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Dumpster Diving “It’s A Jet Pack!”

by smart

yo what up stick what up what up what up everybody look at that there goes some goodness in here we got some goodness in here there we do one everybody been getting their acs fixed lately two let’s see there’s a third one in there oh jeez three we picked up a few just the other day too man summertime i don’t see nothing in here all right y’all here we are again welcome back to the show mike the scavenger on the scene getting that scrap making that green all right what’s up eating box switch box thing i’m a digger got up in here yo what’s up in there bless me oh bless me guys that’s that big box got some stuff man let’s see stick it we’ll stick it with the d what is that what is that fan there’s a motor yeah there’s a fan of some sort another motor here i guess that’s the the housing i’m going to bet they just put a new they kept the old housing put the new motor and blade in it and then this is just the what was left over all right got some hubcaps forward hood cabs a little bit of light a little bit right here oops sorry about that yo yeah i didn’t mean that i guess i’m just being a little too rough a little too rough with this stuff yeah yeah all right yeah oh grab more stuff see what we got here yeah that little heater a heater thank you little copper right there right there for wire and such looks like something heavier something’s heavy oh look at that yeah that was heavy motor we’ve been killing it on the motors lately here we have killing it on the motors is it dead i saw something in here dog yeah old tv that’s a heavy one that is a heavy one oh heavy one oh my god says nec huh nec is that one of those monitor see the computer type monitor thing i don’t think so maybe it’s old it is heavy that’s all i know my big old blue open top man looks like some fitness equipment let’s see oh god here man i see a barbell see what we got this way with it careful it’s got the got this cable right here this thing goes over the side it’s gonna pull this it’s gonna have like a get smacked right across the face go unconscious in the dumpster see that almost caught my hand too gotta be careful here man set that right there it’d be all right right there what this is something metallic there’s more stuff under here yeah whoa unstable ground y’all it’s got a ladder have got a pretty penny for some of this uh fitness stuff probably about a year ago when all the gyms were closed all right oh trying to mess with me all right yuck yuck where’s the heavy stuff all right i think we got the heavy stuff you have any stuff all over the place oh what’s up little foosball table look at that there’s some stuff little table foosball table thing some wires rack stuff i’ll take their shoes what we got up in here there’s some stuff in it a walkie-talkie a radio rack ground all right ticket just double check here it’s all empty there empty empty empty empty empty empty okay we got a couple of boxes with stuff let’s see what we got foosball table the balls are right here i used to be okay at food ball we used to have a full-size food spot table used to all right man i think damn let’s see let’s see here oh watch your hand what’s your hair there’s stuff over here whoa whoa something slick down there i see wires and such take a look at it some sort of hose some sort of hose there’s some snippets some stuff here oh there’s some juice in here that’s juice in here see some fittings over here under this cat there’s stuff under here open the juice that’s hosed man look at all that let’s give us a box oh look at that we got a bar here how bad is it it’s not too bad okay look at all that brass get that oh it’s in the juice but hey baggers all be choosers right stuff more brass i got a lot of brass up in here look at that that looks more like copper than brass that all hose feels like it looks like it no there’s wire in there too okay look like some cat wire up in there brass man look at that more tools i’ll always take tools all right where’s here brass just in the trash just in the church in the trash little pipe cutter right there oh this is some oily stuff though that’s real oily we’re gonna see what’s under this board over here because there’s more there’s what the oil is coming from probably cooking oil i hope it’s cooked cool i hope that’s all it is all right got more right here okay there’s some stuff stop stop fox is gonna start getting pretty heavy here that man fittings brand new look at that brandy tool man socket the little hex key thing all right this box is starting to fall apart sit down right falling apart that’s a piece of all hoes oh it’s juicy up in here and it’s slick that oil look at that yo there’s some stuff in there yeah a little bit a little bit a little bit all right here somewhere there oh my gosh it’s like icing here it’s like a skate drink in here man an ice rink okay i think we’re good i think we’re good getting a little groady man getting a little birdie okay all right all right yeah well i’m just like all kinds of slick oh look at all this grody oh there’s a bunch of tools bunch of tools and stuff man let’s see here throw this look at our back here little plane there got some old sauce got some rain this side of town today let’s see throwing tools always gets me shaking my head people throwing away tools who’s in this case here it’s real heavy it doesn’t want to open once you bet it’s like a projector for that film oh grab it probably not much good for anything but we’ll grab it grab it oh let’s see ah look at all that a little edge here there’s a level a drill all right we’re going to grab the uh magnet here real quick grab the magnet we get my magnet grab these tools grab all of it wrenches drill bits screwdrivers all right i think we got it all there didn’t want to pick up the wrench probably stainless yeah i bet what’s in that box is projects petrophysical petrophysical oh geological stuff yep graham magnetics what the heck is that looks like film reel yep that’s exactly what that is i bet you what’s in that box is the uh the player for that thing for this tell you what you want to grab one and play with it we’ll play with it see if it works let everything dry out though all right i’ll be back man you can tell they’re still adding stuff to it so come back come back for it yeah i know there’s a monitor sitting right there check it out babe got a compressor back here a couple of them some copper back it up back it up it’s weird driving with this light on i can’t see really all right all right we’re going to clear us a hole here y’all clear a hole for this sob here oh that’s not a compressor on there that’s all copper right there though it sure is stick it over here and then this big bad boy my yard won’t buy this from me as it is but i can throw it in the shred pile they don’t care about that all right make sure with these guys these heights have oil in them make sure a good uh hvac guy he’ll hammer them shot like they are right here keep it from draining everywhere you want that stuff leaking all over your truck had that before that ain’t no fun man ain’t no fun all right no fun it’s like uh mineral oil i think and then you know you got this plastic liner back behind your truck or in the bed ah it uh boy gets slick slick wreck right there now that’s about as grody as they come right there look at all that is that gold it looks golden looks like when they go uh the gold mining show and the sleuth box that’s what it looks like but i highly doubt that’s gold i’ll holly doubt it hold on i think i see something back here i think i see a piece of copper yep gotta have that keen sense of scrap ability man look at that i can smell it that may be from a water filter though uh water softener i think i’ve seen crap like that before and it’s not it looks gold in color but it’s actually from like a waterfall there’s some trash look at that oh i thought it was a piece of metal ah dude we got ballast but they are like they’re drowning in the juice let’s see what we can get with the stick that’s for sure like that’s for sure go get your feet all wet there man no you are not gonna do this to me i’m not gonna do this for me no no okay we’re gonna have to we’re gonna have to do a covert mission man i don’t even think i used that uh that turned properly oh we’re getting in man gotta be careful use what we have at our disposal got a rug right here just stand on the rug just be careful quick and efficient that’s how you do it god lee man motor’s in ballast lately i dig it i dig it okay so we did it we got in there all right get out of here get out of here okay now it’s all slick watch oh that was sketch got it we got it all right we’re about to run little closer here those are typically aluminum cast aluminum cast aluminum in there not a silk zero there whoa yeah here man it’s a jet pack by verizon oh my jet pack all wet go in my pocket just pack in my pocket what is this what is this it’s like a window is that a sample window that’s like looks like plastic though it does it may not be but yeah that’s plastic i see power cords a lot of power cords holy cow that’s a big old power cord right there man look at that holy shnikeys yeah uh yeah yeah yeah you better believe i’ll be taking that you better believe that boy look at that mess i love wires i love them i love them so much oh man we’ve got some chicken fried rice oh pork fried rice man mmm making me hungry the heck is that something interesting something interesting and luckily uh it looks dry in this one so looks kind of heavy though that ain’t heavy national package oh that’s for like give me your money give me your money oops oops well if it wasn’t broke it is a broken nose but i’m gonna go ahead and say it was probably broken they looked expensive and there’s probably a reason it got thrown out don’t expend stuff with oh down in the sticks man crap man this is up right here yeah little bear in the stick oh man i’m beat oh this is like day four in a row yeah yeah all right scrap let’s go well good morning scavengers how’s everybody doing all right man hope everybody slept well doing all right today ah a pretty successful evening someone’s successful not the most successful but i would call it a success overall overall definitely got some scrap picked up uh some ac stuff back there got clean up work on get it all organized some fitness equipment most of that’s gonna be scrapped out i’m thinking though that the uh the little weight rack right there i mean i could probably get 20 bucks for it i mean it’s not in the best of shape but i mean you know someone throw it out in the garage it’s still gonna you know operate the way it’s supposed to just holding up uh you know plates and things like that so that could probably be resold i mean if somebody wanted to even take it further sand it down throw some black primer on it you’re good to go man uh yeah got that stuff back there we got a bunch of balances that we had to go like way up into the juice to get but we got it uh there’s a barbell back there i don’t know if there’s much hope for it it was in pretty bad shape looks like i’ve been sitting outside i don’t know maybe play with it see maybe hang onto mars myself i don’t know i don’t know but uh yeah so i’m gonna take a look at a couple things we got over here this nec this is i look this up this is actually what’s called a display monitor um the uh the screen is in great shape i got it hooked up to the laptop over here and uh but we are having issues let me see here turn it on oh turn it on the screen seems to be okay um you get this window that pops up attention no signal please check input signal or connection then it’ll go into power save mode but it seems like the screen itself is working i’ve got it hooked up to the laptop through the hdmi port and my laptop’s telling me that the selected device not found so there’s probably an issue with the hdmi connection or whatever and i’m guessing by the the the looks of this this is probably a little bit older so whoever had it probably just decided to upgrade and get something new but yeah this is what’s called a display monitor and it would be like uh basically kind of like a tv but it’s more like a computer monitor it goes on a wall like in an office and things like that where they hook it i guess they hook it to a computer and then they run stuff you know like uh advertisements or like if you walk into like i don’t know like say like a dentist’s office and they’ll have it on the wall and it shows all their plans and all the things that they do and i mean i really don’t know like what the difference really is i mean because you can hook your regular tv up to your computer too so it seems kind of moot in my opinion but i’m not a computer guy uh per se so i mean these things could have benefits or whatever but the fact that the screen’s not cracked it’s coming on it just needs some work there’s probably definitely some value here for this guy and we ended up making it home without destroying it that’s awesome ah got a verizon jet pack it was pretty wet one of the better it’s not gonna power on but uh i’ll stick it on the charger and see what happens i don’t know what a jet pack does net gear so like a uh like a gps or something i don’t know ah the one big open top we found we got a bunch of tools i dumped everything into this big tub here a couple of old saws and you know there may be some things here and there that y’all see me pass up that uh you know you’re like why’d you pass that up or you know that i you know probably could have grabbed but didn’t but you know when it comes to tools i don’t ever pass up tools i always grab tools no matter what shape they’re in tools are invaluable i can’t tell how many tools that i have that i’ve actually found tossed out and uh have uh you know i’m still using today some of this stuff maybe not so much it looks like there’s a soldering iron here there’s an etcher here we got a really old etcher right here but i mean you look at this cord on this thing look at that demore hand oh it’s a hand grinder not an etcher a little hand grinder it still spins but it definitely probably needs a new cord right there uh some lights and cords soldering irons uh this is we got all that brass that we pulled out of the one dumpster everything is completely oily and disgusting um go through that organize that up sort that out clean that up there uh our little foosball table don’t really need to go into too much detail about what that is i did get this box open kind of surprised what’s inside some of y’all probably already knew what it was those younger folk not so much i was thinking it was gonna be the uh you know the projector for this guy right here actually turns out it is a sewing machine looks like 70s ish says made in japan i’m not gonna plug it in just yet because this thing came out of a dumpster that was really wet if i plug it in if it works probably sell that i don’t see a manufacturer’s name on there though i don’t see it’s like singer or anything like oh here we go model 9300 number one 9974 so it doesn’t have like a a manufacturer’s name but it’s got the foot pedal looks like all the tools needles and such and the power cord so yeah oh set that back in there definitely uh definitely a little bit older that’s for sure i’d say probably 70s like i said some of y’all probably knew right off the bat what was in this box before i did but yeah we got it open i guess that’s the case it comes with all that good stuff uh so this right here i looked that up this is uh i think they called it epoch or something um this type of film i guess 3 600 feet and uh based off where i was at them i’m guessing it’s just uh they said what geophysical or something like that has something to do with like rocks and oil don’t really know what i’m going to do with that uh this little kit we also pulled out the dumpster all the brass stuff it’s got some bits there’s some collars right there some driver bits screwdriver drill bits screwdriver bits um all things that are new that i could use i just take them out got a little box and put all this crap in i mean i have so many screwdriver bits now i just been at you know just collected them up hey good morning uh and then the one box i got some more tools and stuff here let’s see this was the uh the one with the uh look like the uh the rack stuff this is called a rack ground assembly see here it’s heavy and it’s non-magnetic there’s some copper in there too electrical grounding i guess for a rack 505.068 it’s got a date of 2003 on it holy cow uh there’s another one there another one there let’s see there’s my soccer ball my food ball bob my foosball table got a little radio here a little tay radio the uh looks like the cords coming apart looks like hardware another ball yeah it looks like rack stuff not 100 sure what that is scrap at the very least see what we got here mounting stuff mounting stuff except for cleaning things good thick wire right here there’s some good thick wire man good thick stuff it’s like a little connector a little wire connector for cell phone stuff yeah more like more rack stuff looks like wires yep and then these are i guess i think these are like uh little blanks or whatever they go in and you have an open slot and they just kind of fill in the slot or whatever but yeah that’s all for like server rack stuff rack solutions this has wheels on it what would you use that for huh i don’t know i don’t know y’all let me know comment down below but yeah all that’s about it got a little bit of work cut out for me uh this morning just organizing sorting cleaning like i said scavenger’s work is never ever ever done you know i’m just always just out here doing my thing but anyways that is going to do it guys on this episode of dumpster diving as always it was a total pleasure be sure to like the video subscribe to the channel facebook instagram god can y’all make any more racket ah check it out uh extra special shout out to everyone who uh bought some some merch there on teespring if you’re interested down below teespring go get y’all some stuff oh my god it’s so loud out here it’s so loud out here uh get y’all some t-shirts mugs all that good stuff i’m about to go throw a shoe at somebody um all right uh probably gonna be a day or two before i get back out there like i said these uh this is like number four in a row and uh i just need i just need a day off just need one day one day just to just to relax kick back like i’ve been blowing and going but making lots of money though man these scrapyard runs have been pretty good but all right well we’ll see you on the next one guys y’all take care be safe all that good stuff peace what we got here y’all scrappy scraps mike


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