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Opie & Anthony – Amy Schumer Leaves During Patrice’s Memorial

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speaking of amy schumer god damn she looking good yeah she always does she looks hot and greasy she looks hot and greasy yeah yeah yeah guys i gotta get out of here actually i got to go right she’ll take your seat i’ll see you guys later all right bobby thank you for coming in bobby don’t break a lick hi amy amy take bob bobby warmed up the chair for you i’m sure it’s sweaty that’s right just the ones that get me in uh in trouble i go amy’s uh amy’s coat is more manly than collins i think colin’s going for a distinction you’re like paddington bear right you’re a distinguished gentleman’s coat that’s yeah that’s what he’s going for what do you think yeah he’s definitely hitting the nail on the head there with a nice collar buckle yeah it does it that’s got collarbone a handy ball gag no longer a man you guys really should switch coats when we’re done here today yeah why are you holding your coat because everyone asked me to show it to amy i was just displaying it i was doing always telling you want me to hang up the code you think someone’s going to do that wondering why in the middle of this like trashing you weren’t just sitting there scouting he was like what’s his [ __ ] problem man he was waiting his turn he was well you know what billy was saying about what billy was saying about patrice yeah i was thinking that just reminded me when we started doing the show and before he did tough crowd we did it on nbc a couple of times and i remember i was always like oh don’t leave him alone you know it was like so new to the business like the only thing he’d ever had and i knew i don’t leave him alone with any of these [ __ ] nbc objectives oh [ __ ] yeah and then i remember one time just walking in it and it was like a soundproof office like every time i left along with lauren anybody something horrible would happen but just to sound proportionate it was like some guy from the west coast was in town it was just him and the guy on the west coast and he was sitting there and i looked over at the guy he had this horrified look on his face and patrice was talking as if yeah a couple of guys having a conversation and i just walked in and i heard like [ __ ] and [ __ ] like he was just like spouting to this like white guy in his 50s in a [ __ ] suit but just like like if he’s having a conversation with [ __ ] you know will at the cellar yeah and it’s just like i was just the guy just had this horrified like his face his pacey wife he gave no respect no no that’s what he would do though yeah that’s a pretty accurate description he gave him no respect yeah he didn’t deserve another big producer once i remember at the cellar this guy was doing like a movie and it was like as i hit patrice i was still had i still said there had to be a slight scintilla of non-destructiveness this guy’s doing it and the guy goes hi i heard a lot about you patrice is at the bar at the cellar and he turns around like [ __ ] royalty like this and then just turns away a little dainty handshake i want to take a quick break yeah i gotta piss badly just for live read purposes but yeah uh louis ck we got colin quinn jim florentine kurt metzger joe derosa and uh david tell just showed up okay where’s amy okay she left i think why did you leave what she got pissed off she told me she had something to do what she have to do i don’t know what she had to do none of your [ __ ] business i should put she’s lying you know i have to do another radio interview here i think that’s where she went all right she’ll probably come back oh the woman’s network about their vaginas periods quick break and we’ll continue well i want to thank everyone yes today absolutely man thanks for having me four hours yeah dave and jim and lou and joe derosa and russman eve and uh kurt metzger and colin and bob and amy colin and amy just left well colin colin said goodbye oh he always in the bathroom amy just how about some social skills how about saying goodbye i think she was scheduled for like another naked head shot or something that was something that i had said uh like the day after it broke is that i know you loved patrice and i and i know how he felt about you and the idea of consciously taking something knowing like [ __ ] his memory i’m gonna take that and then coming and having to face your friends at the seller like i know you well enough to like that’s just not something as a comedian that would be done by anybody unless they’re completely crazy and i i know how you feel about the comics at the seller and people who aren’t comics don’t understand that yeah it’s my it’s it’s all i care about is my family and i consider the seller completely my family

Opie & Anthony - Amy Schumer Leaves During Patrice\'s Memorial

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