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NaVi Junior vs FURIA Academy – WePlay Academy – HIGHLIGHTS l CSGO

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regardless we’re into the pistol round up the stairs for fury up and as soon as he gets oh yeah they start running cynics he’s never left this spot i’m convinced he’s there again doing what he does best and shots from quad don’t go too well honestly getting a kill on keras here to help as well and it’s all a bit up in the air right now mid player getting out alive dodging death to these two cts as the bomb gets planted oh i don’t care with the close check but he’s missed this shot zmb will get traded fear left in this 1v2 with the bomb ticking away the odds stacked against him he does have a kit at least smoke is gonna cut off this player imperia he sees him drop down charge the period too quick on the trigger has found that pistol round for fury academy foreign what’s he looking for what i think there’s like a bee or something in the room dude certainly not what you wanted on care taking a peek down through ramp yeah behind the sandbags to help on care out but he might not need it i don’t care having a hell of a round three kills in it the galil now here as well as soften them up and the ace is stolen away by head trick well that’ll be pogolog making a return then yeah no let’s talk a huge round out of von kai they’re making you take care of it deal with i imagine the mess that a horse provides i don’t know i get the same now that makes a lot more sense okay right oh period it means to find fault with something that’s been received as a gift or favor oh my goodness what is this round period got a double entry and on care has just done it right back in one step yes well kind of one of two final forms of the boss because he’s still here right you’ve dealt with uncare now the nades coming knocking and drop comes the dropping it’s all on superior 1v2 of course on for the ace if he’s able to pick this one up as you say he’s beaten the best and now he’s got to beat the rest period playing around the bomb there’s the swing and fear just wrecks him immediately never even given a chance in the 1v2 cynics alone over here at b and he’s been spotted on double stack doesn’t want to give up this opener again it’s been a constant cause for concern for navi junior ollie’s not fully spread to civics he’s still standing here but that should be no surprise they’re gonna try and clear him out he’s stalling so well provides a bit of cover for head trick to peek out modesty reads the close walk through the smoke and there is no way back in for fury one by one they get shafted in the b bomb site and so he can confirm that he’s not a b play not yet at least but soon t’s begin to move in together monastery doesn’t want to scope yet pretty quick and of course he is there’s one oh modesty the bomb as well give them a break smoked off climbing up yeah if they try to go in towards uh be to recover this bomb man this is a gnarly little crossfire between hendrick and monacy honestly making first contact dodges that first flash can’t dodge the second for head trick holding on to the bottom of a ramp good for the double one of his like first kind of mentors in the cis oh my god modesty that is just craziness he never even saw zmb and and yet he looks so confident in making that flick happen i’m lost for words that’s always saying about head trick we’re just gonna wait we’re just gonna let this play out because right now everyone’s fighting at top ramp and modesty just keeps going back for more and more he’s on for the ace this is an incredible round out of modesty look at him go he’s hounding down this big kill running all the way to b to go and get it he wants his moment he wants his moment of glory modesty an unreal 4k lights out that looked better than what some tier one offers can bring to the table and now just period left the ace might get stolen it might not though they’re trying their best to give it to modesty without throwing the round away but eventually they have to take the kill regardless check out i hope we have the replay of this because because if not like we’ve just missed out on one hell of a 4k mate he’s what 17 and two right now he’s not even dying this guy is just look at this that shot incredulous right sheesh that is already crazy enough and then he keeps repeating into every one of these fights like look at this 4k it’s similar to that ancient game it feels like right where nothing can go wrong where he was just absolutely tearing through vp prodigy furious uh receiving quite a beating fast through the ramp cynics only good for one though seeing me go up and pass to me will be traded and the ak’s precision is always there when it’s on care finding these headshots another one a spray down and it’s only gonna be piria who seems to always be able to make us interested really he shouldn’t be doing anything crazy this round but why am i even saying that back up ladder he gets out of the flank he doesn’t want to die look at this he can catch the mid player he can catch him oh dc back down to the flank it was only a short stop oh my god this modesty op it’s it’s done well to have found anything in this round but he might need to be a reoccurring hero we can’t just have flash in the past brilliance it’s got to be consistent it’s got to be coming through and just head trick left now in this one on three coming through oh nice shot it is traded and he’s gonna have to continue to be so awesome turns no way dude someone shoots the the back quad with the orb and that makes cynics look away from his angle he gets distracted otherwise that would have been his first kill on superior instead on care holding down the b-bomb site fears here as well and pushed through the smoke and he is not waiting around bomb dropped on kev finally finished off but drop gets traded by fear and it feels like nothing can go wrong for na’vi even if a couple of kills come through for furious that is true it feels like nothing is is working for fury we haven’t seen much of the fury in middle that’s the one thing it has just been like hail mary’s up wrap or charging up the v stairs and fears here again providing the pressure can be one g’s in his own molly thanks to fear’s damage and modesty needs to hold strong yeah he’s actually teammate he’s like unreal now ready for the short fight oh onto the deagle out of ammo on that shot well not out of ammo just doesn’t want to be fighting but yeah look down to this two on two head trick donning that secondary awp not something we’ve got to see yet without the titans of on care and modesty alive can the others on navi junior keep this round in check they’ve got the heavyweight of peria to go up against oh the shot hits now they’re sticking now they’re on it head trick just needs to live and he’s gone down cynics still on the bomb imperia well he thinks he hasn’t fallen for it instead he looks like the fool it’s 12 to 3 at the end of the half and navi junior foreign foreign yes nice nice nice modesty well doesn’t really make much difference retake not happening and rb starting strong were you ever going to be surprised by that statement no and you should have no not again chill leave them alone this isn’t an orp you can’t keep it up with the rifle as well you can’t do it all save some for your team the day that we get to see this guy in like a in a in a large scale t1 event man that’s the yeah that’s the day he’s already got the tower it’s kind of crazy maybe he doesn’t have the experience but when has that ever held anyone back it’s not holding him back he’s looking for the ace three kills trading his teammate but it’s going to be head tricks stealing the fourth no worry you’re all about the round if monica 4k is again which he does that’s the second ace now that head trick has robbed him off and na’vi jr haven’t looked as pro into you know having games slip away from them since he’s been in the server yeah this isn’t slipping through their fingers no i can assure you of that as well hugo yeah i don’t call gigi offered but yeah i’ll let you do that yourself on care lights out as well like yeah you know we’re talking a lot about obviously and this is this is this is why i say that they are like this simple and electronica this squad right is that like anker deserves so much credit for how good he is as well like to even be talked about when you’re in a team alongside modesty is saying something easy clap mate there’s barely enough rounds for 30 kills but he’s close enough yeah also you know someone tweeted at me saying ah man stop hyping up modesty so much the guy’s almost 30 and five in this game just block him yeah shut up it’s moronic like how can you not hype up that scoreline like like that’s just regular like thirty and five hours that’s just normal mate i don’t care though just the day in the office from honesty here we go on care up through ram one in some of the glory as well we’ll get deep down but modesty trades it oh double up never mind that’s why we talk about him these are the moments he steps up in drop all the loan in the 1v3 and it’s a quick end to this vertigo game navi junior locking in the w huge stuff out of on care and modesty you

NaVi Junior vs FURIA Academy - WePlay Academy - HIGHLIGHTS l CSGO

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