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Caller Says Nigerians Don’t Know Who Simon Guobadia is + Alleges He is NOT Rich | KEMPIRE DAILY

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i’m going to bring you up what’s going on alya hey how are you i’m well how are you all right fine this is the second time watching you and yeah yeah yeah and i just subscribed today so i’ll just keep on watching because the first time was really good and now yeah and the thing i just want to make a little quick um observations of what i see and for what i know i’m in nigeria but i live in uk so i kind of know the things that goes on more about nigerian relationship and stuff like that but i think um porsha is really taking um lessons from more nigerian people you know to know where to go what to do and um this um simo yuri i don’t think they are cousins with the older guy with their names they are no cousins at all they are from different tribes oh it’s a different tribe they can never be cousins so is is fallon lying then no i don’t think filing is lying i think um um was samoa is lying to every one of them oh you think simon told her a lot that that someone is just lying on both sides i think so or maybe for sure really know everything but someone is lying i don’t they are not cousins and for what i find out about people because i know the older guy i don’t know simon nobody knows simon in nigeria i don’t know no i don’t know what you know really i don’t know him nobody i’ve tried to check about him no one knows him no one talks about him in nigeria no i mean i listen to a lot of news at least you know to nigerian news to um update myself and all we talk with nigerians talk but i don’t know anyone that knows them you know we don’t really know much about him i’m still suspecting some things about him i don’t really know about simon so they don’t they’re not causing they cannot be cousin uh they are so different they are from different places you know wow yeah i think it’s just using that means um i’ve watched um um porsche a lot you must have learned about porsha to know what porsche has done at the past or from things you know for him to use the guy as like my cousin you know but they are not pleasing and this is why i love when you guys call in and you clear some of this stuff up i mean i think first of all i’m gonna ask you a question but before i ask you a question don’t send you thank you so much for the super chat she says remember we’re former tea caps just saying what are you what do you what does that mean um grandma’s scary thank you for the super chat she says i guess all all the cousin into wait intimidated in intima i can’t read today about porsha’s mom teaching her about how to get the bag has has taken root oh right all right oh my lord thank you for the super chat the nigerians are in the building yes the nigerians are here ali any other thoughts yeah so uh that’s part yes i still i put it apart and i think portia knows uh in nigeria women don’t really bother with is only in america i see that everybody’s really bothered that um portia is going for this people married to men many women can be with a man that has a wife it’s not something too big in nigeria like that and i think porsha is taking those parts and seeing it like a different thing because in nigeria a man can have a you can even tell the wife i want to be with another woman which is common you understand as long as the man is taking care of the women that is something that we don’t really look big the way everyone is taking it like oh somebody even um finally said it she said it on the um the show that she just did now the program she went in she said that she don’t care if they’re happy they’re happy she don’t care that portia took the man so i don’t see why everyone else is really bothering about that you know she don’t care because she said she don’t mind her if she wants to go for it go for it you know so nobody should be thinking about that about portia if she took if the woman is okay with it i think they all know what is going on they all know what is between we are all just cracking our brain for no good reason i want to but i do want to ask you this question because you because i i didn’t you said no one that you know knows of science simon why is that because if he’s rich in nigeria then we know you oh so he’s not rich he might be rich but if he’s perhaps if you greet nigerians they like to be known i know i’m telling you nigerians wants you rich you want to be people want to they will show up they want to let you know that this is me and that’s what he’s doing to in america but he’s not doing it in nigeria that means he’s not that person that would that we that that wants to be known in nigeria because maybe they will find out some things you know about him i don’t know so we don’t really know him like that because people really has money for him they know we know each other we know even if i don’t know somebody we know him he would have gone people would have find out and bring it up on on the internet online connections they are very good with twitter and stuff you know so it would especially is coming out in american programs and stuff like that nigerians would have brought his name more now but nobody is talking about him i love it leah thank you so much for calling and i’m so glad that you’re you’re now part of the campfire community yeah i will keep watching you thanks for letting me eat thank you of course oh god i love this they’ll send you oh thank you for clarifying

Caller Says Nigerians Don\'t Know Who Simon Guobadia is + Alleges He is NOT Rich | KEMPIRE DAILY

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