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Good sermon by Father Jonathan Meyer | “Preparation is the Enemy of Fear”

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happy easter before i begin my homily i’d like to introduce um deacon jacob lindell for some of you who maybe thought i had a time machine and brought back a younger version of deacon bob you’re wrong this is deacon jacob lindell deacon jacob was ordained a deacon just one week ago and his parents have joined our parish here at all saints he is a transitional deacon which means he’ll be ordained a priest in about 13 months from now for the archdiocese of cincinnati so deacon it’s good to have you with us hopefully we’ll see him around a little bit with his parents being parishioners here and things of those sorts what are you afraid of what fears do you have what fears you yesterday was the first day of may a month clearly devoted and dedicated to the blessed virgin mary a month dedicated to motherhood and femininity yesterday also may 1st marked the feast day of saint joseph saint joseph the worker in the year dedicated to saint joseph an angel appeared to both of these pillars in our church when the angel gabriel appeared to the blessed virgin mary what were the first words out of the angel’s mouth be not afraid when the angel appeared to saint joseph in a dream what did the angel say to saint joseph joseph son of david do not be afraid to take mary your wife into your home fear cripples us fear keeps us from being who we are truly called to be if you look at our first reading today we talk a lot in our world today about what’s known as cancel culture what happens in our reading today from the acts the apostles the first christian community cancels out saul saul wants to join them but they don’t want him to join them why because saul was a killer saul was killing their kind what did the christian community fail to do it failed to prepare themselves to know who paul had become i speaking to father eric bolick who you know is a very dear friend of mine if it wasn’t for father uh bolick uh i wouldn’t have gotten to know another good friend of mine now father chase hilgenbrink father chase hillary uh many of you know is a professional soccer player he played down in chile and then had a conversion spirit experience down there and now is a roman catholic priest and a very good friend of father eric bollock’s father chase hilligenbrink is one of the presenters who’s coming to uh the intense conference that will be hosted this summer here at all saints parish for the chase hogan brink when he was a soccer player down in chile his professional soccer coach had a phrase that he would say all the time and it was this preparation is the enemy of fear preparation is the enemy of fear so what’s fear’s greatest enemy preparation is the enemy of i fear that’s like look at our lives think of moments in your life that you’ve been fearful if you’re fearful before you take a test why are you fearful because you didn’t prepare all teachers know this we know this from our experiences of not having studied walking into a classroom and being filled with fear and anxiety as a coach one of my favorite moments is when it’s before a very large track meet or a cross-country invite and one of my athletes comes up to me is like coach i am ready i’m just going to crush this i’m going to go out and kill this it’s going to be awesome i’m so excited about today’s race why are they excited because they’re prepared when we’re prepared we don’t have fear it’s when we’re not prepared that we’re full of fear once the disciples in our first orientation from the acts of the apostles truly hear from barnabas about who saul has become paul their fear goes away which moves me to today’s gospel today’s gospel is very powerful image of the vine the branches the grapes the vine grower the divine grower being god the father the vine being christ the branches being you and i and the fruit being the holy spirit but there’s this part in today’s gospel which could fill you or i with fear anyone who does not remain in me will be thrown out like a branch and wither people will gather them and throw them into a fire and they will be burnt i don’t know you every time i hear this passage it was like oh my that could be me i could be a branch of the vine that withers i could be thrown to the fire i could burn for all eternity and when this fear comes i know fear’s greatest enemy and fear’s greatest enemy is preparation because preparation is the enemy of fear and so what does christ ask of me he asked me to be prepared he asked me to be ready he asked me to live my life as i am charged to our second reading today from saint john’s letter chapter three says this children let us love not in word or in speech but in deed and in truth he continues on by saying we have confidence in god because we keep his commandments and do what pleases him saint john has confidence confidence in what in god in eternal life in heaven why because he’s prepared because he keeps god’s commandments and does what pleases him preparation is the enemy of fear so what fears do you have in your life is it financial or economic worries is it fear of a conversation that you need to have it’s a fear of a co-worker a family member friend it’s a fear of help my dear people when we choose to be prepared fear vanquishes today we are invited i think in a true sense through the intercession of the blessed virgin mary who even in her holiness even in her immaculate conception was greeted by an angel who said do not be afraid saint joseph in his work is told by the angel do not be afraid god says to us this morning do not be afraid how will we have no fear with what lies before us by being prepared by following his ways by allowing him to lead us by trusting in his path and knowing that he is our god through god’s grace may be so through the intercession of mary and joseph may we have no fear because we are prepared


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