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Gatos hiperrealistas ? y realidad aumentada en la publicidad y más noticias! – Noticias XR 5

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Welcome to XR News, once again! I love being with you again like every fortnight! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for the positive comments you give to this section and let’s get started with the news now! The game that made augmented reality popular has turned 5 years old, you know what I’m talking about! Yes I’m talking about Pokémon GO! And for their fifth anniversary, they held the Pokémon GO Festival that took place on July 17 and 18 where missions, rewards and special bonuses were launched for all the loyal fans of the game. While many might believe that the success of Pokémon GO was deflated because there are no more squares or parks full of people, the truth is that the game reaches its fifth anniversary with a legion of loyal fans. Even despite the pandemic, after its first five years, the app has managed to amass a fortune of $ 5 billion. For Niantic, its developer company, Pokémon Go still has a lot of life ahead of it and although the initial boom has deflated, its users are more loyal and mature and do not hesitate to invest money within the application. And you, are you still hunting pokemon? If you want a battle with Emiliusvgs, I leave his code here for you to challenge! Did you know that the advertising you see on the stadium billboards through your television is augmented reality? Yes, I was surprised too, but I’m talking about ‘Parallel ads’, an augmented reality technology that adapts in real time what is seen according to location. How does it work? The people in the stadium will see the empty billboard, but the video captured by the camera will allow to place different parallel announcements in real time. Up to four simultaneous transmissions can be made, with advertisements on the LED billboards and based on a single camera. This technology recreates the map of the field in 3D, which together with motion tracking cameras allows creating a layer that differentiates the fences. A layer that is then used for further processing. The truth was I had no idea that this technology existed, but apparently it has been used for several years. Now when you watch your favorite matches you will already know how these fences work. What did you think of the news? And continuing with the theme of advertising, he is always looking for new ways to surprise us. And I think that with this new strategy they did! I’m talking about 3D effect digital billboards. If you still don’t know what I’m talking about, then you should see this: And it is precisely this latest 3D cat fence that went viral recently and caused quite a stir. What these types of fences seek is to give the feeling as if the experience were taking place in reality. Something like that, like the shark coming back in the future. Don’t tell me you didn’t see it? The place of this amazing show was Tokyo and to generate this effect a curved LED screen of more than 150 square meters was needed and a hyper-realistic animation to be displayed in 4K resolution. This is basically an example, because the true purpose we will definitely see later. If you are a lover of shooter games, you will be excited to know that SNIPER ELITE has just launched its version in virtual reality. SNIPER ELITE VR is located in the South of Italy, year: 1943. The fascist troops have occupied the country and we will have to fight for the Italian Resistance. The first person game experience makes the game more exciting, you will have to use stealth and realistic weapons to be an elite shooter. As in previous versions of the game, in the VR version you will be able to see with X-rays the effects of our shots on the enemy’s body. You can also disable the HUD to not see the game information on the screen and thus make the experience much more immersive and realistic! And this is something that should come as no surprise: another augmented reality startup has been sucked in! After raising tens of millions of investors, UBIQUITY6 recently announced that it has been acquired by none other than DISCORD, the favorite chat platform for gamers. Although UBIQUITY6 was born as a company focused on augmented reality, today it seems to have left it behind. Lately it was focused on Backyard, a desktop gaming platform for remote play, We still don’t know very well what projects UBIQUITY6 and DISCORD will carry out together, but it seems that they will continue to focus on shared experiences. Let’s wait to see what surprises they bring! And this has been all the most outstanding news of the first half of July! If you have any news related to extended reality, write us to the Emiliusvgs networks. See you in an upcoming video and see you in the metaverse! Byeeee!

Gatos hiperrealistas ? y realidad aumentada en la publicidad y más noticias! - Noticias XR 5

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