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Inside the Dooley’s Maymont Mansion at Maymont in Richmond, Virginia

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one should take a look at the attention to detail inside this mansion it’s hard to believe it took just three years to build from the richly carved wood to the stained glass to the ornamental plaster work on the ceiling and it was completed by 1893. they were living here by that time and continued to live here through the ends of their lives major dooley died in 1922 and mrs dooley in 1925. the two had a flare for both the classic and the eccentric a french cabin maker designed and built this 11 foot display piece for the dining room upstairs sally dooley’s flare shines in the swan room included here is a tiffany silver and whale tusk dressing table and chair the money though was not only spent for the house and furnishings the dooleys made sure this place was comfortable and convenient electricians installed a working elevator numerous lighting fixtures were equipped for both electricity and gas and a coal-fired boiler provided central heat all this before the start of the 20th century not on tour to the public is the kitchen which hasn’t been restored still an old hot water heater remains along with the space that once occupied the cooking stove also in the basement a wine cellar that once stacked hundreds of bottles they were just the two of them they had no children but they were very interested in developing the grounds we understand that madrid mrs dooley would write about the estate every evening and survey the the different additions to their tree collection and new growth of the trees and shrubs

Inside the Dooley\'s Maymont Mansion at Maymont in Richmond, Virginia

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