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Fumigação em Algodão – ANEA 2021

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[Music] national association of cotton exporters presents [Music] fumigation in containers with metal bromide [Music] preparation of documentation by an accredited company [Music] santos port brazil at least two professionals are required for funigation a predetermined location that allows the fumigation to be carried out safely positioning of cpe’s collective protection equipment check the container’s condition observe the condition of the rubber seal the locations of the vents and the absence of the hose seal the vents and small holes detected connect the equipment to a suitable power source [Music] document the operation with federal agencies [Music] use the ppe indicated for application of meto bromide [Music] carry out the dosage of the product gas application [Applause] [Music] document the operation signing the location [Music] the treated material must remain under the effect of fumigation for the exposure time indicated by import permit usually 24 to 48 hours ventilating the container [Music] ventilation should always be carried out by a qualified technician from the fumigation company after the end of the exposure time [Music] use the gas meter detector to confirm safe concentration levels less than 5 ppm releasing the container for movement [Music] complete the procedure issue fumigation certificate [Music] amea national association of cotton exporters

Fumigação em Algodão - ANEA 2021

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