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BRAZIL vs ARGENTINA – COPA AMERICA 2021 – Full Match – All Goals HD – PES 2021

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teams jim becklin with one common thought to have their names on this famous trophy yes peter i’ve been a winning finalist and i’ve been a losing finalist and i don’t need to tell anyone what i preferred winning will help fans remember you for a long long time so i sincerely wish both teams well and hope that all the players can give a good account of themselves and you’ve heard it before may the best team do it [Applause] the final gets on the way as with a lot of finals caution plays a big part in the opening stages but an early goal can blow all that away so i hope that we can create a an attacking contest here which which he’s had a go [Applause] thiago silva fred danilo switches it towards the other side [Applause] marquinhos [Applause] and it’s danilo good challenge he just stood firm richarlison [Applause] tries to get it forward quickly gets the better of his man trout calling from could that be the start of something big looking back at that that’s how you play on the counter quick and decisive and ruthless with the finish i thought it was a stunning stunning breakaway argentina have made their breakthrough so can they build on it well certainly the big occasion and a very big opening goal to boost everyone’s confidence here plenty waiting in the middle whipped in and that should be the keepers now it’s messy [Applause] los celso plays it forward really wasn’t very much in that not far away from being a killing final ball uh that was just poor decision making and a weak execution [Applause] neymar brazil have pushed both fullbacks into quite advanced positions here yeah that’s that’s interesting so what are they attempting to do well it’s it’s a bold attempt in my opinion to occupy the opposition in a way they’re not expecting martinez richarlison [Applause] casemiro hardly anything between the sides and the score is one nil fred fred with the crossfield ball nicely controlled so who’s he picking out [Applause] and he’s going long well weighted [Applause] lovely bit of skill the celso and here’s di maria [Applause] oh that is rather wayward well peter he clearly felt he was being invited to shoot and it wasn’t the worst decision he could have made fred drives it forward vinicius junior a buccaneering run from the defender [Applause] the maria was tilting down that left-hand side he’s left his man room for a shot looking for goal and this could be the final action of the first half paredes with the short one he’s gone for it a really close shave and the last action of the first half goal is very very tight the first 45 minutes of the final gym how’s it looking for you argentina have the lead and obviously it’s going to be the happy and dressing room at half time but it’ll be interesting to see what they do second half i really think that they should push on and do more of what we saw as we approached half time argentina happier of the teams heading in for half time one nil up the action has already resumed here argentina really need to go and grab another goal now peter if they’re going to go on and secure this and it’s been intercepted and that will come to nothing [Applause] and it’s danilo he’s through [Applause] italian fico [Applause] so still just the goal between them martinez certainly could have and should have made more of that cuts it out the changes then in quick succession [Applause] di maria neymar [Applause] and it’s neymar well it’s good stuff this is better jim there’s not too much subtlety or sophistication about this it really is a question of needs must just has to be done messi martinez goes and this is getting better and better [Applause] well you know thinking about that i think they’ve perfected that on the training ground because it took them seconds to get the ball from back to front they really commit forward in numbers too it was all very well drilled [Applause] there’s going to be another change here argentina get themselves a two goal cushion that second goal is such a polarizing effect on prospective moods i mean one team are under more pressure now to get the next goal and the other will fancy their chances of turning two into three gets wrestled off the ball los celso goes looking and it’s di maria he’s through the middle it’s a brilliant interception is it out of harm’s way did well to step in there that was more than necessary they’re actually not getting too tight which is interesting italian has been caught there it’s a foul almost nothing left on the clock here just a few moments from the glory out towards the flank [Applause] messi tries to head towards goal nothing wrong with that tackle ball won cleanly [Applause] and it’s neymar gabriel jesus now it’s roberto firmino neymar oh shooting chance oh he did the hard part right but fluff the finish it didn’t quite come off on this occasion but it only needs a gentle tweak and there goes the final whistle argentina have done it champions of this continent that so embraces the beautiful game worthy winners what a moment this is for all connected with the team it’s a day for pride a day for glory another grand chapter to be added to their glittering history you

BRAZIL vs ARGENTINA - COPA AMERICA 2021 - Full Match - All Goals HD - PES 2021

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