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Mike & Natalie – The Final Days- 90 Day Fiance – HEA – S06E12 – Ebird Online

by smart

hello my friends listening to ebird online and i’m back with another review i hope everyone’s doing well we’ve got a heatwave over here in the uk so i’ve just been enjoying the hot weather we only usually get about four days a year so we’ve already had our quota for this year so today i’m going to be talking to you yet again about mike and natalie and at this point i really don’t know where to go with natalie her attitude smells worse than a rotting court which is extremely bad news for her because soon enough she’ll be able to smell it so yet again i’m gonna break down natalie’s stinking behavior and together we’ll try and work out what she’s playing at but right before i do please if you haven’t done so yet click the subscribe button sleep at night with the security of knowing you’ll never ever miss a video and also if you enjoy the video please don’t forget to smash the like button also thank you once again to all the funny comments that have been coming especially on my ronald and tiffany series i’ve got another video coming to you guys from that tomorrow and i just may do a subscriber’s opinions video on that at the end of the series just because i’ve had such funny comments so let me know if that’s something you’d like to see so yes without further ado i give you mike and natalie and we first catch up with the world’s most turgid pair of imbeciles at home back on mike’s ranch and natalie lets us know it’s been one week since her surgery and she tells us michael’s been acting really strangely with me hmm and guys i’m looking at her nose and pretty much except for her nostrils looking even bigger than they did before it looks pretty much the same to me i actually took the liberty of pulling up several other videos so i could compare and contrast and yeah it’s the same but what’s real interesting about that is her nose doesn’t look the same now on photos maybe she’s just photoshopped it maybe she has got a talent after all maybe instead of translating documents she can just photoshop them she’s gonna need some way to make money because mike’s about to flip her out on her ear mind you i suppose maybe her nose does grow and contract with the lies that she tells that’s also very possible so we catch up with mike and is out in the front yard and is flipping over a massive tyre he’s wearing his 1980s workout gear but is still lumbering around as mike does and is looking mighty mighty pissed off and i was just thinking about mike and i was just thinking the other day i wonder if mike has any talents and i couldn’t really come up with any but then i thought looking pissed off whilst doing any given task is something that just sprang to mind and i realized he does it like no other remember last week when he was making that prison slop for natalie he looked pissed off he was turning the light off for her again he looks pissed off he was pissed off the day he was getting married and pissed off the day he was engaged and i’m trying to remember if there were ever a time when he didn’t look pissed off and you know what guys i can’t if you can comments down below please i don’t expect to see much so natalie comes out to join him and he’s got a small tire for her to flip over and she begins flipping it over and she asks does this help to lose weight and mike said well it’s too it’s to help to build muscle yeah more than stop mike because you need to lose weight either that or get a bra and so they’re flipping these tyres both looking as miserable as sin and mike tells production it’s been a week since the surgery we know and i’m really upset with the situation i haven’t said anything to natalie as yet because she’s been recovering no mike you haven’t said anything because you’re passive aggressive you don’t do confrontation properly in fact you walk away from it that’s why you haven’t said anything and i haven’t forgotten that it took you one week to talk to her about hookergate and she wasn’t convalescing then she was just walking around your ranch happy as larry in fact more than likely making plans on spending your money on this nose of hers so mike this is just a friendly warning do yourself a favor stop making excuses as to why you don’t pull natalie upon things and start pulling her up on things immediately as she does them real time and mike said to natalie how are you and she said i’m feeling good i’m feeling really fine i’m really glad that my nose is done and everything’s great with me and then mike moans onto production once again she didn’t answer my calls and left me without a vehicle i don’t think any wife should treat any husband like that it was extremely painful and i still received no apology from her mike if it’s an apology you’re waiting for please don’t hold your breath you’ll turn blue and be six foot under before you get it and mike was lumbering around looking completely hang dog so much so that natalie ended up having to say my is something wrong and he said yeah i’m still upset with the the hospital issue and nasty said why as if she’s got no idea what he’s talking about and he said you left me high and dry and then natalie said i was afraid that we might fight and i didn’t want to get into an argument so i left before anything could happen i just wanted to be by myself oh that’s interesting natalie i’ll let juliana know that she means nothing to you that her presence on planet earth isn’t noted by you because you weren’t by yourself you’re with juliana and her husband and incidentally god knows who else and she said we got into an argument like we always do liar natalie you lie because you guys only argue when you partake in the argument mike as you point out either just walks away or recloses down he doesn’t really argue and especially not for prolonged periods of time mike’s more of a sulker but he’s not an arguer and i also do not believe that mike was trying to argue with you or trying to press buttons on the night before your surgery i don’t buy it and then natalie continued her life to production she said michael doesn’t understand he doesn’t understand that i didn’t want to argue the night before my surgery he did understand that natalie you didn’t give him the chance but he’s not just pointing out the fact that you disappeared he knew his thoughts out of the hotel that wasn’t the source of his ire the problem that he had was the fact that you used his car you could have got a taxi to juliana’s but no you used his truck you left him without a vehicle he had to go and track his own vehicle down and also the following morning once he had presumably calmed down you were still blanking his calls right up until going into surgery the only time he took a call from you was when you’d finished surgery and you needed a lift home so let’s have it right natalie let’s have it right and mike said why didn’t you give me a lift to the hospital and i would have waited in the waiting room like a normal husband why didn’t you just call me and then natalie looked to the left and looked to the right and said um yeah i remember when i got there one of the doctors yeah the doctor that’s it the doctor he said to me natalie no matter what you do don’t think about anyone else focus on yourself focus on healing focus on your nose focus on the operation don’t worry about anybody else or what they’re doing now’s the time for you again liar natalie you always focus on yourself nobody would ever need to say that to you ever and then mike said but natalie you asked me to take the week off work to take you to your operation to bring you home and then to look after you for a week that’s what you asked me to do and he got so exasperated with her ridiculous brand of lies that he started walking away and natalie said michael always says we need better communication but every time we speak he walks away what’s the logic and then finally she says to production it’s my health and i decide how i act towards it mike should understand this i’m emotionally exhausted i’m not sure this relationship is fixable and i’m not sure this relationship is worth it oh i’m sure it’s worth it for another couple of weeks natalie just until you get your green card then i know you’ll be off ski and that’s where we leave proceedings for this week and so what does the ebird make to all of this well i thought it last week and i’m even more convinced now natalie wants out of this relationship and instead of just being honest and say things aren’t working out mike yeah i think we should split up she wants to try and convince herself or us the viewer and in fact anyone who happens to be watching that it’s all mike’s fault and that mike’s simply impossible now don’t get me wrong mike’s far from ideal but with natalie pushing your buttons is it any wonder mike wants something from natalie that she’s just not interested in he wants to be her rock and i guess in some senses he is as in as dumb as her and as in useless inanimate objects mike she has no further use for you what you thought was gonna happen has happened why mike was barricading about getting married was not because he didn’t know if he loved her he kind of knew she looks down on me she thinks i’m trash she only wants me for this ring and this green card and that’s why he was hell bent on a just overstaying her visa and seeing how things went and unfortunately what he thought was going to happen is happening she’s dragged it along six months she’s made as much trouble as she possibly can and the moment she gets that green card she’s going to be gone so yeah that’s it it’s my contention that natalie just wants out but instead of going gracefully unlike a lady she’s gonna go out like a little punk she’s both classless and unseemly but mike of course mike i’ve got to lay some of the blame at your door because you give what’s known as consequence-free bad behavior she can do whatever she wants and it takes you at least a week to work up the bollocks to actually take her to task about it mike be more assertive it took you a week to work your way up to talking about hooker gate and another week for truck gate if natalie knows she can behave any old how and it’s going to be completely consequence free what reason is there for her to behave and yes natalie is a nightmare but this ladies and gentlemen that we’re seeing here is the consequences of your actions mike when you decide to have a mid-life crisis on a budget this is what happens you knew you were punching but you didn’t even attempt to soften the blow cleaning your house when natalie came over might have been a nice touch maybe a bit of decoration and cleaning all the trash that’s outside of the house and all the bits of wood and whatever it is you’ve got outside your house maybe clearing that away might have done something for you so i think mike the best way out for you now is to finish with natalie fourth with give her enough money to rent an apartment somewhere and let her go i know your mum said give her five grand and send her back to the ukraine unfortunately trish neither you nor mike or ice so it’s for the authorities to decide if she’s allowed to stay in the country or not and the truth be told there are probably more pressing people to deport than natalie but mike here’s a little something to cheer you up if you’re ever feeling down about the way natalie’s treated you and what’s transpired in your relationship simply download the penultimate episode of last season’s 90 day fiance you know the episode where you jilted natalie at the altar i.e in a dirty field i think the official title was mike’s a monster [Laughter] yes that’s it the one where she was crying and barricading and snotting towards the camera i’m very sure watching that two or three times a day will lift your spirits [Laughter] i’m so nasty but guys she deserves it so like the ebird said a couple of months ago natalie has but two settings the arctic or the surface of the [ __ ] sun my advice to you mike is to wrap up very warm it’s gonna be a long cold winter so guys let me know what you think do you think all of this is to just press mike’s buttons and that she wished that mike had gone home and left her so she could blame yet some more on mike’s bad behavior i certainly think so and also do you think mike was right to leave it a whole week before addressing her behavior she had a couple of bandages which she put herself onto her nose i don’t think that operation was that much of a big deal he could have said it after two or three days and do you think consequence-free bad behavior is making natalie worse and worse i certainly think it is and i wouldn’t be having a bar of it if i were mike so let me know what you think in comments down below and i will get on with my next video it’s going to be a long one the next one another ronald and tiffany and so yes that’s everything please like subscribe and all of that good stuff and i will see you very soon thank you guys so much for listening you’ve been listening to ebird online and i bid you good day you

Mike & Natalie - The Final Days- 90 Day Fiance - HEA - S06E12  - Ebird Online

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