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Harry frustrated before Megxit during Australia tour ‘Not his usual self – kind of angry’

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harry was not his usual self during the 2018 trip the couple’s first official tour since tying the knot according to journalist james longman in february of that year buckingham palace announced the duke and duchess of sussex had confirmed to the queen they would not return to the family as working royals the couple left the uk for california in march 2020 after announcing they would step back as senior royals amid reports of a rift with the firm but according to mr longman a foreign correspondent for abc news meghshi was already on the cards during the early stages of the sussex’s marriage mr longman traveled with the pair during their 16-day visit to australia fiji tonga and new zealand in october 2018 when he said the cracks were already beginning to show we saw it when we were on the royal tour with them around australia he told abc’s documentary royal divide harry meghan and the crown harry was not his usual self he wasn’t chatty he wasn’t calm and relaxed he was kind of angry the duke of sussex later admitted that the australia trip had not helped ease tensions with the palace due to comparisons between meghan and his late mother princess diana diana and harry’s father prince charles had themselves completed a whirlwind royal tour of australia and neighbouring countries in 1983 during which they met hundreds of well wishes and foreign dignitaries the 30 000 mile trip was regarded as a huge success for the couple despite the queen’s reported fears that 21 year old diana would not be able to cope with the gruelling itinerary harry and meghan’s own tour was also seen as a victory but for the duke the australian media’s coverage of the duchess who was pregnant may have led to her feeling shunned by some members of the royal family the duke told us tv host oprah winfrey during a bombshell interview earlier this year that although his family had been welcoming towards megan at first it really changed after the australia tour i just wish that we would all learn from the past he said adding that it had been effortless for megan to come into the family with such a significant tour on which she was able to connect with people the duchess also told oprah that the tour had marked a turning point in terms of the firm shielding her from negative media coverage after we had gotten back from our australia tour which was about a year before that and we talked about when things really started to turn when i knew we weren’t being protected megan said the duchess claimed she was the victim of a character assassination after the australia trip including reports that she made kate middleton the duchess of cambridge cry the sun reported in november 2018 that megan had reduced the duchess to tears during a bridesmaid dress fitting for kate’s daughter princess charlotte the incident was alleged to have taken place during the run-up to harry and meghan’s wedding in may of that year [Music] you

Harry frustrated before Megxit during Australia tour \'Not his usual self - kind of angry\'

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