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our lives roll up roll up everybody gotta come and join it is that time again it is data or your mind again it is a fairly short session this time around i’ll gather nevertheless let’s have a conversation one more went the eagle has landed oh oh oh foreign foreign oh oh uh this was just a brief notice our session so i’ll understand if we don’t have that many people but i’ll gather nevertheless let me just do a bit of our administrative stuff so click here if you want to come join live on screen so click on this hyperlink that i’m about to post now if you want to come join this session are live uh if you are a regular then you know the format and if you’re new then that is the format so i put the hyperlink up and then i invite people to come in and uh come on screen and engage with the topic of discussion so that is how it’s usually done and the topics of discussion are simon epper you know the fancy dresser people say he’s not a cross-dresser but just a man who likes to dress up but nevertheless the public face now of the ipob at least the radio biafra movement it looks as though he has been overstepping his bounds uh guys i bring you this simon airport may be removed from radio behalf for floating rules of operation ipob is the person or are the people releasing this information so uh it looks also uh he’s a tenor in that space might well be short-lived simon never the fancy dresser not the cross-dresser so a urban nation supporters in london protest over ipoh’s arrest to storm german embassy so the protestation we can understand but while they are stopping the german embassy i will probably find out in the course of the narration but let’s go first to simon airport now find out what is happening in ipob simon airport may be removed from radio bihar for floating rules of operation a headline attributed to ipob the indigenous people of biafra ip ipob has said that our simon epper may not continue as one of the broadcasters of radio bihara as he has refused to follow the principles according to statement by ipob spokesman emma powerful on wednesday airport has declined to operate the radio bihar according to the rules of engagement recall that the detained leader of the indigenous people of biafra ipob nandikanu had appointed the finland-based nigerian finnish as one of the broadcasters after his arrest powerful in a statement said epper though an industrial member of the separatist group will not continue except he signs the code of conduct guiding the radio has explained that no member is above the laid down rules the statement reads the global family of the indigenous people of biafra ipob ability by our great leader nandika noon has of us observed with regrets that mazi simon epper whom our leader mazin nandikano gave an appointment and duty to start broadcasting on radio biafra does not want to follow the laid-down rules of of oppression in radio bihar our leader amazing gave the directive whilst in detention but mercy simon ever has refused to follow the principles simon epper has refused to sign the rules of engagement and code of conduct guiding those broadcasting on radio bihar we don’t understand why might pardon me we don’t understand why my mercy epa would not like to follow the steps of other broadcasters on the platform who have since done the needful ipob is a big movement and cannot just change the rules because one in the because of one individual as this may set a bad precedence marzi simon epper is a hard-working biafran whose immense contributions towards the restoration of biafra are highly appreciated but for not signing signing the code of conduct as a broadcaster on radio bihar he may not continue to have the opportunity of broadcasting via the platform this decision was not intended to ridicule or undermine anyone but to prove to all that due process that due process cannot be compromised in ipob ipob is a well-structured movement where the activist of where the activities of members are regulated with well thought out rules no one should act in a way that suggests that the laws are meant for a certain group of people whilst mazzy simon epper has the right to make his broadcast on facebook and other platforms of his choice he may no longer broadcast on radio biafra as one of the official broadcasters epa a finnish nigerian citizen was appointed recently by kanu uh who is indeed who is in detention to take over the broadcast at radio bihara so as clear as mod was essentially two arrogance is what they are saying so get out of here your cross dressing taught is what they are saying to the finnish guy uh but what are the urban nations saying urban nations support us in london protest over ego host arrest so that i can understand but then to storm german embassy that is the beach that i don’t understand so hopefully we get our clarification the urban nation agitators have said they will today wednesday stage a protest at 10 downing street london united kingdom to demand the release of europa nation activists on their dml who was arrested by security operatives and attending benin republic this was confirmed by olayomi koiki media aide to eboho on his facebook live on tuesday he called on all patriotic ryora indigenes in london to join in the protest as they would also take the protest to the german embassy koiki claimed that since the attack on his principal’s house by operatives of the department of state services some supporters had staged a port a protest in central london on a daily basis he said let’s give a bit more background it is happening tomorrow in central london there will be a massive protest at 10 downing street it will hold as planned please let’s make sure we bring ourselves down there igbo who’s life was threatened it was about to be terminated on july the 1st 2021 tomorrow also if you individuals want to be picketing right in front of the german embassies across the world let’s not wait for anyone what you should know is that after the attack on ebola’s house on july the 1st some people have been protesting in central london they stay there for one two three hours you might think they don’t get noticed but you can’t tell who saw them we should not be intimidated or cuddled or hide he had elia written on his facebook page i stand by sunday igbo or baba release the innocent detainees now csi is not a wanted man i don’t know what csi means but csi is not a wanted man we need international justification as a matter of urgency so i don’t know what international justification means either but this is what he’s demanding we need international justice justification as a matter of urgency buhari leaves chief sunday at the yamaha alone nigeria is a failed nation ex-nation a 1999 constitution of that ex-nation is a fraud amalgamation is over correspondence adelia reported that uruba nation agitators would begin protest at 12 p.m in ibadan or your state so there you are protestations all over the place uh what are you making of all this ego ego igor are you there ego i hope everyone oh god well if he goes not that then we’re just going to have to build because i don’t know quite how why he comes on and just stays mute so that has been the session then i’m just going to leave it there because clearly uh no one wants to take the topics on yeah i’m here no no no you have to speak it good not stay mute but uh i just didn’t i don’t think sorry i went inside sorry no no no that’s fine um to the narrative the um ipob are looking to get rid of this simon ecuador now you know why probably because of his funky way of dressing and presenting himself was almost certainly because of he’s too arrogant so they are saying that it’s not uh who are making this allegation who are those saying that no is uh ipob themselves they are saying that is too uh arrogant uh and what not they’re saying it’s not signing their code of conduct which which is a meaningless thing to say which then just tells you that they’re a bit tired of him and it’s not uh maybe it’s getting too popular for their leaders liking you know whatever you know but i just furious can we move to another issue because simon i don’t think they they suck him you know disciples you know these people they can just choose to read and publish what it maybe it happens or maybe i don’t think someone like my issue is really really important for us right now okay we’ll well he’s the one filling in the slot but we’re just doing two stories that’s simon upper story and um the urban nation agitators protesting in london so koiki has called for people to gather at a darling street to protest uh for the treatment uh to protest against the treatment of our uh his principal um uh sunday eboho so a protest called for in downing street in london so this is a dissertation like what i said yesterday you know i told you sorry i was unable to meet back i problem with my network no no it’s fine in nigeria you are really trying for even joining us at all yeah yeah yeah so the the protests that is going on in england across the country you must understand that people are taking note of these things people are observing they are yeah you know these things and they cannot be a protest from just one country only nigeria this nation is protesting that nature they are disturbing europe and america and the world now if you understand who emotions are people are taking that’s why i said that himself he’s a leader of this country should do everything that he’s doing in kosher with caution we want him to cash criminals we want him to stop the oppression in this country we want people to stop stealing the country money we want people to have a better life and peace just as they are preaching in this ramadan it affected so therefore the issue like this protest that is going on i expect that you should try and see to this issue retain just coming up from one space nigeria what’s going on you know some people might be very inquisitive as these things continue to you know so that’s what we are facing right now the uruguay nation you know i i commend them they should keep up and see that the sunday boo is not just gone like that and even when they are popping these people they should not get distracted by whether ceremony by google is not good they should concentrate on how uh we can make sure none the company is free because these people are all free don’t fight and like we can say you understand what i mean yes what do you think what’s going on with their leader what what do you think about the uh attempts to uh get british involvement at to so i can support the nandicano narrative because you know of course that are the ipob that is that is that is the best that is the best thing they should do for him now this is a federal government issue now it’s the best thing they should do for him what kind of assistance they know they can use to support him you know to the federal space they should give it to him you know this is our country you know why it is now you know where nigeria is now hey we’ll go to prison or whatever detention you know what it is so we just keep you know putting pressure we’ll keep praying i will keep asking those that are really moving the the uh those are the front lines or whatever you got to this number issue to put more effort and see that they release him we want him released and we want the justice be done so they go if you release them let justice let them at least every problem there is a root cause so let them go into the root cause of these guys fighting and making progress that is what i think as a nigerian because i’m in one nigeria i don’t want a nigerian are you still with that one nigerian narrative do you still do you still believe in that one nigeria i will not ever leave that one why are i will never be one of those that will be among those clamoring for the breakup of nigeria why i strongly believe that whatever is going on in this country is a matter of understanding if these both parties begin to play the cats very well they can get this country on track all these things they are seeing instead he dies to ease our stories and lie nigeria can be reviewed again with good minds with good thinkers nigeria can be a better country than what he used to be in the 60s 70s or whatever it is that most of those whites are here teaching in our colleges now you’re going to go back because we have everything you can think of today we are even more richer than we used to be forget that the people of the country are poor some people are siphoning they are just the leaders are not destroying everything not that the country is a poor country so the country can be built and i believe that nigeria can stand as one everybody to his right he is equal right for all that’s really will not by one he reacted strain one area killing each other doing that no it’s not deletion you can see what happened in the middle bit of late there are some kind of coming together in the middle bits within themselves and disagreeing with the way things are really going in the country and middlebury seems to be the center and if the center can no longer hold between the south and the north you see the middle bed also trying to take sides and the president must sit up and believe that one nigeria should be in nigeria for all and no section of the country should be claiming ownership of the entire nigeria and they expect nobody to talk no people will talk you only end up killing them the people will talk if you come and kill me today people will still be talking you’re killing this man there’s no evil from talking i don’t think killing is the issue of going to kagerman i don’t think that’s that solves the problem yeah for me i don’t think that people who speak people who speak to go and catch them throw them in prison or intimidate them that all that would not speak or to go and kill them i don’t think it will stop people from speaking yeah i don’t really think that i don’t think they are the best way to oh all right thank you eagles stay with us let me bring this uh other story uh we have past space petroleum industry bill and uh hold on uh let me just uh let me put you on mute so that i don’t get feedback okay yeah so yeah so we have passed petroleum industry bill electoral law only god can change them this is abdullahi adamu the person speaking so we have done it we have done it essentially is what he what he’s saying ex-governor abdullahi adamu of nasarawa says nobody but god can change the national assembly’s decision on the petroleum industry blp ibe and the electronic transmission of election results mr adamu and apc senator representing nasarawa west senatorial district so mr adamu is an apc senator representing nasarawa west senatorial district on july the 15th 52 apc senators voted against the e-transmission of election results including mr adamu granting the powers of the granting the powers to the ncc and the federal parliament whilst 28 pdp senators voted for it a total of 28 senators were absent during the voting process on july the 16th the house of representatives passed the pib allocating three percent against ten percent demanded by the host communities and also the initial five percent agreed by the house of representatives the senate or the senate has already passed the law uh there is nothing the opposition can do mr adamu insisted this issue was brought to the senate we had enough discussions on it to the extent that we had to go to the last resort that is to divide the house and we did according to him it was a case of majority having their way claiming that it has already become a law nobody can turn it down except god our creator all these things they are doing is just to show their party men that they did not just give up just like that we call it deceit which is a very bad politics said the apc senator he claimed that the defeat he claimed that the division in the senate was inherited uh and confident that pdp could not win even in court because the national assembly made the the final verdict on both matters mr adamu explained that was what we inherited and let me tell let me tell there is no way they will make this noise because they have already lied to their supporters so all this is shameless noise it is like they will calm and use force on us not even talking about cordiality bringing your reasons convincing words that change your fellows mind who have equal rights with you and we have done with and we are done with this nothing else can be done so essentially in that rather convoluted way that i’ve presented it we have done it we have done it essentially it’s what they are saying so that petroleum industry bill um ego what are you making of it oh oh all right yeah hello if you look at the way the guy is talking if you look at the way he’s talking understand want to almost understand that it’s not every one of the northerners agree with each other with regard to whatever is going on in the country or wherever injustice or wherever it might be coming from you understand what i mean if that guy did tell nigerians that the petroleum bill god has signed it so the god signed it for let them and don’t sign it for some part of people if that is what is coming to tell nigerians himself as a matured mind won’t believe that a believing one nigeria should have a rating what are these information and they put before nigerians are reality connections that come to this day where they if they they are too much of lies nothing you would tell any nigerian to it i don’t know that you’re lying line nigerians have come to that level they know what is going on a global village the world is nice not like those days you know so i know i’m not really i’m not really i didn’t really subscribe to the position of that guy because he must understand that there are still people that are grieved in that senate or wherever that deal was passed and i see a lot of people that are resisting that decision so if he is claiming victory uh on behalf of the aggrieved he must understand that he is not really leaving the people well that is what i think and what he said because the bib you see that have been passed people are asking and you pass the pib even use community uh what do you mean that is ten percent from the 30 you you push forward for exploit what what yeah the one that they are using to feed for now that people they have not been able to pay them or being able to better their life or their region or been able to go into the street and make it look like where they generate funds from uh but they are still going to use the money that it was supposed to use to help those people to have a better life and better environment for their children for exploration how does this make sense the people you are even talking to whether you think they are pigs who we don’t know so let’s see what they are doing we we are happy that the politicians this week they are beginning to understand that things will not work like this forever there must be some change i know that there are politicians that we also come after into telling that this is your decision we don’t agree oh oh oh all right no that’s why you understand what i mean so many we also come and counter his decision that they don’t agree with his position that the pib is not unanimously passed in that house of synod a bill of slash should be unanimously correct come on oh no you hear me am i breaking no you are not breaking but i’m looking to round itself so if you just round off in a couple more sentences um you go okay oh what i’d like to say at the end of the day i want all that are coming to this platform to push the the rightful people that are telling nigerians the truth forward for political offices in this country so that from there we can be getting a better country we should forget about this money rise back sharing we as a people have got matured minds in this country youths across the uh the sixth geopolitical zone of this country from the north west to the central to south side of the greeks we should we should begin to to make the decision based on the the truth forward in ourselves so not based on the backs of rice or these things they used to receive from every corner of the country because why not even the north are not getting it so well i must tell you that ninety percent of the north carolina i have too much of northern friends growing up i can tell you that ninety percent of them disagree what is going on in the northeast or in the northwest did everybody want you know you know somebody wants these creatures for these people build those speakers for these people for this country for people to live like i have life but you have life man they make life unbelievable for these people and that’s why they take up answers believe me it is that of your unbearable hardship some of all these things kill ups it’s not lie so we must say try we use this opportunity we have on social media to speak the reality not by calling for destruction or by war by this no but by pushing the truth forward you get support that will go forward and give us the right vote that we need at the end of the video this thank you for the opportunity oh all right thank you ego always a pleasure and we i can always uh rely on ego to give us an honest and straight to the point opinion it’s just been you are made to today our ego so uh it’s been a pleasure uh hopefully we’ll see you later in the evening so that’s been ego ladies and gentlemen uh so so we’ll end the sessions there so ego has spoken so there’s really not much more to add so uh simon airport essentially uh would get into arrogant and too big for his boots and uh so first uh official warning from our ipob uh settle down or get out essentially is what they’re saying to him and then the euro bus of course protesting the detention of our sunday iguoho so those essentially have been the two main stories that are that we’ve tackled we’ve made a feeble attempt at our the petroleum industry bill but then that that didn’t really pan out to be anything so let’s just take to drinking again as we drink away the sorrows of the nigerian space so as we came in so we leave uh i’ll leave you here curry and by the way if you are not subscribed then please do uh i need at least 10 more people to subscribe uh today because i want to hit a benchmark today so if i can get a minimum of 10 more people to subscribe today that will really please me because i would then hit a benchmark today and then set another benchmark so if you are not subscribed then please do so that we can hit that benchmark today uh so uh i’ll leave you here carry the conversation up with you in the comment section and here i say peace and i’ll leave you i’ll leave you rather in the capable hands of the k guys oh oh okay foreign oh


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