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CAN vs CHI | Canada vs Chile | Intel World Open – Americas Regional Finals (13 July 2021)

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to get into this one uh jane apps is going to lose the kickoff here devatrox kind of gets beaten up above canada squishy jane absolution pan dabatrox and raise bowl chile here in full form for the first time today raisable the superstar shot on goal denied by jane apps davitrox will keep this one with chilean possession scratch that sell it away and popped up in front of the goal stuck in the corner and one more opportunity from jane apps slowing it down but kicked out uh pan i don’t know why he was downfield but it’s just worked into a beautiful little charm he digs it on indeed race balls oh pizza but joe knows that the trucks trying to get away lucian’s being a nuisance squishy weighing in the wings pans got a great little touch for jane apps once they dig that into the corner and yet there is just something a little bit different with raise balls coming on in he’s definitely feeling it on and he wants to let go of some of the energy i think and see that’s the thing when you talk about one substitute on a three-man roster it’s not just the players injection into the gameplay it’s the way the players play around the new addition here illusion guess who’s there it’s raisable that one well it’s the po solution one more time dishes to himself defense is there but not for squishy the secondary opportunity is good and canada scores first a brilliant idea from illusion here everyone’s expecting that to be dropped down on target on there for lucian now he’s got squishy shout in his ear i want this one pass it on up two defenders jumping across because they gotta make that save they can not risk it they’ve got to cover as much ground as they can but because they’ve jumped well squish is coming on through we’ll say evolution takes out pan canada looked like they had to work for that one we’ll see if it continues to be that way squishy a little high as raise bowl takes it downfield j-naps snatches it away he stopped midfield by pan and one more time it’s a battle for possession good set up here by canada dish over to elusion wrong side of the field though davitrox takes down aleutian potentially setting up a chilean opportunity but no one more time teams find themselves in transition j-nabs climbs the ladder elusion takes out one defender but not enough squishy keeps it alive for team canada it does indeed but as we’re coming close to that halfway mark here f dot oh it’s dark just got away i like that idea of power being put on there by pan and dab rocks to follow up but again not going to work on out in that situation just a little bit too wanting i feel j naps here trapping the ball on the left side pan’s here to deal with it and raise both going to be trailing but gets taken out by jane apps answered by pan so two on two for the moment shot by squishy not on target and raise bull trying to snatch it away but jane abs gets a little physical doesn’t double him but bumps him on out to have a truck’s hand in the face of the opposition and denies what could have been a canadian scoring opportunity one more time shot on goal here by davitrox raise bowl tries to get involved can’t make it happen and canada survive a couple of good shots from chile they do but look how calm they are they’re not too weathered from those attacks chile just got up a little bit more spice in there and well they will finally have the dish they won the cook up nice little chi up once again from pan so definitely a plan coming on out there the chain ups not able to say this around the world good cover from squishy raise pull midfield will be able to stop the transition and squishy gets stolen from not quite a shot but a cross-court pass and now it’s all jnabs snatched away by raise ball one more time elusion is there though to prevent the runaway trail one minute warning and it is a one goal game raise bull up top off the backboard stolen by squishy pan keeps it alive can’t find the shot pollution slowly picks it up drops to jane apps raise bowl misses and this could be one more time is set up here for team canada up top first squishy to the trailer revolution but it won’t be good enough and again another opportunity i wouldn’t say wasted by canada but but just not able to really capitalize upon it chile just really caught our rotations doubletrox earlier was trying to steal boost away it wasn’t there so he’s just caught completely our rotation then double commits our panic and fear raceball on the solo attempt not able to squishy that’s a beautiful little curtain nothing too insane like you said canada doesn’t look too concerned this is a one goal game i’m gonna try and keep this one up is chile squishy gonna think the opposite and will do so a nice ground there from canada and a one goal game takes it for the red and white it was a very withheld game yes that’s what it felt like because i mean shreve look at this look at this like squishy yup it like you would expect and jade absolution race balls pan has even done a couple of night plays and double trucks it’s just we’ve seen a few fakes and you know a couple of ankle breakers out there so where are the clips lads come on that’s that’s what we want to see but at the end of the day it was solid work yeah i mean uh earlier today you know ireleak was talking about uh you know hot lappers and then the twitch clippers in the fighting game community we say uh playing for the jiffy cat you remember jiffy cat the old uh it was it was an old evangelistic sign i’m showing my age here but uh right there nobody’s doing it here in game number one i feel like we might uh we might have to get into our golf commentary yeah i was just about to hound you because you had the option of going like 24 hour endurance race in there and you go to gift card uh jiffy cat sure how do you how do you say giraffe so it’s jiff right gis yeah i thought i got you for a second we’ll uh let that one lie because unfortunately there’s some really good rockets going on and oh whoa is us hey it’s j naps ah just a fraction away from finding lucia but that will be found by him i mean if it doesn’t work once have another cracker a beautiful little reception freezeballs just trying to start this to get out of the way but gets a little bit too much hook on it and jaynaps is waiting yeah dev tracks a little bit slow on the rotation but ultimately it’s just canada being a bit quicker there and so right midfield one more time raise bowl trying to set the team up as any way possible and we’ll travel up the right lane passes over to mid where raisable is lying in weight can’t find the boost and that might well it will impact the play and now we’re looking in the other direction pan off the top to himself but squishy gets there first one minute down we’ve already got more of an active game than last time i think the speed has increased compared to game number one jane apps with a mid-range jumper stopped there by chile rather easily but j natural isn’t trying super hard for it raise bowl shoves it down field into the clutches of evolution jane abs takes it past one but and we’ll answer back and hang out in the corner yeah and you can just see kind of just stop shot in midfield and i mean someone’s just trying to break through the window that’s it gotta test gotta test the response time of the defense this one davitrox little one-two punch there the shot and the shove and was able to get it passed on through tie game at one and like i said we’ve already got more of an active game than we saw the first time around yep i can i can say with full confidence we have got 100 more goals in this one already great job back to you jim shout out to the stats guy giving us that hot one it was in my ear and he was so excited to finally be able to say something as jane apps approaches the ball does he have something to say right here does they take it bars pan but davitrox they’re waiting and ready i love how squishy squishy could have gone full sand decided to hang back and i like that choice let’s do i that’s a beautiful little self oh lucian just cannot get enough power drops it straight on damn unfortunately not able to finish it off again pop a little sub chain ups got the world out of his feet and boy oh boy does he play that so so sweet oh look at look at this little teardrop you got my you just got me surprised there just a little little teardrop right over the potential defender diamondtrucks chooses the wrong 50 for short but 242 on the clock two to one on the scoreboard and pan on the offense and ties it up just like that i’m a little bit worried about me saying canada might freo their way through this uh group stage but who knows chile if you can um deny me that prediction i’ll take every single day of the week because for it yeah i mean straight up you want the best competition right and these kickoffs i mean chile have got a good plan for it what’s that our third kickoff goal we’ve seen from them yep they’ve got a they’ve they’ve got a plan so here’s the deal chile are not the strongest team in this group but they really seem to have their set plays in mind they’ve got a playbook and they’re not afraid to pull out these these these pages right here to have a trucks with a good denial but canada has a couple of strong setups themselves as well raiseable get in the middle there is not something they predicted and now he’s off to the races right hand side picks up the boost and denies the clear one more time to have attraction to try and do the same in the midfield won’t be able to and jane apps pops it up and pam’s touch there it’s very interesting he just wants to get the ball over to raise balls as quick as can be and i don’t know if i agree with it like he’s just had to expend so much boost up in the air does make rotations a little bit wonky and right now you can see everyone’s having to back off canada just got a massive opportunity for raise balls just predicting where that ball is going to be placed on the cliffs so well battle in the mid a nice shovel pass to no one left side pan disruption by canada really strong this time around and aleutian can’t finish it off raise bowl battling with elusion makes it past one but squishy is there winning the 50 ever so slightly and davitrox keeps it alive for chile tied with one minute to go pan sets up but the double defense is there once and elusion takes his time but saves it he gets it out that he does jane ups ah just not enough power on that one to finish it off and he’s lingering too close in the corner squishy will be able to just slow some down for a small small moment again this is just the war of attrition waiting for that one mistake squishy to illusion looking for another pass but jaynab’s gone back for boost baseballs that’s a massive launch can squishy get up there time yes he can he wants to take that off the backboard just wrap that on the round good adjustment as he saw raceways stole the boots away davitrox surrounded by canadian jerseys results in jane apps looking for a downfield transition pan gets shoved elusion throws it right into another chilean player counting down pan has possession jane abs gets involved one more time davitrox from the left sideline punch keeping it up just kidding it’s overtime game two canada chile should they say close to being able to get one up on the board and then what’s set two or three after that solution off the 100 going to be looking to just take this downfield race balls just gonna deny straight on up and yeah canada just cannot find each other the interceptions from chile are so incredible that’s the big thing for me is the denial of the transition every time canada wants to just zoom it chile says no there’s somebody there the passing lanes are rather open but the canadian receivers aren’t there and that’s a lot to say about chile kind of reading what’s going on here that said canada has possession popped up here the trailer is squishy and it will be a little high illusion can’t finish it off you can see is trying to craft something together squishy he was in two minds right there indecisive when does squishy muffins ever get indecisive this is just showing that chili is getting right into the heads of canada and davatrix i’ve got to say with these lunges across the top of the net here’s just been so clutch in defense to really just keep throwing into the corners and find another chilean davitrox finds the defense pan then tries to keep it alive and everybody just looks at raise bowl to make something happen principal pushes forward pan softly to raise bowl less of a pass and more of a just sort of touch and now there it is just barely missed by the chilean offense and canada tries to make this happen squishy has the opportunity and it’ll drop down in front and here’s illusion shoved and another one falls through the fingers of canada i mean it was a sway moment for canada they’re in defense as well chain ups coming out massive with what is a simple save at the end of the day but so important nonetheless and in the build up there was a little bit of a double commit from devatrox this pan just wants to clear it that’s straight to jane apps he’s got some boost in the tank and yes he’s trying to predict this he wants the cheat on up find a teammate but illusions a bit too deep squishy could be caught off guard he just gets a touch and a lucia gets their way pans catch there to turn it around that was incredible just a hair off target and chile has to focus one more time one and a half games in to game number two and raise ball going to keep this a chile in possession drop down down to jane apps and david trucks a little too far away to actually make change of the dollar bill right in front of the goal and jaynab’s gonna bring it no pam shows up pop towards mid here comes davitrox keeping it alive one more time raise ball barreling towards the goal doesn’t have the angle and this one now slips through the chilean all fingers it does put chain ups oh what a drop from raise balls it’s just constant constant work right now this is not coming easy to either side it is a grind out there he’s gonna come down to one mistake that’s one thing right now after and that terrifies me you said it before a war of attrition illusion above one jnabs dropped us down the defense is better and raiseable makes sure to stop the secondary opportunity and we find ourselves on the canadian side of the field one more time as soon as they say that canada turns it around squishy right side look mid-side jay nabs puts it down and defense reigns supreme once again the candidate is starting to ramp up these attacks one after the other squishy wanted to drop down here comes jane apps the pop into the setup for illusion but wants to get too high squishy will be able to sink it it took four shots all three players but it got the job done four minutes and two seconds into ot game number two i often say is the most important of a five game set and if i’m canada i do not walk away with this one feeling uber confident i go boys they made us work for nine straight minutes even in the beginning they made us work and if i’m chile yes this is an l yes we have to come with a reverse sweep yes we are looking up at literally squishy muffins but yes there’s a little bit of hope in my boost tank yeah but at the same time like just for the story of it as well like if you’re one of the canadian players you’re like oh wait raise balls just move down the street from us like the whole next year we’ve got a deal with him and some of the other guys coming in from argentina like oh oh we need to respect some of these other countries for real you know and i gotta say i think this is my this is my favorite style of rocket league game the you know the the big scoring game sure everybody likes when it’s seven to seven and then some people like the the one oh games for sure this one both teams kind of had their moments both teams kind of had their missed moments and then we go into overtime real neck and neck and at the end of the day you need a complete factory formed goal to actually bring it home this is my rocket league i was going to say it felt more like american football out there with so many different strategies coming on up i was like come on i’m british our football is completely different from that luckily broccoli doesn’t have penalties because you’re imagining well would you get a penalty for breaking rule one um i’ve opened up a can of worms let’s get many damage every free demo is penalty imagine that is a change and trying to carry it on in to start us off won’t be successful but certainly you know mod check for the guys on canada as they just look around and go okay that’s the tempo and squishy with a shot there denied by dabatrox that’s the scary thing i bet you if you turn that tempo up canada will flourish from it these are top tier lads and of course that’s not saying chile don’t have top tier lads but when you slow the game down those mechanical differences and again those capabilities on the mental side of things really show themselves to not be as strong at that top end where you’re going blistering speeds you know a hundred kilometers per hour chain abs gets there at the last second and you saw the play as squishy drops this one in and it’s much more pretty on the other end as canada confirms one here jane abs to squishy to tinette for me right now the chef’s kiss moment is j naps on that the pass is just so precise without that there is no wiggle room there squishy does not have much width you saw it there were two chileans right on him it had to be directly to the front bumper of his car and jane apps can deliver [Music] 350 on the clock we’re heating this one up as it is match point for canada and on the canadian side a good opportunity for davitrox but lucian shows up first jane apps off to the races and pan will slowly but surely get involved squishy here as well by himself in front of the net doesn’t have the teammates as they’re chasing panned down field and orange misses one opportunity and again finds themselves with their heels in the dirt on defense solution off the top side the bank is open but the net is closed it’s definitely felt a couple of times now that actually have got a guardian angel just watching over them so the woodwork has been put to the test but my money that’s questions asking towards canada as you’ve got to have the accuracy in those moments right after you’ve got to be able to just really get it between the sticks janux might be able to do it now and well well well he’s delivered once again just like that illusion with a uh an interesting pass just slapping it against the wall k naps goes yeah i got that one able to bring it on home here chile two goals 246 can they do it that’s the big question right now i mean straight up only able to get two goals in the last one and it’s then to go on for a full reverse sweep it’s like trying to climb a mountain and all you’ve got is your sneakers i think the reverse sweep is is a large ask i think the game is absolutely in the realm of possibility especially with the way they’ve been performing they of course being chile excuse my unspecificity oh i’ll allow it for now appreciate it buddy as we approach our minute number two here ray’s bull again finds himself on the defensive end and jane apps with a slow shot and here comes squishy trying to turn it around no it’s j naps to illusion doesn’t have a good angle still takes it and a pop-up in front could set up the trailer but there is none there’s no fire somehow davitrox is able to find the ball just straight there in front of him he’ll run it away pam no you can’t be doing that but david trucks might be able to redeem the situation he needs a teammate there ribs balls all the way over in mid trying to pick up 100 does not find it only small bits and bobs laying about pounds trying to keep the pressure going but lucian has just found that cracking defense squishy is taken to the air but is he going to be able to get on target no jane apps thinks better of it and just waits it on out because again canada do not need to score right now pan has to hit that shot and when davitrox has control on the right corner the players have to listen have to answer the call because they have not they have not one minute to go in the deciding game for canada of course if chile wins we go to a game numero cuatro however i’m not quite sure that’s in the cards totally available right there and right now is how we cut it in half and all of a sudden there is wind beneath the wings for chile i mean baseball’s experienced a lot of wind under his wings today but he’s going to need one more breeze but which direction is air blowing 46 seconds left to go in this one somehow illusion is able to get it raised balls big play nobody answers nobody’s home nobody’s talking boom and just like that the wind beneath the wings is deflated 37 seconds left to go chileans in chat you better get loud you better get chanted because it is going to need some little goku level spirit bomb amounts of energy to turn this around right now 30 seconds is our screen and by god it’s on the player screens as well they know the deal and they know what they need to do but can they do it is the balls found by pan it’s a massive launch downfield but dab trucks just not going to be able to get anything to that squishy’s here getting fancy raise ball will dance right in front the countdown from 10 raise bull bounces it oh dab a try okay go find a home and with four seconds to go hope one more time injected into the veins of chile this is the kind of situation where i just want to close my eyes and not look at it i believe it could happen but my heart is pounding but is my soul willing four seconds and a dream and it is raise balls he’s on the ball himself he’s got pound below it but he can’t deliver it and canada are going to be able to squeak through with a free oh oh man just

CAN vs CHI | Canada vs Chile | Intel World Open - Americas Regional Finals (13 July 2021)

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