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Papayahair Short Curly Bob T Part Lace Front Human Hair Wig & Outfit of the Day | Summer Look 2021

by smart

hello everyone this is kimberly here welcome to a blessed home with kimberly davis today i will be sharing a beautiful wig by papaya hair it is a short curly bob t part lace front human hair wig and i also will be sharing a outfit of the day now look at this packaging by papaya hair it is amazing in the black and gold i love it and papaya hair always throws in some freebies [Music] and the box match the packaging look at these beautiful clips and i have a little girl in mind to give these to they also gave these beautiful butterfly clips in gold [Music] and some eyelashes [Music] a wig cap and some hair pins comes with the wig [Music] and you will get a 15 off coupon code you’ll be using that later trust me so now we’re gonna take a look at this beautiful wig [Music] o m g i absolutely love this beautiful [Music] wig [Music] it has a lace front a tee part lace front and look at these loose curls [Music] this wig will hit you shoulder length okay [Music] it has a breathable transparent lace in the cap [Music] it has the two combs in the front [Music] and you have the one comb which is larger in the nap in the back and you can adjust the size of the cap freely with the straps to tell you a little more about this wig the density of this wig is a hundred and fifty percent the color is like a dark brown [Music] it’s a hundred percent unprocessed human virgin hair and this wig will last more than one year if you take care of it so right now i’m going to place this wig on and see how it fits [Music] adjusting it on my head [Music] so enjoy the music as as i fit this wig to my head [Music] [Music] now i could use a blow dryer but i needed to do a few things around the house so that’s why i tied a band around my hair and let it dry that way so now i’m gonna work the part and i don’t like a thick or a wide part i like a thin part [Music] and i plucked a little bit out of the part and now i will add a little makeup to blend in with my skin tone [Music] what i really love about this wig is it’s no shedding i ran my hand throughout this wig and i did not see any hair on my hand so i love that about papaya hairs wigs [Music] something else that i love about these wigs i can pretty much use my hands to get the look that i want versus using a comb i love that and look at the curls in this wig [Music] do [Music] i am loving it loving it loving this beautiful wig so now i did a a clothing change i’m going to show you the outfit of the day i ordered this beautiful address to go with this wig i specifically ordered this dress for this wig and this dress came off of amazon and i will have the link in my description box down below as well as the information about papaya hair and this beautiful wig if you are interested in it there will be a discount code for all of my blessed divas out there [Music] look how that wig looks in the back i am loving it it’s not too long it is not too short it is beautiful [Music] i’m loving this one y’all loving it if you are new here welcome to the channel i’m so glad that you are here and i hope you decide to stay by clicking that subscribe button and subscribe to the channel don’t forget to ring the bell so you’ll be notified of all the videos that i upload i can be followed on other social media sites facebook instagram pinterest tick tock and i have an amazon store like i said before where you can shop for home decor home essentials personal items and so much more all of those links can be found in my description box down below and if you are a faithful and returning abh family member you already know how i feel about you i love you guys so so much and i am truly blessed i am so blessed that you are a part of the blessed family so as i dance our way out of this thank you so much for watching you take care you be blessed and i will see you on the next video love you guys have a blessed beautiful day be safe out there and i’ll talk to you real real soon [Music] you

Papayahair Short Curly Bob T Part Lace Front Human Hair Wig & Outfit of the Day  | Summer Look 2021

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