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George W. Bush reflexiona sobre el legado de Angela Merkel – El Espectador

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uh i bet a legacy of angela merkel is there’s a lot of girls who watch angela merkel say i too can have a position of responsibility and power because she conducted herself uh with such dignity [Applause] president bush you have met chancellor angela merkel so many times do you recall kind of a defining moment you know the last time i saw her was defining because she flew all the way over to my dad’s funeral my whole family was there and uh somebody said uncle merkel would like to call on you and it just meant a lot you know i was very close to my dad and the fact that she would take time to come really defined i think our relationship uh she’s a very thoughtful kind person [Applause] miami germany is a very close ally and a very important friend germany is really important for europe and uh and germany’s got a lot of sway in terms of helping shape kind of world opinion on key issues and therefore it makes sense for a u.s president to be close to the german chancellor and even though gerard schroeder and i had a disagreement on on issues we nevertheless were able to send the signal that u.s german relations were very important talking about difficult relations relationships what triggered uh angela merkel in donald trump and caused this harsh reaction he once refused shaking herself so that was just a not a good period in german and u.s relations so it’s hard for me to guess why talking about immigration that’s what that was something which will define probably angela merkel’s chancellery what’s your take on her reaction when she didn’t close the borders and let in like a million or so yeah you know my first reaction was there’s a woman with a big heart and i’m sure she was motivated by human compassion and uh you know i it was i it was clearly a tough political decision for her uh but she took a lead and uh the world needs leadership that has uh based upon principle and that’s what she did and uh i know it costs political points but seems like she’s doing pretty well [Applause] this is a mistake you know i think it is yeah i think because i think the consequences are going to be unbelievably bad and uh i’m sad and i spend laura and i spend a lot of time with afghan women and uh and they’re scared it’s unbelievable how that society changed from the brutality of the taliban and all of a sudden sadly i’m afraid afghan women and girls are going to suffer unspeakable [Applause] harm relationship with vladimir putin is somewhat special sometimes it’s really close sometimes it’s more confrontational how do you see her relationship or how did you see it when you were in office well first of all i fully understood the importance of russia to germany can become more important as germany relies upon russian natural gas to power her big industrial economy which i thought was a mistake but you know i didn’t i didn’t view it as uh you know a diminution of our relationship because she had to deal with planner putin i mean i i viewed as very practical i think putin’s got a big influence and he speaks german and uh and i wasn’t you know look putin said he’s wily and he can be pretty tough and but but so can angela so i wasn’t worried about putin running over angela merkel she can hold her own and i’m sure she did if you would write the history books what would be your paragraph about angela merkel angela merkel brought class and dignity uh to a very important position and uh made very hard decisions and did so though with what’s best for germany and did so based upon principle here’s the thing that amazes me eight years in a democracy is a long time i know full well people get tired of you and they retire to reagan after eight years they’re darn sure tired of me after eight years and angela merkel has managed to survive in a pretty tough political environment for more than eight years and i think it reflects the german voters trust they may not agree with angela but they trust her and they trust her most first and foremost because she’s a good person you painted a portrait of her i’m sure all that kind of is seen in this portrait maybe you can talk a little bit about the process and the picture itself sure well you know uh i was just i was a new painter so i was a little worried about uh making sure i captured uh the person that i was trying to paint and in angela’s case i wanted to paint a kind person with a lovely soul and that’s the person i got to know i mean she’s plenty tough uh in order to survive in a in what was a man’s world german politics for a long time she’s got to be pretty tough and she’s resolute but i also saw a side of her that was very compassionate and decent and that’s what i that’s the what i try to do in the portrait i hope she likes it there is one image the world remembers of you and angela merkel that that’s that’s at the ga meeting in san petersburg when you were massaging her shoulders oh and i walked by and gave her did you ever talk with her about it no no but if i need to angela i’m sorry i did that and put you in the public spotlight but on the other hand it’s a reflection of my uh my friendship with you

George W. Bush reflexiona sobre el legado de Angela Merkel - El Espectador

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