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[Music] foreign [Music] hello and welcome to the kingdom of spain a country that made such an impact on the world and its history that even americans know about it spain is a country located in southwestern europe on the iberian peninsula and is bordered by five separate countries portugal france andorra morocco and unfortunately for them great britain as they still hold this overrated rock for god knows what reason spain’s climate varies throughout the country in the northern region of spain the climate is more temperate and similar to the one found in france and germany with normal seasons and refreshing levels of humidity meanwhile in the southern regions the country becomes the ninth circle of health during the summer not because it becomes that hot oh no no but because it attracts thousands of demons each year known to mortals only as british tourists unlike most european countries spain’s government is a constitutional monarchy and a federation which can only be described as the product of if america and the uk had a baby essentially spain is divided into 19 different states or as they like to call them autonomous communities which all have differing levels of autonomy and linguistic and cultural differences they are andalusia catalonia madrid valencia galatia castile and leon the basque country castilla la mancha the canary islands mauritia aragon extra madura the balearic islands asturias navarra cantabria la roja and maya and celta also contrary to most other european countries spain is yet another country that does not recognize kosovo hold your horses though it’s not because spain is one of serbia’s greatest friends no no no dear viewer it’s because spain has a kosovo of its own and it speaks a language known as catalan what the [ __ ] you say to me you little [ __ ] anyways unfortunately due to me being a broke college student we’ll only be covering three communities those being castill illion madrid and castile la mancha or as i like to call them the heart of spain to start off our journey we go into toledo the city is located on the banks of the tagus river and is considered one of spain’s oldest cities as it was founded in 59 bc during the reign of the romans over the years many kingdoms and empires conquered the city ranging from the visigoths and all the way down to the muslim umayyads and moors this in return left a lasting impact on the city as for centuries toledo was a mixing pot of many different cultures and architecture styles such as hispanic renaissance and islamic walking down the beige narrow streets of toledo you can often get the feeling you were transported back to medieval times due to the aged facades and then a car shows up and reminds you you’re in the 21st century and how the industrial revolution was disastrous for humanity when arriving in toledo the first thing you will see is a medieval city towering proudly over you after the reconquest of the city by christians toledo became the spanish capital until the spanish king starting he was too good for the place and packed his bags for madrid where the capital stayed up until today this is evident as along the old town’s borders you will see giant walls that fortified a city against unwanted visitors which mostly consisted of people that prayed five times a day didn’t eat pork and stoned anyone to that who dared draw a picture of their prophet peace be upon him as you start your ascent towards the city you will be met with large spanish-type buildings imposing over you with their white and beige facades the first thing you’ll probably come across is the zokudovek plaza which is the town’s central square the citizens of toledo organized a weekly market here to celebrate that there behind the arco de la sangre you can also find a statue of the only spanish literary character european high schoolers know about don quixote don quixote you can get a glimpse of the alcazar which was a palace built by the romans all the way back in the 3rd century during the spanish civil war in the 20th century spanish nationalist forces took over the castle from the republicans in an attempt to take the fourth the republican forces captured the leading nationalist commander jose mercado’s son and made an ultimatum to them demanding the fortress for his son instead of submitting to the demands of the filthy republicans muscardo told his son over the phone commend your soul to god shout viva espana and die like a hero and refuse to give up his precious fort like a madman but yeah his son died today the building serves as a military museum showcasing all sorts of lovely gadgets us humans used to exterminate each other with moving south you will stumble upon one of toledo’s most important churches the toledo cathedral which is an enormous gothic church that dates all the way back to the 6th century before this beauty you see before your eyes came into existence in this area stood another church however after the muslim conquest of iberia that house of worship got torn down like a man’s self-esteem after showering with a black guy in typical caliphate fashion the umayyads erected the mosque in its place which after the reconquista also got burned down to the ground the church as you can see today was built in the 13th century and was heavily influenced by the french gothic style of architecture and it is simply a marvel to look at across the toledo cathedral you can find the archbishop frick of toledo which is a seat of the well archbishop of toledo according to legend the archbishop frick was established all the way back in the first century when christian’s favorite hobby was chilling on a cross in the middle of the levant desert it’s a pretty alright building very spanish very cool in its vicinity is also that toledo council which is another gothic style building with two great towers the council is in charge of the local municipality and there you can find the mayor of the city nearby you also have the church of sun in alfonso also known as the jesuit church which is another magnificent structure this church started construction in the 17th century and finished 136 years later it was built in the broken rocacco styles of architecture inspired by several other jesuit churches found throughout spain and italy the church itself is oriented towards the cathedral of toledo and its dome is one of the highest points in the entire city generally there are so many churches within toledo it’s ridiculous it’s like every five steps you make boom another church and boom another one they really are quite breathtaking though and you could literally spend an entire day going from one church to the other and keep getting lost within toledo’s tight narrow streets whilst imagining you’re back in time while your dearest family members were dying of the plague and being sold into slavery to the muslims [Music] while traveling throughout the city you will find many medieval gates one of the more famous ones is the puerta del cambron a que the gate of the jews which has four beautiful renaissance towers standing on top of it near the gate is also the monastery of san juan de los reyes which was found by king ferdinand ii of aragon and queen isabella the first of castile as a way to commemorate the birth of their son and the iberian wedding it was built in the 15th century and is a prime example of isabellian architecture which was mostly predominant in this time period by walking all the way down south to the city you will meet the mighty tagus river which guarded the city from those pesky nargilla smokers the tagus river is the longest river in the iberian peninsula spanning over 1000 kilometers aka miles for those of you that like to commit war crimes in the middle east no not the british their offspring no no not canada the obese ones another interesting thing about toledo is that throughout the city if you look closely enough you will notice some hebrew insignia on some of the older buildings that’s because toledo used to be home to many jews throughout the medieval ages notice how i said used to while many jews settled within toledo most didn’t stay there for long as the christian inhabitants of toledo had a tradition of committing crimes against humanity which would even give a la austrian painter a run for his money in the 7th century the infamous burning of the jews occurred where the taliban government decided the best course of action to deal with the jews would be to make them into barbecue what’s even worse is that in the 14th and 15th century the spaniards decide to make roasting your local jew enjoyed by friends and families alike and yeah that would be toledo a city rich in history architecture and culture and maybe even a bit in anti-semitism it’s a historic and religious center that formed spain as it is today what do you think of toledo have you been there do you plan on going let me know in the comment section down below and stay tuned as next up we visit one of europe’s greatest cities madrid where every eastern european favorite football team is located and even more great architecture is found my name is nick and you’ve watched living ironically in europe my


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