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Neylon’s wild lawnmower racing debut – WD-40 Townsville SuperSprint | Supercars

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he’s going to jump to start so he’s oh he’s just been sprayed even better he’s more ways than one he’s done the charge he’s up to second place already he’ll talk about this for weeks if he can get the door almost goes and having a keen looking he doesn’t look comfortable does he he’s starting to get the hang of it now a bigger short wheelbase actually i think that leaders just spun so he’s now leading this race yeah that’s the nail on luck if ever i’ve seen him and you’re right he will be talking about this forever yeah the one race that he competes in all right so it’s defense i mean he’ll lose the lead here so this was our original leader height advantage as well and maybe center of gravity advantage who’s being such a small wheelbase it’d be quite a difficult thing to actually try and keep sideways because they’d probably want to just rotate on you i’ve never got to call this category and this is a happening thing right now in northern queensland here’s here’s a replay watch the rear and because of his light weights almost sprung him out of a chair i don’t see the control back in one of these things that where oscar got to he seemed to have gone missing in the last five minutes so he runs probably third position the second position he’s in the second position he’s got a lap to go he’s going all right like he’s finding lines and he’s getting and he’s just there he goes oh he’s put the elbows out he’s a keen sprint car fan like myself and eldora been on this weekend in the united states oh no three wide he’s gonna lose second no he fights back oh now he’s gone now he causes a big shunt from hero to zero and now stuck on a tire i don’t think we’re gonna get him off but i think he’s having now too much fun here it is on the replay they got some assistance and then he thought he was okay and no there’s a tie there waiting to unload him thump at the steering wheel says golly and drops back to third typical driver always unhappy yes a whole lot of fun now we just got to get him back here because he’s got a fairly big day of commentary here at the wd 40 townsville super sprint there’s no hiding from the cameras as you mentioned a lot of fun some form of racing which is obviously a great way to start he’ll tell you a completely different story to what it looked like there as well trust me and get him back into the pits celebrating like he’s won the race what’s this yes a new career beckons for our chat and a lot it was awesome that was so much fun did you like my donuts yeah very good i nearly one night i think the boys were a little bit easy on me but i had a pretty good race with them there that was a lot of fun this thing is absolutely great they gave me the 48 i was like a like a lawn mowing jimmy johnson out there just then celebrated with a few donuts i uh i was so close come to the white flag had the lead there for a moment ran out of talent three laps actually i was going to ask you that little apex when you took the tire out yeah i know i know i was just two corners away from glory mate and that was my chance at winning anything in my life i made the fatal error as well of driving around my mouth open so it’s full of mud and grass and dirt right now but that was so much fun big thanks to the the north queensland normal racing club and if you’re around here come and check these guys out and if you live up here join the club because this would be the best way to mow your lawn ever

Neylon\'s wild lawnmower racing debut - WD-40 Townsville SuperSprint | Supercars

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