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“History is on the line; glad I decided to come” Djokovic at Tokyo 2020

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um so yes you’re right that was one of the the biggest uh uh issues i had with coming coming to tokyo when i heard that there was not there was wasn’t going to be any any crowds because obviously playing in the three olympic games and experiencing the olympic games as they are usually organized with crowds with the support with that energy and vibe you know without without uh the key element of of any sports event for that matter especially olympics which which are the supporters and crowds and fans uh it’s it’s different but it’s still olympic games and uh i i was uh in dilemma for for for a little bit but then in the end i decided to come and and i’m glad in the past i wasn’t probably fully experiencing that approach and that has backfired on me and i start to feel that there was a lot of distractions around that were influencing my performance i know that there is a lot of things on the line i know there is history on the line i’m privileged and motivated to be in this position i’ve worked very hard to be there with my team of course but you know let’s let’s talk about history if uh if everything goes great here uh well i have not experienced too many big tournaments in the past 15 years without roger and rafa playing so it’s it’s a little bit strange to be honest because i’m used to seeing at least one of them uh but still you know some of the best players in the world are here uh medvedev city pass zverev um rublev those are the guys that are in top six seven in the world and they they are the the biggest i would say contenders or candidates for for winning a medal and naomi osaka is a a great champion that we have in our sport and playing in her country without crowd is obviously not ideal for her i’m sure that she wanted to have support and people behind her it is what it is but she and nishikori carry a lot of responsibility and you know weights on their shoulders for sure playing playing in japan


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