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you want 2k rumors of news you in the right nplace want a community that’s cool you in the   right space you want tips subscribe now and ring nthe bell then go to the park and give them help   the boot squad is an organization with all nwinners soldiers up in formation we all   killers and when you step on the court yo you’re nour dinner when i play d in the fourth you do it your boy you’re done no brutal sim on the scene wicked nand mean with a next video for you all man so   y’all know what it is by now i’ll give you five nseconds fast i get the straight boys some love   because you know youtube actually linked nthe algorithms the likes so the more likes   the faster you all get these noise on time you nknow five seconds the likes of the video y’all   i know you all got your boy i know you all ngot your boy bruce while we in the building   so you know boys gonna always keep you all up to ndate on what’s going on in the 2k community and   everything 2k shout out to my guy mr skinner nfor actually tweeting this at me when this   was actually posted by nba2kw well i usually use nthey got a nice website i usually use that builder   every single year because that builder helps me to nreally get a nice fine tuning on my bills you know   i’ll be getting the craziest bills out there but nwe’re not going to talk about that right now so   this was actually a new some new interview quotes nfrom nba 2k 22 executive producer eric burnisher   probably butcher’s name i’ll be butchered nhis name for years i know lighty all night   and um gameplay director mike wayne so let’s get ninto the t right now man when it comes to gameplay   now they started off with oh weird probably still none of the only games that gave you a true next   gen experience i really don’t care about nthis i’m gonna front with you all man because   i’ve been playing on pc for years and my pc is nstill more powerful than next gen console i’ve   been playing with games to that next level when it ncomes to graphics when it comes to frame rate when   it comes to all that four years so this does not nsound amazing to me right now all i think about   gameplay and the experience with the gameplay a nlot of crosstalk games are really good as well so   i don’t care about it so let’s continue on to nwhat’s important we say we want defense to be   engaging and fun gameplay director mike wayne said nthat extends to everything on the defensive end   of the floor from steals to movement to a body of ncollisions it might be body up collisions he meant   maybe to the body of collisions to block him nright okay sounds good so far let’s continue   on everything was re-architected and feels much nbetter on the defensive end of the floor my   queen continued it also caused us to rethink the nother things on the offensive side of the ball   how to make things more engaging in there as well nso you can see new emphasis on stick skills and iq   being in the right place interesting songs good nsongs good let’s wait when the game drop and see   it being executed that’s all i’m saying that’s all ni’m saying that’s what i’m saying i’m not gonna   get too over high because they say things the nright way when we get our hands in the game we’re   gonna see i’m gonna keep what is out there but the ninfo continues so the article continues to say if   i can say one thing about gameplay that mike and nhis team have done making more actions of the game   skill base puts the controller in your hands even nmore there’s less randomness there less dice roll that’s saying a lot it really comes down to you as na player your style your skill competing against   other people so the game feels much more nsatisfying this year maybe if you’re good   and this is what we this is what we talked about nyesterday y’all could check out that video i’m   not going to go on a rant again y’all could check nout that video where i talk about this skill base   theory that a lot of people put around in this nkill gap theory that a lot of people put out there   that they don’t understand the meaning of it but nwe’re going to continue and they’re going to talk   about my career a little bit i’m going from your na few things really stand out to me when you’re   talking about market basically the first paragraph nwas them admitting that next gen and this is next   gen we’re talking about here first and next ngen was empty as hell the city was too empty   so we’re gonna go to the second paragraph this nyear you step into an all-new city that’s teeming   with life there is activity there’s an activity nthe npcs they populate the fresh new city layout   they are throwing the football in the park the nkids riding their bikes and schoolers the people   just walking around going shopping walking ndown the sidewalk it’s a little more lived in   this year and feels a whole lot more believable nnow this would be interesting i ain’t gonna front   this song’s good i ain’t gonna front with y’all nbut once again please put in the warp option that   if i want to skip that whole experience and ngo straight to the court then i could do it   because i might not have have the time or feel to ndo i might not care about going through all that   i might just want to go straight to the store nstraight to the basketball court just walking   i don’t got time to ride all that distance nnow i might feel like going out there once   in a while lying on front it might be fun just to nexperience it as well so just give us the options   so we could choose to walk to that point or go nand experience the city as what it was meant to be   please 2k that’s all i’m asking for i’m not nasking for you all to take it out the game   no i don’t think it’s all about me today i nmight feel like warping tomorrow i feel like   riding i’m just saying all right so let’s ncontinue on and the next time i feel like walking   so let’s continue on they’re talking about npc on pc and current gen consoles the new   neighborhood comes in a form of a cruise ship nit is an all-new dedicated basketball community   it’s a neighborhood built on the spacious deck nof the cruise ship my number one butcher’s name   again said it sounds silly but we like to say nyou get to hoop in nautical luxury this year   it has all the features you used to and more nall the 3v3 cars 2v2 cars the trampoline ball   the trampoline be bumping brian go you cage be nbumping a lot more than park sometimes bro i   went in there a few times just to reset the park nand yeah hang on front a lot of people say take   it out the game but a lot of people beat in that ntrampoline in that 3-3 crazed um cage going crazy   i’m surprised as well all right all of that is nthere all right um they’re talking about micro   and this is something that stood out to me right nhere that i really wanted to show you all this   paragraph right here you see making the micro and nthe city one they’re intertwined so when you start   your mockery this year on current gen consoles nand it’s still called a lot of people want us to   call next-gen consoles currently they’re still ncalled next-gen consoles and extreme consoles   and last gen consoles contouring consoles that nis still that’s still the wording for it right   a lot of you might not agree but that’s just how nit is right you got more important things to argue   about in life than what you’re calling these nconsoles i keep saying that all right now they   say curtin councils when you start your career nthis year on current gen consoles you’re going   to be in your starter apartment in the city this nignited linking current gen to the city that’s   going to be interesting i know in front of y’all nthis is something interesting to me now that stood   out to me big time now i don’t know if they’re nworded wrong but it’s something really interesting   to me now go in the comments and let me nknow what you all think about that word   in particular right there he said you’re ngoing to leave your apartment and you’re   going to go out there and run to the practice nfacility you’re going to talk to your agent   coaches and sponsors now i’m wondering if they did na miss word in their book currently set up next   gen let’s continue on last but not least he nsaid it’s a completely new way to play my career   while still allowing us to deliver our very npowerful narrative that we’ve become much better   at over the years all right so we’re going to see nwhat’s going on with the marker i’m going to front   my crease while i’m looking at let’s find t comb nbecause i’ve been on my correct and i know a lot   of y’all are not but i’ve been on my career ahead nand i always enjoyed my career and i always like   to go to my career first because when i go to my ncareer first with my player it it gives me time   to learn my player to learn my player movement nto learn what my player could do from what it   can’t do feel good when it comes to spacing of nmy player my player reacts to certain animations   what certain animation means like my career nhelps me learn my player then i take it out   to the park and then i adjust it i do certain nadjustments there as well and helps me master   what my player could do from what he can’t ndo that what my career means to me right   okay and i do enjoy some cutscenes and stuff in nthe process but really and truly it’s all about   learning my player so anyways man just a quick nupdate for you all man let me know what you all   think about the video you know your boy gonna nalways keep you all up to date on what’s going   on in the 2k community and don’t forget y’all your nfirst time to the channel make sure like the video   share the video and hit your boy your sub scribe nnot your first time like the video share the video   you never know who’s going to be informing non your voice in my love respect bless up


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