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hi everyone you are this is coins kids gonna dive into uh bitcoin once again thanks for your continued support okay you had a good saturday you have a good sunday so right now you can see bitcoin is breaking out okay there is a little bit of a pattern here and inverse head and shoulders it’s not pretty but you do have a level of resistance which bitcoin has broken and you do have a destination from this particular pattern it’s an inverse head and shoulders okay it’s a bullish pattern um basically a level of resistance just there this is a neckline lot resistance resistance resistance fell back creating another level of support came back up resistance resistance resistance you broke that resistance when you break that resistance you do have a breakout target and this target is obviously from the neckline to the head do you see that so from there to there this is your technical target just up to this white line just here okay which is thirty six thousand dollars now you can see the bitcoin is doing really well it’s holding 20 you fell through just there and hold the 55 so you’re looking really healthy and really good here for bitcoin okay so do anticipate that the patents in play is valid until invalidated away now this is actually good for bitcoin because if you do get to this particular pattern just here you’re breaking out of a key level of resistance on the daily time frame okay look at where you will end up if you do actually get to that pattern the the destination target you were looking at 36k you’ll be getting above the 55 ema on the daily time frame which is absolutely golden but you’re fully aware we are expecting a little bit of rejection just there and there’s multiple reasons okay because obviously you’ve got a 55 which can come into play as a level of rejection when yourself in a key level of resistance on the daily you’ve also got the five day gaussian channel now this is a potential play doesn’t mean it’s going to happen but i’m just making you aware if you don’t actually carry out this extension this pattern okay the pattern that simply is valid validated away you remember that if you do get rejected and you’re scratching your head why is it not its destination it’s because you run into the key levels of resistance now on the five-day guardian channel remember we’re targeting this and you need to be aware that this support and resistance is moving up as bitcoin goes up okay so obviously as time goes on the levels of support creeps up you’re fully aware of that like the ema’s you buff them the support moves up that’s what keeps you in the uptrend okay you below them and you edit in your head that’s what keeps you in the downtrend it’s forcing you down and just here you know the gaussian the lower level of gaussian is currently moving up moving up moving up and in time you know this level of support moves up and potentially if you get rejected at this level of resistance which is also creeping up okay to meet the 55 do you see this you get rejected do expect a little re-test of this particular level to stay because you can see in the previous wave 2 pullback that’s exactly what bitcoin did okay and this is what we’re anticipating but again it doesn’t mean it has to happen and with that you would see a breakdown on oats obviously the breakdown on bitcoin because you know the price action tells you that it’s going to get rejected there come back down that for me could be the very last dip in this bull market the the last shake out of the balls basically and a complete reset so do anticipate that at the moment the gaussian that’s why you need to come to your charts the gaussian the lower level of support of gaussian is 27489 so that’s already crept up like 300 from our video a couple of days ago and then obviously the uh medium line of the gaussian is creeping up as well the level of resistance is at three five eight two five you could almost see look look at it coming up to the 55. you can almost see some kind of whether it crosses beautiful or whether we get the rejection now we roll okay because bitcoin is due a bit of a swing low in this upside it’s had four beautiful daily green candles okay so turn off the gaussian just there so do expect some kind of pullback it’s normal okay so if we do get a level of rejection we do start to roll back you know if we if we bounce off key level support is golden for bitcoin because just here i’ll show you on the daily timeframe just here for bitcoin zoom out a little bit you’ve got all this at play okay now this level of resistance we’ve broken out we’ve spoken about this is really bullish for bitcoin this is really bullish because since january you’ve been in a basically an rsi downtrend which is give you a bearish divergence which played out here but right here you created this bullish divergence and this is actually coming into play right now do you see this you’ve broken out this key level of resistance now what i would like to see here is a back test of this level of resistance support because you can see in your site works in waves as well okay now obviously when you break resistance you want to see it held and tested as support if we get that beautiful because this right here this particular test on the rsi this could be your last entry point for bitcoin in this bull market okay the confirmation statement that we are not going any lower and we’re not going to enter a bear market because i’ve seen so many ta and youtubers saying we’re in a bear market we’re not in a bear market we’ve painted no signals of a bear market right now i’ve been fully transparent with you people are telling you in a bear market are lying to you we’re in a corrective phase of a bull market okay a drawback perfectly healthy perfectly normal brutal i know but it’s part of the cycle of crypto until we get that bear market signal i wouldn’t be lying to you if i told you it was in a bear market okay so yes that’s basically bitcoin it’s looking relatively healthy but do expect a level of rejection just there and potentially come down and create a kind of swing low even just a retest of this level of resistance back to support we could see that and that could be your bomb so yeah that’s basically bitcoin take care everyone will be back tomorrow with another update on bitcoin stay healthy stay strong stay tuned let’s break above these amas okay because if we get above that and hold it golden check everyone bye-bye


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