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MEX vs CHI | Mexico vs Chile | Intel World Open – Americas Regional Finals (13 July 2021)

by smart

brazil taking over argentina in that group i’m gonna heartily disagree with you but that is later on right now we got ourselves some mexico and chile action to enjoy in the orange is gonna be chile in the blue it’s going to be mexico and kolkita here certainly one of the ones that i’m going to be looking out for bacon 1.69 goals per game his two teammates supporting him well first and second in assists in that mexico qualifier but as we saw earlier with emea the difference here in comparison of course to those asia qualifiers is that a lot of these teams have not actually faced up against each other as of yet and so these stats they’re great to look at in the microcosm of their own region but now it’s time to play on the big stage that’s it coming from two entirely different regions it might not be as far as let’s say the united kingdom and south africa but it’s still a good old distance with such a community behind them each mexico of course like tom said earlier again overlooked quite often by the united states and canada but this is a scene ready to break on out and heck when you look at that was so close when you look at it it does indeed get very fascinating also fascinating to me bacon is the fact that we have here pan here davitrox but where’s ray’s ball the answer is he’s not on the pitch we’ve got their sub flair coming in and so immediately that glue player that we were talking about easily the highest profile chilean player that we were supposed to see in these regional finals i don’t know whether he’s going to be out for the series whether he’s out for the day but either way you look at it it is a big loss for chile and a massive boost of mexico yeah we didn’t know whether we were actually going to have puerto rico versus canada coming up first to allow time for that sub to come on in but glad see pan here alongside david trucks and flair naturally flag i mean we have seen a couple of wonder subs you know super subs come on through in the past but this is truly the biggest stage that i think realistically chili’s ever had well not to necessarily let all of my stats out the box before we get there but when we come to puerto rico puerto rico later we have a lovely sub story there which helped cadmium bust win that qualifier get themselves into the regional finals but so far here gotta say a little bit disappointed in terms of overall goals of course we hit half time it is nil nil pan very happy to try and make me happy but out it goes from kokita and a lot of midfield possession here not really too many threatening presses towards either gold mouth and you’re saying you’re a little bit sad about no goals this year i know one of our good friends danny boy over in eu is absolutely adoring this sort of like very cautious place now because this has not been boring rocket league at all it’s all about testing each other because this is truly the first time these two squads have ever had to go up against each other throw in the sub occasion there for chile as well just to sort of work that one out and it’s not only about testing your opponents but testing each other do you feel like you can reach that do you feel like you can reach that computer what a redirect top goals per game in his region gavin trox and that is exactly why beautiful redirect to make chile the leaders in this first game one nil to them 150 left on the clock and despite lacking rey’s ball they do not lack passion his flare now with a pop flair towards net looking for that near post double tap and a huge save away from kokita his pan now that there’s sebs immediately able to slip it underneath him the ball just loitering in midfield and an odd situation here flair gives it up to ness this should be pans surely he’s going to throw that towards the backboard seb’s forced back and to the side this goes steps no boost although anyone orange knows that of course and once again locked in this midfield and actually this is going to perfectly play into chili’s hands right they’ve got that one they’ll lead you just said then no one in orange knows that but realistically you get a sense of your opponent’s boots and that’s what you see from the best players like straight up looking over the garage that lad when you look over towards the united states side he knows what boosts his opponents on the same with jane apps for kander and most likely anyone else you can just tell that their read of the game allows them to be able to just keep a mental little calculation of what everyone’s on and like said we’d still learn about these players like live in action especially for chili for me personally like with flavor that was almost the best save of the entire tournament i feel like a bad caster right now just talking straight through that but you do expect the same to come on through look at that ness was so close but this ended up being chilly two nil now i gotta say super impressed with flair you can tell that they have prepared for that contingency plan right it’s off so often the case where a sub will just be there for subs sake right it’s okay well if if we don’t have uh one of our guys i guess we’re gonna have to use this guy but actually it is so beneficial to train with your sub scrim with your sub make sure that they are fully immersed in the rotational style in the play style that you’re looking to perform chilly it does not look like they have lost raise ball and that is a huge compliment to them and their coach it is indeed but time winding down chile coming out with a massive statement here like you said coming in as the sub flare and to be able to do this amount of damage alongside his teammates a little double commander don’t matter in these waning moments but i sort of do look at this as a bit of an upset you would think coming on in that chemistry from mexico should give them a little bit of advantage just have a little bit more confidence coming into this first game but i mean maybe i’ve just been sleeping on chile a little bit here ireliek i don’t think you’ve necessarily been sleeping on them i mean we know that davitrox and pan within their own rights are fantastic players and as i mentioned earlier raceball was actually i wouldn’t want to say anonymous necessarily but he didn’t stand out for me in those qualifiers certainly if you look at the statistics that would back them back me up as well but it’s flair for me and his ability to again integrate into that side it’s something that mexico can’t necessarily underestimate i want to say and maybe that is the case here maybe they thought oh well reyes bull isn’t here we’re going to have a bit of an easy time but no you’re not going to have an easy time flare is definitely ready to step up to the plate and it shows with that one no lead in the series that it does hop in back on into lobby though it’ll be game two underway i guess a little bit of a safety net now earned for chile but i’m looking over towards mexico you just gotta take that game one remove it from your minds just come back on in with a little bit of refreshment because that break was a little bit longer than what we normally see just sort of getting the lads make sure they’re comfortable in this lobby 15 seconds already gone and i like that connection there that idea from coquita over towards nes but pan solid in defense another shot towards net and another save put up this time from flare again ness follows this sebs oh and that is beautiful placement from sebs it all kind of came from nothing just a simple ball infield from ness but it’s the pace of this hit caught beautifully from sev’s catches out pan and it’s mexico one nil i called out the play earlier already they are now going to team passing plays and that is something that i completely endorse beautiful little link up between the two there nice little sink as well of course the pass can only be as good as the shot if you want a goal there’s only one goal here look at chile hands on such a drive but davitrox not the read that he needed kokita and now it’s 2v1 going back his pan and he’s looking to chase out sebs but it should have been kokita that you’re looking at two nil medical what is this mexico i mean not really there in game one but game two they are now ready there as well look at that on the floor beautiful little demo about the controller from kohita it was going to say didn’t really have that pop-up factor that we’ve seen in the past coming into this game too he is suddenly getting involved you know throwing the ball downfield is in a great little passing play but then also there to just charge on it beautiful little drop but pan oh he’s been robbed by the post and this is going to be a very different task now in front of flare in particular you had a great first game sure but now you’ve got to carry that on throughout the rest of the series what a demo mexico looking to play in flair immediately making good on my request a lovely demo as you say mr bacon chasing it it’s sebs back into the midfield a bit loose but ness picks it up far side force can see possession to pan it’s off the backboard is anyone going to chase no their steps again to put it off to the side and that’s going to be so frustrating for chile they’re going to be hoping for mexico to just push it out into the midfield as far as possible but actually by keeping it close to their close to their like close to their bodies close to their net they’re going to be ever so slightly not so much now but ever so slightly eking that time off the clock with the two-nil lead that’s the thing that said a runaway is going to make it a one-goal game absolute sniper shot from davitrox right there but look at this no one’s home caught up in the midfield steps i mean demoed on top but that’s just to uh rob salt in the wound as well but that mexico shouldn’t be giving up i have no clue why they were so far forward and just in really weird positions a little slip up a little slip up indeed they’ll be hoping that it is not too costly still with that lead and maybe trying to extend it save off the near post combination of player and woodwork on that occasion and down that’s loose again and once more ness forced to go sideways rather than flare just dunked down and a lovely demo from ness for panzer to clean up his pan and that’s again ready on had to block flare goes high sebs down field davitrox another block in the midfield who’s going to get that first it’s going to be panned it’s going to be towards the net and coquitas just about going to get their big save yeah the clearance as well not going to be able to go the whole way good start from sebs to be able to keep it good read by ness and still going though they just cannot get rid of this blue this blue ball they need to drive down field as hard as they can go guitars oh words what a read on the save it’s keeping chile in the game kokita you can see pan and davitrox lurking and that ness was very relieved i’m sure to be the person in that particular position on rotation next again over the top of one looking for that backboard read no it’s going to fall down is it cohesita there first yes it is but well blocked again by flair oh and that’s a brilliant pass to pan oh brilliant play from chile thai game just looking at this blue spread a little bit too thin that’s such a great touch goodness is caught in the rotation knows mexico to break out of their defense are trying to impose a lot of aggression in their rotations that’s why they’re getting caught downfield so hard and straight up chilly seeing that just wait wait wait find that little crack and that’s when they dig in of course it took such great mechanical skill to be able to do it but this is really heating up yeah such a fantastic start for mexico wiped out by chile and now they’re looking to be in the driver’s seat davitrox that’s going to fall kindly for kokita and there’s ness lovely passing play to kokita again and it’s going to go further towards the net but it’s not going to get there but it is now 3-2 so many unexpected little twists to this tail ness throws it into the mixer steps right there two men looking to cover that net but not able to reach it in time one minute left to go only one goal separating these two sides ness maybe eager to try and extend that once again to a two goal margin you can’t ever be too sure with this chile side who’s come to play lovely control from steps beautiful control for sebs it’s left up to ness it’s left up to sebs it’s an open net and it is gonna be a two goal advantage once again i don’t feel that safe yet though for mexico we have seen goals go in so so randomly it feels like you know there’s not a massive amount of sense in this game that’s just big big breaks and you quite often feel that weirdness leaks into even more weirdness where you’ve just got both teams here that i feel a lot of pressure again you’ve got chile there that haven’t really kicked it at the very top of rcs these lads still got tons of experience don’t get me wrong but here they’ve got the entire world looking at them mexico on the opposite end have a very similar story and that was just an absolute body in right there three players triple commit at net but coke coquita was like hey panini for anyone and just two players hungry boys hungry boys indeed and that is a fabulous five on the board for mexico brilliant mental response actually from this team yes you go two nil up yes you lose two of those goals but mexico ready to put up another three make that for what a statement game was indeed again after losing the first coming back right now six goals to their name in this entire series and hey i see six up on the board that is a massive break chilly i feel like they could be using the next break to his full 60 seconds to just talk this one out because something has gone disastrously wrong yeah and i don’t necessarily think it’s in the offensive third either i think it’s just in the defensive third where mexico is asking more questions and almost a seventh goal to really put that game to bed it’s sleepy time now as we head to game number three thai series and mexico that is exactly what you and your fans want to see 14 shots up on the board six of them converted that is very nice reading indeed not just creative not just accurate but getting it past the keepers in the right places instead of sleepy time but like i said but the weight of this match the players can definitely feel it but one’s going to be going away dreaming sweet dreams the other side’s going to have an absolute mare and i do not wish it on either of these sides i just can’t wait to get into the next game because right now there is so much tension building we’re now effectively going into that very cliche the best yes but i feel we’re also going to be going into that very cliched sudden death game five because this is definitely a series that feels like it for me it does all hinge i mean we call game three and best of five as the back breaker for good reason if we see mexico come out and put on a similar style of performance if chile are not able to recover the issues that evidently sprouted up for them in that game number two then i fear that we’re going to see this actually end up with a game for dismissal for chile i have faith in them though i would love to see a much closer game number three certainly uh echoing your danny boy thoughts let’s see that defensive side of the rocket league rotation out in force we put another five minutes up on the clock as mexico and chile seek match point i mean that’s gotta be why the chant let’s go defense is such a best seller in america it’s because defense gives you a brilliant foundation than work off i mean we’ve got so many teams especially in europe at the moment where defense is the primary focus where you can just take one game one goal game sorry and i want to see that come out from now because we know mexico has got such strong attack chile just didn’t really have any answer to that say either they need to bolster their defense or double down on attack no one being able to intercept this ball and flares just gonna come on barreling through what a setup from pan i can’t believe it didn’t occur to me earlier but very much the emergency flare player isn’t he shoot up the sos signal because he’s back in town and he’s got a goal early doors and again it’s i i love this i really can’t take this team do this and they do it and then i’m like oh there’s a little bit you know a little bit of problems maybe you should do this and once again they do it’s lovely to see chile coming out nice almost like it’s common sense something i lack a number of times believe me it’s rather worrying of course mexico will want to put plenty of common sense into how they respond here but lovely closed down from davitrox gonna burn some time off the clock pam first wins our challenge over ness coquita out into the midfield looking for a fine finesse and flair has to kind of get involved in otherwise that’s going towards net the boomer back to where it’s uh where it started of course kokita now again just tennis match mentality here player though looking for a double tap and nest needing to make that touch off the backboard seb is forced to go into his own corner and chile closing in on this blue net once again they’re looking ominous yeah chile like this sort of tennis ping-pong style that you talked about it just gives a little normality a lot more time to react and that’s really going to show that mexico with their chemistry they can have these short bursts they can have that really really fast game working for them because they know what each other want sebs that’s so bold to pre-jump that we did see uh i think it was uh in the south african norway game the penultimate game of emea today this unbelievable read of a shot towards net like literally lingering up in the air almost calling them on say go on shoot at me go on shoot at me the net has been shot out in this sorry was that useless right there because damn i mean straight up that felt like there was so much time sebs there it and the defenders definitely felt like this as well where he was just trying to set himself up bash you off the backboard but no kohita to just come in and just get that little touch the little sort of ninja swerve on into it coming in out of the shadows one a piece coming up to half time and this is really really just showing that that game too was more of an anomaly a blip on the radar massive save from pan ness was in a world of his own steps to the backboard davitrox down sebs oh right idea looking for kojita but it was a bit of a tight turn kokita now looking for that backward again his sebs he’s up he’s looking for ness and this is there a calamity at the back for chilean mexico take the lead he’s definitely had his coffee this morning because he is buzzing right now especially after that read from flair dang just to have the absolute stones to go in for something like that to just have so much confidence in yourself and the confidence in that your opponent is going to put the ball there instead of a little bit higher because you’ve got to pre-read that so early a little bit awkward there but kojita will be able to get that away it’s a big risk reward system isn’t it because with all three players back that could so easily have ricocheted out and gone towards mexico’s own net and yet here we are oh my goodness me that oh how is that almost i mean we talked about almost the best save of the tournament that was almost the best goal of the tournament easily somebody call the police because i think that’s the second mugging for mexico there from the posts not pleasant for them i’m sure a lot of mexican fans at home right now they’ve gotta be thinking this should be free one an absolute screamer of a highlight clip but we play on they’ve still got the advantage still got that goal lead and they’ve got sebs on the ball he’s got no one to line up to their ira league 120 left chile needing to find an equalizer there he goes but it’s sebs at the near post to defend away kokita oh dear deary me well it was a golf drive and nobody was on the green and well i guess the uh posts giveth and the post taker away because this is definitely given oh it’s placement bacon placement i mean the rocket league physics the truth no that is how it does i mean geometry is that way right but you look at it and you’re like what how we’ll take it it was an acute goal some might say and that’s an obtuse reference but anyway one minute remaining mexico with daylight and of course an all-elusive match point scenario towards game four and this is exactly what i was talking about sure chile looking good at the midway point of this game able to find a you know a great start yeah you lose a goal to mexico but still looking strong in the midfield kokita i thought he’d taken the long way and was gonna just completely fluff that clearance well red and davitrox off the ball my goodness i talked about calamity earlier but chile have been gifted a goal from mexico yeah monk rest moments in defense just a little bit wide so unlucky with the timing and kahita and herness not able to bail him on out mexico though do still have that goal in hand they still have the advantage but 30 seconds and after a panicky mess like that chile are going to be coming back there’s so much ammunition now i love me some positive international relations but that was a little bit too far in the world of rocket league hey what’s fair in love and war here this is definitely been like a battlefield well it is certainly about winning the war and not the individual battle but mexico have gone a long way to securing that white flag surrender it is going to be mexico heading into game four with the opportunity to put chile away perhaps more of what we were expecting from that first game and now we need to see a bit more resilience from chile you get that equalizer but you give up goals and let’s be fair given how calamitous that second chile goal was for mexico we can realistically look at this as a 3-1 situation we can indeed and i mean mexico beforehand face it 6-2 we’ve halfed it on down it’s fine uh so you just gotta look in now chile are halfway there to figuring this on out and they can see that defense of mexico is their weakest point so they just gotta try and put pressure now like i said don’t worry too much about working on defense they’ve got to for the entire tournament but for now you’ve just got to try and work on breaking down your opponents that’s not up in your attack that’s up in your midfield we’ve already seen chile try and bring out a couple of demos a couple of bumps and they’re just a little bit too slow and that’s a harsh thing because speed on the pitch is a sort of mechanical skill in its own right they’ve just got to pick up the predictions it’s all learning game and are they quick enough to do the maths sure and certainly you’ve got to wonder what’s running through the mind of raise ball man who’s not taking part in this game the man who we were expecting to take part in this game certainly for us it makes the group a lot more interesting i think race ball’s in like a win-win situation here you think so if if chile go on and when they’re like we just got stronger that’s how you take it is the player with the sub coming on in if they lose chile just go where we bought in the sub okay but you also want to get through to day two bacon and that’s you’ve only got three matches to play easy just uh you know take down canda [Laughter] yes you know just as easy just take down you know some of the most talented players currently in the world of rocket league yeah as much confidence as leaving my cat with a sorcerer of milk and saying don’t drink it that’s my cat with chicken certainly but no chickens here in game number four we’ve got two bold sides one with an opportunity to put it away in four and chile with an opportunity to bring back to game number five flair good to see him still up in the offensive third here’s pan though been a little bit quiet for me so far and read well by kokita there’s sebs chasing sev’s looking for that corner bounce kokita going far posted as a huge save from flare davatrox to carry it into the midfield coming up massive for sub for chile yeah brilliant brilliant little read on the defense they’re trying to turn this on into a counter attack but mexico get back quick enough to do a bit damage that’s a nice little touch there from this the pop-up should have been communicated for kokita to go up for this but this does enough to buy enough time gonna miss out on that hundred steel nests and this is flares to clear but no one to clear two pan was going back for boost himself davitrox is so our position right now luckily ness doesn’t have enough to really keep the pace up as you can see dav trucks is just crossing across net but that could have been real real difficult right there still donuts in regards to the scoreboards as we hit the three minutes to go mark davitrox downfield he’s gonna have to chase this himself picks up that mid and pan forcing the double commit here from mexico but cookie to left to his own devices there’s ness again towards net goodreads from davitrox to pan towards net and sebs comes up with the save his davitrox again into the middle and ness again beating a chilean player to the ball for me it’s all about this race and davitrox is going to well i thought he was going to win that one but somehow coquita got a piece of it yeah dabtrox just did not have the boost so had to move into it so [Applause] that is incredible reactions coming off the wall right there pushing it in for himself and then the second touch to put it away and again that pushing to the wall is just more of a taste that quickly have a little look down to net can i finish this off if not i’m going to go through and i’m going to bump whoever’s in net you know on with the full on to allow the second man to come through so what a play that was okay you’ve got a lead chill over now you’ve got to hold it right now you right and it’s gonna fly over to the blue corner once more it’s not so much another attack for julia’s just a bit of relief sebs double demo in the midfield kokita and pan taking each other out a 2v2 for now ness wins that one here’s sebs did they fake each other out oh and this with the ultimate fake no devatrox closes him down fast and the clearance through from davitrox again he’s coming up big for his team might need a couple new axles installed there but they’ll have to keep on this bumpy ride for a little bit longer to have a truck sport a lunge downfield but this should be able to be kept away by flare but something to the midfield line pound with the pop-up flair that’s a good backflip to try and get under control but sebs is just handling davitrox it’s a nice lofty hit is he going to be able to beat nest through it no and nest pushing us towards mid flare’s done really well to read that but he’s got no boost so he’s just lingering about he’s got no precedence over the situation oh that was always going to be optimistic as a read from ness he does well to pinch it into the ground towards net sebs away from net players here’s davitrox midfield 60 seconds left they would love a second here chile i’m not entirely sure they’re just they’re gonna get it so maybe time wasting the order of the day flair towards that looking for that double tap of the angle betraying him eventually gokita out from the back looking for ness and there is davitrox once again but steps towards ned is going high and flare on hand once again to douse out the flames far post far too wide but mexico panned now into the midfield flicks it away looking for a bump maybe a little saucy touch davitrox towards there gonna go wide gonna go back in sebs away 30 seconds left it might just be a fragile lead for chile right now but uh oh oh my word is one there i would argue they’ve convincingly held campaign just works past sebs and he’s done well to just body his opponent there to keep that arm moving just 15 on the clock demos like that could help but they’ve only got pound back in defense because he said just with a beautiful little reed sebs oh no how does he wrap that on in that’s trying to keep the hopes alive david trucks off to the corner ness he’s got kojita towards the middle can he get the redirect no and now you’re going to see chile just try and drop it to the floor nice lovely hit towards mid and we get that game five that we we thought we were going to see but oh boy is this a stressful situation oh i am just creasing so hard for mexico just an open net the perfect demo play the gates were opened for an equalizer over time on the horizon but this is the high pressure situation that you have to try and overcome bacon mexico they’re gonna have to do it in game five chile that was a rough ride that was a roller coaster like that it was going high going real fast down low and then coming back up again and they’re gonna have to ride it a little bit more heading into game number five i do not see them as the favorites though that shot output from mexico scary you’re saying though that mexico have to do in game five guess what chile have to do game five during game five it’s an even playing field right now no one’s got advantage over each other we quite often say that in a situation like this chile might have a little bit of an advantage just because of the morale coming in from that last game but that was not a convincing victory enough sure they were the better team but we’re talking fractions this is all the hallmarks of a very nervy final five minutes for these players here where one goal really could be the difference nest taking out davitrox that’s going to break down this attack for now flare all he can do really is put it up towards that mexico backboard ness over to the side finds kokita but how far out does it go the answer is not very far and it requires acrobatics to pan that shot up and away davitrox and flair lovely went from ness in the midfield seth’s trying to look for ness again panned with the reed and cogita just staying low reserving that boost that’s over to him now heavy backboard touch good read from sebs it’s slow and requires a big save from pan once again ness a bit more pace on that and flare up and away mexico knocking at the door they are indeed but no one opening just yet and again such a nervous situation criquita just not really doing much of the ball there isn’t over four in chile because everyone’s getting into their own heads right now you might want to try and do too much in a high pressure situation like this i really keep it simple sure your opponent might be able to read you but you’re not going to make as many mistakes and like said in such nervy situations like this it’s the mistakes that really cost you that one goal you’ve got your head in your hands don’t let that happen good pressure coming on from chile right now though sebs had to check up there didn’t he that was a oh that’s all in hand moment i was talking about phone what the pinch the read the shot perfect that was beautifully executed from mexico with such a narrow window to execute it in bacon they could not have done any better with that that is a stars a line moment and boy oh boy let’s go out the uh that’s the second telescope’s look at a second coming in both times coming off kojita but this is just a great little outrage there by sebs flair trying to do too much again with the drop down and great punishment so three minutes chile what have you got left in the tank it was looking a little bit nervy actually before mexico scored i was going to bring up the idea of you know you’re weathering the storm well so far but you’re gonna have to press up the field at some point otherwise mexico are going to and evidently have thusly scored nessim field over the top of one and just so frustrating for flair not much forward momentum here as pan going sideways still no boost and none to find at the midway point of the pitch that’s up and all pan has happened to work with there and did really well kokita quick turn through the corner here’s pan and flare on the way back pan not going to get too far let’s flare with a bit more of a convincing clearance but again it’s to nobody bacon they are sitting back archi it’s around the corner from this and he’s going to be stopped there but mexico just have such a cap on this situation at the moment and they can’t get too complacent yes once again another great read coming through from seb’s nest good stuff david trucks to get that away but mexico have control of this midfield line they don’t need to do any more a double demo coming out both ways there between flair and ness and flair was the one who was trying to start it of course they go head on so both removed but that’s not a bad idea come through chilly just remove a player hopefully create an opening but an opal it’s just been found and it’s kokita with a hat trick of all things absolutely lethal you could see that flare had already made that decision you have to make the touch there bacon it’s not going to happen and kokita i mean has he got a scope on maybe maybe not sort of homing device it feels like just ready for those but what we’re going to hone in on now is that 3-0 score line which with 90 seconds left that’s a tall order doable yes but a tall order for chile who have not looked like scoring all game long make it four for kokita and chili put away oh that feels i mean you’re going to be walking over coals right now chilly to be able to come back four goals in one minute 20 it’s the sort of thing which you see once in a blue moon if my career witnessed twice okay to happen okay and what a moment it’d be right now to do it in the intel world open okay kick off goal you take those find another you’re convincing mr and mr commentator that maybe there is some hope for you the kickoff crucial here and it’s not going to go the way or is it net nest with the savior medal ness away flair look for that backboard and well met by pan but a little too heavy the touch is right back in it’s flare and that was the moment 60 seconds left still not impossible or is it the drop down from ness it’s gonna go high again from sebs is it down to cocaine the big over commitment though ness is the only one back pam with a hundred in the tank needs to find someone but he’s throwing it straight to nest davitrox following up coquita wow oh what a good clearance send it out further wide try and buy as much time for both sebs and nests to get back into play and for me that is game done 30 seconds left to go you can’t see it right now mexico have full respect over their opponents and are just playing the defense game flare again and that is ness all the way down field oh you are such a bully nipping at the tires of the last man back that’s pan he’s gonna feel awful but mexico are gonna be dancing in the streets they win the first series in the americas regional finals oh yeah they’re already having a bit of a fiesta themselves they have earned it this team again like we said probably already in the mindset of going on through to tomorrow it’s not secure just yet but this match had so much on it one for the road for flair and chile but now they have got to have the perfect rest of the tournament chilling and that’s got a lot of weight to it i mean nothing’s sealed just yet though puerto rico are probably thinking with a devilish smile that they could do a bit of damage here is reyes ball gonna be back in the team at this point chile have to prepare for both scenarios as we have two trash time goals as our friend supersonic would say it’s one more for the road for kokita who really was just the bubbles of this team when they needed him most an excellent performance from him a lethal performance from him and a strong start for mexico in group a but when we return after the the

MEX vs CHI | Mexico vs Chile | Intel World Open - Americas Regional Finals (13 July 2021)

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