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Daily Plan with Me – Pool Party | July 19th-25th | EC A5 Daily Duo Planner

by smart

hey guys and welcome back to my channel my name is romina and today i’m going to be filming a daily plan with me i am going to be planning for the week of july the 19th until the 25th so this upcoming week or the week that we’re in by the time you guys are watching this video today is actually monday and i’m really sorry if you can hear my neighbor in the background with the music i really think you can hear it so i apologize but i might have to actually finish it up by tomorrow because these typically tend to be longer videos but yes i’m really excited i’m going to be using the pool party kit from my sticker shop romina rosa i have here all the sheets we have sheet a which has your washi date covers right there i love these she d is the glitter and boxes sampler shade to be would be your time labels i have these and she’d see all your deco boxes and decorative washer strips so those are the sheets i’m going to be using for this week actually do i have a lot of things planned well i have two one-on-ones coming up um i have new releases yeah i have a one-on-one with karina i have a one-on-one with dahlia the new releases prep because i will have new releases this week and then i have two actually i do have quite a bit to do over the weekend i’m going to dinner on friday and then i’m going to grab some drinks on saturday and then i have a pool day with friends so it’s really perfect that i get to use my pool party kit for a week that i’m going to have like a pool day with my friend karen but i wanted to go ahead and show you guys last week and how it turned out since we’re already kind of here i did end up printing some pictures and i think i’ve just had a lot going on that i’ve been able to print pictures every single week but i don’t think that it should be like that like year round i just had you know birthdays and then my family was here from peru and then this was on tuesday i loved how i’ve been decorating my spreads i really really love it so this was wednesday um thursday was my tiana’s birthday so i put a picture of her with her roses that she sent on whatsapp and then friday got ready i filmed my q a dyed my hair packed and then headed over to ocean side my sisters had a little sister sleepover we went to the beach to the pool and we had some brunch so i wanted to go ahead and put a picture of us there and then i went to the orange county fair on sunday with my siblings joel my cousin darren and his girlfriend ileana so that was really fun i wanted to definitely print a picture and put it here just because it’s summertime and there’s definitely memories that i’m making that i want to kind of document in my planner and i have like space here because as you guys can see all the other days i don’t really have much there so you do have a space here to do whatever it is that you want i know my sister i think was actually writing down like her meals here so i like that idea and i think i’m gonna have to go i’m gonna have to come back guys because the music is kind of killing my vibe right now so brb okay guys i’m back i’m gonna lay down i think my washi date covers first i’m very excited i didn’t realize up until like up until today that i’m moving next week that is so crazy to me i don’t think i’ve mentioned it before well no i don’t think i mentioned it but i did get my application approved i think yeah my apartment hunting video went live and so you guys would already know that i’ve been looking for apartments and that i applied to one so that one that i applied for i actually got approved and everything and i went ahead and mailed the deposit last week that’s what i actually got the cashier’s check for i know i went ahead and planned it um in last week’s daily plan with me so yeah i am pretty much all set for now i just have to hear back from the landlord he’s going to let me know i think um i might have to send a cashier’s check for the first month’s rent as well so that’s what i have to do i just have to hear back from him so like i was saying i’m really really happy that i’m actually having like a pool day this week because this kid is all about the pool like how cute is this washi strip i absolutely loved these um designs and i knew that i had to make them into a kit i yeah i have new releases this week what else do i have i have two one-on-ones i always get so excited to talk to my patrons if you guys don’t know i do offer i believe as of now i might have one spot for the one-on-one so if you’re interested in that i believe it’s 25 for the fourth tier which gives you a one-on-one with me a month as well as you get all the other um perks you get 20 off the shop pretty much all month long and i did change something with a discount for my patrons instead of it being only for sticker purchases i’ve actually made it for all the products that i offer in the shop so if you guys are interested i will definitely suggest that you subscribe to my patreon i really honestly love all of my patrons and i will be going live i believe if not at the end of this week maybe before i move next week and i will finally be posting a contest on there i have a ton of things to give away i’ve been like accumulating things from my 20k subbies giveaway that i was supposed to have but i believe now it’s going to be a 21k subbies giveaway okay so i have all of my washi day covers laid down and now i’m going to go through and lay down my headers i like to break up my to-do list here in three sections so i like to have one for my shop romana rosa for youtube and for home so things i have to do so home youtube and marina rosa i definitely need to organize my stickers so let me know if you guys would like a sticker organization video because i have a lot like i have kids that i have to organize as well as i just have stickers everywhere in my drawers here so let me go through and lay down my headers and i’ll be back to write out the weather for the week so i am all done with my headers i actually have to make sure to mark sometime i wake definitely after new releases that i have to pack to start packing yeah cause i’ll only have like about four days to pack of anything next week but i also have orders to fulfill so i should probably start packing this weekend yeah i definitely have to start packing this weekend okay so let me see let me start with like things i already know are happening like my one-on-ones and my mom coming to work i know i said i was gonna go out for drinks on saturday but i actually got invited will me my family got invited to my mom’s friend’s house for like a pool party as well so i might have to cancel this or move this to this day and then cancel this i’m not sure yet i’ll just probably end up like making boxes but yeah if i do end up going i’ll have two pool days but okay let’s start with the things that i know for sure happening so let’s do or let’s do our weather first so for the weather i’ve been doing these half boxes sorry i have like a red hair there with some icons so for the most part this week is going to be pretty sunny and partly cloudy so monday it’s partly cloudy let’s do kind of want to do this blue one the low was 70 and the high was 93 it’s going to be very hot this week pretty much the 90s or 80s which is really hot it’s really good weather here then tuesday it’s also going to be it’s also partly cloudy with a low of 70 but the high is 91. mentioned this i feel like before like many times but i like to mark the weather just so i can plan my outfits and i think this way just having it in my planner i can go ahead and reference it and i really have been liking that and that way i get to use my stickers as well like my icons and my half boxes here for wednesday let’s see it’s going to be a low of 66 with a high of 90 also partly cloudy here thursday i love 68 with a high of 90 degrees friday it’ll be sunny with a low of 68 a height of and a high of 88. let’s do this one so i just realized i didn’t mention the elephant in the room which is that i don’t have nails on but yeah i don’t have nails on i got them off on sunday and i honestly just they just needed a break to be quite honest with you guys so you guys remember the last time i didn’t have nails on you guys don’t because it’s been that long that i’ve been having nails on so i’m gonna give it a rest up until right before my trip to cancun and that way i’ll kind of go all out and it’ll be perfect so yeah the next two days saturday and sunday the weekend they’re both going to be partly cloudy so let’s grab maybe like this one so saturday it’ll be a low of 66 with a high of 84. i’m missing my nails a little bit but i will say that short nails like these like or no nails at all are much better for like working and like cutting envelopes and all that but they don’t look as cute they just look like bare which eventually i will i think try to paint them not sure actually i might not i’ll just give them a rest um all in all but yeah i’m missing my nails right now that i’m filming a video now for sunday it’s going to be partly cloudy as well with a low of 64 and a high of 82. i wish it would have been like 90 during the weekend but it’s not and that’s okay all right so i have all of my weather laid down and then i think i’m going to do the same thing i’ve been doing the past few weeks which is mark my am skincare or am routine now at the top of my day so am routine would be like getting up you know brushing my teeth washing my face doing my am skincare and it’s been i’ve been trying to make my bed but guys sometimes i just don’t and that’s bad so i need to start making my bed more often than not so i’m gonna keep using the am routine scripts here so let me go ahead and lay those down we need seven so we’ll use these six boxes quarter boxes and i’ll grab one more for my sampler sheet right here i know i was telling you guys that i would update you guys on how i like the sheets that i offer in my planner and i’m honestly so in love with all the sheets like i literally use all of them and some some weeks i’ve had like a few stickers left over here and there but all in all i’m really really happy with these stickers for the daily kits so if you are looking for something specific for me to offer let me know because i’m always looking to make my kids better whether it be for like daily kids or weekly kits go ahead and let me know all right i’m gonna lay these down on top at the 6 a.m mark which i’ve been a lot better at waking up earlier for the most part i’ve tried i’ve been trying to wake up anywhere between 5 45 to like 6 30 and i think i’ve been doing pretty good so yes let’s lay these down all right now that those are down let me work when my mom will be coming to work so i’ve been using these time labels for that she usually comes on monday no on tuesdays wednesdays and thursdays i’ll probably talk about this a little bit more on like later videos but she’s no longer going to be working during the weekdays she’s actually going to go back to work when my little brother um goes back to school because everything is going to be in person now so she’ll be going back to work i think mid-august though so i’m not sure how things are going to work i did get an extra parking space so i have two spaces and my apartment just because i knew that i was going to have like my mom coming over to work and help me out as well as for like yes so i’m gonna put him work mom it’s gonna be interesting to see how it is that i do without my mom helping me three times a week it’s all it’s gonna be all me now so i’m a little i’m a little scared for that but it’s happening so okay she comes in typically at 10 a.m i think i’m going to tell her to come in earlier on wednesday so let’s do this thin washi strip to mark how long she’ll be in for i’m thinking she’ll leave like at five like usual we actually have quite a bit of orders from last week from our september new releases sale so thank you to everyone who placed an order during our sale if you guys did not know we were having a sale i’ve actually been having sales pretty much every time i’ve been releasing things the past few weeks so if you’re ever interested in saving money i’d suggest that you watch those new releases videos okay so again mailer the mailer is from fox and pip by the way if i didn’t mention that work and all right mom and like i said i think i’m going to have her come a little bit earlier on wednesday let’s see let’s do so she might just stay until i’m thinking for so let’s see okay so we’ll do it until four there for wednesday and then thursday will just be a regular day i was honestly debating whether i wanted her to come on friday as well just because there’s so many orders to be worked on but i think we should be good if she comes in a little bit earlier on wednesday or if anything i’ll just have her work four days next week because i’m moving out next week guys i’m moving out of my older one and going into my new one so i want to make sure that i’m okay with orders and then i hadn’t well i i knew this but i hadn’t thought too much about the fact that i’ll be in cancun from i’m going from the 7th until the 13th i believe so pretty much a full week and i typically like to get my new releases up like in the middle of the week like the 15th so i’m gonna be stressing out i already know guys which sounds fun right sounds super fun to be stressing out um okay i’m gonna use this one even there’s so much of this color on thursday maybe i can switch it out honestly because there’s a lot of that color never done this but that’s the beauty with matte removable stickers you can just reposition them as you wish is that straight okay all right let’s switch it out thursday there you go much better okay so that is when my mom will be coming into work then i have two one-on-ones one with karina let’s mark my 101 karina i think we were settled on noon i think so okay so let’s do i don’t have any appointments or anything well i kind of have like a boring week not gonna lie or maybe i’ve just had way too many things to plan the past few weeks so now i feel like my life is boring but it’s not a promise because i have a lot to do i have to work on orders quite a bit this week and design stuff because i can use the appointment labels also i’ve been meaning to get a haircut i might end up doing that on thursday i think yes i think so okay so i’m gonna grab one of these appointment labels i’m gonna turn it this way all right one-on-one with karina we were supposed to have our one-on-one last week but we had to reschedule which is no biggie so just grab this and wait i don’t think it was known i think we’re doing earlier now hold on yeah so we’re actually doing it at 10 30 so i think i’m just gonna lay it down here because usually i end up talking more than i should so it definitely will be over around 11 something i’m guessing okay so that’ll be here and then i have another one on a wednesday this one i believe let’s see it’ll be at 3 30 so i think for this one i’ll use this box and these are just cute little um call center munchkins i’ll lay down on one of these pink quarter boxes and this one on one is with dahlia so that’ll be at like 3 30 so it’ll be right as my mom is either packing orders or leaving yes perfect okay so that’ll be wednesday and my one-on-one on wednesday i will go back to um instead of my whole monday by the way with you guys since i’m a little late in filming this and then i think i might hang out with somebody like a friend on wednesday i’m not sure yet though i’m not gonna put anything down then this is where it gets tricky because like i mentioned i might have to take one of these out and i have the pool party so i think i want to use one of these bigger deco boxes for sunday and i might just do this the correlating ones along with the floaties so let’s lay this one down here i have some cute little pool stickers yes so i have these from once more with love again i think i might just use the floating one here on top i don’t want to write anything because i’ve noticed that every time i write something i always wish that i wouldn’t have written it prior to me laying down pictures well actually this ended up working out because i had a picture like this but like here i wish i would have wrote something like this way or put the picture there and then to the side so i’m not going to write anything but just know that i’ll be going to like a pool party-ish but it’ll just be me my friends so then i’m confused as to what’s gonna happen on friday and saturday i’m really confused i will lay down my deco box down here though because i’m going to have new releases on friday i have like a variety of things coming to the shop so i think i’m either going to write down my new releases prep here what’s releasing or anything important or even if i do end up going to this maybe a picture i’m really not sure so i think i might just leave these alone up until i know but let’s see what else can i mark oh i have some videos going up this week honestly i think this video um should be going up on tuesday but it might not end up going up on tuesday and i might just end up having two videos on wednesday that’s typically what i do when i when you guys see me have like two videos in one day it’s because one of them was supposed to go up the day before so sometimes it ends up happening sometimes it doesn’t i don’t let it bother me at all so yeah okay so back up until we know and i think i’ll just finish up with monday so on monday i had to print labels and receipts for the orders we’ll be working on i also had to drive to la which guys this was not in my plans whatsoever which i think why everything is just getting pushed back but i had to drive to la to my cousin’s place just because i forgot my makeup bag in their car when we went to the orange county fair so i had to drive all the way to l.a to pick up my makeup bag and since i was already going over there i thought okay i’m gonna go ahead and check at the ikea specific dresser that i’ve been wanting and it was in stock at the ikm burbank which is not like exactly where my cousin lives but it’s like relatively close it’s closer than it than where i live right now and i wanted to just go ahead and get it since i’m moving in next week so me and my cousin ended up going to ikea it’s funny because i started vlogging a little section because i definitely want to vlog me purchasing stuff for my new apartment so yeah that was my whole day basically going to la and i came back at like like eight i think so yeah that was my whole day so i didn’t get to do much but i did cut vinyl and then i printed the labels later at night drove to la i also had to edit and upload my apartment hunting blog and i did have to make the thumbnail so i’m going to make them now the one thing i really want to start doing also is to start replying back to comments so this day i believe monday morning i did reply to comments on my q a video so i’m going to try to do that more often because i know i’ve been slacking on that for quite some time but i’m trying to make that a habit so i will be writing comments on my youtube section from now on to make sure that i do that okay drove to l.a to do my aim routine so i’m gonna leave one of these smaller like half hour time labels to mark that i had to pick up my makeup bag so when eliana told me that i left my makeup bag i really couldn’t believe it like i really couldn’t believe that i made i left my makeup bag so okay pick up my makeup bag in the morning i did make myself some like brunch i don’t know if i want to mark that and then for clean vinyl it’ll just be here so it’s feeling a little bear here but i did prep my video so maybe i’m going to take maybe like one of these labels and mark that i was editing my video i don’t know if i should mark like me eating breakfast i feel like people do but i don’t think i am i do like what my sister i think i mentioned it in this video but my sister i think in one of the days she was marking like what she was eating for breakfast lunch and dinner in this section and i really like that but i’m kind of been slacking on that except when my mom’s here when my mom’s here i eat all of my meals but when she’s not here i’ll probably eat like two meals that’s pretty much it so let’s grab one of these film slates i actually haven’t used these in a while oh actually i used it last week but on and i’ll mark edit just because why not okay so edit there and i’m going to mark going to ikea with darren on my i’m working with one of these half boxes so i’m like that right here and i really had such a great time going with darren guys i i haven’t hung out with my cousin darren like as much as i’ve been hanging out with him the past few months oh actually starting i think from like my birthday that’s when i met his girlfriend and i love that i i’ve i’ve forgotten how much i love spending time with darren like me and darren um we went to the same school in seventh grade i remember like walking home with him and like taking care of each other so i really love my cousin darren and it’s it’s kind of sad that i hadn’t seen him in a while but now that i’m like seeing him more often i love it so i don’t have any like ikea stickers so i’m going to be using these like take a walk ones because i did walk quite a bit which is what i’ve been having to do or what my doctor recommended to do so i’m just gonna put a key around here so i key around so yeah i picked up some things like i mentioned i am filming a video so i’ll eventually show you guys oh you guys will see in a video when i’m purchasing yeah run i will say though that i did buy my dresser as well as a small desk that i want to put in my bedroom so then that way i can just plan in there by myself i mean i’ll be by myself but i’ll just plan in there without like all of my other shop stuff and it’ll just be kind of like a me time instead of like me time in my work environment which you guys probably don’t get what i’m saying but the way that i’m going to be setting up my apartment is going to be very different than any other apartment i’ll say that so i think those are pretty much it oh the last thing for dinner i had wobble grills so i’m going to mark that with one of these i’ll just mark it like right here i’ll grab a meal icon and mark wobble grill and that’s going to be my monday now for tuesday i want to make sure to go grocery shopping since i didn’t have time to go on monday so i’m going to mark that as one of my to-do’s i also have to do laundry i might have to do it on tuesday and wednesday we’ll see because i have a lot going on this day so maybe it might not end up getting done so i might not be able to check it off which is okay sometimes i don’t check off everything on my to-do list there’s only so many hours in the day so i also want to reply to emails and i would like to edit and upload my video i’ll just put edit because i’m not sure if i’ll have enough time to upload it or finish editing it really but i will start editing it and then i’m going to put grocery run i think i’ll just mark it so let me do like a quarter box i guess yeah i’ll do these take this out i’m thinking we’ll go after work just like this time and then i have my grocery run script and some of these grocery stickers from fox and cactus i think i’m just gonna use a little basket i don’t think i really use those so let’s go ahead and grab these it looks so perfect okay so i think that’s going to be it for this video yes so everything is pretty much set for my week i have my headers i have all of my to-do lists set up from monday through friday for work and other stuff as well as for these two things i’m not sure yet but i will be having a pool day with friends on sunday so yeah that’s pretty much going to be it for this video i really hope that you guys enjoyed coming along as i set up my week let me show you guys which stickers i have left over i am pretty much done with this sheet i could use these strips for the most part i never do so i’m just gonna probably throw this sheet out i do have quite a bit of these labels which these two i might use for the weekend and then i do have some washi strips left over which i do end up using i think let me show you guys i ended up using one what was it on this day and then i have another on this day too so i do end up using them every so often so i will keep this time labels and then i have one half box some quarter boxes and some fancy labels as well as i have some leftover glitter headers which i may or may not end up using them but yes i hope you guys enjoyed this video like i said don’t forget to give it a huge thumbs up if you did as well subscribe to my channel if you guys are not subscribed already and hopefully i’ll see you guys on my next video bye guys you

Daily Plan with Me - Pool Party | July 19th-25th | EC A5 Daily Duo Planner

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