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GTA V – Tommy | The GTA Connection Epilogue

by smart

[Music] hey daddy it’s sunny how’s the sunset i ain’t got no suntan we ain’t got my money either i’m one of them myself what are you doing so tell me tell me what are you doing i’m looking for the money sonny don’t worry i am wearing tommy that’s my style because i didn’t have this problem in my life with unreliable people do us hope a favor i’m looking forward to hearing from you [Music] what the hell are you doing [Music] uh you okay to use a gun what are you gonna do this place is gonna be crawling with assholes be careful blow me asshole [Music] get dead cocksucker up yours come here i’ll fight your head off [Music] i poked my head out of the gutter for one freaking second and fate shovels shit in my face let’s get out of here hmm nice bike those are agencies go get some sleep hey pal you serving or hanging out i want some food normally i don’t do this sort of thing today ain’t too good [Music] [Music] okay no more talking asshole oh give me a break don’t give tommy versetti a hard time asshole [Music] stand still and i’ll make it quick come here you double crossing piece of [Music] you shit start talking you know the rules for seti mr ferrelli sent his regards enjoy a personal favor from me oh way to go tough guy beat him to a pulp that should make him real chatty don’t try to be a hero pal sure i guess nice to see you too thank you and thank me what are we doing now i’ll go find where he’s holed up one thing you got to realize about this town you got to pack some heat i got us some cannons in the trunk holy shit where’d you get all this stuff been saving for a rainy day [Music] you like yeah i like i’m gonna go see what i can dig up i’ll be watching you tommy i just need enough to buy some beer ah well i hope you’re having a good time because i’m going out of my mind with worry here what did you find out that there are more criminals in this town than in prison we need a lead from the streets okay let me think let me think let me think ah i got it okay i know how to handle business ken okay when your best friend’s a lawyer and you’re taking advice from a texan crook you know things ain’t going well [Music] [Music] [Music] so you want some of this [Music] okay dance over beat it [Music] motherfucker eat it eat it [Music] sleep with the fish regroup [Music] remember the name [Music] piss off fuck tommy it’s lance we got big problems come down here right away [Music] your italian brothers are coming from up there to fit me with some cement shoes and i shut up ken sit down lance what the hell’s going on it’s your friends up north tommy they took longer than i thought this is what you get for messing with me tommy why hopefully hugs me old buddy i’ve had 15 years out of the loop i’m a bit rusty on family etiquette oh he’s angry huh tommy didn’t i say your temper will get you into trouble huh you took 15 years from me sonny and now i’m gonna make you pay take em out i’ll take you all down still don’t get it do you i owe you 15 i need cover don’t worry tommy i’ll cover you i run this town now me damn this is the war zone it’s time for the land fan stand you got a death wish asshole okay boys we’re taking him to you man i’m bent down rich come on tommy i’ll be okay i’m coming for you [Music] i like your style man real fresh [Music] come here you double crossed a piece of shit him boys he never understood a thing you’re going down you backstabbing prick [Music] i’ll beat the life out of you i’m bored of you asshole [Music] remember guilty is a dirty word [Music] what the hell good shooting my friend you’re a real proper grade a lunatic well thank you [Music] you

GTA V - Tommy | The GTA Connection Epilogue

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