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LIVE: Stock Market – Boom or Bust! Where to next? How to Prepare!

by smart

good morning everybody a special saturday morning edition and i know a lot of you are very concerned about the stock market and as you know crypto is a huge thing right now it’s a transformational time but i’m in the situation i’m in because of the stock market and it’s working whoops sorry for that little repeat anyway happy saturday morning i normally try and take saturdays off but so many people are asking so many questions about where we are on the stock market i decided you know what i’m going to give my perspective and i’ll let you guys know exactly how i prepare and i know everybody has some stock market exposure a lot of people are all in on crypto but most of you have stock market exposure in one way or the other so let’s go in um got my morning coffee and we have a special guest as well i hope you guys can see so my symbolism is back many of you missed it uh so here we are state of the union stock market let’s jump in i got my little clicker too math money and freedom a little bit of math today not too much but some basic ratios that you can use to prepare and quick disclaimer this is edutainment so first of all we are seeing not only a huge amount of fear in the crypto market i mean if you look i think i analyzed something like 80 85 percent of all youtubers are bearish right now but that follow crypto which i think is astounding uh somebody said to me the other day was very funny it’s like you know you’re the most conservative guy ever but you’re still now bullish more than anybody else so all the moon boys went bearish and i’m just consistently you know my way so anyway fear and the stock market is kind of topic for today now let’s talk a little bit about exactly what’s going on so here there’s a couple of fellows hey green tea welcome in india it’s it makes me so happy to see people from all over the world i got chile uk india etc so let’s talk about the stock market bubble crash coming everything you open everything you read everything you see it’s all about bears predicting an epic market crash and remember we only had one 15 months ago and we got bangkok thailand as well that’s crazy so let’s start with michael bury and he is the guy he’s kind of what i call a perma bear he’s always kind of negative always shorting stuff sometimes he’s good he shorted tesla the same time i shorted at 850 and he did predict the big real estate crash which was great and therefore he is a bit of a legend but he forecasts the greatest speculative bubble of all time and he’s been talking about this now for seven months and he tweets and then he deletes them and etc so that’s his take and then we have a guy called gundlach and he says we are in a fully fledged epic bubble and he also said the dollar is doomed over the long term so again this guy is right but predicting a bubble is kind of easy i mean just look at the meme stocks of amc and gamestop and stuff like that you can see that pretty easily now stanley druckenmiller a lot of respect for him he said i have no doubt that we are in a raging mania in all assets but that doesn’t stop him from investing he’s still in the market so remember that’s the important thing to remember here is yep it’s crazy but hey if you’re not in you can’t win as they say and then we have this guy called anatole kaletsky this is a killer wave in the nasdaq bubble again he doesn’t really believe in disruption and technology stocks he says many technology stocks fundamentally overvalued the meme stocks i agree with that green meme stocks are absolutely crazy cryptocurrencies and the coveted winners will prove worthless i disagree with anatoly the coveted winners look at the zooms of the world and everybody amazons they’re just going from strength to strength especially now with c19 and the lander and delta variants everybody knows that this stuff is not going away and we could have more lockdowns in the future anyway not trying to alarm anybody just being very very realistic here as well let’s go a little bit further let’s look at some numbers and where we came from so what i did was i pulled out all the numbers of the u.s equity market value pretty much over the last 20 years and that the total u.s stock market i didn’t do it for other markets around the world but i did it for the u.s stock market and i pulled out the s p 500 and this told me a couple of interesting things number one we’ve gone from 10 trillion dollars in a stock market value up to nearly 50 trillion dollars in 20 years so that’s a 5x that is pretty astounding and again if you were not in the stock market over the last 20 years you missed out the opportunity to 5x your money now if you pull out the s p 500 from the stock market and just examine the s p 500 alone you will see that little blue line there is representative of all the growth the delta between the s p 500 and the rest of the market has been pretty constant now what does that mean let me zoom out for a second what that means is the whole stock market is being carried by the top 500 stocks and the s p 500 continually rebalances itself it kills the losers and adds in the winners like brings on tesla and regeneron and other companies that are doing really well regeneron makes vaccines for guess what yes you named it so basically what this tells me is the if you’re not in the top 500 stocks if you’re in all the crumbs all the other garbage your returns aren’t really going anywhere and that’s the lesson and that’s why it’s very important to pick the right stocks and be on the right trains at the right time do not just hold a basket of everything it’s one of the reasons i don’t own mutual funds or etfs because you know the weak ones will always drag them back but let’s go a little bit further and let’s analyze exactly what happened during c19 so the c19 crash hey slovenia new york city cape town south africa this is it makes me so happy to see people from all over the world looking for financial freedom and that is brilliant so big thumbs up to everybody out there all over the place so the c19 crash happened in seven trading days as the stock market fell 35.74 percent and it wicked back in about 40 trading days so that was truly a v-shaped recovery and i didn’t look back after that it just bounced incredibly quickly so the point i’m trying to make here is corrections happen fast if they do happen now let’s look at the recovery so it took 144 four days for a 55 rebound but the key thing to look here you know the numbers is the stock market fell 35.74 but back to the rebound level it was a 55 gain so the the thing here is if you held and didn’t sell anything or you weren’t prepared for this crash you would have lost 35.74 of your portfolio but then you would have gained 55 back now what happens if you were in a position to be in cash and by the dip then your gains are exponential rather than having no gain and you can see a 35 down equals 55 back up so if you have 100 bucks and you lose 35 percent it’s not too bad you go down to 65 dollars but if you invest a hundred dollars at the bottom it goes to 155 dollars and that’s kind of the simple math number i want you all to get away from this as well and i know a lot of people say you can’t time the market but i time the market and people in patreon see it every day i pick tops and i pick bottoms and i nail them every single time well eighty percent of the time ninety percent of the time i do so let’s look at the c19 recovery today 476 days we are in and it’s gone the market has gone up over 100 percent so just think about that everybody that is huge again those people who were very conservative and left the stock market got rattled out missed that train and timing is very very important but let’s look at more numbers especially for those people that haven’t been playing a nice ethereum well well spotted there uh i’ve raised that you’re i think the second person jeffrey eldas to recognize the pattern we’re trying to replicate here so when we look at the crash history of the world for those of you who are too young to remember all the stuff that went down this is really really important so zooming out going back to you know 100 years or whatever 50 years this is this takes into account i think the last 70 years you can see the green is the stock market going up and the red is the stock market going down so anybody can see okay red going down yep it is both shorter in duration and also less steep so the question is if you are a perma bear someone who always shorts the markets are you going to do well the answer is no but of course let’s break this down a little bit further i created a another spreadsheet to try and explain the importance of this and where we are with the market so bear markets 1956 1961 1966 1968 1973 1980 87 2000 2008 2020 i know a lot of you weren’t around for some of those and some people probably aren’t even aware of what bear markets are but the point here is the average duration of a bear market is 12.7 months going back 70 years the average dip is 35.57 which is almost identical to the c19 dip we had in march 2020 which is uncanny and the total number of years over the past 70 years we’ve had in a bear market is 10 years okay so that is the bear situation and when you hear people talking about oh big bear market coming yeah it could come but it’ll be a worst case scenario 35 dip and it’ll only last a year in fact it’ll probably last a lot yes a lot less and when we look at the bull markets 1957 62 67 67 69 75 82 87 2001 2009 and we’re in one right now the returns are outrageous so the average duration of a bull market is five and a half years or 66 months the average growth during that bull market is 169 and the number of years we’ve had over the past 60 years in the bull market is 50 years so the question is do you want to be missing those bull markets because of the crazy returns okay so let’s talk briefly about signs of a bubble now these are some of the common things that i’ve seen happen i sought i went back in 1999 2000 i saw lots of tech valuations that were insane and i became very bearish and i started to short stocks like emc back in the day early when nobody else was doing that michael bury wasn’t even around then because i’ve been in doing this longer than he has but signs of a bubble number one everybody’s piling in what i mean by that is you know people going to bars and restaurants and waiters and uber drivers talking about oh i’m buying gamestop etc red flag second one unsustainable valuations look at amc or gamestop classic case in point craziness meme stocks again and other assets like doge are just going parabolic debt extensions this is the amount of debt being taken on to fund a lot of this growth and prices rise regardless of news like no matter how bad the news is for stock they continue to go up now we’re not seeing a lot of that but we’re seeing that in some isolated cases and then the other classic one is new investors come in and say old investors don’t get it so you’re seeing a lot of new investors in the market now investing in things like uh gamestop and amc and dogecoin and saying hey this is a different world you know the old the old farts really don’t know what’s going on so that’s kind of the sign so let’s see now are we going to crash let’s kind of get to the conclusion here as you guys know i always do a conclusion and tell you exactly what i’m thinking unlike other people that don’t make conclusions will always get a conclusion in my videos so first of all this is kind of a representation of the devil and the angel the devil represents um kind of bearish sentiment so yes evaluations are high yes we’re going into a month that is typically the worst which is august is slow because everybody’s on vacation uh sadly number three c19 is on the rise again and lockdowns are beginning to happen all over the world i heard malaysia vietnam parts of canada parts of california now are putting new mandates in place and they’re beginning to think about closing gyms again that’s bad inflation is definitely on the rise which is not a good thing and bond yields are rising which is also not a good thing now on the positive note on the angel side the blue but disruption is in play if you look at the stuff that the teslas of the world are doing and some of the biotech companies it is crazy and probably the second point most important point is the system is flush with cash there is just so much money out there and the fed keeps on printing and the european central bank keeps on printing and everybody keeps on printing money money is debasing like crazy which means that the stock market has to go up no matter what so if you have money dollars debasing a 15 that means hard assets like stock and real estate etc at a minimum just to say flat have to go up by 15 percent so you can expect a 15 return the stock market no matter what when the money is debasing now zero percent interest rates of course is positive which means people can still borrow a lot of people are borrowing like crazy and investors are forced to invest and what i mean by that as well because there is zero percent return on capital you have entities businesses right now looking to do things like stake looking to buy stable coins and generate return because they’re so desperate to get return on any money they have and you look at the apples and the googles they’re sitting on tens and hundreds of billions of dollars in cash they don’t know where to put it where are they going to put it they they don’t think tech stocks are too expensive to acquire any companies so they’re stuck so and then supply scarce real estate bitcoin etc so these are kind of the positives that i see and uh first of all an old rule of the market time in the market beats timing the market yes it’s always good to be in the market then not in the market that’s a real term so if you cannot time the market it’s always good to be in the market now what do i recommend in terms of how i’m playing this game so first of all some stocks are definitely in a bubble others are not so bubble crazy evaluations for some it’s not hard to spot them but others i think even though they’re highly valued they are still good value like tesla don’t get caught up in the euphoria you know don’t get sucked into things and that are over hyped and prepare and what i mean by prepare is buckle in and be ready for a dip if it happens and offload the risky topped out plays for example last week i offloaded my apple which i was planning to do for a long time i got rid of a big chunk of my paypal and i’m starting to shed a lot of other assets and i’m increasing cash i’m about thanks god b appreciate your donation uh i’m increasing cash every step of the way and i’m hedging my long in the money positions call options by selling out of the money call options also i’ve got no emotion i don’t care either way but i’m prepared either way and have your finger on the trigger so again what i’m doing i’m about 22 23 cash right now and a lot of my existing positions are hedged so i am looking for a dip now i don’t believe there’s going to be a crash which is 20 or more i think we could have a weakness that could go 8 to 10 dip in the stock market in august and that’s where i think things go and then september because there’s so much money out there things go back up again so that’s my uh crystal ball view of the world let’s open up the q a and a big thank you to be here on a saturday and let me know if you like the time of this new time slot i’m thinking you know i always try to take saturdays off but there’s so much stuff to share with you all that you know we’ll see so hey one lambo yeah a part-time san francisco part time elsewhere too high desert in fact uh today i am in tahoe so sell the rip by the dip exactly now first of all let me see if i missed any super cool questions um i’ll start from the bottom what is the best ticker for s p 500 that is spx from caligula use spx and what would be the top three stocks to put in a roth ira today ah interesting question good one i would definitely think about um my usual suspects tesla microstrategy something safe like invite that would be great in 2022 and beyond um i also own a lot of shopify google square the solid kind of recession-proof names that will just continue to print money going forward again um they’re kind of the the names i like and i shed the ones that i think are kind of past it so you don’t see me owning things like oracle or microsoft or salesforce or those types of names but truly that the true leaders in the space that are molding where the world is going over the next 10 years that’s where i like to be so robin thomas this time please ah this time i don’t understand a question and jason thank you so much i got a poop emoji i don’t know if that’s good or bad um let me see why all the traveling uh i move around a lot not really i just uh the long story as to why do you have a teaching course and how to time the market from galaxy sector great question so i do share on patreon kind of every time i invest i do a trade alert i share my investment thesis what i saw a lot of it is based on things like ta and other stuff that’s kind of happening in the marketplace and as well as momentum relative valuations money flows macro a whole bunch of stuff ryan primer the opposite is true when price goes down regardless of news it’s a bottom feels like the crypto market yes ryan great great question in fact i’m seeing something very very positive so i spent a lot of time nearly 30 years ago managing things like 4x risk and one of the things that i always try to identify is correlation or lack of correlation in different markets so right now we have the s p 500 at an all-time high and we have bitcoin 50 off the all-time high more than 50 in fact 53 by my calculations and that is a great thing because that means we can start trading one off the other and i have this weird theory and this is maybe only 15 20 chance that i’m right but i think if there is weakness in the stock market or the stock market does crash i think there will be a flight to safety and that safety will be things called uncorrelated assets that means things like real estate maybe dividend paying stocks maybe gold and bitcoin so um that’s that’s where i think things could go uh so ryan great question and i’m excited for that time when we’re already seeing the complete unbuckling of crypto from the world and the adoption of defy you know at one stage over the next one to five years i guarantee you we’re going to see traditional financial services company stocks go like this which will be prime short candidates and we’re going to see d5 tokens go like this so watch for that x i don’t know what’s going to happen i know it’s going to be a month from now or a year from now or three years from now but it’s gonna happen and it’s gonna be fun to watch and we will be ready with our fingers and the triggers so thank you ryan for the question i work hard thoughts on microstrategy yeah i shorted microstrategy um i shorted when it hit 688 i sold out of the money calls and i bought half of them back on thursday and i’m looking to close out the rest of the position early next week it hasn’t quite bottomed so sometimes when i’m not sure that the bottom’s in i cover half because i was at a 53 profit already on the shorts so basically i think i sold for every contract i got about eleven thousand one hundred dollars and i bought them back at about fifty two hundred dollars fifty three hundred dollars for every contract i sold i was making nearly six thousand for more than six thousand so that’s how i play that on microstrategy looks like we have lots of spammers out there so big thank you to the moderators um i appreciate that for being there we have k8 in the house so siddhartha chatterjee do you prefer etfs of the s p 500 or the nasdaq 100 great question so back in the 90s i used to hedge my tech portfolio by putting together uh option strat structures against the qqq which is the nasdaq 100 index but right now what i prefer to do because when it when when you are painting with such a broad brush buying you know indexes or etfs the s p5 from nasdaq half of it or 60 of its garbage so i much prefer surgically choosing stocks and having right now i have about 20 names in my stable which is too much but i’m beginning to shed them so i’m ditching things like apple and nextera energy uh paypal starting to cull some of those positions but again as i mentioned before i’m still holding my big ones i don’t do etfs i don’t do mutual funds but what i do do is i look at the best etfs like the arc k etf and they have 60 holdings and i will identify the top five and go after them and vet what they do so for example uh shopify i’ve been a big shopify player got in hard in march of last year i’ve been selling puts and buying long-term calls in shopify for a long time and it’s also i think it makes up 12 or 13 of kathy woods’s position in her fund and i didn’t realize that until after the fact so that’s a very bullish sign so siddhartha thank you so much phil h would you buy 15k of microstrategy in a retirement account at 5.25 yeah i like microstrategy under the 5 30 mark and not investment advice but i think it’s a very very good long-term hold as long as you can be patient because we don’t know when my point bitcoin is going to rebound it might take another one month two months three months but it’s going to rebound that is certainty and once it does microstrategy will too so again um i shorted microstrategy at 688 i covered exactly at i think was 5 30 5 25 on thursday whatever it was i picked the dip of the day so basically me covering my short is like me going long so phil great question uh hiroshi and i can’t tell you what to do but i can share what i do hiroshi sakakibara hope i got that right hey a question on bitcoin isn’t switching from fiat to bitcoin simply means we switch our trust from government to the rich one percent uh interesting question so the if you look at the distribution of wealth on planet earth i think the top 0.1 percent of wealthy people own 60 of the global wealth on earth so think about that now you may think that bitcoin has a lot of concentration of wealth at the top of the pyramid but it’s actually nowhere near as bad as the wealth concentration in the rest of the world and check out if you follow twitter um check out invest answers on twitter i published my what i call bitcoin wealth pyramid which is brand new i think i stuck it on reddit as well and a few other places and that will show you exactly what’s happening the other good thing about the bitcoin wealth pyramid is for the first time ever retail is getting really smart we now have about 640 between 640 and 660 new whole coiners in patreon they are people that have one bitcoin there will never be more than 350 000 people on earth that have one bitcoin and our patreon community has over 600 of those 350 000 which is huge the goal is get to a thousand so basically one in 350 people on earth will be whole corners within my community that’s my ambitious goal but we are about 350 whole corners away and i know we’re going to get there hopefully in the next three or four months so uh that that’s where i see what happening so but the problem with government fiat is they keep on printing the money every time they keep like they’ve added 40 of the money supply in the us so if you have a hundred dollars you’re basically a hundred dollars is now being meshed up with another forty dollars so that 100 is now worth 100 divided by 140 that’s what you have left and every time they print your currency is going down and purchasing power so bitcoin is the hardest asset on earth and will only go up so one brighton let me see uh hello james i’m a long-term investor mostly crypto and some stocks what is the best way to make short-term gains neither crypto or stocks so the best way and the safest way to make gains and perpetual revenue streams and constant income the simplest way and the way i started in the early 90s was selling covered calls against stocks i was buying 10 20 stocks really good names that were a little bit volatile a little bit disruptive and i’d sell out of the money calls against them every six to eight to twelve weeks and that way i was making forty percent thirty percent fifty percent like clockwork four times a year on my money and i kept on doing that kept on building and then take all my profits out and buy real estate profits out and buy real estate that is what i did and uh it’s the safest it’s the easiest covered calls like stealing money from a baby or candy from a baby whatever that expression is and that’s what i recommend crypto is very risky it’s very disruptive um you know if you were lucky like me and bought a lot of ethereum last year or 200 bucks you did well but sometimes you can’t get those type of returns anymore so but constant safe regular money is the best way for life-changing wealth and the best way to do that is cover calls you don’t have to be a sophisticated options trader to do that tails from the man cave yes i’m in a little man cave here myself uh swiss francs very nice i lived for six years in zurich would you get rid of more aggressive etfs like arc at this point greets from switzerland super let me know which city you’re in um again i never own etfs i think if i was going to hold any type of asset it would be the arc k etf or the rg because they are extremely well run portfolios um so get i would sell other stuff but i’d hold on to the ark stuff because they are investing hard and disruption and disruption is where all the money is going to go and that’s where i started my beginning of the presentation today is some stocks are stupidly overvalued some stocks even though they are overvalued they have such great growth ahead of them they’ll continue to go up so um i don’t think i’d sell the rqtf you could try trade it but um i think the future is good unless you’re really good at timing you could ditch your arcade now and buy it back at the end of august or the middle of august but then you could incur taxes so that would be see what happens um let me see if any other quick questions charles and ken cannon thank you so much i own galaxy and want to know your thoughts yeah edward uh wickliak galaxy has gotten crushed i would have gone into a huge position on galaxy yesterday if they had options they don’t have options at least that i can access through my accounts and if i could i would because what’s very special about galaxy and what mike novogratz is doing is he is incubating i think he has five unicorns so he has five companies that are worth over a billion dollars each in his stable of galaxy digital and that’s a compelling value proposition uh they’ve been beaten down i got into galaxy i did my first video in galaxy which i had mike novogratz reviewed the content before i launched it and right now we are back at the price that i first got in at so it’s basically from march it went it tripled and has come right back down again to where it was so as a solid long-term investment and retirement account i think galaxy digital is definitely a very good one basel super philanthropic net feder uh thank you so much um let me see what else is going on and i won’t keep you guys too long because it’s saturday uh harry lime is it a risk for bitcoin if people continue to treat it like a currency this is an interesting one uh and i like this question because first of all think of bitcoin being a pristine store of value and that’s the only way really you can think about it and if they change it to being a currency then it’ll fall into the same boat as things like fiat currencies now there was an interesting quote from jerome powell earlier this week i think was wednesday or thursday where he said kryptos have failed as currencies and as payment mechanisms but that is not true if you look at what the work is being done by strike and the lightning network today that’s all about changing and you look at the investments by jack dorsey so it’s weird they are building out capabilities within bitcoin and other cryptos to be true currencies true payment mechanisms but i prefer the store value narrative for now until that technology is established and then once that happens if you saw yesterday’s video as kind of describing my view of the world the new cold war the new world war three etc will all be fought first of all digitally and second of all there’s going to be three countries first one china with the digital one second one u.s with the current reserve currency of the world which is the us dollar and the third one will be bitcoin so they’re they’re the three players in the new world and uh the beauty of bitcoin is so decentralized nobody can muck with it so uh we’ll see what happens let me see uh robin thomas this timing for the live stream if possible you’re the best brother thank you so much so i’ll try to mix it up on timings um when we have a global audience and i tend to spend a lot of time during the day doing research and then putting it all together and then recording it at night when it’s fresh so like 4 p.m pacific but i’ll try and do that afadero and kryptos have you seen trevela’s explosive growth since covered quite a significant increase in revenue the travel bet is going long-term right so that’s that’s an interesting one so i thought about plays in some of the travel plays um i originally got into uh and the post after march i got into actually an etf play was called jets because i saw the airlines recovering i looked carefully at things like airbnb i saw that being a huge boon because nobody wants to be in a hotel and sharing elevators and common areas but i thought airbnb would do really well um but right now i think we’re on the cusp of maybe some more lockdowns and travel restrictions but it won’t be as bad as before uh vaccines do work they may not be as effective against some of the variants but um but i think all of the money has already been made in the travel recovery play for right now so i would not touch that area i think the safer places to invest and let me see i can do options in galaxy what would you do well if you’re in canadian dollars uh i think it’s what is it let me check the actual chart right now on galaxy live um and this give me a second i can’t remember what it is in canadian dollars let me pop this up ah so for some reason uh i i was playing with my security on this computer and uh anyway i’d have to look i don’t want to give that answer on options but buy something that is half time value half intrinsic value out about a year and a half so that would take us to say january 2023 and if galaxy is trading at i think 16 or 17 canadian try buy the 15 coals for about four bucks fill h that would be the answer for you sir and that will do well over time don’t worry uh let me see rodney thank you so much um video that builds a percentage stock and crypto portfolio yeah i do have that in pieces i share my stock portfolio and my crypto portfolio and percentages but doing a mix of both again charles can canon what i’m really trying to do is teach people how to build a very efficient portfolio using things like sharp ratios and when when hopefully the breakdown happens and the lack of correlation between things like bitcoin and uh stocks equities happens then it’ll be so much easier to build very very efficient portfolios so for example when crypto is hot equities are not and vice versa and then you can just move money around in between and hedge as a result and that’s when it becomes really powerful so i used to do that in the past with things like oil for a little while and other types of commodities so uh cool i think i’m getting close to wrapping up now drink some coffee but that’s charles that’s a great idea and i’ll think about doing that i just need a little more data points to be able to make sure that there is that lack of collidation jason price tell doc long term hold or move into tesla tel doc definitely a long long-term hold that is a solid solid name so lots of spammers in here today sorry about that um we do have a moderator uh killing them but i’m not sure if she’s up to speed on which ones are spammers and which ones are not and you guys can also report them to galaxy sector quick who is at galaxy sector oh he’s deleted okay let me see i’m gonna hide them from the channel there sorry about galaxy sector um and i try just scan these things too quickly dunder mifflin luck yes you guys are great eyes love it so very funny tv show love from sweden hi annika changed from finance to i don’t know so um i don’t know what exchanges are good up there in sweden maybe if somebody else is from scandinavia i know that my son is in denmark and he uses etoro which is a badly reviewed exchange but that’s what he uses um so if anybody has any good ideas as to what is good for annika and sweden if she wants to move from binance again if you don’t have a lot of money on binance you’re fine it’s not like they’re going to disappear go out of business they are the biggest exchange on earth but there’s just a lot of regulatory scrutiny coming down them all at the same time and that is a little bit of a problem so i worry about that a little bit so let me see if there’s one more question i can take number one investment is your health caligula so true health is wealth without health we are nothing so coffee is my vice um with some mushroom in it ku coin is the best yeah a lot of people are looking at kucoin as an exchange again it’s kind of a no kyc unregulated thing so it could actually be banned um ftx is one of my preferred exchanges as well so try ftx.com and uh that’s it and we have mads in denmark yeah my son is in copenhagen we’ve got people from overall this is great and uh cool i just want to wish everybody a happy saturday tomorrow is q a for you all and a big thank you to everybody and we will see you tomorrow okay good night and thank you also for all the donations we’ll be sponsoring another animal tomorrow bye

LIVE:  Stock Market - Boom or Bust! Where to next? How to Prepare!

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