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MLB Trade Deadline Latest Updates/Rumors & Predictions…Cruz, Marte, Story, Kimbrel, Bryant & more!

by smart

let’s go who lives like we do we please have a team welcome everybody hey welcome welcome welcome one and all check out this week’s live stream won the show hello i’m jimmy and welcome to my house assembled let’s go welcome in everybody you know it’s kind of crazy i watched that open and i did that back in the middle of the pandemic when we were all stuck at home so you’ve got colbert at home you’ve got jimmy kimmel at home doing all that stuff i got to update that i think that might be a good thing to do welcome in everybody to the wednesday night stream we’re trying to get a wednesday night regular thing going it is the trade deadline special edition i am joined as i usually am for the wednesday streams we were doing the sundays now we’re doing the wednesdays we are live on youtube and we will have the podcast version as well on baseball and podcast ted how are you my friend oh it’s always a great day when we get to talk some baseball man i am with you and we are going to talk a lot about the trade deadline the rumors we’re going to dive into all of that first i want to say hello to everybody that is here with us live william what’s going on how are you my friend your braves they are are we making moves lost one to the padres losing to the padres okay nevermind william i’m rooting for you buddy get a comeback in game two johnny a b b z uh everybody is here rad dad thank you for being in here live with us and again if you’re catching the replay of this thank you for doing that make sure to hit that like and subscribe stay close to the channel stay close to the podcast all of that good stuff stay close to us william already jumping into it we are going to get into that the braves need to sell that might be true if they lose two to the padres and they fall three games below 500. it’s uh it’s gonna be maybe a short stay for jack peterson down there in hotlanta we’ll see uh james wants the giants to aim for some bullpen help michael hi welcome in so let’s do this thing and i guess let’s start uh with the latest i think that is where we are going to start we’re going to start with the absolute latest and again thank you for coming in everybody that is here here’s what i got and then ted if i miss anything i i want you to sort of either fact check me or or we can you know update this or maybe you hear something new so here’s everything the latest today we had two trades actually dodgers acquired billy mckinney who’s on like his seventh team of the season from the mets today i don’t know why the dodgers need another outfielder i know muncie uh exited the game early last night and so did turner but they’re infielders um i haven’t checked to see what their status is but anyway dodgers make a move the blue jays traded joel pi amps to the royals for cash considerations listen if the blue jays are going to make a trade and they’re going to try to make a big trade and get somebody that actually costs some money every dollar counts i saw somebody tweeted at me that it’s like two bucks but you know what it’s two dollars more now those are the deals that have happened today here is the other trade notes buster only recently put out half a dozen scouts at the cubs and cardinals game on tuesday night to pera and schaeffen could be on the white sox radar metz and philly scouts were there to see chris bryant uh padres ayes and dodger searching for pitching zach davies mentioned as a possibility there mets struggles could have the rest of the national league east going for it at the deadline the phillies and the gnats and the braves if they can get a win here and the mets looking for pitching with the grom going on the il all that from buster only recently joel sherman this afternoon yankees interest in gallow rangers had scouts at high a hudson valley last night uh john heyman at three o’clock shortly after or actually shortly before the hayman tweet reply or you know regarding gallo good market but some rivals don’t see him uh as being dealt so john heyman uh according some of his sources that they don’t think gallo is going to get traded anthony decomo four o’clock put out a article writing that the mets are good no need for chris bryant if they keep hitting like they have been uh we know that offense is potent they can hit uh chris bryant would just be adding more to the riches that they have there when everyone’s healthy that team can hit rosenthal this afternoon astros exploring center field and bullpen help i’ve been talking about that on the channel for a couple days and i’m not even connected to anybody yet uh starling marte mentioned and houston checked in with the pirates regarding brian reynolds also the royals more open to trading whitmerfield that would be fascinating uh robert murray article yesterday mariners looking to buy at the deadline looking for rotation help cubs prepping for massive sell-off some scouts consider bryce ball as an underwhelming return for jack peterson cubs looking to extend baez and rizzo before trading them and the marlins could consider dealing garrett cooper to an al team matt rappa from fansite it likes the idea of craig kimbrell to the phillies jeff passon big uh report out yesterday byron buxton one of the his main topics if the extension does not come to fruition there are some that believe he’ll be gone if they cannot get that worked out others think they hold on to him with an eye on 2022 if he’s gonna go every team would be in play um jose barrios jeff paston says his sources are divided on what’s gonna happen there uh chris bryant is as good as gone and the white sox no splash necessarily a lot coming back with jimenez luis robert uh yasmani grandahl eventually and the pitching is pretty good as it is so no big splash maybe from the white sox did i miss anything in the chat comment in the chat comment below if i miss anything ted did i miss anything there i think i tried to get everything i could miss anything i think you got pretty much everything there jim thank you pretty much everything a lot happening that’s all within the last less than 24 hours all stuff that’s out there so we will see johnny cage with the comment about mckinney aj pollock is injury front so mckinney just a backup plan that could be the play there so that is the latest and that is probably going to change in the next 24 hours but as of right now uh the evening of uh 7 21 it is what we’ve got let me do a couple things real quick because i did put out a couple of polls and then we’re going to dive into our predictions uh i asked earlier today i put out a poll on the community channel first thing i put up was um where’d it go there we go for tonight’s stream who do you want your team to trade for we are only a couple hours into that honestly i probably should have posted that earlier uh comment if you’re live with us who do you want your team to trade for if you didn’t get uh to see the poll but for anybody who’s curious bullpen help led the way 38 percent a top line starter was 28 a bat 17 in rotation depth was 15 so bullpen hot topic maybe we should talk all about ian kennedy and richard rodriguez and craig kimbrell and all those guys today bullpen was the way it went let me ask let me ask you ted your cardinals your cardinals are in a tough spot right now what do you want your team to trade for i would really love some starting pitching um just having to having to roll out jake woodford and johan oviedo it’s been it’s been a rough flood in there um wade leblanc is currently a fixture in that cardinals rotation so it’s not looking good um honestly i see them being sellers more than buyers at this point but the problem is is who’s there to even sell you’re not selling arnotto you’re not selling goldie yep edmund deyoung their value’s pretty low right now the only player who would really net you a good return is tyler o’neill and why would you trade him you know there doesn’t seem to be a real benefit in doing so but yep i would like to see them get a picture like a starting pitcher somebody who’s not all that sexy maybe like kyle gibson who we may end up talking about later so it’s interesting because the cardinals this isn’t the last year for the cardinals there’s next season and if you give up o’neill if you give up anything of any good value you’re kind of cutting off next year i think you you just stick the cardinals probably are just i would expect them to do literally nothing i would expect the cardinals to not trade anybody maybe maybe somebody out of the bullpen gets traded but other than that i just don’t see the cardinals doing anything because they’re gonna try to win the central next year and the year after that they didn’t go get aronado to take years off right so they got to be they got to be in that um the other question that we posed in uh in the early part of the day do you want your team to buy or sell or sit tight 80 we have 227 votes again it’s only been a couple hours should have done this earlier in the day 227 votes in the first couple hours eighty percent want their team to buy thirteen percent sell seven percent said tight i’m a blue jays fan i want my team to buy buy buy buy buy buy now i don’t want them to give up the farm but i would like to see a couple more moves they’re already buyers with the trades that they’ve done so far um ted would you ultimately what would you like to see your team do buy sell or sit tight i mean i’d love to see them buy because that would mean they’re being competitive but realistically we’re not going anywhere this year so probably sell or sit tight it’s just the only realistic option for the cardinals there are a handful of teams here that are in a situation where what happens over the next week is going to change things drastically this trade deadline is fascinating because the braves at 46 and 48 if they you know if they come back here against the padres then they’ll be one game below 500 or they’ll be three games below 500 and then what happens over the next couple games will be important the nats if they get on a winning streak maybe they hold hold it together if the phillies go on a losing streak they may turn into sellers who else we got we’ve got cleveland is sort of an in-between team do they sit tight or do they win a couple games and decide to hey let’s go for the wild card um the cardinals 47-48 if they win five games in a row they’ll be buyers if they lose three out of six they’ll probably be sellers so there’s there’s a handful of teams here that what happens over the next week is really going to determine if they are buyers and sellers uh a few teams i already have designated as buyers and sellers i think the braves should maybe do a little bit of both see what they can get for like drew smiley and will smith um william if you’re still here you know are there pieces that you can see your braves trading off but still be still remain competitive is as what i think a couple teams could do the cardinals could be in that position is there a piece that they could trade away but still remain competitive so uh that is sort of the situation that’s the landscape let’s get into the predictions that is what we are going to spend the most of this uh this show talking about and that is the trade predictions for this trade deadline uh let’s get started let’s get started right away with one of the most explosive guys to start the year he’s missed some time but this guy if he go i mean passing said he could be a fit anywhere and a high fly to deep left field martin going back buxton with his first home run since his return is byron buxton going to be traded is the question um just thinking about it here arbitration years yeah one more year of arbitration next year we’re talking pretty much every team on the board could be in the mix just a matter of how much do they want to give up because the return would have to be uh crazy ted let me go to you first is byron buxton in your mind do you think he gets traded i don’t um which is kind of a boring way to start uh when we’re talking some trade deadline stuff but when you look at what he did to start off the year before he got hurt it just i mean you’re not gonna be able to replicate that with pretty much anything you have in their farm system even though it is a stacked farm with that being said though you’re not gonna get adequate value for what buxton was producing early in the season because of the injury history so teams are going to be less likely to dish you you know couple top end prospects for him because hey there’s only one more year of control and b the injuries so i see him ultimately ending up signing that extension in minnesota it came back around that’s that has been the biggest snag in his career is the injuries and it has come back around it has reared its ugly head uh it cost us it cost him it cost all of us a great amazing season you know you got to think a lot of teams would be in on him but i’m with you i think he is going to ultimately stay with the twins because the twins similar to the cardinals this isn’t the final year in existence for the twins it’s not like it’s this or it’s over they have a lot of players a lot of young players a lot of future pieces there they’ve already said they don’t want to trade anybody that they have control beyond this season so i think that byron buxton is going to stay put um we’re going to have a fantasy spin for each of these byron buxton staying in minnesota is this is it is it a a good thing uh or a bad thing for fantasy purposes definitely think it’s a good thing um overall their park factor is still pretty solid over there in minnesota they’re pretty much league average um pretty good lineup top to bottom for the most part they’ve just they’ve struggled this year and i can’t really put my finger on it um maybe it’s some bullpen struggles and whatnot but buxton’s staying there hopefully he can continue uh continue doing what he was doing before all these injuries started hitting him right right on all right next up maybe this this is going to be a little bit more exciting to talk about well hit up there out there home run there two nothing comes chris bryant now we know he’s going to be traded jeff passer says he is as good as gone i think that this the cubs have to do this there’s a couple teams that absolutely have to make trades almost puts them in a bad spot the cubs have to trade chris bryant the rockies have to trade trevor story chris bryant potential suitors she got the mets are being talked about maybe the blue jays back their way in there the phillies you know alec balm has not been incredible and you know you can have bryant play third and then balm comes back and then you can move brian to the outfield so that versatility is key maybe the rays go and get him for a rental just for the rest of the season talk to me about what you think is a potential landing spot for chris bryant i think that the phillies are going to go out and make this move um i saw a report earlier today that they’re willing to go into the luxury tax if they see real potential and honestly i think chris bryant is well i know for a fact that him and bryce harper are like best best friends right very close with each other and bryant has specifically said he doesn’t want to play third moving forward i mean he will play there just versatility wise but his preferred position is center field and their starting center fielder currently is oduba herrera so upgrade upgrade for the phillies right i think that’s a that’s definitely a that’s definitely a situation where he could land and they have pretty menial prospect depth so yeah pretty poor there but they could net two of the top ten phillies prospects and ultimately it looks like a better trade than it actually would be because their prospect depth is pretty poor so much to unpack with the potential trade with philly and the cubs i mean the the cubs have been knocked for the returns that they’re getting for players they were knocked for the darvish return they’ve been knocked for the jock peterson return so they’re they’re asking price isn’t that high to begin with so the phillies maybe don’t have to give up as much as you would think they would have to give up but you know they can make the case when they’re talking to the cubs they can say look this is a rental player we’re not guaranteed to have him be on this year every team is going to be making that argument when they’re negotiating with the cubs so i can see that being a big factor in the cubs not getting a great return they should still get something of value and the phillies you know similar to the cardinals you know they don’t go get aronado to take years off the phillies didn’t sign bryce harper to take years off from competing this chris bryant move would really catapult that offense and with the with the struggles the meds have had recently they’ve been up and down they just haven’t been able to get anything going they have a big series coming up this weekend with the blue jays so you know the phillies you might see weakness um you know with the with the way things have been going for the mets with the grom going on the il and everything so i can see a i could certainly see a philadelphia thing happening here uh i think he’s gonna go to the mets i think chris bryant ends up on the mets i think that deal gets done because the mets want to make a splash so let’s think about splash worthy players they’re i don’t want to i don’t want to spoil this because we’re going to talk about it in a few minutes but they’re not going to get jose barrios um i know that’s been bantered about they’re not gonna get let’s think about the other big they’re not gonna get joey gallo they can’t get nelson cruz uh you know they’re not gonna take on that crazy salary of an aging josh donaldson i think there’s other teams that are going to be in on starling marta and can give up more and and i don’t think the mets you know starling would be a splash not necessarily a need they’re not going to get max scherzer from that they’re not going to get trevor the thing is the only splash worthy player left is chris bryant at that point for the mets because i don’t think anything else works so i am going to have chris bryant going to the mets let’s move on to the next player it is another bat a big one from the other side of the plane one nothing with joey gala now stepping in and he swings and hits a high fly ball to deep right field and that is gone this is gonna be interesting because joey gallo um you know has said he wants to stay with the rangers and we’ve got some rivals and sources saying that uh joey gallo is is unlikely to be traded but the situation is he’s got one more year of team control the rangers aren’t really going anywhere they’re not gonna be competitive next year rangers are probably three or four years away from being competitive again so why not turn joey gallow into somebody that’s in their early 20s gallows 27 and will be in their prime when they’re ready to compete in the national league west so uh an interesting situation with joey gallo a lot of potential suitors the yankees have been ventured about because they need that lefty bat i think it would be a smart move for them to go and get them give me your thoughts on joey gallo some some potential landing spots and where you think he might go so the cardinals have been rumored to be in on him um i could see the phillies making that move uh i could see the astros pulling it off because gallo is a plus defender too so he could play center field for them um with that being said my prediction’s a little out there but i think he ends up on the giants okay explain yourself sir that is outrageous um my big one is is they have the best record in baseball right now and they look like they’re gonna go for it so they could use a stud hitter and granted if you look at gallows batting average that’s not exactly what you’re thinking but even with the like 230 average that he’s holding he has a 390 on base percentage he walks a ton if you’re talking about a farhan zaidi type player who’s analytically inclined and you want a guy with high ops great defense and i could i just see him filling that role especially with the prospect depth that they have there in san francisco because there are a lot of good prospects in that system so could be a good return um for the rangers and could be a good fit for the giants yeah uh this is an interesting one i’m watching the chat to see where people have gallo going so comment in the chat william you’ve got gallow to the padres papa welcome in my friend good to see you again i we have this whole thing about uh you know the padres popped up too uh you know you’ve got daniels and you you’ve got a friendship there in the front offices uh with those with the with the padres and the rangers could they make something happen this is going to be interesting with joey gala because i almost feel like we can’t wrap our head around him going to almost any of these locations i think everyone feels like the yankees makes sense because they go out they make the big move they get the big bat they need a lefty so i think everyone can sort of agree on yeah i could see him with the yankees but every other team kind of seems far out there um i am going to go completely on i think he’s going to the nl west but i i don’t think he’s going to the giants i’m going to have him going to the san diego padres i think that padres have the pieces left in that farm system to go and get them it gives them an unbelievable lineup it gives them the kind of lineup that sort of the dodgers and the rays have made uh fashionable where you can you have lefty righty you can either go lefty righty you can alternate that all the way through from top to bottom or you can just completely load up if there’s a righty pitcher or a lefty pitcher with your lineup because you’ll have five riding bats and five lefty bats that you can start not everybody that can play will be able to start so i think that the padres have that depth and that national league west is so competitive the padres got to try to get out of third place they got to do whatever they can to get out of third place because otherwise they’re going to be in a one-game playoff situation against either the dodgers or giants no way they want to do that so i you’ve got them to the giants very fair prediction there i have him to the padres he will probably end up with the race so we’ll see how that goes um that’s just how these things tend to work out okay so that is joey gallo let’s get to a pitcher i’m gonna pitch him very carefully right here make sure you execute got him jose barrios this is an interesting one i feel like he has sort of captivated social media uh the mets fan base over the last week and he could fit in a lot of different places a lot of teams need starting pitching and you know you just brought up the giants the giants if they make a move uh a frontline pitcher is the way to go he could be one of those guys but give me your thought on uh comment in the chat those of us that are with us live comment in the chat where you think burrills might land uh ted give me your thoughts on where you think the 27 year old from minnesota might go you know he’s a good fit anywhere man he’s a great pitcher um i personally think that the tampa bay rays end up pulling this off if you look at their rotation right now it’s a little weak honestly um it’s like rich hill shane mcclanahan i think michael wokka is penciled in there josh fleming yeah i don’t know how they’ve been this good um but personally i think he goes to the raise again there’s a ton of prospects up there um they would be the type of team to make this move um it would be smart because they would have another year of control over him and he’s a guy who can go a little deeper into games so i think that he would be a hand and glove fit for them it’s a good it would be a good fit and they could you know give up on him after uh after that one more year of team control they could they could trade him or do something uh i am going to say he stays put uh that is my belief i think that the twins are going to want him to gear up and go forward again next season the rays do need in my opinion another starting pitcher and i had an idea that if the braves turn into sellers why not why wouldn’t the raise go and try to bring charlie morton back for a playoff run charlie morton was nice for them in the playoffs last year why not try to bring him back for a playoff push if the braves become sellers so i’m gonna have burrillo staying put the raise take is a good idea so we have a split decision on burritos there but that’s what this is all about in the chat i see burritos to the giants burritos to the dodgers uh mets don’t have the assets they do i think raul i think they do i think they do but i don’t think they want to give up those assets that’s the give and take with the situation uh with a situation like this okay so jose barrios i haven’t seen him but you have him going to the raise let’s get to everybody was all about the bullpen you know they they wanted their team to go and get a bullpen so let’s talk about our first bullpen arm field history in l.a what i love about that moment is craig kimbrell had no idea what was going on he had no idea he was putting the finishing touches on the uh the the what was it three four picture the combined no hitter he’s kind of just like walking out there just takes the ball the contreras is all pumped up kimbrell’s like what what did i just do did i just get my 400 save and not know it or something anyway craig kimbrell um resurgent craig campbell he’d been fury infuriating and frustrating with uh you know with with fantasy owners and and and major league owners recently but kimbrell has really turned it on having a nice season this year where do you think he goes he’s going to be a part of that sell-off kimbrell’s going somewhere where do you think he’s going ted oh for sure um given that this is basically the final year of his contract whatever team gets him could pick up his option at 16 million for next year personally i could see him going to the brewers they don’t have a ton of prospect depth but again the cubs have kind of shown that they can be traded with and almost taken advantage of specifically with that darvish deal this jack peterson deal and jed hoyer isn’t as he’s not theo epstein so right you could see them kind of taking advantage of it um personally i think the brewers because their starting pitching is really good so that front three if you face them in a playoff series and you only face peralta woodruff and burns they need a back end bullpen guy to go along with williams and kimbrell so i personally think that that’s a hand in glove fit he’s an expiring contract because they wouldn’t want to pick up that option and they have a couple of prospects who could definitely you know go into the cub system and be on top of their system other than outside of like amaya and brendan davis it’s an interesting play and i think the brewers do need to get something more for the bullpen i agree with you on there outside of hater it’s kind of been a little shaky with the bullpen you’re not too comfortable uh with how things have been going uh hater would certainly be a nice piece for that i am gonna go with oakland uh oakland is i did a piece uh for my buyers oakland has blown i want to say it’s the second most saves or the most no second most saves of the playoff contenders second most the most houston the second most is oakland so they need to shore that up and they were supposed to have trevor rosenthal remember that was supposed to be the closer that didn’t work out he got hurt so could craig kimbrell be that piece that they were hoping to plug in there and then they moved those other guys that were supposed to be in the seventh and eighth back to the seventh and eighth and they let uh kimberle close in oakland we talked about some of the fantasy spins here um i think that it is we’ve got kimbrell to the braves uh giants or astros jays we’ve got a lot of different this is what this is what’s gonna happen guys the situation with these closers it’s wide open where does kimbrell go is the same place that richard rodriguez could go it’s the same place that any of these guys uh the any of these guys could go talking if the cleveland’s gonna buy or sell a question in the chat i think that they’re one of those teams that we don’t know until next uh next wednesday at that point we gotta see what they do over the next week cleveland and a handful of other teams to know for sure uh that’s the situation uh but a lot of places a lot of different places that craig kimbrell could go i will pick oakland for that reason that kimber was supposed to you know the a’s were supposed to have roosevelt that didn’t work out kimbo can go in there and secure that situation that is going on with their uh with the back end of their bullpen okay so we’ve got our first bullpen guy that we talked about let’s get to the next we’re going to get back to the bats let’s talk about this guy cheer we haven’t had that big crowd oh this ball center field indeed that’s what’s gone he’s got to get traded right trevor story has to be traded so where is trevor’s story going to go comment in the chat where you think trevor story is going to go the yankees could be in play do the white sox go for it they’ve got tim anderson and monkatta on the left side but maybe they move some things around maybe story plays second uh there’s a lot of options for trevor story ted i will let you go first um i would love to see trevor story and nolan arnotto back together that would be so awesome um but that’s definitely not going to be happening personally i think he goes to the white sox um i think they have enough prospect depth to be able to make that move with that being said they can move anderson to second because he’s not really a great defensive player to begin with so him playing it second would be a lot more beneficial to the white sox defense overall because he does have pretty good range for the most part but he’s not necessarily a plus defender trevor story is um yup if they add another impact back to that lineup after getting uh robert back and getting eloy jimenez back you’re looking at arguably the best lineup in baseball and they probably won’t have to give up too much to get him we actually agree with this i have him for the white sox as well we are in lockstep as far as the white sox go i do want to uh look at the chat because we have some thoughts about that atlanta i don’t see atlanta’s gotta make make a move if it’s gonna be atlanta the nationals i don’t think so uh it’s not gonna be the nationals they are i think two or three more losses away from from selling a few of their pieces like i see cj in there with the brad hand comment could be brad hand oakland the problem with oakland and trevor story is that oakland is not gonna pay him i don’t think oakland is going to take on that kind of salary so that is why out on oakland i don’t think i don’t think that happens because of the salary situation they’re not they’re just not gonna pay them they don’t take on those 20 25 million for seven eight nine ten year deals and greg with a comment about the angels i don’t think it’s gonna be the angels either the angels have sunk so much money into the bats they need to sink their money into pitching so i think trevor’s story i think i’m with you uh the fit is not in my i don’t think the fit is perfect because you got to move pieces around but the more i looked at potential trevor story landing places there the rockies are in a tough spot because there really is no perfect fit right now for trevor story i think there was during this past offseason they should have traded him then i’m looking at teams and i don’t see a perfect fit and that could make it harder for the rockies to trade him because the team could easily move on and be like yeah well like the white sox could easily move on be like eh we’re good because we’ve got anderson and makata and and uh eventually um our second baseman will be back magical so but that would be insane if he goes to the white sox so we have trevor story we are agreeing on a white sox move uh let’s get another bat and let’s talk about uh another twin nelson cruz this is the fifth double header here’s a drive to left field and deep and cruz ties the game where’s he going he’s going he’s on what this is his only year of the contract they can move on from him they said they’re not trading anybody beyond control from this year that is nelson cruz he’s a free agent at the end of the season a lot of different ways he could go he found the fountain of youth somewhere uh 41 years old but he is a big bat he could go a lot of different places and do some really good things for these playoff teams give me your feel for where you think he could go and where he ultimately goes definitely a few teams that make sense um one thing you have to factor in with him is he is american league only he can’t go to the national league he can only dh he can’t field he’s too old um i could see the red sox making sense um even though they have jd martinez’s their everyday dh um he’s played a decent amount of games and left this year and i could see them doing it if they genuinely think they’re going to win the world series with that being said i saw the athletics in the chat that one definitely makes sense as well my pick though is the tampa bay rays i think they’re going to be buyers because of how much prospect that they have and they if they they’re not gonna dump money into a player they’re gonna take a guy who’s an expiring contract who’s an elite bat right we’re gonna try to have that be the star hitter in their lineup because he no matter what way you spin it nelson cruz as a hitter has been one of the 10 best hitters in baseball for the last five years pretty easily at that point it’s been he’s he’s been right along there with trout in terms of bad at ball metrics but yep i think pretty much the two teams that make sense in my opinion are the rays and the athletics we are in agreement on that one we have not agreed on everything so anybody that’s just hopping in is like hey it’s two guys that just agree with each other the whole time that’s that was going on here but we do agree with that thought i don’t agree with the team that he’s going with but i agree with you on the final two teams raise and ace i think it’s it’s between those two teams i don’t see him going anywhere else i know my blue jays will be mentioned with him because the blue jays this past offseason were mentioned with everybody i think they’re going to be mentioned with everybody for this trade deadline i think it would be a terrible move by the blue jays to go get nelson cruz they don’t need it let’s keep things going um with what they got i don’t want to give anything up for when they don’t jays don’t need to add another piece to that offense so i don’t i don’t think so uh rule i just don’t think so so um i’m gonna say oakland oakland has a lot of versatility guys i can go everywhere the guys at oakland play at dh they they put him at dh because you know they just it’s it’s their fourth outfielder or it’s their their their fifth infielder they they have so many different pieces they don’t have a ball and chain d h like nelson cruz is you put nelson cruz a d h and that’s really only place he can play so and i don’t think the red sox would do it though these are good fit there because i think they want jd martinez uh at dh and so i think it’s the raise and the a’s and ultimately i think he will go to oakland i did see a question about max scherzer from ben we are going to get to max scherzer in a few minutes but i do think there’s a good chance that scherzer is on the move wouldn’t go to a national geese team uh you know the the gnats are not going to do that and that’s won’t help another nle’s team if they if they’re not going to get there so um nelson cruz i have him to the a’s you have him to the raise next up let’s get to a couple of let’s get to the mar let’s get the martays out of the way no relation but let’s get to the martays first up cattell martay a bit unconventional marte sucks one deep left and he’s got himself a two-run shot so is cantelo marte staying or going from arizona what do you think he has a couple more years on the contract and they’re good he is you’ll love his contract you gave me the notes earlier so i want to give you the credit cause i’m going to read it but 8 million guaranteed 2022 10 million 2023 12 million team option 2024 there’s just i mean he’s free um could tell marta really a great contract situation so does arizona hold on to them for that reason uh they have no chance of competing anytime soon in that national league west uh comment in the chat if you’re with us and you want to give us a thought on where you think cattell marte is going to go if you want your team to get cattell marte coming in the chat ted let me get your thoughts what do you think happens with this marte i think he stays put for at least another year my main reason being he’s 27 years old so he’s still pretty young that contract is so good and any team that any team that trades for him is going to have to pay a lot yeah because that contract is just so beneficial you’re getting an all-star player with great positional versatility he could play second he could play center he could play either the corner out field spots as well i just you’d have to give up at least two top 100 prospects and the teams that do have that farm system i just don’t see them pulling those triggers i don’t see the rays getting locked into a long-term deal like that um i could possibly see the dodgers but there’s not really anywhere for him to play maybe the giants but i just don’t see a national them trading him to a national league west team either so oh yeah i think he ends up staying put he could end up staying put but there is one team that is in desperate need of cattell marte i mean franchise next five years altering need for cattell marte and i you may think i’m i’m over embellishing here and i might be but i think the new york yankees absolutely have to go and get cattell marte go get give them clint frazier give them two of your top ten prospects go and get cattell marte they need a lefty bat so bad and a guy that is not gonna cost them 30 million dollars because they’ve done that with stanton it has hurt them terribly so marta they they need like martay in such a bad way because this offense i think just repeats itself over and over again this is what you got yankee fans what’s out there right now is what you got and you’re gonna have to pay judge soon so you can’t go crazy and go get somebody with a big contract or somebody that you’re going to have to give a big contract in a year like joey gallow that’s the difference between quite marty and joey gallagher you’re gonna have to give joey gallo a big contract very soon can tell marta you get three more years of a very reasonable team friendly contract the yankees have to do it and i’m a blue jays fan and i would hate it if they did it because that i think would make the yankees a better team because then you’d have the lefty bat you have the versatility you could get glibber torres out of short because you could play martian short you could play martian center you know when hicks comes back marta goes to short tours like the whole yankee team just comes together with cattell marte in there and that’s why i think the yankees just absolutely have to do it they have again clint fraser two top ten prospects go get the deal done i think arizona has to say yes at that point um they are the one team that has to do what they have to overpay i just i i do do you agree with me on that logic anyway as far as as far as the yankees go i know you’re with him staying in arizona and that makes sense but do you agree with me at least on the yankee take 100 but if they make a deal for marte i don’t think it happens until the off season um i they may have to give up jason dominguez they may have to give up louis gill there’s you you gotta pay a lot if you’re gonna get that player right with three years of control at age 27. but definitely makes sense yankees yankees would be the perfect landing spot for him i mean if you are how is vulp not in the top ten okay if the yankees call you up and say we’ll give you clint frazier we’ll give you luis gill will give you anthony volpe or estevan floreal pick one and then you know maybe another guy at the top 25 i think i think arizona just they have to do it because you’re looking at from arizona standpoint they’re not just sit out the next three or four years arizona seriously like let kershaw get old let the dodgers not be able to resign bellinger let the the whatever you know fairy dust is hovering over the giants let that blow away um you know let let the padres have their time just sit it out could tell martel just move on and get the pieces so that in three years four years you can eclipse the padres dodgers and the giants that’s that’s my thought let’s get to let’s get to the other marte we’re broke that he and the marlins not able to come to an agreement so the trade machine really fired up it’s startling martay we’re gonna get to him next effluent brings home a 2-1 pitch and marte hits one high in the year deep center field it sends williams back and that is into the philly’s bullpen where is starling marta going to go we know he’s going to go somewhere he’s not going to be able to work out that agreement with the marlins so it really feels like it’s kind of the astros the mets yankees um giants have hopped in on uh the starling marte where do you think starling martay winds up i think he winds up in houston um my main reason being is their center fielder every day for the most part is miles straw um it’s pretty bad yep um he just is that perfect hand and glove fit on that roster he’s a good defender good average hitter has drastically improved his plate discipline they don’t have a ton of prospects to deal but they may be able to just give up on forest whitley with the way that they develop pitching i mean it came out absolutely nowhere and he’s been you know they just they randomly get pitching and they kill it so i could see them dishing whitley and getting you know um getting marta and possibly a bullpen piece to go along with it yeah and that’s actually one thing we haven’t talked about there’s a few situations where teams could knock two things out you know kill two birds with with one stone with you know the cubs getting bryant and uh i’m already forgotten a kimbrell you know you the pirates with maybe frazier or reynolds and uh richardson and here um with the marlins you could try to get uh starling martay and jimmy garcia there’s a lot of situations and the astros could do something here you’re right with forrest whitley uh that’s that makes sense you give up for swiftly and maybe another piece but i am with you on the astros i think the astros make too much sense uh similarly to how i think oakland makes too much sense for uh for for for nelson cruz i think starling martin makes just too much sense for the astros which means it won’t happen so i do think that he makes sense he is obviously leaps and bounds ahead of miles straw i mean if you are with me on that i i think you got to uh you got to agree that this just makes too much sense whether you’re an astro hater or not if you’re thinking about where someone’s gonna go just trying to make a prediction trying to be right starling martija the astros makes uh makes sense so i’m with you i am with you there on starling martay who else we got let’s get to this one you might not see coming but we’re going to talk about it for a quick minute because the twins are looking at a sell-off mode here it’s the bringer of rain hit well to left field and goodwin watches it leave donaldson pranks number 15. could josh donaldson be traded is the question jay’s fans i think we all get wet at the thought of the bringer of rain coming back to toronto that would be incredible toronto has had issues with third base this year but the problem with that is he’s got a lot of money uh on that contract he said his age 35 season now that is not great 21 million a year for the next couple years so the josh donaldson contract really sort of i think uh it scares off a lot of teams toronto being one of them uh let me get your thought because other pot maybe the mets go for him phillies could a’s could um i think there’s a few teams that could go for him who do you think uh ted could go for josh donaldson and in the chat comment in the chat so i think the mats make a lot of sense um with that being said though i think he goes back to the athletics now they don’t have the type of money to be able to pay this contract but the twins do so the twins could take out some of that contract while trading him and then oakland could then defer money down the line when you look at the way they structured trevor rosenthal’s contract this offseason it was one year 11 million dollars i think they pay him three this year six the following and uh the remainder the following like in year three so they clearly don’t have the money to spend but i think he can make a lot of sense if the twins eat some of that contract i am going to say yeah that is that would have to happen i’m going to say that donaldson will stay put i don’t think they’re gonna find anybody to take on the contract and again the twins that that contract that the twins gave josh johnson kind of gives you an insight as to what they’re thinking their window is right their their their time to compete and this is it there this is a blip on the radar they are going to expect to be back at it next year fighting with the white sox and if they aren’t then expect a full sell-off tear down blow up situation but this year isn’t gonna be it they’re gonna try so for that reason i think ultimately they will hold on to josh donaldson and again he’s in that criteria of guys they have control of beyond this year so um let’s move on questions have come in the chat so let’s get to uh let’s get to mad max swinging a miss 97 from max scherzer there’s max sure striking out fernando tatis jr if scherzer is going to be traded if the nats decide to sell where does it go comment in the chat ted your thoughts where could max scherzer go oh god i hate to say this but i think he ends up going to the dodgers with the pitching struggles that they’ve had mm-hmm um it just makes so much sense they have a ton of prospects to be able to deal he’s on an expiring contract with the contracts that they do currently have i mean think about that one two three in the playoffs you have kershaw bueller and scherzer i mean it doesn’t get much better than that um that’s assuming bauer doesn’t come back who knows what that situation is super sticky we talked about that last week i don’t really want to get into it but scherzer to the dodgers just makes a ton of sense because his contract’s up after this year so they paid the rest of that deal off and called a day you know they got money to blow they saved money for the past what five six years with the intent of going for world series pushes and now that the farm system’s up these players have shaped into superstars yep it’s it’s their window the dodgers make a ton of sense the dodgers do need to go get a picture and i think they need to go get a name right i don’t think they want to go uh get you know a guy who’s struggled but is having a good season i think they need to go out and get a name max scherzer’s one they should maybe try to go get barrios if they can pull him away uh you know kyle gibson isn’t a big name but he’s having a great year for the rangers and um kyle hendricks maybe they can pull him away from the cubs that’s i think where the dodgers need to live for the starting pitcher that they go to get i i’m going to say i’m not going to pick the dodgers i’ve been saying this now for weeks maybe even a month or so i’m going to put max scherzer on the toronto blue jays i think the blue jays need to pair with you with another ace and max chargers playoff experience would be a huge benefit to the toronto blue jays so i’m going to put scherzer on the blue jays and you might say that’s a homer call but this is the first player that i’m putting on the blue jays of this whole thing so i’m i’m being as objective as possible this is the first time i’m putting a player on the blue jays i’m gonna go with scherzer because i think they need that the blue jays do not need to go and get john gray or danny duffy or you know again somebody who is having an okay season you know tyler anderson i don’t mess around with that right they’ve got that i i think if you had ryu and scherzer at the top of the rotation followed by manoa plus i love the idea of manoa learning from scherzer just soaking up that they’re both intense guys love that idea and you’ve also got ray and matt’s and there’s your rotation that’s a beautiful rotation i think the blue jays if they could do that plus scherzer’s done i don’t think the jays want to get into a situation like they would have to with kyle hendricks or sonny gray where they they’re locked into paying the guy another 10 to 15 million although that’s not a ton of money i don’t think they want to get paid into locked into paying anybody anything more than i mean they wouldn’t pay taiwan walker six or eight million dollars whatever it was right so if they could get into a one-year rental situation i think they would do it and insurers are just kind of fits uh fits the bill there so that is my that’s my thought on cersei that your taking on the dodgers is good that makes sense too so we’ll see he’ll probably stay put washington will win a couple of games they’ll win enough games to where they decide not to sell and then it’ll be too late to hold on to them and they’ll get nothing for them and uh and they’ll continue to struggle because that washington farm system is weak they need to do something and and if they can get some assets from trading scherzer and brad hand the nationals really should uh really should do it so uh caleb uh you’re right i do i’m glad you said that i was thinking about saying that he wants to be traded to a team that pays him so i’ve seen and heard from a couple places that he wants to go to a team that will resign him uh because he has i believe the no trade clause so that makes this a a sticky situation a tricky tricky way to try to get any kind of trade done with him is that that piece right uh there cj with the stay in dc very good chance that he stays in dc um let’s get to so we’re good with scherzer there who do we have next ah let’s get back to the bullpen we’ve talked about kimbrough let’s talk about another big bullpen arm we got a couple uh relievers coming up here back to back but first one is rodriguez and one away from a big win where does richard rodriguez go having a great season a couple more years of team control every competitor could use more bullpen depth everybody that commented in the poll before the live stream that’s what the majority of the voters want is bullpen depth bullpen help what do you think where could richard rodriguez go ted um he could go anywhere he’s having a pretty nice season like you said two more years of control he can go pretty much anywhere any team could use him the team that i think he ends up on though are your toronto blue jays um i think he makes too much sense to go there they need a guy who can be a reliable bullpen arm for the next couple of years merryweather looked really good before he got hurt but how many pitches you’re ten right so they need another guy i personally think that he’s gonna end up with the blue jays just makes too much sense for me rodriguez would be a nice piece i would like that i’m gonna put rodriguez on the phillies the phillies are i think going to make a move uh philly’s up two nothing on the yankees by the way in the uh heading to the bottom of the third uh the phillies are i think gonna make a couple of moves they’re gonna try to make some thrifty moves uh rodriguez would be one of them their bullpen is terrible the phillies have blown the most saves of any national league team playoff teams are not uh the phillies have blown the most saves so they desperately need the phillies need two arms rodriguez would be one of them so i’m gonna put rodriguez on the uh on the phillies uh let’s see here we have another arm let’s talk about let me get this thing out of the way and let’s talk about ian kennedy good pitch to the bigger part of the strike zone big swing in a minute and a strikeout of l’oreal where could ian kennedy land um you said it everyone uh in the notes from earlier let’s talk give me your uh give me your feel on where ian kennedy could land literally anywhere yeah every team needs bullpen help but for the most part he’s gonna have to go to a contender and be a back-end bullpen guy he’s not gonna be a closer pretty much anywhere he goes um you know people have talked about it i see the giants make a lot of sense the meds make a lot of sense the phillies make a lot of sense the jays make a lot of sense astros so as i just said literally anywhere but my guess is i think he goes to boston um they don’t want to dip too far into the luxury tax but i think he makes a lot of sense he’s a low-risk target that won’t require too much to get and you know he’s a vet he’s been around for a long time i remember when ian kennedy was like an intriguing starting pitching prospect oh god yeah that makes me feel old i remember that too yeah um but i definitely see him in boston making a lot of sense getting high leverage innings in the playoffs for them mm-hmm i think uh i like your boston idea i think he could end up in toronto he could end up in philly maybe maybe philly goes and gets kennedy and rodriguez i you know um i am going to have kennedy on the i’m gonna go blue jays i think the blue jays could probably get ian kennedy for not much and the difference between kennedy and rodriguez is the blue jays aren’t married to kennedy right you got rodriguez that could be good and bad and i think the blue jays just i know rodriguez it’s um it’s arbitration years so it’s not a ton of money but i think the freedom to have a choice to be done with the guy at the end of the season uh and they can move on from kennedy i i’m gonna have kennedy going to the j’s all right we have another starting pitcher we are diving into the pictures here at this point let’s get into the next starter now this guy not the big name but having a very nice season and could play a big role for a contender down the stretch 135 era there’s the swing of the miss and he strikes out candelario to in the ending kyle gibson is having a very nice season and whoever gets him you know if they’re not paying attention they’ll think it’s a ho-hum move but he’s been great on a terrible team and i think that he could really move the needle for some teams a lot of options here and he could be for some teams he can move into the top of that rotation for other teams he could be that number three guy give me your thoughts on kyle gibson and where you think kyle gibson could land so kyle gibson’s really interesting because of the way his contract was structured um i think it was like three years 30 million somewhere in that area but and it goes down right it went from 13 to 10 to seven and he has that last year of his contract is next year so he’s only seven million dollars for next year and if you look at what he’s done this year he’s been almost an ace um any team can use that at this point my hope was the st louis cardinals but given the way that they’re going right now i don’t actually see that being a fit so i’m gonna change it up a little bit here i could see the angels making that move but somebody just mentioned it i think he ends up going to philadelphia billy wants to make a splash and he would probably be their you know number three guy in that rotation and with effluent back that four-headed monster of a rotation there between nola and wheeler kyle gibson and zac eflin is pretty damn good gibson’s always been a guy though where like you always thought he was going to be so much better than he actually has ended up being because his peripherals have always been so good right high swinging strike rate you know good overall numbers decent ground ball pitcher i’ve just i’ve always loved kyle gibson and it’s cool to see him turning it around he’s been very good and that contract is appealing um i am going to say he winds up with the this is an interesting one i’m sort of changing mine on the fly i’m going to put them on them i’m going to go mets i’m going to go mets for kyle gibson i think that they are going to feel the pressure to do something for that rotation it is in a tough spot right now with the grom on the il not the ground might not be on the eye out for that long but if this becomes an issue and the grommet needs to go on the il again right like what what’s what’s this this rotation for the mets is in shambles right now you know you got strowman and thank god they got taiwan walker because those two right now are the mainstays and then you got mcgill he’s been good ikoff i think they just dfaed him um it’s and and then it’s basically the rotation goes this it goes strowman walker mcgill tbd tbd right that’s what their rotation looks like so um for that reason i think they maybe make a play for kyle gibson here they should make a play for for one of these starters they could john gray would be a nice move for the mets if they don’t get caught john gray would be good danny duffy would be good danny dubby’s having a nice season danny duffy’s not a big name matt boyd is another one and i know boyd is injured but he should be back i think i think he actually just got hurt too did okay well duffy could be the problem then but if what i was looking at with duffy and boyd and some of the other lefty arms that are available is you get them now they fit into that rotation between now and you know the rest of august and into september and then once everybody’s back once the gram is back and let’s say carrasco gets his thing together crossco had a rehab started get it was terrible so once you get those pieces together then maybe danny duffy goes or matt boyd goes and becomes that lefty arm out of the bullpen that they need right that’s been one of the things is they’re very right-handed coming out of the bullpen so you can move one of them to the uh one of those lefties that you get move them to the to the bullpen that’s that’s my thinking there so but kyle gibson i think makes sense to kyle gibson would be a nice piece for them to add so we are talking all about the trade deadline we have run through pretty much we have we’ve run through everybody we had scheduled to run through uh barrios and buxton let’s go through real quick i’ll do a quick recap for anybody that’s just coming in buxton we had staying bryant uh ted you had phillies i had mets joey gallo ted you had giants i had padres jose barrios you had raised ted i had him staying craig kimbrell you had brewers i had athletics trevor story we both agreed white sox nelson cruz i had a’s you had reyes cattell martay you had diamondbacks i had yankees in the worst way starly marte we agreed on astros i think that’s the only that’s like two so far that we’d actually agreed upon um donaldson you had oakland i had him staying max scherzer you had dodgers i had blue jays richard rodriguez you had blue jays i had phillies ian kennedy you had red sox i had blue jays kyle gibson you have cardinals and i had mets so that is everyone that we had covered there’s one more that we haven’t really covered but i want to mention um because i think it’s maybe the other big name that could be out there and i think a very good chance that they’re going to get traded uh kyle hendricks you’ve mentioned him briefly um but we did we did not have him planned i don’t have a video for him but kyle hendrix is an interesting piece do you think he gets moved and do you think he gets moved with another piece does he go with craig kimbrell somewhere does he go with chris bryant somewhere um i think craig i think um kyle hendricks makes perfect sense for the dodgers if they cannot get max scherzer do you have a thought on he’s a division he’s a fellow division rival of yours kyle hendricks may be fitting in with some of those suitors that we talked about for scherzer or barrios and and any id any any just any thoughts on kyle hendricks um i know he’s team controlled through 2024 he’s got a good deal he’s locked in yeah and it’s like 14 million 14 million 16 million that’s the payout for the rest of the contract um there’s a lot of teams that could use him you know the professor’s definitely a solid player good contract um a lot of teams make sense but if i had to pick one i’d guess i’d probably say he ends up staying with the cubs for now yeah don’t really see them moving him this year just because who else would even pitch for them at this point right right rely on jake arrieta getting to 200 innings but um ultimately i i probably see him staying and then them going full full fire sale in the offseason i think that if a team goes to get him this season i think it’s probably of all the buyers that i’ve talked about it’s probably philly i think philly would do it because then that would give them you know a nice piece when they’re when they’re you know they’re trying to compete with the mets trying to get past the mets for the division i don’t think his his salary would scare them off the the duration of that i think the duration and the salary would scare off teams like the blue jays and the rays and the mets so i think it would they would they would probably and the dodgers i think i think the dodgers might stay away from him too um so i think it’s probably philly would make the most sense philly or he stays or he stays put um so this is fun it has hey anybody in the chat room has anything happened in the last hour since we started talking because the way this thing goes you know we have the latest updates and then and then it changes as anything has mike trout been traded to toronto yet uh has that happened yet i heard that that was a big one i you know um can bend the youtuber can i do mike trout please yes i heard mike trout uh i heard his baseball card has been traded to me his rookie card has been traded to me for five bucks five a crisp five dollar bill for the mike chart rookie card um this was fun i appreciate everybody for coming in ted i appreciate you spending your time to do another one of these any parting words ted before we wrap up uh no nothing too crazy if you guys play fantasy baseball which i’m sure a lot of you do um go check out some of my buy low articles that i have currently going um i’m doing a series i just put out outfielders and shortstops um past that i did second and third and first and catcher but that’s over at fightingchancefantasy.com i know jim was doing a lot of work over there during football season did a lot of dfs work last year so uh go check us out and you know if you like it make some trades and let us know what you did on twitter so i’m going to put your uh twitter handle i’m putting it in the chat right now so if you play fantasy baseball um i’m putting ted’s twitter handle roto teddy g go find him on twitter follow him on twitter you can obviously get connected to him there ask him questions and get connected to the content that he’s doing over there mets nation hey welcome in thank you for the super chat i appreciate that we are actually winding down but before we wind down met’s nation if you have a question a trade question fire it away give it to us real quick as we sort of wind down be happy to answer your question anytime anybody does a super chat this is the way i kind of do things is they can sort of take things over for a minute they can ask a question they can jump ahead of the line they could do all that so mets nation if you have a trade question or anything um fire that away real quick as we wind down i will remind everybody to hit that like on the way out if you’re still here hit that like uh if you’re into the trade season if you want to support the channel all that hit the like and uh and subscribe stay close to the channel find the podcast that ted and i work on fantasy baseball and podcast i’m on twitter at jim riley live it is roto teddy g for ted and we are we are excited about the trade deadline keep an eye out on ball cap sports for all of the trade deadlines i’ve got the buyers and the sellers did a buyer video kind of talking about what’s going on in the trade deadline um yeah i think that’s pretty much everything i’m waiting to see if mets nation has a question or anything it is looking like maybe not um met station if we sign off and you do have something then please comment it below comm

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