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Iglesia En Brooklyn: Passion for Purpose “Expansion on the East” with Eva Cardenas

by smart

isaiah 54 2 and 3. i’m going to go ahead and read it and it says enlarge the place of your tent stretch your tent curtains wide do not hold back lengthen your cords strengthen your stakes for you for you will spread out to the right and to the left your descendants will dispossess nations and settle in their desolate cities amen we’ve all heard this portion of scripture right we’ve heard about it some of us we’ve preached about it we’ve watched it november and so what i want to do this morning is i want to explain a little bit of history behind this portion of scripture you see leading up to the promise the people of israel had been in a time of exile meaning that they had been banned from the land that they were so used to being in lo que significante some commentaries say that the people of israel had grown comfortable with being in exile at this point how many know that god always has a way of getting us out of our comfort zones you see the people of israel had been in a place where because they were exiled they were probably feeling abandoned they were kicked out of their land so they were probably feeling a bit disappointed feeling a little humiliated they had been in a dark discouraging place as a nation so can you imagine what the people found at this moment coming out of a time tiempo where they hadn’t been in the land that they’re so used to being in i’m sure that there was a little bit of a heaviness that they walked with at this point but then comes isaiah 54 2 and 3. and god begins to not get not just give people instructions begins to he begins to speak a promise to the people he tells him i know you’ve been discouraged leslie i know it’s been a dark season the people of israel israel victory outreach victoria east coast gang girls you see the promise was a game changer for the people of israel this promise is a game changer for you too you see the last time that i checked last time that i checked last time that i anymore just to hear about the problem god says eva i need you to go to brooklyn brooklyn they’re going to assemble the east coast gang girls together it was sad to see that promise promesa come into fulfillment and here this morning if you’re taking notes the title of my message you see like i said maybe in the past few years maybe this past year 2020. maybe you know maybe some of us we experienced some dark seasons maybe it was a difficult season like the people of israel temporarily exiled or maybe even being exiled to a place of dispossessing and settling in establishment that’s not all that it’s going to take for you to fulfill this promise it’s like this morning god is in this house this morning god wrote a chat you take that back into your cities after you where are the visionaries of this generation it’s time to stress like thank you pastor oh thank you so much hey you want this check it i heard it so many times no but some of us i pray we catch it this morning oh but god this morning i internalized it i look in this room and i see a representation of those that are going to crack open what happened they’ve and so i want to share with you three things this morning i don’t want to be long because i know that we have uh streets and i know god wants to do something special don’t say that so here this morning one of the first things that it’s going to require of us is we got to be a generation number one that knows how to identify you have to recognize that you have a purpose in this promise by the lifting of your hand how many in here have been saved for like three years or less so i know more or less there probably is some individuals here you probably showed up here this morning but some of you here this morning god is saying it’s time to recognize your neighbor and tell them you better recognize that there’s some here this morning god has brought you here and god is speaking to you and telling you that you have a specific purpose in this promise this promise isn’t too big we’re saying it’s too big i have no place in it there’s room for everyone in this promise some you if you’re here this morning it’s because you’re called by god you say no eva i’m here because my mom made me cuz he says well actually i’m here because my gengar leader signed me up so i had to come to be a part of any other season says no i chose you in this season and i didn’t just call you but there’s something i’ve given you but sometimes there’s a lot within this generation they come that we might have had in the past i’ve forgotten all about that already i have something for you to do you gotta tell that devil to shut up devil you gotta shut your mouth and start believing what the word of god says some of us we’re so defeated these are all the followers and god is saying man i want you yo what you have in sight i can use what you haven’t decided you gotta believe it you gotta believe it there’s some that have to recognize that they have a purpose in this promise and then there’s those here this morning that they have to remember that they have a promise listen i know that we experience difficult seasons in this walk with guys sometimes things don’t turn out the way that we expected them to turn out we experience challenges in our walk with god in ministry we experience disappointment in ministry we get hurt sometimes that promise in my life through this season i don’t know if i’m going to make it through we’re weak estamos we’re weak estamos but the promise and the purpose is keep the girls you’re called to reach they’re there don’t let difficult seasons talk you out of fulfilling your oh my god why me yes why this this is hard to stand the feces how come why me but why not you sister hermana that god’s doing something and it’s not going to come at an easy price i don’t know if i need fasting the promise isn’t cheap that we when it comes to identifying we also we we must be a generation that recognizes who resides in us do you know who resides in you this morning there’s power it says that they had been going and praying for the sick people were being healed who is this guy over here preaching that and in jesus name and so what happens is they arrest peter and john and they say man but in the name of jesus who you crucified you know it pretty much says if we’re going to get in trouble for you know doing the right thing um well then so be it don’t say hello but we’ve done this all in the name of jesus and it says that the the religious people it says that they were astonished at the boldness and courage of peter and john you see when peter and john were arrested for healing that man this man was lame had been lame for years and had wasn’t able to walk and in the name of jesus they laid hands and he was healed you see in that time of of crisis that peter and john found themselves in this crisis i’m sure the religious people were expecting them to respond differently they arrested them that’s crisis right i don’t know about you but if i might get arrested i’ma feel it a little bit you don’t know where i said i might be like what yo but they kept it together they answered correctly but also with boldness and courage you see crisis in a normal individual will reveal what they have inside the crisis in someone who has been with the savior will reveal who they have inside crisis you notice the difference christ is an individual regular individual so god is looking for individuals who are willing to abide in him so that he can abide in them the bible says that the religious took notice and recognized that they had been with jesus when we become a generation that recognizes who resides in us the world begins to take notice when the world takes notice of who you have inside gangs amen and so we got to be a generation that recognizes what you got inside of you it’s time gang girls it’s simple gang girls do you want to see your generation healed i know i don’t because i’m here to remind you it’s by the power of god we don’t have to drag is number two is you gotta deeds and work is dead as a body without the spirit is dead so faith without deeds you see a promise with no work behind it it’s just a dream if we don’t work at the promise it’s just a dream we can’t just talk about the promise being ours when you recognize the power of a promise it’s going to move you know i believe it was the power of the promise the most sister body and pastor eddie out here to the east coast i believe that it was the when you read that it doesn’t say that um joshua sat there and was like okay god that’s awesome amen and we will go receive the promises of isaiah 45 2 and 3 about the treasures out of darkness we don’t read in the book we don’t hear testimony and sat back and said okay when the drug addict gets tired he didn’t sit back and say when that gang member gets tired of doing what he’s doing when i picture the pioneers i picture them taking hold of that promise that was an urgency in other generations urgency what was it why were they willing to just go in there and snatch up those those treasures yeah i’ve gone this morning you’ve been moving with and some of you you’ve battled with it oh that’s for west coast you see third way ballet they got their building um that’s powerful that’s and the promise that i gave to the west coast is the promise that i gave to the east coast when i called dispossessors i had east coast soldiers in mind when i called dispossessors and said your descendants and i’m sure that there’s this isaiah 54 promise isn’t a hype thing that’s something that we wear you might be the one i’m calling to go to the third wave leadership last season in your commitment you see last time that i checked we have a big promise listen there’s nothing small about the east coast you’ve been battling big giant i see all the big things around you but i’m calling you to move and there’s things that he’s dropped in your heart is this gonna take it’s gonna require for us to be a generation that takes it not taken in a bad way not in a selfish way but taking it like the promise is pro like the way the promise has promised us isaiah 54 it says for you will spread out to the right and to the left to force someone to give up the possession of a house of a house land or other property the promise and the promise says it’s time to take back from those pull there has been strongholds here in there’s been strongholds in new jersey in new jersey there’s been strongholds in baltimore baltimore there’s been strongholds in your cities far too long and they’ve stood there we’ve taken it from and some of us we’ve believed some of those lies not at all the east and we evangelize those cities we came and evangelized with sister marty’s sister and they’re here but they’re cities that we evangelized in but obviously we’re the but some of them aren’t here anymore there were flags established in the east coast before victory outreach flags victoria you know what’s heavy about one of these uh one one of the ways that the scripture is it’s defined i’m gonna read the promise scripture but in the message version spread you’re gonna need lots of elbow room for your growing family you’re going to take over whole nations you’re going to resettle abandoned i believe i know that there’s some of you you’re in here and you’re you’re 15 13. yourself will be 20. the new women’s regional pastor’s wife in the future is in this room so god’s saying don’t wait till then in junior high in high school these cities are yours and like i said i that’s the word that god really dropped to my heart says that you will resettle abandoned cities victory outreach rhode island victoria rhode island victory outreach staten island i can’t say victoria island victory outreach baltimore baltimore all those other cities man not not just resettling no solomon oh but the expansion i see victory outreach in all five boroughs new york is a big city he’s going to establish a base he’s from this place from don’t just stay stuck in the east coast you gotta move because the one every single one of you you have a key themselves they sold their place city is on the other side of that door move and do what you’ve never done and do what you’ve never done hallelujah i believe there’s some of us here that we need to come to the altar and recommit like it’s hard for i want to be sensitive so those of you that need to make a fresh commitment if you’re a ganger leader leadership no leaders this doesn’t need and this is for you i want you to come up how valuable you are some of you when i say do something you’ve never done before for some of you it starts here we’ve never fully surrendered come on talk to him it’s between hallelujah we are here oh so is is so oh oh is miracles yes so bye is league hallelujah jesus jesus jesus come on some of you do what you’ve never done this morning no this is what i’m going to ask us to do this morning i want you to grab the person of the hand of the person next to you if you can if you’re in the seats if you could please and if you can it’s okay just if you could no gaps no i got espacios even on the worship team you’ve had like a united passion for purpose just with the pandemic alone it’s been a long time since we’ve come together but in this room this morning there is so much that what is represented here in in the spirit in an espiritu you represent so much you this is esto es you represent the east coast region right spanish and english espanol and the one thing that the enemy cannot stand we need to be revival right in the east coast formed when that mighty army came together you know certain strongholds in the east coast you know that there’s certain things that are just heavy in the east coast giants prey i believe today we’re gonna see strongholds you’re not too young for god to use you i believe that from them from within this room your cities represent your loved ones there’s people you’re praying for that you’re believing it’s time to go to war war for your sister next year war for your pastors for the gangrel leaders in the east coast pray for the regionals of the east coast pray for the pastors churches they are not carnal but they’re mighty through the pulling down of strongholds god and lord today god united as one god at the east coast god we command god every stronghold to be listened in the name of jesus we command the spirit of pride we command the spirit of addiction we command the spirit of violence to lose its power and we release your anointing we release your anointing over all five bureaus we release your anointing and your salvation god over jersey god over philadelphia god oh god over god connecticut god every city god that this region represents and beyond god and we declare god lord that we will resettle god in those cities god that the enemy thought he had god we declare we declare god that as a region father this is our isaiah 54 2 and 3 season we will not back down god we will not settle that we will stretch we will lengthen our cords god we will strengthen our stakes god we will expand to the right and to the left god for god our descendants will dispossess nations god lord and resettle god in abandoned cities father release god release an anointing god we find god and stand in the gap for the pastors god within this region god fresh anointing fresh vision god oh fresh fire and power we declare favor with open doors for buildings bigger buildings mega buildings my god those that have struggled in finding locations that that would be no more god and we declare god that buildings will open up god facilities will open up god to be able to accommodate and hold god the expansion in the season god oh father right now we stand in the gap we stand in the gap for the backslider we stand in the gap god oh god those are what’s here we declare that they will be back in this season god lord release your anointing release your anointing over this third wave god over these third wave gang girls god that they would move in power in might that they would move in power and courage god just like john and peter god astonish those around them astonish those around them astonish those around them because we know god that it’s not by mine god it’s not my power oh but it’s by your spirit oh it’s by your spirit by your spirit oh god oh god you give us the ability god to dismantle god every weapon of the enemy oh god to trample over god the works of the enemy from within this army god you will raise up warriors from within this army god you are raising up key instruments in this third wave revival get internally and god has something so great for you he’s called you he’s called hallelujah look at this he’s going to show some of you cities right now there’s some of you he’s showing you cities so maybe he’s gonna show you strategy for gangrel ministries do you see it hallelujah speak holy spirit speak this morning refresh refresh god refresh this re-envision this morning yo no no no no no i’m gonna do it the way i said god is gonna do it is do you believe it do you believe it this morning oh come on gang girls do you believe it this morning this is what i want to do this morning nobody’s lucky okay maybe we can swim like a dynamic oh get ready get excited this morning is and we’re going to get changed and make our way back upstairs to the sanctuary so almost amen amen let’s pray father in the name of jesus my god we just thank you god for what you’re doing god what you’re doing in the east coast by god we god take our place my god we know who we are we’re called of you we’re called of god so each and every one of us represented he my god in our city got it in other cities within the east coast my god we don’t shrink back now you’ve done so much in our lives that we’re going to continue to move forward we’re going to continue to push farther my god we’re careful god to always give you honor and glory my god you are enough we are a generation that is not trying to fill the void you are enough my god so each and every city that’s represented here god you move you have your way you have your way with the pastor’s wives that’s been labor and we don’t just want to back them up my god but we want to build with our pastor’s wives we want to build in our cities we want to continue to farther the ministry we wouldn’t continue to further the kingdom of god in each of our cities my god so we stand together united united from the north philadelphia church to the new york churches to new york my god new jerseys to bridgeport to boston my god what you’re going to do all over back in baltimore and maryland and washington my god we declare we take territory we speak it out my god because you are a big god and we know what you can do my god have your way for future home directors that’s going to come out of this crap my god have your way for homes that’s going to open up in our cities my god for d homes that’s going to open up my god you move right there in those life groups my god you have your way god like never before god we give you our little my god so you can be much god you can move with that god and we’re careful to give you all the honor and all the glory and the united east coast gangrel says amen amen so don’t forget to get ready okay we’re gonna meet up here in five minutes so go and get changed get your shoes on the comfy you know pants that we’re gonna meet up here in five minutes to go in the bathroom and get changed in


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