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Evanescence’s Amy Lee Speaks On The Band’s Tragic Losses That Inspired ‘The Bitter Truth’ Album

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hey it’s matt pinfield this is new and approved and my guest today is amy lee from evanescence their latest album their fifth came out very recently called the bitter truth it’s great record and i’m really happy to have amy with me today amy good to see you how you doing great thank you so much for having me matt you know it’s great to talk to you again and you know this album has so many great songs on i wanted to talk to you about the record too because you know so much stuff had gone on in you know in your life and in in members of the band and just in in the camp of evanescence you know during the covet thing i mean there was there was a lot of there was a lot of tragedy and just unexpected turns of events that that really affected you know the record and the songwriting let’s let’s talk about that because i mean you know you guys are ready recorded about four songs or so right um and uh and then a lot of things started to happen can we talk about that sure i mean we you know for us we were the things that you mentioned were happening kind of before that um i lost my brother in in 2018 and um it’s not my first experience with loss um but it just rocked um my family’s world and kind of like um it just puts your mind in another place and changes your perspective and for me it was kind of the beginning of this chapter where i was asking myself again kind of like well who am i you know now because when you lose something that’s such a huge part of yourself when something changes that’s a huge part of yourself you end up asking those questions or at least i do um the beautiful thing is that it’s it’s led me to music again um and we were there already we were playing music we were touring that year and we have had other losses in our band family as well since then but um yeah tim right tim lawson yeah yeah tim lost his uh daughter-in-law um it’s interesting this music for me like when i first started making it was you know it’s self-expression it’s fun it’s cool to be in a band but it was it was deeper than that it’s always been a place for me to really pour out things that are just hard to say in real life or so there’s something about it that feels really cathartic and beautiful and healing and the even more beautiful part is when you see all these other people out there in the world that use the music in the same way in their own life and in their own you know process of healing or grieving or whatever it is um a lot of it for us a lot of like kind of the motto of the whole thing is like not to be afraid of the pain not to like numb it out but to um go ahead and feel those feelings and and let yourself in the music have a place to feel free to be your whole self and our whole selves sometimes are broken so a lot of this album it just became and then covet hit and we just felt like we were in tune with a big feeling going around in the world about people having to really look at life and feel lost and and want to come together and want to be together and we had to be a part it made the album have so much meaning and purpose for us it was like we were on a mission um not just to like help ourselves but to to put something good in into a broken world yeah absolutely and it’s great i mean there’s so many great songs on here and i love you know you know the fact that you got together with your friends great friends and contemporaries you know lizzie hale and taylor mumps and use your voice and and family members as well right just got to sing on there with you when you did that yeah yeah it was a beautiful thing was that your sisters yeah it’s not my first time having my um my sisters sing with me they they did some vocals on call me when you’re sober um i i come from a creative family and a musician family too so um it’s cool to be able to like just lean on your actual sisters you know for stuff sometimes and your family but also you know i have so many friends that happen to be amazing women uh in rock uh and in the music industry so it was cool to just like reach out and be like hey you guys want to all like do a big game vocal and be part of this and um it’s really cool to hear you know so much enthusiasm for wanting you know to do it and to be together and just i don’t know have have be a part of like saying that like we’re stronger together and have have a big voice it makes me feel a lot of love when i hear um that song and when i sing that song yeah use my voice such a great track so cool lindsey sterling was on it as well i mean you’re just a lot of your friends came together to do that and uh which which was cool so let’s let’s talk about you know one of the things that you’ve always i thought there was you’ve always been very transparent very honest with your lyrics and your songwriting i mean and you know having started the band at such a young age amy you know in the early days before the first record came out you know and you know like being in a band with your with your young boyfriend with ben moody back at the time and then you know going through the things you went through with with your with your boyfriend see there and call me when you’re sober you know i mean you’ve really um you know you you’ve been very open and honest about the things that are gone in your life in relationships and everything is that do you find that to be one of the most cathartic things is being able to like express that so that other people that are going through the similar thing can really draw from that it’s kind of a personal challenge um to be as honest as it can be in the music because in real life you know we just i feel myself having to put on so many faces not for any like huge reasons all the time just you know social graces we don’t always say you know you have to be like hey how’s it going it’s weird to just be like well [ __ ] like everything is totally screwed for me right now you want to be that person and it’s not even always about something being bad but just telling the truth and being able to like get out the things that i don’t really have the opportunity to say um out loud all the time music’s my best friend in that way um and i do think it’s really cool because i have seen it do positive things the ability somehow to take something horrible and tragic or just bad in general and make it into something good make it into something life-giving and beautiful is um it is the coolest is the cool thing in my life i think it’s fantastic let’s talk about the song better without you which is a great track tell me about that song well um the writing process of it was interesting um i was just playing around with music boxes in my house in brooklyn um i just thought it’d be cool to like make my own music box sound so i was just sampling i love to just mess with sounds by myself in my studio there’s a lot of that actually we made a box set for the bitter truth and there’s a cassette on there where i just put all these scraps and pieces of ideas that either didn’t make it or like things that turned into songs on the album eventually and a lot of it’s just noise making and better without you came from this just like experimenting with uh sampling music boxes and creating a loop creating my own melody and uh i remember showing that tidbit you know that beginning and like the start of the first verse um to the band and will our drummer was just like i got an idea for that uh and then we went in there and just built the whole song together and the song was really really collaborative with the band which um feels really good that’s not that’s not the way that things started for this band that’s not the way my relationship was with um with the first group you know with the first formation uh we’ve really grown in so many ways into the band that i dreamed of being so it’s really cool to be able to like rely on your friends and trust each other’s opinions and know that you know they’re going to challenge you and we’re going to challenge each other and never settle for it not being the best that we can possibly do i think that’s great and i love that will hunt’s in the band i mean he just kills he’s so good you know it really really does which is great you know amy your live shows have always been just so great and i love that you’ve announced just on friday that you’re going to be going out with uh with lizzy and and with plush and with zar who are i mean every one of those artists are great and you know you’re going to be on the road one of your best friends there i mean with you and lizzy talk to me about that relationship and how that all started um well it started with music uh we were it worked out for us to go do some shows together and um we hadn’t met in person before um signing up to to do a tour together in 2012. and i remember um we had some kind of joint uh press or like meet and greet to do on that first day and like i went in there to go be like hey like before the fans came in and we just clicked immediately um she’s really humble and really down to earth doesn’t take you know all the glory too seriously takes herself seriously you know respects herself just a really cool person i feel like um it takes something obviously being a good musician and being a good songwriter that’s all key but um there’s something deeper um that makes the real pros like lizzy um and it comes from just a good heart like somebody with like their [ __ ] in order like their priorities are straight um we love each other we get along we play hard and we work hard um so i’m very much looking forward i’m looking forward to playing live music again in general i mean everybody is everybody’s been missing it so bad but to be able to go back out for our first one out with a whole group of people that we’re friends with the crew band we love each other all of us so it’s going to be a really good time and i think it’s great you’re bringing along like i said plush her a great new band that we played here on the show and lilith zar who’s uh juliet she’s phenomenal right i mean it’s just i love it you know one of the things i i also wanted to talk about was one of the things that you bring through the lyrics and it’s really shows on the bitter truth too is is empowerment you know what i mean personal empowerment let’s talk about that well i am really excited about plush 2 and um that’s a good segue to talk about empowerment because i i feel like it’s hard for anybody to get here you know to have a band break uh it doesn’t matter anything about you um male female whatever but um it is hard to get here as a female in addition and like to do well like to fit into it and have that not be your whole identity um and i have always considered you know since we did make it like this is a cool opportunity for me physical opportunity for all of us to give somebody else a cool chance i think plush is awesome and they’re so young and they’re just starting i know they’re writing songs now you know to play by the time that we tour um and the music i’ve heard is fantastic their energy is fantastic um i think we all like deep down really want to see that fly we want to see them succeed and be everything that we want music and empowerment and strength and sisterhood to be so um lizzie and i were all really rooting for them and it’s um it’s a real um honor to be able to give a cool new band an opportunity like that yeah i think it’s great i really love that you’re doing that let’s talk about the you know working with nick rusco linux on on the last record of course and your relationship with nick such a great producer tell me about uh about working with him and and how that kind of shifted during the pandemic how did that work out yeah um i mean nick’s one of god he’s a special guy he’s doing a hillstone album right now um besides him being an incredible producer he’s an incredible fan he works with bands that he really knows and gets and loves their music like on a real level like he’ll get to know it and he’ll do you know what it takes to bring that best out of you that i feel like in a lot of ways they’re the root things about you that made people fall in love with you in the first place and that doesn’t ever mean repeating what you’ve done before it means that spirit that thing you know that’s in you that whatever it is like your best and i think it’s really cool to be able to um work with somebody so down to earth again and flexible the pandemic definitely threw a wrench into things because we started off we did the four songs in the beginning of 2020 and then we all had to you know go away um and we didn’t know when we could come back and jen um our guitar players in germany we actually haven’t seen her yet since those first four songs we’ve been working remotely and with nick you know we took some time off we had more writing to do anyway um so i really just was in here uh writing a ton um collecting ideas from the guys over the internet putting things together and playing by myself but you know at some point it’s like we need to get back together to really do this um and nick was just there and has his own place where he could we could just totally lock down together we stayed super safe we all you know just got here and bubbled everybody but jen who was remote and then whenever we had to like step out for a minute because like there was an exposure potentially or whatever like we just take a couple weeks and wait and he didn’t book other gigs it was like last year he was just there for this album um i don’t know what i would have done without that situation i don’t think our album would have been made i think that we would still be working on it if if we weren’t in this cool situation where i live here and he was here for us and just rooting for it and staying engaged and creative and you made that that move from brooklyn to uh to nashville where you have a lot of your friends you know i mean because a lot of people that you and i know have made that move you know in rock too it’s yeah it’s it’s become a city as a destination uh so tell me about it are you really enjoying you know being in nashville around those friends and what’s that for you i am i truly am but i it has been so isolated for the time that i’ve been here because of the timing of our move that i don’t feel like i’ve really gotten to like live here i could be on mars and it would feel similar um yeah but i’m i’m just now like as we’re starting to kind of get out there it does i do feel like the support of a lot of our best friends in the world are here around us and we’re close to family too um my family is still in arkansas so you know um we can actually drive and all that so yeah it’s been nice to be here i miss new york i can’t help it yeah such a long stretch there but for right now and this season it couldn’t have been a better situation um for everything that we’ve been doing it’s awesome where were you in brooklyn were you in like park slope or what part williamsburg were we uh brooklyn heights actually kind of like downtown yeah technically i think you would call downtown yeah but i mean yeah so you were there for a while which is amazing yeah 13. when do you look back i mean now amy it’s incredible you know starting the you know the first and first version of the band you were about what were you 14 going on 15 when that when that first it’s hard to call it it’s funny because the way our band was wasn’t like a band it was like a duo thing like we were like recording artists first which is weird and backwards it wasn’t like we were out playing gigs it was like we were just finding ways to create and record music you know however so i remember having like a 16 track recorder and like bouncing down tracks and like learning all that stuff when ben and i were young teenagers um and then our first shows were literally like coffee shops and stuff with you know us and and then sometimes we’d bring in another musician and it was usually like a guest thing by the time we were like okay you know we have this music like let’s go do it for real it was not that much later that we were getting signed and kind of like picking who was gonna be like in the touring band for real um so it’s interesting i don’t know how old i was it’s hard to put a marker on when evanescence started because it really just came from this pure like creativity that evolved and eventually became a band yeah which is amazing and and what a journey on to this fifth album now right you know yeah i mean you know i i just think it’s uh it’s it’s great to see how the band and how your songwriting has evolved i mean it’s always been strong but i love uh i love where you’ve gone on this new record i really do thank you we’re really really just proud of it and grateful grateful to have our fans to be here after so long and um just like feel the love um and it is absolutely both ways um i definitely wasn’t imagining or envisioning that we’d be here where we are now um when fallen came out yeah i i thought that was gonna end shorter i mean sooner is that great though i mean it’s just such a great thing that it’s that it’s continued on and and you know because you know it’s true you never know how things are going to turn out when you when you’re in a band and you’re in a creative process because there’s so many different factors but i think by you tr staying true to yourself which you’ve definitely me as a music fan as an observer uh i think the thing that’s really always worked for you amy is that you you just really true to yourself with your with your songwriting and expressions that means so much to me thank you and i think it’s great so and i want to thank you for doing this and taking the time to talk to me today because it’s so good to have you yeah and it’s good to be here it’s gonna be out doing it ready for the tour yeah i can’t wait i’m psyched to see you and lizzy being on the road and yeah plush and lilith zard yeah we’re ready you know and see i see the rest of the crew because uh see will and everybody in the band would be cool you know what i mean yes well come on down we’ll be there yeah we’ll have you in person next time we’ll do it okay that sounds good amy thank you so much for doing this and uh again the new album is great bitter truth love the record so thanks so much and we’ll see you soon okay okay see you then you got it amy lee from the band evan essence their new album is called the bitter truth i’m matt pinfield this has been kos new and approved thanks so much for watching

Evanescence\'s Amy Lee Speaks On The Band\'s Tragic Losses That Inspired \'The Bitter Truth\' Album

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