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Jake and Amy’s TERRIBLE First Date | Brooklyn Nine-Nine | Comedy Bites

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[Music] [Applause] amy santiago you have made me the happiest man on earth i spent one whole dollar on this ring will you go on the worst date ever with me you have to say yes yes she said yes she said yes it’s for you [Music] amy santiago date time time to date peralta this outfit is ridiculous chop chop there’s plenty of embarrassing to do and only a few hours to do it in happy oh yeah you look like every girl at every bot mitzvah i ever had a crush on let’s see the bow just like jenny gildenhorn why do i wish you had braces should we get you braces no that’s too much here i go nice shorts thank you believe it or not they were not very expensive do i really have to wear this all night you know the rules the date starts now and ends at midnight i decide what you wear what you eat and where we go oh and there is one more rule no matter what happens you’re not allowed to fall in love with me won’t be a problem a date coming through pay attention everyone now i know that tonight is boyle’s big night but let’s forget about that completely for a moment and admire and comment on every terrible aspect of this permission to go to the bathroom granted first of three use the mislead hey congrats again buddy i really am proud of you still wearing the metal huh yes i want women to be impressed by me oh right well i’m sorry that i can’t stay but i have a terrible night planned for amy first up is the mall photo studio where we’ll take our official date portrait the picture will be the two of us playing one saxophone then some peel and eat shrimp for dinner at a dangerously cheap seafood restaurant and then i’ve contracted a youth choir to serenade us [Music] they’ll sing to her at midnight in the middle of times square she and 500 german tourists will savor that memory for all times jake you know why little boys pull little girls pigtails on playgrounds cause they’re so easy to grab they’re just begging to be pulled because they like the girls and that’s the only way they know how to get their attention what are you saying all of this season this elaborate date somewhere down deep you like aiming like like you’re like okay that’s straight up insanity how much did you spend on tonight fourteen hundred dollars but all of it’s on credit cards so it’s like five dollars a month for the next two thousand years i do not like amy you’re putting a lot of effort into a joke why don’t you just sit down and have a real conversation with her okay boyle you live in your ex-wife’s new boyfriend’s basement i’m not taking advice from you uh excuse me everyone santiago and i will be performing the steerage jig from the film titanic which we have prepared for in no way shape or form romantic no embarrassing milady do this mini heat your guts channel that passion into the dance peralta skully tag in okay keep spinning you

Jake and Amy\'s TERRIBLE First Date | Brooklyn Nine-Nine | Comedy Bites

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