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Explained: Everything You Need to Know About Surfing’s Debut at the Tokyo Olympics

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the sport of surfing is making its debut at the tokyo olympics here’s everything you need to know so you watch this summer like a true fan who actually understands what’s going on first up let me give you a little 101 history lesson on surfing the sport of surfing dates back to the early 1900s polynesians living in hawaii and tahiti sort of started the whole thing duke kahanamoku also known as the father of modern surfing made the sport super popular here in the u.s and by the 60s everyone in california was doing it duke went on to win five medals three goals for team usa at several olympics but in the category of swimming because of course surfing wasn’t a thing yet here’s what’s really cool when duke received his 1912 medal in stockholm he told everyone his dream was to see surfing become an olympic sport fast forward a century later and here we are the international olympic committee added surfing to the official sports list on august 3rd of 2016. specifically for the tokyo games alright so there’s your history lesson now onto some specifics about the olympic surfing competition it’s going down at surigasaki beach which is about 62 miles from the olympic stadium in tokyo and because of how unpredictable waves are considering factors like high direction strength of wind all the above the exact dates and times of the competition haven’t actually been released yet there is an eight day window tentative agenda out there but it can all change the final schedule will be announced once the olympics start what’s nice though is that the competition can actually be completed in just four days but it can take longer than that depending on the weather alright moving on to scoring how will the judges score the surfing competition so a total of 40 athletes 20 males and 20 females will compete in three 30-minute rounds and three 30-minute finals five judges will score the competition using a point system each wave the surfer rides can get a mark of 0.1 to 10. the highest and lowest marks get tossed and the other three marks are averaged out that’s the athlete’s final score for that wave the surfer’s two best scoring waves will then be added together to determine their overall heat score the athlete with the highest heat score wins the gold still with me alright judges will be considering several factors when scoring the commitment of the surfer while riding the wave plus of course the difficulty variety and combination of the athletes moves including the speed power and flow in which they execute said moves judges will also be looking for innovation and progression is the athlete bringing any new moves to the table all right so that’s how the surfing competition will be scored now the big question who’s representing team usa in tokyo a total of four americans will participate in the surfing competition at the olympics kelojandino and caroline marks from san clemente california and john john florence and carissa moore from honolulu hawaii sadly no one from the bay area made the cut but the local surfing community is equally as excited to see these guys take a stab at the coveted gold medal we’ve come to the end that’s everything you need to know about surfing at the tokyo olympics now if you want to take an even deeper look into the world of surfing we have this great documentary that dives into the history of the sport in the bay area and even the science behind choosing a board and wetsuit

Explained: Everything You Need to Know About Surfing\'s Debut at the Tokyo Olympics

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