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Egypt vs Spain – Extended Highlights & Goals 2021

by smart

laying that one off and spain have something to think of at np get on the ball a little bit more and oh it was off the post that time danny cevallos and then it goes wide a let off for egypt no doubt about it at the euros with that awful mishap in the game that’s not the case in most other countries and that right there is a key point derek and and so so different and so keith on past the midway point of the first half no scoring in sapporo that’s going to be a free kick in the position of potential danger there’s going to be oh no variation on the original theme little flick by oyath and that was definitely done hey mohammed any cervios hands over as robbie said they these combinations set somebody free and the goal comes it’s just this little pieces around here again a good example tough to break down miranda that long throw over spain hege and left he’s done that swap with danny elmo and takes on the shot and i wonder if he’d like to have that moment back at actual fact referee letting the play flow the challenge had been put in by danny cevallos and he appears to be in a bit of distress that is not good news because the squads egypt are actually better than argentina which might have been and spain back on the front foot the midfield it’s kind of a little bit different pedro is on the left-hand side mourinho is holding scuff taking the corner for spain as vallejo trying to judge it on and then moncayola that’s good use of the ball marco ascencio trying to disguise the pass but how to play it goes and a goal kick here the first couple of minutes of the miranda off the head of galel marco asensio up against galel and that wasn’t a bad ball just trying to locate it mourinho there’s four across midfield just one player up front good shape this is promising from a spanish point of view miranda and it comes off that was a feature sailing with ayard and he has it again mikhail trying to go around the outside taking the fall and they’re asking the question here the spanish player a little brighter and egypt varying their play and well it was effect but now danny olmo and egypt had just committed a bit an attack let’s see if there’s a hole in the industry on that occasion was over there actually the model of efficiency vallejo danny elmo just tried to keep us back here’s sub heat now this could be healthy from an egyptian point of view hamdi tried to let fly couldn’t direct it on target amar hamdi but better from egypt alhamdi and salah mohsen here’s danny almo for spain attracting a couple of players now is there a way through here they’ve just brought those substitutes on including just on both sides we talked about the spain changes don’t but also they’ve made changes egypt to their front players too knighted about the potential of having this very skillful very tricky winger now this counter attack from megazi giving that one away and he is over there powerful center forward making himself available again just trying to give higgs position to take the corner for xiaohi haribe’s team united seem on third bit of quality has not been there needed a bet substitutions spain that’s a nice looking move there was a challenge that came in just outside the box from hege yellow for ahmed highesi miranda was involved and it took a deflection so a corner of the outcome here corner to spain by 12 just vacating his position and maybe spain can take advantage here solaire or in this game from spain there’s hege throwing himself at the ball and that was always going wide so it’s egypt nil spain nail with at the tail end of this move i feel when you’re looking at brian heal you’re looking at a potential match winner that’s how much you’d have to pay to get him there’s the header from rafa mia and break down a four across midfield in a five this is better miranda and raphael straight up el shaddai it’s one of the chances of the game now

Egypt vs Spain - Extended Highlights & Goals 2021

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