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“IT’S A TRAGEDY!”? Simon Jordan sympathizes with fans amid Newcastle United takeover blow

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well you look i mean amanda came on the program on friday and was a little bit bristly because i made certain observations and you certain terminologies i shouldn’t have used calling a rat bag and things like that which are not necessary right now the central theme behind my observations are you just getting updated no because i think some of the behavior borders into that territory because a deal was being put in front of the newcastle fans which of course they want you know i empathize with newcastle fans when i called them gullible it’s a section of the fans that are listening to everything that they’re being told by certain individuals that have vested interest that i’m concerned for i watch these fans come down to london at 5 a.m on a bus while you know amanda stavely who’s called all this sort of stuff on is sitting in a savoy having a a lunch or some shape or description or whatever she’s doing and i’m looking at it saying you guys deserve a bit better you’ve got a transaction that everybody would want for their football club to have to happen but the problem is is the reasons why this can’t happen is not because of covid is not because of arbitration is not because of a corrupt big six is not because of a corrupt premier league is not because of a variety of things like the wto finding out that piracy exists and they’re not a recognizable organization is because undeniably there is piracy that’s being used in saudi arabia whether it’s state-backed state enforced or state supported or state condoned it’s undeniable that bn which is the premier league’s broadcaster is having its signal and its content hijacked by blq which are based in dubai and the government in this country the us government the bbc sky bien and the premier league have been screaming and the italian leagues have been screaming about piracy in saudi arabia way way way before this newcastle deal ever came on the table and people are trying to put a stop and what you’ve got is muhammad bin suleiman who’s the crown prince of saudi arabia bin salman bin salaman who is the the chairman of pif denying that this is a state-backed transaction whilst whilst lobbying the government this year to intervene to allow this saudi consortium to be to be able to buy this football club on one hand it’s not state-backed on the other hand it is on one hand you’re denying the fact that that that the pirates has anything to do with the saudi arabian the kingdom of saudi arabia on the other hand you are preventing bien and sky and the bbc for suing under intellectual copyright laws to be able to preserve their product in saudi arabia it’s undeniable this is the perfect example and it’s a tragedy for newcastle fans this is a perfect example of the owners and directors test working properly because some people perhaps shouldn’t own a football club and if your products at a time or any time when tv rights underpin the whole fabric of football is being pirating pirated undeniably pirated by blq in in dubai in saudi arabia then it’s it’s absolutely beyond question that the premier league have to push back now you’re sitting there with uh with a with an arbitration process that was brought on by newcastle amanda stavely and the opposite and i’ve received a lot of abuse from newcastle fans which i understand because they don’t like my message and they think i’m taking the mickey out of them i’m not i’m sitting there back and looking at it going this is not right you’re not getting the right information the arbitration process the buyer and the seller will be equally as privy to what’s going in that arbitration process because both of them have vested interest mike ashley is sitting there with the greatest respect in the world to mike he’s not my mate he’s an acquaintance like a dog with two proverbials because he’s got 19 million quid of non-refundable deposit out of a deal that amanda didn’t do her due diligence on she didn’t understand about the parameters what was going to break this deal down when you do a deal jim you understand where it breaks and then you take that off the table before it breaks and amanda has put the saudis into a position potentially with 19 million pounds has gone into mike ashley’s pocket he will perhaps use that to pay for some of the arbitrations while sitting there is not one single question from you of a newcastle fan base about how much money mike ashley is going to spend on newcastle next year if he’s still there it’s all deflected away from him and what we’re now talking about is a corrupt big six and a corrupt premier league when really what we’re talking about is a situation that’s very very difficult to overcome and the reasons why this arbitration in my view has fallen down at the first stage is because this is what i think’s happened they’ve walked into a room and the premier league have said we want you to unequivocally prove that there is no link between pif the saudi state and piracy and the saudis have gone hang on a second we want you to prove that there’s no link of corruption for the big six having an undue influence the premier league have said this is my supposition we don’t have to prove anything to you we’re the premier league you’re wanting to join our gang we’ve got an issue with you it’s incumbent upon you to disclose what we’re asking you to disclose and all of a sudden transparency isn’t so important for those that are calling for transparency so what you’re saying is the saudis would point blank say no we’re not telling you if we’re involved in piracy or not well they’re not they are saying categorically they’re not involved with piracy but unfortunately whether you like it or not the world trade organization which was the rules that we were going to trade under as a country if we didn’t get a deal with the eu i’ve sat there investigated it you’ve had accusations from bien from sky from the bbc from the u.s broadcasters it’s undeniable priority existence in saudi it’s whether it’s being condoned and the argument is how did you fix it i tell you what allow a legal framework for these countries for these companies that are having their copyright nicked and and utilized by blq to sue under and they won’t do you think this is is it over is it over the only thing absolutely over nothing is over until it’s absolutely over and if they decide to allow a framework which enables all of these accusations to be removed like sky or bn or any of these broadcasters being able to sue through the saudi courts for the copyright infringement that they’re clearly having from a broadcaster which is using arab sat for their signal and which is producing clearly pirated produce it’s not deniable blq is a pirate broadcaster and the premier league cannot broadcast its content in saudi arabia it’s being broadcasted through a pirate well someone has to put a stop to it what about the fans oh here’s the thing sam we’re going to this is the tragedy right this is the tragedy well you called some of those fans gullible the other thing they took i called them gullible because they’re being led by the nose by somebody that’s trying to save face in a deal because they’ve got it wrong and she’s operating in a vacuum and a premier league should have nipped this in the bud by communicating better we’ll hear from the fans next jim white and simon jordan monday to thursday morning 10 till 1 on am on dav via the talk sport app and on your smart speaker talk sport


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