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Manu Samoa vs Tonga Game 2 – Rugby World cup qualifier (Full game)

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[Applause] [Music] cup qualifier these are definitely the teams don’t even worry about it table tennis without further ado let’s get into it [Applause] no doubt to get us in the way female [Applause] [Applause] the beautiful metaphor winter’s metaphor afternoon it’s the curtain rose as they call it the war backs up against the mountain fiji’s and abundance of medicine rugby to be played the people of marathon new zealand the people have come out in abundance to show their support it’s a beautiful thing to see marathon root bee is the winner at the end of the matter day table tennis anyway now if the buddha’s psychopathy against the buddha forget to turn [Applause] [Applause] there’s a few other names that i know sometimes i know i know things okay though table tennis anyway well actually significantly higher for the shoulder blade to their nick reached a tackle there by one of the dog opposed i believe they may have been saying badly and he’s sent off immediately referees don’t hear them at the place like no man don’t do that you can’t be taking people’s own significantly high up in the sky man you’re not a matter of fact you’re not a sea girl and then the church goes there dewey nice check there indeed every place to south brown lima looking to get involved from the border now for the tongasses i mean the marathon manusamowas for their matter my bread probably should have changed the colors of the jerseys just a little bit because it’s a little bit of a clash and it’s making it slightly confusing for me to know which team is which right about now but i mean didn’t they do that for the last game i probably should have thought about that i wasn’t really thinking too much there but things happened i’m gonna give myself a bag of mandarins a little bit they do 99 cents for a bag that’s a reasonable price i wonder what happens when a person who speaks mandarin eats a bag of mandarins and then they’re like i’m talking to myself is that what they say anyway taking the ball forward there is belly i just heard a doggie back what’s up what’s going at it knocked out there by [Applause] i’m always good to get him out of here and game drops pretty good again just as a type of ice cream that we have here in the center for those of you who aren’t familiar there’s a good one no doubt about it if you ever come to new zealand and you and you go to a place because you can go to stores and stuff where they just supply the metaphase ice cream and it’s in its flesh as it is that you don’t have to buy it in the container so you could go to a place where they supply the the ice creams and stuff and then you could be like could i please have the good to go to game drops ice cream and then they’ll be like no doubt about it and then you you will you will like it i can trust you that you like it anyway take it forward there [Applause] was a quality foreign for the highlanders all those years ago that is for sure he always had like a i always say like the same sort of length of hair it was never like not long but it was never not short and he would always just keep it that way anyways have that tiny little square mattifying facial hair look around his face but he was consistent i appreciate that because you get some people what are the tablets that’s another hero tackle there by the tigers they find themselves two players down is that to be the case says that is unfortunate i think maybe the other player who was sent off is maybe actually come back out to the field i wanted time for this that was close to being dead but they may actually keep it in there they managed to treat it like a loaf of bread and they fit it to themselves yeah good on you bro my friend have that bread if you want to anyway looking to give the border to the fair to play there for the samoas who said the hairs you said [Applause] they find themselves in a significant amount of trouble early on two high tackles and uh two players down one player’s return day and then another player goes off in return it’s like they matter for them they did that and then they went off and one went on that’s unfortunate for them pouncing on that did you know that in new zealand we refer to the term means like uh you’re jumping into water so oh he’s about to do a manu so that’s what it’s called i mean you can be a you can do it if you’re a female too know i’m just saying that that’s what it’s called when you if you jump off like a like a cliff face or something and you jump deep into the water and then it’s about making the water go splashed like significantly higher above where you’re going into the water sort of thing yeah it’s referred to as a manu so that’s what that means yeah if you if you ever come to new zealand you ever see people jumping off cliffs into the water that’s that’s referred to as amanu or even just going into a swimming pool for that matter if they were to jump into a swimming pool and try and get that sort of look to it then that would be also referred to as a manual tablet that was quite a play there by together but they probably should have held onto the ball there zane capalli just chipping it a little bit too far i can understand the tactics though but i mean you found the openings and you probably should have just held on to it and waited for the the calvary to have a arrival as they might have been saying but whatever anyway trying to get us back in the way that was [Applause] they need to work on that that is for sure been taken in there by thomas he was a quality chief that’s what’s been taking [Applause] players were absolutely foreign a tie in fact i believe uh so the tomb raider is still playing as much a rugby in new zealand he plays for the hawke’s bay i’m pretty sure that’s the case because that’s where he initially played for and then his return in recent times to come back and play for hawke’s bay again because you know when you’re lowered to a team you matter from george to the end man and like that um you know jason tamala from uh the rugby leagues that guy is an absolute turncoat that guy he’s like oh one time i’m out of kiwi and then i’m not a kiwi all of a sudden but like hey man i i don’t care you play for who you want to play for but don’t you mind if you flip it over like a coin heads or towers and just pick and choose when you want to play foot and then you want to play steiner voldemort get out of here i can’t stand that guy he’s an absolute prick anyway uh matter scrum time for the matter for the manusamowas heading into half times god did the oranges as they say is it true that the french team in the first game up against australia they met with eight baguettes at halftime that’s an interesting one i feel like you’d get stitches if you were to eat baguettes and do such a high intensity workout but i don’t know maybe it works for them i haven’t i wouldn’t know that because i’m not a baguette sort of person but anyway now after the buddhist matter of flipping brian lima for the actually you know it’s tonga with the bus so there’s one of the players for madison tonya who had the boar saying capalli he’s all over the place they go he is absolute quality look at them go anyway that’s the half dome now people say tonya what are they going to do here they’re going to kick it out or they’re going to try and score a try and they treat it like a metaphor it means to be mad for the same oh what a tiger there by ben from brian lee and mahiba is an absolute i mean still is an absolute enforcer because he’s obviously playing in this game here it is a good game indeed that is for sure how did it tell his mess up kicked out fear there by the matter of heaven minnesota they should just kick this one out and that’ll be the half ladies and gentles that is to be the matter for the casings that is for sure with a highly intense medicine game we have winners here today this the first half might have been ill disciplined by the and i said samoa had a lack of position but you gotta say they made the most of it it’s not always about the amount of position that you have it’s not always about the amount of opportunities that you have it’s just about pouncing on the limited amount of that possession and opportunities that you do have making the most of it you can have all the mortal in the world but if you matter for me not doing it at the right places not being tactical about it not matter flipping finding those openings then what’s the point and having it at all oh sometimes they just like to tackle yeah so anyway if the second half is underway here there’s a benefit to [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] defense got in table tennis this is absolutely incredible start here by the money what is he dirty i don’t exactly know what the other time there could be a truck the first therefore there was just stupidity but there was almost absolutely sheer matter from ingenious if he just got the right bouncing that would have been absolutely incredible unfortunately for murder for ben langhi it wasn’t to be the case [Applause] where to drop it here for the zone company looking to get their board downfield there they just want to be in the game and then once they get in it i mean they are in it at this stage but they want to be in it for as long as possible and then hopefully they can uh they can find an opportunity and there’s been dirt over there he’s consistent good for him because every high tech or their tonga has made he’s setting them off and now he’s done the same for samoa so he’s now they’re picking one team over the other so i appreciate that on his time with his this is a big goal by the just down to 50 meters that’s about 48 meters there this would be a kick and a half a female oh that’s incredible right down there butter for the middle from near halfway there laser butter dog is well literally back at the game now this is better for turning on his but he is expedited like a beyblade this medicine unwrapping american sandwich deeply metaphorically wrapped in melvin aluminium foam gamer back underway in a frame for dog adventures to take the ball from the battlefield kick ass right [Applause] [Applause] himself by passing the ball to himself at the back of the right they’re doing like he takes it for matches to get the float away don’t matter lucky again [Applause] as we get deep into the second half now ladies and gentlemen is the 62-minute mark that’s made of heaven 18 minutes to go in the matter for a big game of an 80 minute matter of fact gotta die with this this is absolutely frantic pedantic [Applause] what a game we have here going on right about now ladies and gentles this is quality stuff the people the crowds well they’re truly getting into this one that is oh what a hit there beard time ifuna he did not miss he said i want that ball back for my team you know comes only 15 minutes to go in this game those are metaphor gentles but the tongue is going to steal it or the manuscript is going to seal it that [Applause] [Applause] is [Applause] but at the same time they don’t know i’m going to give the board to a different person who’s in a better position than i am so that’s right then thank you for there by second power they’re fighting up this they’re about to fit on your monkey meters they’re not looking to kick it at this stage this is a fascinating way to go about things i’m not sure what they’re trying to do go look at him go [Applause] this is incredible stuff man yeah with this they’re still going down look at the god this could be the gaming laser jitters they found it i’d be there five minutes to go in the game look at the center here like it might have been sandwiched [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] gonna lose my voice this has been incredible look at that guy this is exciting man the first guy was excited and they’re delivering yet again the delivery like an uber eats driver delivering like a pizza hut delivery driver you’re delivering like a he’s in a curious person but like anybody who made a friend does a delivery sort of job really good for them man well done i appreciate what you’re doing here people would definitely be enjoying this that is for sure oh they’re table tennis i haven’t been this infatuated by a game since the dust one and that wasn’t that long ago but they’ve been down he’s [Applause] they can get a consolation train there’s a beautiful long kick that they may should do to keep themselves back in the game and will they be wondering should we have gone for a try maybe it could have led to different things but you never know because that’s the thing when the kick is made the game restarts and with a try you just never know that when people always it always annoys absolute bajeebs out of me when it pisses out oh they miss free kicks that’s nine points no there’s three points game starts again those extra six points they don’t exist okay so shut the fudge up tonka kicks the butter for some sort of a reason i’m not exactly sure why but that’s the game that lays them out of her journalism what a game it was congratulations to both teams for winning hey people i really do appreciate you all for being here until next time peace out table tennis

Manu Samoa vs Tonga Game 2 - Rugby World cup qualifier (Full game)

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