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New RV: KYD’s REAL Season 10 Premiere!

by smart

okay so for the past few weeks we have been teasing everybody as to a surprise as to what’s next and the wait is finally over pretty sure pretty dang sure this is the episode in which the entire rest of the season unfolds unfolds yeah [Music] oh my gosh you see it yes so cool like you look at it from this side it’s like [Music] it’s just so much bigger it’s awesome are you guys trying to torture me the line was so long it was so long i swear you’re trying to torture me you’re like let’s make this as long as possible i swear it was so long eight minutes we’re eight minutes away from the rv and you’re just in there just just just taping yourself okay okay that was missy and funny that’s who we’re buying the next rv from so uh they called and said do you want the good news or the bad news and i said why do we have to start every conversation just like this they said we’re just kidding we’ve only got good news and it is good news it’s cranking and everything’s everything’s cool now so uh she’s gonna go pick up the rv from service today and bring it back maybe tomorrow but that’s fine that’ll give us a couple days to get out there and so uh things are looking up excited just gonna get these things over to the other place and then what do we gotta do trish load up the subaru listen load up the subaru i’ve been doing it all morning i’ve been over there three times with a full subaru i have the stairs full i mean i’ve been up the stairs like at least a hundred times what do we have to do thank you thank you yeah yeah keep walking so this is kind of tricky because this particular bin is just all the big tools the tools you don’t really need very often but you really want to have like a 4-way and a bottle jack air compressor torque wrench jumper cables i do want to get this out because i’m going to need a surge 50 amp surge protector but like shovel extra propane big wrenches i hate not traveling with stuff like that but i mean you know you hardly ever go into something like this but one way to prevent needing these tools is to have them all right you can leave the key in the middle console if you like the screen example you know the code right you know the code right you know the two bottom ones all right i’ll see you in a month hey fly safe well no you’re going to sleep in six days oh i’m gonna see in six days like get out of here you flying today yeah all right good all right okay see ya see ya yeah carson too i trust him more in an airplane than in that truck i do too it was a major flaw in our plan major oversight when we were coordinating everything and where carson’s going to be that just anyway it’d be fine right it will be fine we’re going to take prayers over him and that’s what i get to drive to south carolina [Music] the boys the boys are back on the road i seriously thought i waited long to come home you’d be gone and i come home and you guys are still here it’s like that rash bye tell me if we bump we bounce hasta la visa oh my gosh [Music] going to pick up the big girl this morning amen amen huh hallelujah that’s a great [Music] news [Music] what’s going on no i’m not what do you why why are you holding charlie you open the door say hello to my little friend i know say hello good morning this is not the official morning i served you coffee this morning and you were like why do you have a camera in my face sister that is true to that sorry i feel like you now it’s there in the morning you get the camera out i’m like really yeah really how about that that’s what we’re doing yeah yeah that’s that’s warm dark liquid anyway we are gathering up all of our things and we are headed to the rig right now we have like four hours and we’re gonna be there and i can’t wait for you to see what we are about to unfold oh it’s so much fun i’ve text missy and bunny and let him know we’re on our way and um yeah that’s a wrap let’s do this let’s just cut to some road montage to just do this i mean we’ve been stringing people along for a while but they’ll you’re welcome i think they’ll know why when they when they see everything unfold yes start starting second here’s the left hand [Music] i can’t even believe it this many miles has come down to three minutes [Music] oh my gosh do you see it yes i see the bird wow okay here we go oh my gosh there it is oh it’s unbelievable a direct shot hello hello how are you hi hello oh my goodness we finally meet thank you where’s our charlie right here he’s in here we’re all in here we’re all in here come on charlie boy you’re going to love it here yeah oh that’s great my turn thank you charlie come here oh my goodness we never met that’s so funny honestly i like it more in person do you she’s she’s a beaut i mean i like it she’s a beast she is a beast oh my gosh will you look at that who knew who knew i was talking about i i i did not i might let you drive this one too yeah oh man witnesses here so we’ve made it and if it seems like we know missy and bunny it’s because it’s because over the past 60 days we have really been through the ups and downs it’s been a roller coaster and we’ve really like friends friendship has been made yes well you know the expression uh friends are the family you choose with your heart yes so yes you’re chosen so for you too i mean we’ve been talking since may and we’ve been going back and forth on making repairs and bringing over the cat dealer and everything and some things have gone well and some things we’ve had some challenges some dips in the road for sure but now we’re finally here this is our team right this is our team and if you ever leave yes we’re going we’re going with you so i want to see inside you want to see i want to see inside okay we got to go is so cool like you look at it from this side it’s like it’s just so much bigger so legitimate it’s awesome yes i think my favorite part is that i can drive yeah i agree i would uh all right trish how do you want to do this well i don’t know we’re going to go in depth later right now it’s like first eyes i just want to see first eyes what it’s like okay i’m impressed that charlie actually wants to know where we are i don’t know why but i feel like this suits us yeah you think so i do for some reason are you ready it’s cold in here there’s so much space there’s like a legit living room and a legit dining room and a restroom bathroom whatever oh my gosh this is big is this bigger than you were expecting it is wow wow oh my goodness are these the little lights here you just so we got two twins in the back in the back start it’s all like coming i’m you know i’m i’m processing i’m processing this is amazing okay so we have like a double sink we have four burners this is hilarious magic chef it probably works better better than anything that’s created right now there’s a towel hook the blender blender hey man blender yeah this is a 1984 back in the 80s uh-huh this was the thing to have really on your countertop absolutely whoops be careful oh my gosh look at these latches they’re so fun are you coming to the front everyone wants to see the front okay so you already know a little back here because air conditioning though okay oh my goodness tons of storage and then the lounge this is amazing look at all this storage i’m gonna have to learn how to work it oh yeah [Music] i really like this oh my gosh is this thing wide i’ve seen so many videos none of them portrayed how incredibly wide it is up front wow this is gonna be a trip to drive i want you to sit here and then i want you to look in that right hand corner over there okay i don’t know i don’t know if i want to oh i think oh my gosh that’s crazy isn’t it wow yes all right how do you drive this i heard you drive this way i don’t know we’re gonna find out tomorrow but bunny’s gonna give us a lesson yeah buddy’s gonna teach us the way and then we’ll go from there so let’s go get them to have a short look at you like the cigarette oh my gosh caleb look at that people actually used to smoke in their cars i bet you there’s a lighter too anyway i can’t even process everything right now but lighter this is gonna be so much fun and we’re we’re gonna share with you our route [Music] [Laughter] but we’re not gonna give you any hints at all no clues of where we’re going with the daydream okay let’s go back outside okay clean the window oh i like that isn’t that cool there’s handles i like it okay so you’ve noticed that it says daydream and we just kind of felt like that that was the perfect name for what we’ve been calling really the bird so it has a couple names but we just thought daydream on that like marquee above the windshield was just the perfect thing to put on the front and so um there was a uh nancy here local and she came over and she was just incredible and she you know did all the layout and things like this and she said well let me she says i made something for you to put in the back she says you can say no you can say no but i just wanted to do this for you because i thought it looked really great and you can tell me if you like it and we saw it and we said yeah we like it so we put kyd on the back with the bluebird emblem yes and uh which is not something we normally done but i just feel like i don’t know i just feel like it was appropriate it was fitting so what do you think though initial i’m kind of blown away i’m by the space the amount of room there is and all the storage there’s like legit closets yes i see why it was a tour bus for people who were willing to get across the country but have comfort and things like that so i can’t wait to dive into that with you the history of bluebirds yeah and um and just like start making it our own it’s gonna be really fun at your own risk here on your back i don’t have a lot of good luck with doing this on new rigs that are new to me so you’ll see it’s right yeah okay don’t worry it’s right up under here and you have to pull it away from you not just towards you you have to push it away from you smile okay but we’re just pretending right now right i’m just intending oh right here yeah so that’s it is it only one yep so what’s this that’s the sewage oh that’s oh that’s a handle over there that’s the gray tank okay so so like this okay i can see it yeah but you gotta go out so you gotta crawl under there that’s not a good situation to be in is i would call that vulnerable yeah so what were the careful what did you what ideas did you have to relocate that handle well the guys yeah i thought that they would bring a wire up through here oh and then then you’d have to and then this would be like the like on the new class a’s you have their area and all this stuff is plumbed up through here i like that idea better yeah i’d go electric and make them now right yes even better idea you don’t even have to be lying in bed i can take it look it’s my laptop oh that’s good that’s good yeah there we go there she is she is you know a lot of people don’t know this but the cat 3208 actually has three thousand two hundred and eight caterpillars running running running it that’s just unbelievable power and they’re so quiet unlike the horses in my truck they don’t eat much the dad jokes the jud jokes that’s one of many yeah i’m sure the confidence the most important button in this entire bus is right in front of your right knee it is the master switch put your hand under there right side of the steering wheel right here wait hold on hold on oh right under here don’t don’t click it missy because i’m not gonna click it but oh okay it’s down there it’s to the right it is on shore power and when it is to the left it will not start unless that okay so i’ll have to do it again that was your most important button that is my second most important button would you like to know the first important button yes where is the air horn button where right here in the middle oh no way you can just use that i don’t want to honk it with all the activity in front of them but i can’t oh i got to be honest the pressure sure sure wait till you hear it it’s magnificent it is magnificent it’s magnificent i’m not i’m not overplaying it no you might not it’s a great sounding horn it is yes and when you get to full pressure and you hit that thing everybody knows yeah now there’s one thing that’s not working that i can’t wait to get working and that is the 31 musical horns and it might i looked online it might need an amplifier couldn’t need a new speaker i don’t think it’s going to be too hard to get to have you seen the list of the music it plays no let me show you is it specific to like 1984 wander lodges or this bus specifically do you think like the person that ordered it got to choose the 32 songs i don’t know we’ll have to find out at the end of route 66 we can play california here i come that’s great got so many great does it have west virginia take me home they’re alphabetized no we can figure that out so they’re different they’re definitely different free john denver no john denver was in his heyday then and 84. yeah okay yeah you’re in you’re in for the night voila so that when you get up to go to the bathroom you don’t trip oh you don’t fall down square footage everybody that asked us about the bluebird what’s the first question missy yeah do you have the blue box yeah hi hi come up here you guys see the blender okay just have to pull up and then i don’t know why they stopped i mean i know right that should that should be in every house smoothies we’re we’re definitely doing so this is the smoothie machine how did how did missy and bunny even get the idea to buy a bus when missy turned 50 i said what do you want to do for your birthday i want to go to alaska i said oh you want to go on a cruise she said not on your life i want to rent an rv and drive around alaska well i loved it so much we’ve never done anything like that we flew to anchorage two friends went with us and i loved it so much i wanted to buy a park i wanted to buy to greet people yeah i wanted to be the greeter welcome you’re gonna have the time of your life and so for six years we looked uh for an rv one night we’re working we finished work we’re at the hotel and she slides her computer in front of me and says look at this and it was the bus oh my god and i said but it has 140 000 miles on it so i asked the mechanic and he says well fun i don’t want to hurt your feelings but you will wear out before the bus okay charlie you want six you want six [Music] oh my gosh [Music] bye over i’ve kept everything together all of these together and here is the original bill of sale oh and there i’ve got other papers for you too things that we’ve just kept this is a really good piece because it talks about all the companies that built the things in the butt oh wow good morning i don’t really know how the musical worn horn works exactly but i’m thinking you turn on the power yeah and then you hit play and then you select your soundtrack yeah but we need to do something speakers or amplifiers hey show me the blinker real quick all right about all the hazards yeah sure i’m gonna go find some ways to organize a target i have a couple words for you if you’re looking to organize your rig soft shell baskets okay they the name if you’re trying to google them are like rope baskets anything that has soft edges because then it forms into whatever drawer or cupboard you’re trying to organize super helpful so anyway we’re going to try and do that we’re going to get some food we just need to get the basics so we can start living in this awesome rig that’s what i’m doing what are you doing well i think bunny and missy are going to just show me the systems okay we gotta get to the bond with some stuff yesterday was fun but now we gotta get to the nitty gritty well we actually need a roll we’re gonna roll and then you’re gonna show me how to drive this tank absolutely all thirty five thousand pounds of here switch has to always be to the left for battery power so i do that now yes so that’s step one okay okay you feel it switch to the left the second thing is the bus has to be in neutral so you want it in neutral oh it was drive and now it’s neutral where’s room and that’s reverse right okay so go uh one over and then go and then go boom so it goes left rear right rear left front that’s really nice wow and they put them in in the morning and they boil them with salt or whatever seasoning and this is uh this is a southern thing oh it’s a southern thing and a set of bowls no no no no no no no i pinch them sideways see this see like there’s an art to it there you go and that’s it here [Applause] it’s different i don’t hate them no they’re good it’s just like a garbanzo bean oh yeah no i can get used to this easy yeah not in the middle you got to pinch the top oh yeah because i’m smashing them by the way this is nancy this is who did the wonderful uh decals for daydream and kyd in the back and you did a stellar job i mean it’s just perfect it looks like paint how good 3d my um that my vinyl won’t match very much it matched grapes we couldn’t be happier yes good good yeah how did charlie do terrible he did great if you consider he enjoys so much being held okay you ready to hear this skye trish let’s light her up you want to hear 3208 caterpillars all work together huh you wanna hear that yes okay so that the back end misses back and now turn it and go go all the way to that tree close yeah and then just watch your mirrors on the left side okay she’s telling you you’re good [Music] um it’s happening it’s happening i love you guys and i love this bus it is gonna be so much fun oh my gosh what a blessing to get this bus from you yeah now she’s it’s like me and missy one of us is built for comfort and one for speed i’ll let you decide which one i am the boss is just like that okay when you get her up to speed she’ll go all day long just takes a little bit to get her there gotcha so enjoying the journey much more than racing to get there yeah [Music] oh yeah she’s got some momentum now yeah so on a big grade you just pedal down stay to the right watch your temps yeah and just wait it out i remember this i can go check us i didn’t even ask if they had a age policy did you ever have any issues with rv parks in the year yeah we did a couple places wouldn’t take anything under 10 years old but did they enforce it with you well they asked us to send them a picture and the picture quality i sent a picture and they said absolutely okay cool so we’ve never been turned down but we did have to uh okay i guess i’ll have to get in the habit of asking i’m just here for moral support oh my gosh it’s busy here today [Music] okay i’m gonna go check this in can i come yeah and missy will get out of your way here’s the deal you’re on the water but what you need to do is take a hard left and go all the way around and then you have to back in oh okay okay yeah so once you position yourself i’ll help you back in all right why don’t you sit shotgun with me um i’ll walk over there no it’s all right okay well the dog’s not coming back and caleb needs to go with missy and bunny charlie is not getting back in okay he’ll give you for you thank you okay here we go that was the check-in easy peasy it’s a holiday weekend so pretty much i grabbed it out of the later rivals yeah but he came out to talk to you he came out he said are you okay how’s it going and i asked if there was anything going on he said shelter cove he said but it will be such a madhouse because i don’t think you want to deal with that so luckily missy and bunny have a little secret connection for us okay you ready to go to the site i am ready drive let’s go let’s okay okay now you’re doing good nice wow fantastic okay now let me just come over here you’re looking really good there’s nothing in the way now you’re going to be um lopsided on one side you want to use the [Music] once you do the electrical first i put the uh yeah you know how that works right yeah yeah you got it and then you want to grab the electrical here caleb and we’ll need the keys to unlock this and let’s get it plugged in so i can move it from battery tell that trick to shore yeah okay sounds good uh where’s the keys so there’s a few natural products that missy and bunny have left for us a little rock for the screen and a couple cedar planks here cedar is good for closets cigars and electrical 50 amp electrical that they’re best known for electrical actually it’s a secret not a lot of people know see look at that you see that boom am i right exactly right all right caleb you want to do the rest yeah sure okay so now you’re plugged in yeah you want to go flip your switch we we’ve made the the second switch we’ve made it the first switch unfortunately the air horn is now the second one a and b a and b a b we got our beauty charlie’s walking way over here he’s like no he’ll get used to it he’s gonna get you so he’s gonna love it how did you like your drive it was amazing i thought it was fantastic i thought you did a good job maybe a little you know the little yellow light we got to watch out for that yellow i do need to i do need to i’m not used to going 45 no 50 it’s pretty slow right i mean i’ll go faster once i understand adjust your speeds and your size exactly so i felt like i was always late to the light so yeah and i think it’s really good for people to know when you get a new rig you’re going to have to recalibrate um your feeling of anxiety like maybe people are waiting on you yeah it doesn’t matter such a great point it doesn’t matter you know when you check into a new place how are you feeling just settle in because your rig is what you have to take care of yeah right how lucky do you feel right now that we found missy and bunny and we get to do this i am i missy and bunny the world is a better place because they’re in it yeah so and they just tutored us right through this they’re just the most awesome cheerleading team they’re like you got this yes this is great they give you all the facts i mean we had built-in coaches it was amazing it was really neat i love it i love it and i feel honored to carry the torch carry the torch i really do i feel like i feel privileged yeah don’t you i think that’s a really great way to say it yeah so caleb’s going back over their place get our car bring it right here see now that’s the other thing we didn’t think about we’re gonna have a car park that’s right that’s right and um and then i have all of our goods from target you’re gonna get the video ready to send and tonight’s fourth of july and then we’re gonna go yeah watch some fireworks yeah so let’s go [Music] awesome okay yeah that’s what i’m talking about you guys excited about that welcome to 1984. saving space the timings are good the smoothies are even better this is awesome this is good where’s the cup funny thank you [Music] [Music] so wow [Music] wow wow you think it’s over

New RV: KYD\'s REAL Season 10 Premiere!

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