnaround for uruguay it’s definitely the confidence that uruguay need right now 10 seconds and it shows that brazil are not immortal they can slip up you just gotta catch them maybe maybe crs looking for that game start demo was what we were talking about just do something do something different do something spicy and the crs takes one out astro make with a nice angle but a hand in the face from uruguay better angle and a oh no almost but close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades and so that one counts for brazil snipes on the good side octane is there but the ball is not willing to move it was homing for that net and i mean in 22 seconds we’re back to square one fresh game astro nick no crs yes but snipes is right here gotta have uruguay players on defense and they won’t they won’t and they won’t you saw that from a mile away snipes knew it was coming but uruguay apparently did not and brazil take the lead again i’m just trying to register the amount of skill in that shot because it was clean squeaky clean i that felt like he was just in free play you know chilling on his own on the pitch no one else around him for miles but there actually was yeah that’s the wild point oh man to have the confidence in yourself that you can pull out and no one’s going to be able to beat you to it that is just speaking absolute truths for brazil right now and they just keep hitting and uh another goal here at the pinball world championship folks as we get the double tap into the snap down astro mick making it look rather easy you ever watch competitive pinball that’s what it looks like well strong he has to be wizard there’s something about his trick good clearance downfield and straight up he answers on it’s trouble is coming up through as well just give them a moment to breathe boys well math here on transition could be giving something good no navarro misses the opportunity and astro mick will not and the goal is wide open folks four one is the score line plenty of time to play rocket league but brazil they’re smelling a win this meant blood and water more right now i mean at the end of the day they know the difference between them and argentina could possibly come down to game difference here and so they’re just going to fatten up those stats jan gets uh honestly an easy one here a bad touch off the right-hand side top corner pocket i wonder if he called that that’s uh that confidence in like you know whatever comes you’re using just like top left that’s what you’re looking for there crs looking for literally anything as navarro zooms past the target jan slows it down off the top side passes to astro thankfully defense gets in the way and it’s math on transition john with a hand in the face will stop and stutter and navarro over one off sides and puts it in that’s a good one and that there are three minutes left in this one that’s a lot of rocket league the thing is we’ve seen many glimmers of hope many moments of greatness like this but they’ve been so far and few right now we’ve gotta condense them to three crazy minutes of just constant banging away at it there’s a nail on this wall uruguay you’ve got to be the hammers yawn past one shoves it snipes take it away by math astros there and take it away by crs a good look for uruguay as they hope to turn this one around in what could be the deciding game of the match astro trying to set up a midfielder but will not find one and snipe stops the uruguay possession again math basically passes to yawn and potentially gives the game away that that feels like the dagger even with half a game i have to check myself folks i apologize there is a half a game to go brazil has just scored so much in this game it seems like there’s been more time than it’s actually had i mean they found their flow right now and with every goal what you extend the time of by about like 20 seconds of work with the replay on top the goal explosions where you can just glow and still try to go for a answer i don’t know this is an awkward one because you’re like i’m playing bad at all this is just the difference between team that is established like we’re looking at brazil here we’re looking at an incredible squad who like i said for me my money on it would be the second team to go through from the group respect and uruguay are coming through taking down the rest of the open south american teams this is a crazy nut squad but the problem is they’re going up against true professionals and they’re pros themselves but it’s just some some guys always have it don’t they like they they’ve got it all and you’re looking at brazil right now thinking like damn daniel one more time hanging out above the bar no one able to bring it home there just yet as we said this is the best of five and so first to three we’ll take it brazil certainly looking good for that ah why is navru going into the middle there crs wants to bring that out towards the left navarro then cuts on into the middle being an option go up on that left hand wall so that crs can just front flip into a bear power and then pass it on to then he can get out of dodge he can go get boost because right there he’s sitting on zero and he’s just screaming for help ball finds itself at midfield and brazil lining up trying to take their shots but navarro takes out yawns so the power play is all but wasted and now off to the races as brazil one more time one two three will be disrupted got a little bit too cute for their own selves but with 30-second warning that will be all she wrote man coming up next we have usa versus argentina and brazil is looking i think stronger than we may have anticipated as as we said big we knew they were a good team but this one’s looking stronger than we thought [Music] there’s i mean we’re comparing apples to oranges we will say that twitch chat you know we’ve we’ve got argentina that’s just gone up against usa and of course brazil going up getting this uruguay but i don’t know it’s it’s definitely cemented for me how strong brazil is right now like yeah i i i always bought it but now i’m looking in and it’s like well those are evidence and that’s the fun of the centel world open yeah cause we’re getting a chance to kind of like we all thought it folks and now we get to say it brazil taking this one in three and looking pretty damn clean

BRA vs URU | Brazil vs Uruguay | Intel World Open - Americas Regional Finals (13 July 2021)

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