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EID MUBARAK | Eid – Ul – Adha 2021| Pes Efootball 2021| #GamerDs #HDGamingVideo

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nowhere so perfect blue skies almost no wind beautiful sunshine these are in the conditions for the beautiful game the backdrop here picturesque idyllic no doubt one of the best days of the footballing calendar and it has added to a really jovial happy mood in the stands helping to raise the level of sound by pitch lavernia full tilt down the left tries to get it forward quickly hammers well that wasn’t too dissimilar to the previous attempt this is proving to be a very good spell the intensity is great but they’ve got to make it count what’s a ball but it’s broken loose he’s going after it oh real danger here it’s a loose ball it’s a very good battle there terrific to watch that’s been one straight back looking to force his way through ferretti to pablo nicely controlled but he goes looking over to the left rodriguez well you know sometimes it pays off don’t think too much great contact argentina themselves into the lead well just listen to the reaction i think you can hear the approval from the support all around the stadium maguire more than happy to take the muscular approach argentina i have a couple of goals without reply it’s too nil well unsurprisingly peter the opposition looked completely stunned i’m not sure they can gather themselves alexander arnold james rodriguez he’s gone for it he’s put away with one there that’s what all good teams do these days pressing from the front is highly effective headache and it’s first argentina just didn’t want the halftime whistle to be blown convincing and controlled argentina in control at halftime tuna so we’re just settling back into this second half feigl and here’s hummus i’ve given such an open invitation he was always better well he made it obvious as to where the past should be played pizza and it made the finish look that bit easier argentina take a three-goal lead and they are romping out of sight out towards the flank that’s a close-shooting chance results no longer in doubt it’s just about how many argentina air their opponents apart once again they are utterly ruthless no doubt as to who has the momentum here now the only doubt is how many is coming now it’s gets away from his opponents this could spell danger this is as ruthless as it gets he is the man argentina totally rampant here well it’s been a an absolutely fabulous spell for them and they’re starting to look unstoppable there could be more on the way going through and he’s white yeah by the looks of it well they’re very much the better team at the moment peter and no doubt we’ll be looking to to cause even more damage here renato augusto tries to switch to play lavernia goes hurtling down that left-hand side there’s the ball in here’s a corner lavernia plays it short driving on now what can they conjure from here that time he’s made sure that that won’t get through the referee brings it to a close argentina is well we have the most perfect day for you a warm hello in every sense of the world the sun is out and football has a special place on this most infinite hot a fixture ahead of us to which we’ve all been looking forward for so very very long and it means so very very much the scene could not be more beautiful the pitch looks terrific the players are ready to get started and we cannot wait for the contest that lies ahead this place simply a monument to the game so much prestige so much pride so much passion whenever football is played here well if you did just miss it we are up and running already argentina have an early lead good start vikal did really well to intervene and dispel the growing danger and here’s amrap easy they are in danger of disappearing out of sight perfect placement the one place to keep a good reach well you know sometimes it pays off not to think too much about things just put your foot through it and that was a good example great contact and the keeper had very little chance argentina i have a couple of goals without reply it’s 2-0 well unsurprisingly peter the opposition looked completely stunned i’m not sure they can gather themselves guerrero looks to get on the end of this and it’s carrillo got away oh it’s opened up nicely for him shut yeah he may have up it down a bit even though he was quite close carrillo battles to win it back good running with the ball can they build on it rodriguez managed to get himself offside it could be well to be honest he shouldn’t have spilled that in the first place but he recovered it really quickly so no harm done vigo well played he saw that coming quaver so off we go once so more teams emerge the same as they were before the break feigl tries to get it forward quickly cut out in the nick of time quiver and it’s paid forward yeah it looks like a change of approach and it may just freshen things up hoist it forward it’s broken loose quiver quiver plays it forward that’s just very well played he can’t hurt you with his back to goal and he didn’t go for the back heel to nearby gets it decent progress down the left this was gone that’s a foul oh now it’s is red alexander arnold mcguire to the keeper and go again alex on the ronald ford it goes added time is up and there goes the whistle argentina terrific team effort to satisfy both the boss and the fans you

EID MUBARAK | Eid - Ul - Adha 2021| Pes Efootball 2021| #GamerDs #HDGamingVideo

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