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Cryptos PUMP + $LINK analysis – ChainLink price prediction – LINK prediction $doge $bitcoin $btc

by smart

all right guys we are today the 22 of july 2000 uh 2001 year 2021 guys okay welcome to the mood we are going to listen a little bit of music why we do this analysis today why because that’s the mood i’m just going to lower a little bit the volume by the way this is a very cool track it’s a kind of musical what it’s called vaporwave if you want just search on it for on google so here is our bitcoin chart and guys you know that yesterday a lot of things happened over the market why we got a magic plus 30 wasn’t it super nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice i’m doing it like in the 80s guys i have a passion for the 80s so yeah without further ado let’s go straight into the video and today after that we are going to make an analysis on link chain link right so stay tuned and subscribe to the channel all of this yellow predictions here that you see were made into these videos and 90 of them were right so welcome to the mood and guy welcome back welcome back i’m so happy to see you again on this very beautiful day we got a reunion yesterday of the greatest name of not crypto but of business of some kind jack dorsey that is still not proposing bitcoin on twitter wow amazing and almost that is trolling the market since nearly uh six months wow amazing and that other woman she’s just an investor from uh is it an edge found arc i don’t know i don’t mind i don’t care of the fundamentals i care of what the chart says so yesterday guys i told you that we might uh top here and i told you that maybe for the first time i wouldn’t be right since a long time because of the fundamentals so we passed my prediction we went further than uh my trend line here and uh we weren’t stuck over the 32 000 resistance which is actually normal at that point what i see here on the chart guys so maybe most of you guys be stayed very bullish over that move let me lower a little bit the music just let’s listen a little bit more welcome to the mood mood mood mood mood sorry i’m mad i’m completely mad um so here is our chart i’m still sticking to what i told you guys yesterday this is another for me for me it could be another scam pump guys be very careful in this market what my chart tells me right here is that arsene demo is stopping super top or vic’s topping super topping or rsi stopping on that resistance line there is room for more space on the rsi but we had resistance lines and we are bouncing on it but this plus this not good guys not good so i’m going to do something i’m going to put this line here that i got wrong in red okay and you notice that i have a position here i’m not telling you what kind of position long or short i’m not telling you i don’t want you to copy my trades but we are going back on yellow and i think our move today by the way let’s look at the smp so we bounce back here and smp looks ranging here so i’m sticking to this um yeah it’s gonna be ranging today let’s have a look at our daily chart ranging with the vix that is lower lower lower resisting over this line we might want to go back there so i’m sticking with what i told you guys the previous days that whatever happened yesterday we are going back to retest first this at the 30 900 and then we’ll see to me this move that you see here that i told you guys that could happen it’s still there it’s still there and it’s not moving i don’t think for now i have anything significant to tell you guys it’s going to move so all right i told you we are going to have uh a look at link let’s have a quick look at dodge same guys same i have the same vibes magic wonderful but same vibes wow that’s so overextended luna quickly same vibes you do what you want you might want to short this you do what you want uh okay let’s go on link please guys consider leaving tons of like over this video it’s very important to push the algorithm of youtube tons of like and subscribe to the channel okay subscribe because there are so many bad analysts over youtube you want to crush all those baby chillers once for good and get the real channels on the top guys i’m a bit cocky sometime am i it’s possible that’s part of the deal guys so that’s part of the package i can be super humble but sometime when i’m a bit successful like everyone i’m human i can be a little bit cocky which is normal we are all human beings and sometimes we need to congratulate ourselves for the good things we did otherwise what’s the point um okay we have a resistance line here on the other side we were bouncing on it shane demo shendemo is topping around these areas and bottoming around these areas so obviously we are topping again on this one and you can see here orchard demo top shen demo top look up look on the upside of the chart here shin demo top send them on top all together it’s not so great however we have a resistance line that we passed here so two scenarios we might be ranging around here all right uh but honestly i think i’m going to be more for the downside uh possibility and what we see here is another trend line that is more vague and we are talking about today guys we are on the four hour so today i would see link going back to 12.98 if things go uglier maybe down there to seven point seven point two eight right if things really get nasty but i don’t think so i think overall it’s gonna be a steady slowing going slowly down day and link has really this resistance sign that might hold it there up there let’s have a look at the daily it’s not bad on long term it’s obvious we are going to bounce back there but what we care here is the short term and that’s what i get you guys that’s what i get you so welcome to the mood if you are new please consider subscribing to the channel i want to see you every day and probably you need information real information on the market on a daily basis so you know what to do guys and until tomorrow i wish you an excellent excellent day be careful this market is very tricky very scary be very careful with what you’re doing and uh that’s it if you want to support the channel you can go on my videos with the nice open mouse thumbnails you like it and you can click this button join and you will be able to join the channel once i reach 10 people subscribing to that service i’m gonna start uploading uh special membership perks like my trades like stuff like that so push it to 10 and i work on it okay we are they are for subscriber or something like that [Laughter] only french people can understand that anyway guys thank you so much thank you so much and i see you tomorrow bye bye bye bye

Cryptos PUMP + $LINK analysis - ChainLink price prediction -  LINK prediction $doge $bitcoin $btc

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