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Music Industry News – Roblox & Sony, ISRC Data System in Africa, LyricFind Expands to Brazil & More

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hi everybody and welcome to the audio version of the exploration weekly newsletter this time for the week of july 9th 2021 i’m renee meredith the ceo of exploration and i want to give my usual shout out to my very special friends heidi so and jules ramos for their hard work on our newsletter every week and now the news roblox signs music partnership with sony virtual world building platform roblox has signed a deal with sony music entertainment a roblox spokesperson says the company is in talks with other record labels as well roblox has grown dramatically in recent years particularly with young viewers the platform a system for creating games and other virtual experiences for either profit or personal entertainment reported 43 million daily active visitors in may lots of these experiences incorporate music including through an official roblox boombox item the national music publishers association sued the company last month for allegedly enabling piracy accusing roblox of profiting when users upload copyrighted songs and share them within roblox experiences in tuesday’s announcement the platform emphasizes that roblox respects the rights of all creators and uses advanced technology to screen all uploaded music roblox has no tolerance for repeat offenders and quickly responds to all submitted dmca requests ifpi to administer isrc data system for african musicians there is currently an intense focus on building music industry structures across africa to support musicians and local managers and labels the ifp announced that its sub-saharan africa office will be administering the international standard recording code isrc data systems for the continent bar south africa where it’s already managed by another entity the ifpi will be holding virtual seminars this month to teach musicians how to use it data of all kinds is a priority for the ifpi in africa and its licensing and policy lead explained at the medem africa conference last week data is something that is also very critical and for us we look at it in terms of getting reliable accurate data which can enable stakeholders in the industry to plan lyric find expands its brazilian business with a bramas deal brazil is already an important market for lyric find in fact it’s the fifth largest territory in terms of business for the lyrics focused company now it’s hoping to build on that with its latest deal a licensing agreement with abrams digital which is part of collecting society abramus it represents more than 80 000 songwriters and publishers and lyric find svp of international publishing robert singerman said the deal will considerably increase the database of lyrics that lyric find has to work with we’re expanding access to brazilian lyrics going way beyond the hits into amazing lyrics from writers and artists of all styles and at all stages of their careers the company has plans to translate a number of these lyrics for use outside brazil as well tiktok is parking its tanks on youtube’s lawn as reports says its users are more engaged than its rivals according to analytics firm app annie as of may 2021 tick tock surpassed youtube in both u.s and the uk for average time spent per user per month on android the report further noted that us-based tick-tock users on android devices spent an average of 24.5 hours a month on the platform that’s compared to 22 hours per user per month on youtube in the uk tick tock’s lead is more comfortable its users in britain were spending 26 hours a month on its platform in may this year while uk youtube users were spending just 16 per month youtube is still holding on to a lead over tick tiktok in both korea and japan on android in terms of average time spent per user as of may 2021 across 2020 as a whole the average us-based youtube user spent 23.1 hours per month on the platform and the average us-based tick-tock user spent an average of 21.5 hours per month app annie estimates that tick-tock will reach 1.2 billion monthly active users in 2021 on both android and iphone youtube reported in june that it paid out over 4 billion dollars to the music industry in the last 12 months indian rapper badshah was the world’s number one songwriter on youtube last year says new report a new chart released by music rights data platform blocker shows the biggest songwriters of last year on youtube blocker’s songwriter charts take into account factors such as successive songs on various streaming charts as well as the percentage of each song that each songwriter is credited with writing the top global songwriter last year on youtube is indian rapper badshah whose own channel on youtube has over 2 million subscribers and has attracted over 261 million views bad shaw’s most popular videos on youtube have been released via sony music india’s channel via hits like she move it like with 432 million views a second blocker chart reveals the list of most successful songwriters on youtube in 2020 but only those who didn’t also feature as an artist it is led by s thaman a music composer and playback singer who predominantly works in telugu and tamil cinema the world’s number one songwriter across multiple streaming platforms last year including youtube spotify apple music and amazon music was tones and eye aka tony watson the most successful writer in 2020 specifically on spotify says blocker was phineas o’connell kpop propels youtube to streaming dominance in korea the powerful appeal of k-pop is a major contributor to youtube taking up position as the dominant streaming platform in south korea netflix which is also invested heavily in korean film and tv is the leading subscription video service in the country south koreans streamed 169 billion minutes of online video in the second quarter of 2021 according to a quarterly report from consultancy media partners asia which leans on the company’s amped research platform youtube accounted for 81 percent of minuted consumption compared with 13 percent for all subscription vod platforms combined live streaming and gaming accounted for four percent while tick tock took up two percent youtube and netflix have a strong lead in avod and s vod segments respectively while local s vods led by wave tving and kupang play are gaining consumption said media partners asia executive vivek that’s all for me this week thank you all for listening and don’t forget to click subscribe for more great content from exploration and as always be kind to each other

Music Industry News - Roblox & Sony, ISRC Data System in Africa, LyricFind Expands to Brazil & More

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